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Home Movie Theater Decor Ideas

Diy Home Cinema Tour By Hstudio30

5 Home Theater Décor Ideas

Its always inspiring to check out what others managed to do with their home theater setup and how they were able to completely transform a simple room into an immersive cinema room. This tour offered by hstudio3.0 covers such a transformation. It features a modern design with lots of cool features and great video and audio equipment as well as some really interesting design details on the walls and the ceiling.

Led Lights On Ceiling

Many movie theaters place long LED lights on the ceiling. These lights provide enough lighting that you can see, but they create a dim and relaxed atmosphere too. Add long LED lights on the ceiling of your home theater for this effect.

For the best results, place them so that the lights are more so pointed at the ceiling than at the ground. The movie theater above perfectly demonstrates how you can utilize LED lights to provide lighting without overpowering the atmosphere.

Keep Your Paint Colors Dark

A basic principle of interior design is that most walls should be white, but this rule doesnt apply in home theaters. White is recommended for most home uses since its reflective, but you want to minimize reflection in home theaters. Instead, use dark paint colors such as gray or black. You should repaint not just your walls, but your ceiling even the space above you can reflect light down at you.

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Personalized Home Movie Theater Designs

There are many ways to personalize an in-home movie theater for a custom movie-going experience in the comfort of your own home. Contact us to speak with a luxury interior designer today.

Looking for more home design inspiration? Read more on our blog and be sure to peruse our portfolio.

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A Stylish Projector That Doesnt Break The Bank Review By Karl Conrad


Its up to you how much you want to invest in things like the project or the speakers for your home cinema. Keep in mind however that youll also have all the furniture, decorations and everything else to worry about as well. We find this review by Karl Conrad to be quite informative, covering a projector that delivers quality and that looks sleek and stylish at the same time.

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Setting Up Your Home Theater/media Room

Many people scoff at such a room, but truth be told, these once-reserved-for-luxury-homes rooms are becoming more and more commonplace. The technology, while still expensive, is in many ways accessible to more and more people.

Sure, some of the media rooms featured here cost more than $100,000, but you need not necessarily spend that much.

As the cost of going to the movies increases, more couples and families are choosing to rent movies at home. The average cost of going to the theater to watch a new release is $34.60 for a family of four, but that does not include the snacks, which is often the most expensive part of the movie-going experience.

Instead of paying 50 dollars or more in the theater, many families are creating their movie theaters at home. Here are some home theater design ideas that could inspire one to create one of your own.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Movie Theater In Your House In India

A basic theatre will cost you Rs 6 lakh and can go up all the way up to Rs 10 crore. As one spends more, the level of comfort and sound quality improves dramatically. Giving the example of a home theatre for one of the clients, Chawla elaborates, The client used his entire basement to set up a complete 7.1 3D theatre.

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Smart Home Cinema Room Makeover By Crafted Workshop

You can also get an idea of all the work that goes into designing and building a home cinema room from this makeover video shared by Crafted Workshop. The design chosen in this case is a simple and modern one where all the cables and various other details are nicely hidden into the ceiling and behind the decorative molding. That leaves the room looking clean and inviting, like a cozy living room more than anything else. Once its movie time however the whole mood changes in an instant.

Dcor For The Small Media Room

Home Theater Interior Design Ideas | How To Dress Up An Elegant Home Cinema Room | Video #83

The first thing you want to decide when you are planning for a small home theater is to decide on the size of the screen you want, its type and where it needs to be placed. For some, a large screen TV will do and for others a giant screen is the right way forward. Whether you are choosing a LED TV or a projector for your display in the home theater depends on the size of the room, budget at your disposal and what content you watch most often. Once you have the size, type and placement of the screen sorted, think of how many people will frequent the room and the type of seating it needs.

Large sectionals are the cheapest and most space-savvy option in the home theater and if that does not do the trick for you, then stadium of theater style seating with simple cushions would suffice. Modular sofas and floor pillows can be combined in the small home theater with ease while a few cozy bean bags are great for younger audience.

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Inspiring Home Theater Ideas And Designs For Big And Small Budgets

The idea of a home theater can often sound more sophisticated than it needs to be. A home theater or home cinema setup is not exclusively related to big and luxurious homes but can take lots of different forms. Theres a lot of versatility and flexibility involved here and lots of different ways of designing such a space, many styles to explore and lots of creative ways to go about such a project. Heres a tour of a few interesting and inspiring home theater setups that we think youre going to enjoy.

