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Home Decorators Collection Flooring Warranty

Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Pros

Home Decorators Collection vs Trafficmaster Allure Flooring Review
  • Price The various Home Decorators Vinyl Lines cost around $2 per square foot on average, therefore they are some of the most affordable options of luxury vinyl flooring on the market.
  • Good Wear Layer thickness some of the Home Decorators Collection lines have a 20 MIL wear layer which is pretty good in LVP standards. Additionally, these are also quite cheap starting at only $2.39 per square foot.
  • Waterproof The brands vinyl planks are 100% waterproof meaning they can be installed in all areas of the house including bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. However we wouldnt recommend putting Vinyl Planks down in walk-in showers where they receive constant water, better to go with tiles for that option.
  • Underlay Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Planks come with a pre-attached underlayment meaning you dont have to spend extra bucks for that as with laminate flooring.
  • Good Online Reviews The Home Decorators Collection has over 2800 reviews on the Home Depot website. These average 4 out of 5 stars.

How Do I Return A Replacement Part For Refund

If you purchased a replacement part directly from TAL, you will need to contact Customer Service for approval. Afterwards, you will need to fill out and follow the instructions on the included Return Policy form. Parts purchased through The Home Depot, Home Depots Customer Service, or third parties cannot be returned to TAL. Parts purchased through TAL are under a strict 30 day return window with a 1 year warranty for part defects.

Some Classic Sheets With A Great Thread Count

These Egyptian cotton sheets are a perfect transition item from winter to springtheyll keep you cool when you need them to and cozy when you dont. With a thread count of 500 and a faint pinstripe pattern, this set is too good to resist. It also comes in six different colors, so you can match them up to the rest of your bedding seamlessly.

Reviewers love that these sheets keep them cool and comfortable overnight and are pleased with how well the sheets stand up to washing.

Get the 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen 4-Piece Queen Sheet Set in Stone Gray Damask from Home Depot for $59.97

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Lifeproof Flooring Cant Be Used Outside

If youre looking for outdoor flooring options, keep looking. Vinyl plank flooring, in general, can often be used outdoors. However, some products do fade in direct sunlight .

Unfortunately, lots of the reviews for LifeProof vinyl flooring mention that its especially vulnerable to sunlight. So its probably best to keep it indoors,

Diy Damage Is Way Too Common In Lifeproof Flooring Reviews

Home Decorators Collection Flooring Warranty ...

In fact, for a product thats supposed to be some of the easiest flooring to install, a lot of LifeProof owners note that they damaged at least a few planks during installation.

That begs yet another question: do you need to hire a professional to install LifeProof flooring? Because if so, it might be more economical to buy higher-end vinyl plank flooring thats easier to install by yourself.

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Update: We Love Our Floors

Hi everyone! I get a decent number of messages about this post, so I wanted to pop back in and do an update. Which flooring did I choose? When I left this post in early 2019, I was just about to decided which flooring to put in our basement. I was down to the following:

I do believe that all three of these would have been great options. However, we ultimately chose to go the Home Depot route and get LifeProof Luxury Vinyl Planks in Sterling Oak. Heres why we chose LifeProof, as well as why we didnt choose CoreLuxe or SMARTCORE.

Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews 2021

Home Decorators Collection vinyl plank flooring is affordable LVP flooring with average quality, at best. It is a budget brand that offers decent value. We explain throughout this Home Decorators Collection LVP review.

Home Decorators Collection is sold exclusively at Home Depot.

This review of Home Decorators LVP includes:

  • Reviews of the two Home Decorators vinyl plank flooring lines, available styles and the best use for each
  • A Summary Table showing the styles, warranty and their cost
  • The Features section includes details about each line including pros and cons
  • The Bottom Line: Our Final Analysis and Recommendation for Home Decorators Collection

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Compared To Hardwood Lifeproof Floorings Care And Maintenance Requirements Are Minimal

On the surface , LifeProof vinyl is a scratch-resistant flooring choice. Like all LVP, its great for mudroom flooring or anywhere that might get wet or dirty. And it doesnt require any special maintenance.

In theory, youll never have to refresh LifeProof flooring like you might have to refinish bamboo flooring or even hardwood .

But: some reviewers have noted that LifeProof doesnt compare favorably in scratch-resistance to the best wood flooring for dogswhich is a problem because most wood-look vinyl is bought specifically for dogs and children. Yikes.

What Is Covered Under The Warranty

Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank

The warranty covers the motor for a lifetime and all other parts for 1 year after purchase. Only workmanship and material defects from the factory and shipment are covered. Damage from accident, misuse, or modification are not covered by the warranty. To learn more, see your owners manual or contact customer service.

