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Home Decorating Course Online Free

Best For Modern Cakes: Sugar Sugar Cake School

Creative Home Art Decorations – interior design course online – Creative Home Art Decorations

Sugar Sugar Cakes

For a mix of free and paid premium tutorials, Sugar Sugar Cake School offers tools for those wanting to learn more about decorating for personal enrichment, but also education for professionals wanting to start their own cake business.

Founded by professional Australian cake decorator Amanda Lee who is known for her painted, modern wedding cakes and sculpted works, Sugar Sugar Cakes provides an incredible learning platform. The website offers everything you need to know when it comes to decorating cakes with modern techniques.

Sign up for a free membership and gain access to an array of online courses on topics like how to make swiss meringue buttercream, how to stack, fill, and cover an extra tall Double Barrel Cake, or themed techniques such as how to make unicorn cupcakes.

More elaborate tutorials such as how to make painted cakes or fondant ruffles are available for purchase under the Premium Tutorial section of the Sugar Sugar Cakes website. Costs range from around $20 to $80 per lesson.

Each course contains clear information about its duration, skill level, and preparation time. Tutorials often include video content, and some supplemental instruction is available in PDF pictorial format.

Are There Specific Start Times And Deadlines For Free Online Classes

Online learning is one of the most flexible ways of getting an education, and this is one reason for its increasing popularity. Students are busy with home lives, jobs, and other responsibilities. With most free online courses there are no deadlines, so you can set your own schedule and access the materials whenever and wherever you want.

Master Of Science In Interior Architecture At Chatham University

This program is specifically designed for interior design graduates. Aiming to take their knowledge further, the program helps students research their projects, from an academic perspective.

Even if the program has a strong independent research nature, it still offers mandatory courses 30 credits. Research methods are thought at the beginning of the 1-year course. A quantitative skills course and an elective skills course can be selected further. Interior architecture enjoys its separate course.

During the spring, students learn about academic writing. They also take their issues with interior design architecture further with a separate course. During the summer months, students prepare their final thesis. This is hands down one of the best online interior design courses!

The strengths of the online course:

  • The program has academic recognition
  • Highly tailored towards individual studying
  • Based on a final thesis instead of a final exam
  • Totals 30 academic credits

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Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design

Corey Damen Jenkins is known for using vivid colors and layered patterns to help his clients achieve architecturally inspired spaces that are polished, inventive and unexpected. The result is absolutely stunning just check out his if you need proof.

You may know him as the recent winner of HGTVs competition series Showhouse Showdown. Or perhaps from his appearances on Rachel Ray or Open House TV.

Now he reveals his approach to you in his new MasterClass. In much the same way he approaches his high-end clients, he starts by waking you through a process that defines your style, not his.

Jenkins aesthetic is visible in the finished home, but its his clients personalities that shine through. I approach design like a doctor delivering a baby: At the end of the day, its not my kidits yours, and it should look like you, he laughs. After all, youre the ones taking it home! House Beautiful Magazine

From there, he takes you through the design process, from the initial mood board to the final reveal and walk-through. In between, youll learn to select bold colors and patterns, and layout a room both functional and striking. All while maximizing your design budget.

He even devotes a chapter to those entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own interior design house.

Mit Opencourseware: Principles Of Design

12 Best Room Design Apps &  Home Planner Tools

What better way to learn interior design than from a prestigious university? Even if you can’t physically attend MIT, you can still take advantage of its free OpenCourseWare class focused on the principles of design. It’s a great starting point for those who need to brush up on their knowledge of basic design concepts.

It outlines various topics in presentation, lighting, the history of design, and more. Although it’s not a free online interior design course that comes with a certificate, it still offers valuable information for the aspiring designer.

The following list includes some more free interior design courses from online universities that can also help you get started.

Our Picks:

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Parsons Strategic Design And Management Ms

Specifically made for working professionals, this Ms program runs for 2 years under the Faculty of Strategic Design and Management. During the first year of study, there are 5 courses of focus. Strategic design and management in new economies debut the program. Sustainable business models enjoy their separate courses.

Managing creative project teams is one of the unique courses offered by the program. Design innovation and leadership debuts in the spring of the first year of learning. The second year starts with a regulatory and ethics course.

An independent project in design research follows shortly. New design firms and Integrative Studio courses conclude the program. At the end of the program, students can start looking towards careers in business sustainability and service design.

The strengths of the online course:

  • Sustains merit scholarships

Best Free: My Cake School

My Cake School

Founded by a former cake baker and decorator, My Cake School is a free online platform that provides weekly tutorials and recipes.

The site covers lessons on everything from the basics to more advanced techniques such as working with fondant, gum paste, buttercream, and more. Recipes are divided into Cakes and Cupcakes, Fillings, Frostings and Glazes, Fondant/Gumpaste, and Miscellaneous, and you can also search for specific recipes.