How Do I Turn My Small Room Into A Movie Theater


With the right DIY attitude and a little ingenuity, you can turn a spare room into your own personal movie viewing haven with these home theater ideas!

  • Use Your Attic.
  • Install Curtains or Blinds to Reduce Outside Light.
  • Incorporate Soft Lighting.
  • Use a Cable Management Box.
  • Just so, How do I turn my small room into a theater?

    Here are some helpful tips for turning a small room into a home theater.

  • Choose the room. If you a have a couple of smaller rooms that youre choosing between, choose the room that has the fewest windows and doors.
  • Clear the space.
  • Paint.
  • Forego the furniture.
  • How can I make my living room feel like a movie theater? Tips to Make Your Living Room More Like a Theater

  • Paint it Dark. Get the theater vibe by painting your room with dark colors, like burgundy or navy blue.
  • Move the Furniture.
  • Build a Riser.
  • Similarly, How much does it cost to turn a room into a movie theater?

    Most people pay around $50,000 to convert a basement room into a dedicated home theater with carpeting, risers, seats, acoustic materials, and a full sound and visual setup.

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    Know Where To Place Your Decor

    Home theater decor can elevate your space, but it can also distract you from the silver screen. Just as with reflective objects, decor is best kept behind the viewing area. In general, fewer decor pieces are better, as youre using your space to watch a screen, not gaze at interesting tchotchkes. If you do add decorations, try to keep them relatively low-key.

    Stay Entertained: 20 Lovely Small Home Theaters And Media Rooms

    30 Amazing Home Theater Design Ideas To Try This Year ...

    by Sherry Nothingam

    Staying indoors can be difficult at the best of times. Things get even more difficult when you have to spend a prolonged period of time in your own house and social life comes to a complete halt. There are several ways in which you can keep yourself busy while isolating yourself. DIY projects are a great option that make sure several hours flyby as you are busy creating something useful and beautiful. Then there are those who can work from home and that makes things a whole lot simpler. But even if you keep yourself occupied for the better part of the day, there comes a time when you want your daily dose of entertainment. Move beyond the simple TV in the bedroom or living room and scale things up with a fabulous home theater.

    We understand that not everyone can spare a giant room, an entire basement or a large attic for the home theater. This is why we have turned our attention towards small home theater and media room ideas inspirations that work for us all. They are much easier to replicate than you might imagine and with all the technological advances in the last few years, connecting things and setting up a home theater is a far more hassle-free affair. From the minimal to the remarkable, this is a look at the 20 best small home theaters around

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    Set The Mood With Theater Lighting

    Create a cozy or seductive space with lighting. When thinking of lighting for your own theater, remember having options is important. Soft house lights illuminate from overhead while inviting in theater-goers to come in and find their seats. Adjustable, dimmable lighting is an important feature as to not take away from your movie-going experience.

    Accent lighting adds more visual interest when the lights dim. Turn down the lights and let custom wall sconces with cherry-red shades offer a sultry glow. These softer lighting features wont detract from the glow of your favorite movie on the screen, but offer subtle lighting about the theaterwhich is especially key if you need to get up to refill your wine.

    Other areas with discreet lighting can compliment the style and overall look and feel of your space. In this luxe theater, the bar is illuminated by a golden wash from the glass-fronted cabinets, which is subtle enough to leave on in case you or your guests need to move about while the house lights are off. In the theater below, house lights are offset by fixtures recessed into the wood molding above, casting a romantic glow on the room. The back table is illuminated by whimsical animal lamps, bringing an element of character into the space.

    The Perfect Home Theater Room Sign

    Now that we got the electronics out of the way I can talk about the part I love the design. I knew that we needed to have a show stopping custom piece for the room that set it apart as a home theater. That is when I began scouring the internet for the perfect custom sign for our home theater and I found it!

    I found this Etsy shop, Toe Fish Art where they create gorgeous custom signs for any room in your house. Side note I do love Etsy because you are supporting small business owners. This sign is printed on canvas but it looks like it is an old weathered metal sign.

    This was exactly what I was looking for so I contacted the shop owner, Jamie and began collaborating with her to create the perfect sign for our room. Jamie starting sending me proofs of what my sign would look like and even gave some new ideas to make it look better. She was so great to work with I highly recommend her shop. There are several different sizes and I went with the largest to get the impact that I wanted for the room.