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My Top 3 Best Affordable Vinyl Plank Flooring Options

After researching these 10 options and spending more time in stores and staring at samples than Id like to admit, here are my top three choices for overall bank for my basement buck:

But Im going to leave you hanging on what I chose. As of writing this post, this is what my basement looks like comparing my top 3 flooring options. If you listen hard enough, you can hear Mike whispering just make a damn decision already.

Lifeproofs Commercial Warranty Isnt Great

To this point, weve only mentioned the residential warranty. And thats because LifeProof vinyl floorings commercial warranty is not great. The average commercial warranty only lasts five years, and doesnt cover a host of common occurrences like wear.

This begs the question, is LifeProof flooring even intended for heavy-traffic areas? According to many LifeProof vinyl flooring reviews, the answer seems to be no.

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Home Flooring Pros Picks For The Best Water

Heres an at-a-glance comparison table of our top picks if youre in a hurry.

Floor & Decor

Pergo Outlast+

Our top choice for a water-resistant laminate floor is the Outlast+ collection from Pergo sold exclusively at Home Depot.

Pergo Outlast + ticks all the boxes as far as were concerned. Easy to find via one of the most popular big box stores, this laminate comes in an impressive 56 color schemes, with a natural or textured finish.

Its patented SpillProtect technology doesnt over promise, simply put this flooring is water-resistant to wet mopping and normal household spills up to a period of 24 hours. That to us feels like a fair definition of water-resistant.

Prices-wise, at between $2.79 and $2.89, Pergo is neither cheap nor overpriced but what you would expect to pay for a quality laminate, plus underlayment is pre-attached.

Not only can you wet mop this floor but Pergo also allow for steam mop usage, although be sure to put it on a low heat laminate setting.

The only note of caution from our professionals is that if you plan to DIY installing this laminate its not really a one-man job or indeed for the inexperienced.

NB Its worth pointing out now that all of these water-resistant laminates require excellent, tight installation. Each plank must be really well locked together to prevent any chance of water seeping between planks.

Home Decorators Collection

Mohawk RevWood

RevWood Water-resistant to standing water up to 30 minutes under normal conditions

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring Reviews Often Mention That Its Easy To Install

Home Decorators Collection Bamboo Flooring Warranty ...

A frequent point in LifeProof vinyl flooring reviews is that its a pretty good product for DIY-ers. And you can even install it as a floating floor. However: as with the warranty policy, theres a catch here well explore below.

PS: if youre not savvy on floating floors, check out this guide: What is a Floating Floor?

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My Ceiling Fan Isnt Working Should I Return It To The Store

If you are having issues with your ceiling fan, you should instead contact customer service or visit the Troubleshooting page. TALs customer service team can troubleshoot with you and find out what is causing your issue. A majority of the time the fan is working correctly, but wasnt installed or configured properly. Customer service can also provide replacement parts under warranty.

Cheap Lvp Flooring Brands And Options

It might surprise you that not every brand makes cheap stuff. Most luxury vinyl plank flooring falls into Better and Best categories.

But what about the Basic category?

There are a limited number of choices. Here are our recommendations for the best cheap LVP brands:

  • Mohawk
  • TrafficMaster
  • Home Decorators Collection

Some of these brands make LVP in Better and Best grades too, but they are among the few with affordable options.

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A Gorgeous Bench For Whichever Room You Please

Statement pieces dont necessarily have to look new. This benchcrafted from Himalayan sheesham woodis antique-looking in the best of ways, with a beautiful fretwork patterning on the back panel and a slightly distressed finish.

Reviewers love the quality of the wood used for this bench and how one-of-a-kind it looks in their homes.

Get the Maharaja Walnut Bench from Home Depot for $623.75

Bar Stools With An Industrial Twist

Laminate Buying Guide

I love a wood-and-metal accent piece, and these stools are perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to any kitchen or dining room. Reviewers enjoy the adjustable height and swiveling seats of these stoolsseveral recommend them for older houses with uneven flooring or tile floors.

Get the Industrial Mansard Adjustable Height Black Barstool from Home Depot for $186.25

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In Conclusion: Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring Isokay But There Are Much Better Lvp Options Out There

Weve said it before, and well say it again: if you want vinyl plank flooring, youre probably better off looking elsewhere. LifeProof flooring isnt terrible, but it doesnt bring anything new to the table. And at its most affordable price point, it doesnt offer a great product.

So if youre ready to find a great LVP floor for your home, dont go to a box store. Go straight to an actual flooring expert by finding a top-rated flooring store near you. They can steer you in the right direction.

Or, if you still have questions, reach out to our expert team for 1-on-1 help. And dont forget to read up on:

A Rustic Lighting Option With Antique Flare

This overhead dining table lantern is giving me major Dracula vibesin a good way! Lighting with personality really livens up a space and can be the missing piece to make a home or apartment really feel like it belongs to you.

Reviewers love this pendant light for its lovely Edison bulbs and detailing, as well as its easy installation.

