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Home Decorators Faux Wood Blinds

Home Decorators Faux Wood Blinds

How To Shorten Premium Faux Wood Blinds | The Home Depot

Home decorators collection white cordless room darkening 2 in faux wood blind for window 35 w x 64 l 10793478184453 5 premium 10793478361892 espresso 59 10793478362110 chestnut 57 72 10793478399826 blinds installation off 63 gmcanantnag net full kits per order 1 29 actual com 34 10793478378531 71 10793478383023 10793478395354

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 In Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 64 L 10793478184453

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 In Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 64 L 10793478184453

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 64 L 10793478361892

Home Decorators Collection Espresso Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 59 W X 64 L 10793478362110

Home Decorators Collection Chestnut Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 57 W X 72 L 10793478399826

Home Decorators Blinds Installation Off 63 Gmcanantnag Net

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 In Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 64 L 10793478184453

2 Full Kits Per Order Home Decorators Collection White 1 In Premium Faux Wood Blind 29 W X 64 L Actual Com

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 34 W X 64 L 10793478378531 Blinds

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 71 W X 72 L 10793478383023

Installing Outside Mount Faux Wood Blinds

Here are a few vital steps to follow when installing outside mount wooden blinds in Vaughan:

Position the window blind either on the window trim or wall surface. Use a pencil to mark the right and left outer edges. Make sure that the window blind is leveled and centered.

Then align both the bottom and side of the first mounting bracket along the inside of the pencil mark. Mark the holes, drill, and then insert the screws. If you are trying to install inside the drywall without any screw behind it, you must use drywall anchors. Repeat the whole procedure for the opposite mounting bracket.

If you have a bracket with center support, mount it off center above the section of the headrail. This ensures that it wont interfere with the functioning of the blind cord.

Then snap all the valance clips over the headrail. Make sure you space them evenly so they dont disturb other mechanisms inside the blinds.

Next, slide the headrail inside the brackets. Close the covers of the bracket by pressing the bottom with your thumbs and lowering the front portion until they snap into place.

Attach the side of the valance using L- brackets. Then snap the valance into the clips that are already installed.

The final step is to examine the new blinds. Use a pull cord to lower or lift the blinds and then tilt the slats either by adjusting the tilt cord or rotating a wand.

Installing Inside Mount Faux Wood Blinds

Do you want to have inside mount faux wood blinds on the windows of your Vaughan home? Follow these vital installation steps:

Position the mounting brackets flush against the top of the window frame or wall. The headrail must be placed in such a way that the blinds dont stick out far from the wall. Also, ensure that the blind slats dont hit the window when tilted open.

If your window blinds have a valance, set the blinds back a little bit to accommodate them properly. If the windows are very thin but you still want inside mount window coverings, choose 1 faux wood blinds.

Use a level to ensure that the blinds are absolutely straight. Then mark its edges with a pencil. Grasp the brackets, line them up using pencil marks and then mark the holes for the screws.

The next step is to drill pilot holes. In case you do not have a power drill, you may create these holes by tapping a nail into the wall with a hammer and then pulling it out. If you do not want to make the pilot hole very big, use a nail with a smaller diameter instead of a screw.

Then align the first bracket with pencil marks and pull out the screws inside the wall using either a power drill or screwdriver. Repeat the process of mounting the bracket on the other side.

If the blinds have a center bracket, repeat this step a third time. You can mount this bracket a little bit off-center so that it does not interfere with the installation mechanism near the top.

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White 2 In Faux Wood Blind Home Decorators Collection

  • 57.5 in. W x 64 in. L,For an Inside Mount, fits windows: 57.5 in. Wide Actual Blind Width is 57 in.
  • For an Outside Mount, order 0.5 in. wider than the overall area to be covered
  • Embossed slats have a wood grain appearance
  • 2-1/2 in. matching valance ,Durable and moisture resistant
  • Wand tilt provides added child safety

Best Motorized: Custom Home Collection 2 Designer Wood Blind

Home Decorators Collection White Cordless 2 in. Faux Wood Blind

Custom Home Collection Designer Wood Blinds are made to order with the option of motorized lift and tilt features and a plug-in cord or a battery wand. This combination makes for a super convenient and luxuriously high-tech design.

With 2-inch real wood slats, your choice of a traditional, modern, or corded valance, and over 100 colors, these beautiful automatic blinds can be made to complement any interior design scheme.

The energy-saving HOPPVALS blinds from IKEA are ideal for bedrooms. With cellular honeycomb construction and a room-darkening design, they’re insulating and effective at dimming your sleeping quarters. These window coverings come in seven sizes and have the option of blue or gray.

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Best Vertical: Orren Ellis Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Room Darkening Vertical Blind

If you need vertical window coverings for a sliding, streak-free shining glass door that you can clean, french doors, a balcony door, or floor-to-ceiling windows, we recommend Orren Ellis Deluxe Adjustable Blinds. The set comes with four panels, each 23 by 96 inches.

They’re made out of a polyester-paper fabric with iron and aluminum hardware. These room-darkening vertical blinds offer impressive light filtration and privacy while enhancing the aesthetic of your space.

