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Home Decorators Collection Corded Blinds

Advantages Of Cordless Blinds

Cordless Blinds – Unboxing, Hanging, Removing & Review (the Home Depot Home Decorators Collection)

The advantages of cordless blinds should seem pretty obvious, right? What makes them so great? For one, its convenience.

  • Without cords, youll love not having to deal with a tangled mess of strings hanging from your windows.
  • With the absence of cords, its also much safer for your children and pets. You wont need to worry about kids and your precious dog or cat getting entangled and hurt.
  • Ease of use is a big benefit. In fact, all you have to do with cordless blinds is gently pull down or push up and the blinds will respond.

One great option is The Hunter Douglas LiteRise operating system which makes raising and lowering blinds and shades easier than ever. The proprietary design holds blinds and shades securely in any position with no constant adjusting. Simply push up to raise and pull down to lower. Your blinds and shades will remain right where you put them. There are no lift cords for a clean, uncluttered look that is safe for both children and pets.

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  • Best For Bathrooms: Bali Essentials Premium Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

    Made of water-resistant vinyl, Bali Essentials Premium Blinds are ideal for bathrooms and other moisture-prone spaces. They have 1-inch horizontal slats for light filtration and privacy, plus a cordless lift design, and theyre easy to install on your own.

    These blinds come in virtually any length or width in your choice of white, gray, alabaster, or wheat. Hidden brackets and a valance-free headrail provide a clean, minimalist look.

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    Best Motorized: Custom Home Collection 2 Designer Wood Blind

    Custom Home Collection Designer Wood Blinds are made to order with the option of motorized lift and tilt features and a plug-in cord or a battery wand. This combination makes for a super convenient and luxuriously high-tech design.

    With 2-inch real wood slats, your choice of a traditional, modern, or corded valance, and over 100 colors, these beautiful automatic blinds can be made to complement any interior design scheme.

    The energy-saving HOPPVALS blinds from IKEA are ideal for bedrooms. With cellular honeycomb construction and a room-darkening design, theyre insulating and effective at dimming your sleeping quarters. These window coverings come in seven sizes and have the option of blue or gray.

    Best Blackout: Selectblinds Premier Blackout Cellulars

    Photo of product

    SelectBlinds Premier Cellulars are shades for a blackout effect, youll have to branch out from blinds. These high-performance window treatments provide privacy, light adjustability, and complete cover from even the brightest outdoor light.

    Theyre entirely customizable too. Choose from single-cell or double-cell construction and standard, cordless, continuous loop, or a motorized lift system. You can also select your size, color, and bracket style.

    If you dont want a total blackout style, room-darkening window treatments are a great alternative. Take a peek at the sleek faux-wood Symple Stuff Deluxe Cordless Blinds. They have SmartPrivacy slats and an easy-to-lift bottom rail, which allow for effortless adjustability.

    These horizontal blinds come in a broad range of sizes and four neutral hues. Theyre the perfect balance of elegance and modern with a minimalist silhouette and a decorative crown valance.

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    Find The Best Window Treatment For Every Room In Your Home

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    The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

    Blinds are not only a popular window covering choice but also one of the most affordable. Theyre easy to install, user-friendly, straightforward to clean, versatile, and adjustable, plus they come in a wide range of colors, materials, and styles. Were talking real wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vinyl with varying levels of light filtration.

    If you need window treatments but are overwhelmed with options or dont know where to look, youve come to the right place. Below, here are our favorite blinds in a range of colors and styles.

    Made of genuine hardwood for an elegant, upscale look, Levolor Real Wood Blinds are the best of the best. Theyre custom-made to order and are available in virtually any width and length, and you can choose from 20 different wood grains, stains, and paint colors. And, wood blinds are easy to clean.

    You also have the choice of a traditional, transitional, or contemporary wood valance with a complementing wand. Additionally, you can opt for privacy slats, rootless stats, or cloth tapes for extra privacy and light filtration. Beyond that, you have the option to include a cordless control system or a Bluetooth-enabled motorized tilt feature.

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    Best Custom: Bali 2 In Faux Wood Blinds

    Bali Faux Wood Blinds are made to order with tons of customization options. First, they come in a vast range of precise widths and lengths. You can also choose your mount type and whether you want 2-inch or 2.5-inch slats.

    Additionally, youll have a choice of headrail style, lift system , tilt type , ladder style, and valance design. And, of course, there are lots of colors and finishes to choose from. The faux wood slats come in neutral painted tones, realistic-looking wood grains, and various stains.