Get the Palermo Grove 14 in. 3-Light Gilded Iron Dining Table Pendant from Home Depot for $159

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The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews From A Homeowner

This post shares affordable vinyl plank flooring reviews from a homeowner perspective. I have researched affordable vinyl plank flooring for months and want to share my findings with you, plus the line we decided to put on our concrete slab in the basement. This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more about that here.

Looking For A Professional Flooring Installer

European made environmentally friendly 50 yr home warranty ...

Lots of our readers often complain that they cant find flooring installers in their area. We recommend you try our free estimation tool to get at least 3 free quotes from qualified & approved installers in your area within 24 hours.

The tool is powered by Networx who have been helping people find qualified flooring installers for over 20 years.

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Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring From Home Depot

Has anybody used the Home Decorators Collection vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot? I’m curious about how the floor stands up to regular use after a couple of years.The reviews are mostly positive on the Home Depot website, but I’m not sure how trustworthy they are. It’s obviously a cheaper option for vinyl plank flooring at only $2/sq-ft and I would only need the flooring to last around 4 years or so until my kids are a little older and we can start considering putting in hardwood.My wife and I really like the Stony Oak Grey and the sample from Home Depot holds up pretty well to a key scratch test.

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring Is Thin And Lightweight

Okay, so, this is a pro, but theres definitely a catch.

LifeProof flooring is thin and lightweight. This means its much easier to ship and installbut theres a general rule about flooring that more weight means more strength. Theres a reason the most durable wood flooring also tends to be the heaviest.

So, LifeProof vinyl flooring is sacrificing something for its light weightand well touch on that soon.

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But The Most Obnoxious Problem With Lifeproof: Its Seriously Breakable

Of course, none of those problems even come close to the big issue. Namely, that many LifeProof vinyl flooring reviews note that the products interlocking tabs break super easily.

And if you break these tabs, which is apparently easy to do, the entire plank is virtually useless. That produces A) a lot of waste B) a lot of frustration and C) a lot of wasted money.

Stylish Impact Exceptionally Priced

Durability of Home Decorators collection Silverton Oak water resistant 8mm laminate flooring.

Refresh your budget and your indoor or outdoor space with high-quality, exceptionally priced ceiling fans from Home Decorators Collection®. Whether you want to update a rooms look or add ambience with bright illumination to an area, our assortment delivers with stylish impact. This line also includes models built to withstand the outside elements.

Choose from a variety of lighting options, including ceiling fans with a dimmable LED light that provides sufficient lighting for up to 50,000 hours without replacement. In fact, you can run the LED light 8 hours a day for 16 years, meaning many years of maintenance-free lighting. Adding to your peace of mind is a lifetime motor warranty for each fan from Home Decorators Collection.

Home Decorators Collection Features:

  • Quick-Install blades and Accu-Arm blades for easy installation
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Wet-rated outdoor models for use under covered locations
  • Lifetime motor warranty

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First: What Is Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring

LifeProof is Home Depots in-house brand of vinyl plank flooring one of the most robust and popular types of flooring on the market today.

One of LVPs biggest selling points is that its a fantastic fake wood flooring choice. LifeProof vinyl flooring certainly leans into that, and if you check it out on Home Depots website, youll find it in endless patterns that mimic dozens of wood flooring types.

That said, theres a big gap between high-end vinyl plank and budget vinyl plankand below, well show you where LifeProof flooring fits on that scale.

Updating Or Reviewing Your Information

To update your customer information , please contact us at:

Home Decorators Collection2455 Paces Ferry Road NorthwestAtlanta, GA 30339Email:

A limited amount of purchase information also may be available to you. To protect your privacy, we will need to validate your identity before you update or review your information.

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Who Makes Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring

Halstead New England is the manufacturer of Home Decorators Collection LVP. The company also produces LifeProof LVP for the Home Depot and Allure flooring too.

The fact that Halstead makes it exclusively for Home Depot reduces distribution cost and allows Home Depot to sell it at a very competitive price.

OK, lets look at the two lines

I Purchased My Fan Through The Home Depot Why Am I Being Directed To Tal

[View 27+] Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring ...

TAL is a vendor for The Home Depot. We manufacture some Home Depot fan models for a variety of their brands, primarily Hampton Bay and Home Decorators Collection. Home Depots customer service and TALs customer service work together to provide customer support, however, TAL also handles motor warranty service and more technical cases.

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A Bistro Table And Chairs To Brighten Up Your Patio

The onset of spring means well all be spending more time outside, so why not update your outdoor space with this bistro table and chairs? Available in blue and burnt orange, these steel chairs and table are easy to clean, lightweight, and easy to fold.

Reviewers like how sturdy the table and chairs are upon delivery and how easy it is to store the set if needed.

Get the Follie Burnt Orange 3-Piece All-Weather Patio Bistro Set from Home Depot for $111.75

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