Best Blackout: Selectblinds Premier Blackout Cellulars

SelectBlinds Premier Cellulars are shades for a blackout effect, you’ll have to branch out from blinds. These high-performance window treatments provide privacy, light adjustability, and complete cover from even the brightest outdoor light.

They’re entirely customizable too. Choose from single-cell or double-cell construction and standard, cordless, continuous loop, or a motorized lift system. You can also select your size, color, and bracket style.

If you don’t want a total blackout style, room-darkening window treatments are a great alternative. Take a peek at the sleek faux-wood Symple Stuff Deluxe Cordless Blinds. They have SmartPrivacy slats and an easy-to-lift bottom rail, which allow for effortless adjustability.

These horizontal blinds come in a broad range of sizes and four neutral hues. They’re the perfect balance of elegance and modern with a minimalist silhouette and a decorative crown valance.

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Best Faux Wood: Real Simple 2

Real Simple Faux Wood Blinds have a classic, versatile look that’ll complement any room in your home while offering privacy and adjustable lighting. The 2-inch slats are resistant to heat, moisture, warping, and cracking.

This resistance factor means you can install them in a bathroom, laundry room, or another humid space without worrying about damage. They’re insulating, too, which can help you cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Best Custom: Bali 2 In Faux Wood Blinds

Installing 2â? faux wood Venetian window blinds – How to install cordless blinds

Bali Faux Wood Blinds are made to order with tons of customization options. First, they come in a vast range of precise widths and lengths. You can also choose your mount type and whether you want 2-inch or 2.5-inch slats.

Additionally, you’ll have a choice of headrail style, lift system , tilt type , ladder style, and valance design. And, of course, there are lots of colors and finishes to choose from. The faux wood slats come in neutral painted tones, realistic-looking wood grains, and various stains.

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Best For Bathrooms: Bali Essentials Premium Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

Made of water-resistant vinyl, Bali Essentials Premium Blinds are ideal for bathrooms and other moisture-prone spaces. They have 1-inch horizontal slats for light filtration and privacy, plus a cordless lift design, and they’re easy to install on your own.

These blinds come in virtually any length or width in your choice of white, gray, alabaster, or wheat. Hidden brackets and a valance-free headrail provide a clean, minimalist look.

Hot Home Decorators Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Ymmv Clearance


Nearby Home Depot locations:


Same at Lowe’s: lowes-levolor-window-shades-up-80-off-y … #p35836874I put some HD pics in that thread. They’ve been on clearance for a few weeks due to regulation changes. Some great deals if you need em

TheCaffeinatedSloth wrote: What sort of regulation changes?

What sort of regulation changes?


densil_lopez wrote: ANY operating system that requires an EXPOSED cord or chain to raise or lower, tilt or traverse MUST have cords/chains NO LONGER than 22 centimeters/8 inches.

Ethanz wrote: are these type of blinds black out light? I wanted a blackout curtain but it wouldn’t fit my bedroom window because there’s a desk under it

5dark wrote: The bar at the bottom of the red label seems to indicate they’re halfway between ‘Light filtering’ and ‘Blackout’ so I wouldn’t expect total darkness with them.


Apparently Home Depot is clearing out their cordless wood blinds and paper blinds as well.Went to two Home Depots, limited sizes and they cut to fit your window.Hell of a deal if you ask me.3 colours: white gray brown2 sizes : 2 inch and 2.5inch

Mrrfdxyz wrote: How do they cut. Isn’t it plastic. It Won’t ruin it?


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Faux Wood Blinds Installation: Check Out Our Step

Are you thinking of decorating your windows with faux wood blinds? They look like real wood with a few prominent differences.

Most are made entirely from vinyl, while others combine vinyl and wood. Compared to real wood, faux wood blinds are low maintenance and waterproof. These qualities make them a stronger and more durable option than real wood blinds.

In this post, we will guide you on how to install these window coverings. It may not be easy, but with the right tools and basic knowledge of faux wood installation, you can beautify your windows yourself.

Lets get started.

Find The Best Window Treatment For Every Room In Your Home

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Blinds are not only a popular window covering choice but also one of the most affordable. They’re easy to install, user-friendly, straightforward to clean, versatile, and adjustable, plus they come in a wide range of colors, materials, and styles. We’re talking real wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vinyl with varying levels of light filtration.

If you need window treatments but are overwhelmed with options or don’t know where to look, you’ve come to the right place. Below, here are our favorite blinds in a range of colors and styles.

Made of genuine hardwood for an elegant, upscale look, Levolor Real Wood Blinds are the best of the best. They’re custom-made to order and are available in virtually any width and length, and you can choose from 20 different wood grains, stains, and paint colors. And, wood blinds are easy to clean.

You also have the choice of a traditional, transitional, or contemporary wood valance with a complementing wand. Additionally, you can opt for privacy slats, rootless stats, or cloth tapes for extra privacy and light filtration. Beyond that, you have the option to include a cordless control system or a Bluetooth-enabled motorized tilt feature.

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