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    We Recently Installed Our Blinds But Can’t Release The Cord And Lower Or Raise The Blinds We’ve Followed The Instructions That Came With The Blinds Is There Anything We May Be Missing That Could Be Done

    • Warranties cover the original purchaser of the window blinds and shades.

    What is covered:

    • Any defects in materials of workmanship
    • Operating mechanisms and other parts
    • Cell separation on honeycomb/cellular shades
    • Warping slats for faux wood and wood blinds
    • Broken vertical vanes

    What is not covered:

    • Parts that fail due to accident, alteration and/or improper use Normal wear and tear
    • Color fading due to excessive exposure to sunlight, moisture or improper cleaning
    • Accidental damage

    Home Decorators Collection Window Blinds


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    Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 5 In Premium Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 72 L 10793478362516

    Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 In Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 W X 64 L 10793478184453

    Home Decorators Collection White Cordless Room Darkening 2 In Faux Wood Blind For Window 35 5 W X 84 L 10793478582396

    Home Decorators Collection Chicology Real Wood Blinds Window Horizontal Mini Shades Variable Light C For Windows

    Home Decorators Collection Premium Faux Wood Blind White 2 1 In 23×64

    Pin On Decoration

    Home Depot Faux Wood Blinds 50 Off Hcb Cat

    Window Blinds Shades Made By Home Decorators Collection Productfrom Com

    Home Decorators Collection 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds White 35 X 48 New 793478079202

    Home Decorations Collections Blinds Installation Off 62 Gmcanantnag Net

    Home Decorators Collection Snow Drift Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade 57 75 In W X 72 L Yahoo Ping

    Home Decorators Collection Cordless Honey Bamboo Roman Shade 23 5 In W X 72 L Actual Size Depot Havenly

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    Advantages Of Corded Blinds

    If youre wondering which is right for your needs and space, cordless vs corded blinds, then read on. Corded blinds can be great for certain situations.

    • Some windows are very high, meaning you wouldnt be able to reach cordless blinds when fully retracted. In these situations, the cord system eliminates this problem, and makes it so that you can always control your blinds.
    • Corded blinds typically last longer. In fact, corded blinds can hold out a bit longer than cordless blinds, depending on treatment of course.

    Sure, Cordless blinds sound appealing, but keep in mind that corded blinds have come a long way in keeping the cords discrete. Gone are the days where cords are present. There are many great looking corded blinds that work perfectly and serve homeowners for many years.

    Best Vertical: Orren Ellis Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Room Darkening Vertical Blind

    If you need vertical window coverings for a sliding, streak-free shining glass door that you can clean, french doors, a balcony door, or floor-to-ceiling windows, we recommend Orren Ellis Deluxe Adjustable Blinds. The set comes with four panels, each 23 by 96 inches.

    Theyre made out of a polyester-paper fabric with iron and aluminum hardware. These room-darkening vertical blinds offer impressive light filtration and privacy while enhancing the aesthetic of your space.

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    So Which Is Right For You

    Whether you choose to go with cordless or corded blinds really depends on your unique situation and preference. If you have high windows, then a corded situation is going to work best for you. In fact, in some cases, theres really not much choice except corded. When the windows are too high up to make the blinds easily accessible, or if your window is very wide and the cordless system wont work. In such cases, if you really want to remove cords, then you may want to go for motorized blinds.

    For those homeowners who have normal sized windows, cordless blinds are a great choice. This is especially true for families with young children and pets where cords can pose a serious safety hazard. The easy, simple functioning of cordless blinds means you dont have to mess with cords or find a way to keep them out of the reach of curious little ones. With no cords showing, the blinds will appear clean and beautiful.

    Either way though, both cordless and corded blinds come in a wide range of colors, styles and designs and B& B Window Coverings specialists can help you find the right one for you.

    Ready to outfit your windows with beautiful new blinds? We offer a full range of cordless and corded blinds that are sure to fit in beautifully in your home or business space. For any questions, please call us at 376-3555.

    Best Faux Wood: Real Simple 2

    Home Decorators Collection 32

    Real Simple Faux Wood Blinds have a classic, versatile look thatll complement any room in your home while offering privacy and adjustable lighting. The 2-inch slats are resistant to heat, moisture, warping, and cracking.

    This resistance factor means you can install them in a bathroom, laundry room, or another humid space without worrying about damage. Theyre insulating, too, which can help you cut down on heating and cooling costs.

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