The Free Tutorial section includes 40 pages of lessons on baking and decorating written in blog format and/or video that can be filtered through an easy drop-down menu. . Recipes featured include Lemon Sour Cream Cake, Chocolate Nutella Cake, Champagne and Strawberries Cake, Marbled Buttercream Cake, and many more.

There are also numerous holiday-themed cakes such as a decorative Easter Basket Cake or a Halloween Monster Pretzel Monster Cake. For an all-access pass to video archives and forums where you can ask specific questions about cake decorating, there is an option to become a member of the site for around $30 per year. There is also a shop section with helpful information about kitchen equipment and tools to help you with baking and decorating.

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Software Engineering Courses By University Of British Columbia

This course is part of the MicroMasters software development program. It explains how teams create, test and maintain multi-version software systems. You will learn how to apply software engineering concepts to a wide range of large-scale software systems. Agile development, REST and asynchronous programming, software specification, design, refactoring and information are all covered in this course.


Who Should Take Free Interior Design Courses


Anyone with an interest in designing functional and beautiful spaces can take free courses in interior design. For those with a creative eye who are willing to put in some time, practice, and dedication, these courses can pay off in the long run. There are many types of students interested in interior design classes

Current interior designers or decorators who want to brush up on their skills


Anyone with an interest in 3D modeling or rendering

Remodeling contractors

Learning some new interior design skills can help increase your marketability, add some skills to your resume, or even get a promotion or new job. If you are in business for yourself, taking classes to improve your skills will help you acquire your ideal client.

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Indigenous Canada By University Of Alberta

The last on our list of Canadian universities that offer free online courses is Indigenous People in Canada. This is a 12-lesson mass open online course offered by the Faculty of Native Studies, which examines Indigenous history and current Canadian issues. This course examines the important challenges facing indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective, focusing on national and local relations between indigenous peoples and settlers.

Coco Kelley: Fresh Takes On The Classics

Spend a few minutes here, and you’re guaranteed to come away with some incredible ideas for your own home. This site is especially helpful for those who prefer learning interior design in a visual way.

The blog tours beautifully crafted homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and more from around the world, using stunning photography to portray the story of each of the case studies.

When you’ve gained enough inspiration from these posts, learn how to decorate your own home with the helpful DIY design tips.

Our Picks:

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Online Learning At The New York School Of Interior Design

There are a few interesting online interior design courses to consider at the New York School of Interior Design. The Basic Interior Design Certification program accepts students with no portfolio. It also allows full-time and part-time enrolment with a curriculum based on credits.

During the first trimester of the 1-year course, students learn about historical styles, visual concepts, and color selection. The second trimester then debuts with historical styles and textile interiors while also touching on construction documents.

For those seeking a job or career in the interior design space, this online course is a great place to start which full accreditation from the school.

  • Based on such as construction documentation
  • Offers a certificate of completion
  • Doesnt require a portfolio for enrolment
  • Split over 2 trimesters

How Will I Collaborate With My Modsy Designer

Interior Design Classes Online Free

Youll work one-on-one with a dedicated designer throughout your design journey. Sure, the whole process is onlinebut your designer is always just a message or video call away, so you can stay connected throughout your whole project.

Youll start with a kick-off call to align on your vision for your design project. Together, you and your designer will review your style, budget, and any specific needs for your space. With Modsy, you have unlimited access to our design messaging featureso you can message your designer at any time, right from your designs. This is a great way to share design inspiration, ask questions, or request revisions to your design.

No matter what the design process looks like for you or how long it takes to land on the perfect design, your designer is always there to support you through your design journey and help you bring the room of your dreams to life.

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How To Use Lighting Design To Transform Your Home

Lights play a crucial role in how you feel inside a space without you actively realizing this. When you are about to decorate your room or home, you need to focus on light as much as you focus on placing your bed or painting it your favorite hue. This Udemy class will introduce you to the lighting tricks that you should try out at your home to give it a dramatic appeal. You will understand why light is important for any space and how it can transform your rooms to make them look big or small as you fancy. Through three light tricks demonstrated in the lessons, you will be able to make the best use of the natural and artificial lights at your home. The course material will also throw light on how you can hide any unwanted cords and wires to keep up the uniformity in your rooms.

Learn the significance of light and how you can layer it in your home.

Change and control the intensities of colors in your room through light fixtures.

Make your room appear bigger or smaller as per your need through light settings.

Use artificial lights to attract focus on the things that need it and learn to hide things that you want to conceal.

You can

Review: Easy to follow and understand. Very informative, I learned all the basics in order for me to design a well planned interior lighting layout. Rachel Alviento.