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    Build Your Own Concession Stand

    Design: Nicole Camp/Detailed Designs, Cabinet Design: Designs by Craig Veenker, Builder: McEwan Custom Homes, Photo: Jared Medley

    No movie night is complete without some seriously great snacks. And with a little creativityand a grandiose signyou can transform your home bar into a concession stand worthy of any movie theater in town.

    Design: Cameo Homes Inc., Photo: Alan Blakely

    Putting armchairs in a semicircle may seem a bit strange, but its an incredibly efficient way to lay out your home theater. By choosing a semicircle over a straight line, you can sneak in extra chairs without disrupting anyones view. And if you snag chairs with adjustable armrests, you can even transform your armchair chain into one massive curved couch.

    Many movie theaters are outfitted with wall-to-wall screens. But your home theater may not need a TV quite that big, so if you opt for a smaller alternative, look for ways to fill the space around your TV.

    Could you paint your walls a dark color, or frame your screen with matching sconces? Since your goal is to draw attention to your TVand not to distract from ityoull want to keep your decor dark, sleek, and simple.

    Design: Miller | Roodell Architects, Photography: David O. Marlow

    Design: KAM Designs, Photo: Ryan Garvin

    Design: Morrison Interiors, Builder: Devco Homes, Photo: Shade Degges

    Gray And White Theater With Wood And Cream Lounge Chair

    12 Home Theater Design Ideas 2021 | Krupa Zubin

    Contrary to general belief, bright color schemes are also suitable for home theaters. Here, the gray and white color scheme creates a bright and spacious atmosphere even the room has no windows. Gray sofas are placed one after another through the movie screen. in addition, a brown and cream lounge chair provides an extra seat next to the screen.

    ID# 108411 | Credit |

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    What Type Of Home Theater Decor Should I Add

    Start by deciding on an overall theme to use for your home theater design. Do you want to have a general cinematic feel? Then pick wall decor that is representative of filmmaking, like an oversized film reel and clapperboard. If you have a favorite genre of films, find a couple of posters from your top movies and highlight them in simple frames. Hang some deep-colored velvet curtains on one or more walls for the luxurious look thats synonymous with home theaters, and add some uplights pointed at the walls for subtle yet stunning lighting. No true home movie theater can be without popcorn, but adding your own concession stand is an easy way to ensure it’s always nearby. On a small scale, you can add a table or bar cabinet with a mini fridge, candy drawer and microwave. If youre opting for a larger investment, go with a full-fledged built-in home bar, complete with your favorite drinks and barware. To mimic a true concession stand, use glass-panel cabinets, a freestanding popcorn maker and soda fountain machine. Check out other home theater pictures to see what fun and functional decor others are including.

    Small Room Home Theater Ideas For Any Budget

    Smarter Home Guide is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more here.

    So, you have an extra small room in your home and you have ideas of using it as a home theater or media room. Youre ready to design and enjoy the full movie experience, but where do you begin?

    For most homeowners, these home theater ideas are better executed with a little research. Without careful planning you could end up spending more than they should or end up with poor quality equipment.

    Although spacious home theaters are a great spectacle for your guests, not every homeowner has the luxury of owning a 800 square foot room dedicated to watching movies. In reality, creating the ultimate cinematic experience in your home can be a challenge.

    To begin, you should take your time to review all available options before selecting the most appropriate components. Youll want to consider various aspects such as the seating preference and size, your sound requirements, picture size and quality.

    Fortunately, we have compiled a detailed guide so you can set up the perfect home theater system in your own home without any hassle. In this article, well discuss the best small room home theater ideas for any budget.

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    If Picture Quality Is The Most Important

    If the picture quality is the most important factor to you then a TV might be the best bet. The more light in a room the more brightness youll need so the picture doesnt look washed out. TVs are great for brightness and contrast of picture. Projectors are not known for having great brightness but if you go for a higher quality projector the brightness will improve and so will the price. If you dont have a lot of natural light in your room then this may not be a factor for you. TVs are also better for resolution for example you can get an affordable 4K TV but a 4K projector would really cost you.

    Simple Projector And Screen

    149 best Home Movie Theater Design Ideas images on ...

    Some people go overboard on their home theater. If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, all you need is a screen and projector. As you can see in the theater above, not much decoration is needed to watch a movie. Simply add a few lights so you can see and paint the walls a dark color. That is all you need to have a great movie environment for you and your family.

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