The Course I Want To Take Says Its Free Why Does It Look Like There Is A Fee Involved

In some cases, graded exams or completion certificates may be hidden behind a free trial or membership. These paywalls can be cumbersome, but in all the cases on our list, there is a workaround. Coursework itself can be completed at no charge. If the class you want to take has a paywall, you will need to remember to cancel your free trial before the deadline to avoid being charged.

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How To Use Color Like A Pro

Have you ever noticed how one room with a pink color may give a different feel, and a space where there is marron feels totally differently? The catch here is the color! Each color appeals to our minds and incites various emotions. When you plan to paint your home, you need to factor in the color schemes too. This Udemy course will help you pick the right spectrum for your rooms and spaces when you decide to give your home a new touch. You will learn the psychology behind each color, and once you are through all the lessons, you will be able to easily pick up which color or shades will blend in with the different styles and furniture in various rooms to give it the best look and feel!

Key USPs

Understand color theory to know the impact of each color on your mood and overall feel it gives to the house.

Identify which color will go best with the different rooms as per its use.

Mix colors and patterns to provide a transition from one room to the other without breaking the symmetry and feel.

Learn to use colors to change how the room feels to make it appear bigger or smaller than its actual size.

You can

Review: Amazing course to start working in the field of interior designing. Highly recommended course as it offers amazing practical knowledge. Aditi Sharma.

Alison Diploma In Interior Design


This 6 to 10 hours free online course takes you through an overview of interior design as a discipline. You will learn aspects of project planning and client communication, various principles of design including colour, balance, harmony, space utilization, and other factors a designer takes into account when working within a space. You will understand how to use textiles and surface materials and the importance of accessorizing right. The syllabus covered also includes styles and themes of furniture, and how to source the furniture that goes well with your d├ęcor.

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Dino : Dinosaur Paleobiology By University Of Alberta

Dinosaur 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology is a 12-lesson course that gives students a deep understanding of bird dinosaurs. Topics discussed include anatomy, nutrition, movement, growth, adaptation to environment and behavior, origin and extinction. Museums, fossil laboratories and excavation sites all offer lessons.


What Your Certification Gets You

  • Start your own design & decorating business. Full business training is included in your course!
  • Work for an existing design & decorating firm
  • Provide professional consulting services
  • Design corporate offices, conference rooms, and retail stores
  • Design television, film, or stage sets for production companies

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How To Use Minimalist Interior Design To Live Your Best Life

Decluttering your home or workspace and moving towards a minimalist take on life has shown to impact mental health. If you are someone who wants to experience tranquility and clear mental fog, giving your room a minimal design might turn out to be useful. This Udemy course by best-seller Erikka Fogleman can be your next step towards going minimal. The tutorials will help you understand how minimalism impacts the mind, and you will learn its principles and techniques to transform your living space. Erikka also explains how you can use negative space in your design and balance your existing items. Dont forget to check our list of Best Shading Courses.

Key USPs

Learn the fundamental principles of minimalism and its impact on your daily routine.

Get insights into how to declutter your room and belongings to deal with items that have emotional value.

Choose the right set of colors and patterns to get the maximum effect of minimalism.

Take the final steps through finishing your new minimalistic space and live in harmony.

You can

Review: A great insight to Minimalist design technique which contributes in mental clarity, calmness and increased productivity. Parag Agrawal.

Gender Analytics Program By University Of Toronto

Short, fun, online courses in interior design # ...

You will test your gender analytics skills in a report on an applied learning project that will guide you through the whole process of creating new solutions using gender perspectives. You will review both quantitative and qualitative data, build prototypes using advanced human-centered design techniques, and plan for implementation in an organization, market, or community.


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Interior Design For Beginners

Next up is a highly rated class from the award-winning, design studio STUDIOLAV. Started by Loukas Angelou & Vasso Asfi more than a decade ago, their work is both modern and understated. They focus on creating environments that meld their clients passion and way of living. Heres a striking example of a loft in SoHo they designed.

Given that they specialize in both interior and product design, STUDIOLAV brings a unique focus to their process, concentrating on the connection between their clients, objects they collect, and their environment. This unique blend of skills makes this one of the best online interior design courses.

Youll dive deep into the life of an interior designer and get a sense of both the work required as well as the tools necessary for bringing a concept into physical existence. Once youre done, youll know how to create mood boards, select complementary colors and materials, and layout a workable space.

They also help you see the hidden aspects of the business side of interior design, from expertly handling clients throughout the design process to promoting your brand in a way thats authentic to the type of interior designer you aspire to be.

If youre new to Domestika, theyre hugely popular with creative professionals. So they attract amazing instructors, produce high-end videos, and offer their courses at an accessible price. This is probably your best bet for an interior design course with a certificate.

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