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Home Decor Laminate Flooring Reviews

What Are The Layers That Make Up Laminate Flooring

Laminate Floor Review, Tips | Pros & Cons

We mentioned above that laminate is a multi-layer floor. And generally speaking, its composed of three main layers . From the bottom up, they are:

  • And a high-density fiberboard or wood composite base layer that gives the floor structure.
  • A photo-realistic image layer that gives the floor its look.
  • A transparent plasticate wear layer that protects the floor from damage.

Most laminate flooring requires an underlayment too, which can serve a few purposes, like sealing out moisture or providing a more comfortable underfoot feel.

And of course, many manufacturers add their own special features to the flooran attached backing or underlayment, UV-resistant coatings, etc.

What Is The Warranty On Pergo Laminate Floorings

Pergos warranty is more reasonable than the brands we cushioned you against buying. For residential laminate flooring, the warranty is an impressive limited lifetime offering. On the other hand, the warranty lasts ten years for commercial laminate flooring. Again this is impressive.

However, we caution you to read the warranty correctly first before installation. Some of the most common negative reviews of Pergos warranty boil down to the poor floor installation.

Whatever You Choose Dont Shop At A Box Store

Regardless of what laminate you end up going with, dont shop at a box storeyour local flooring store is going to be such a better bet. Local retailers are the real experts, and they actually know flooringnot like the box-store clerks that work in a zillion different departments. Plus, local stores install floors too, so you dont have to go through some sketchy 3rd-party installer the box store recommends .

Overall, its just a better idea. If you want the best flooring, youre not going to find it at a mediocre box store that doesnt actually specialize in flooring.

Or, if youre still undecided, check out the articles below for more excellent flooring ideas. And either way, thanks for readinggood luck on your flooring search!

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Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Reviews

After extensively scouting for Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Reviews online we found the majority of reviews on the Home Depots website.

In fact, we found a huge amount of reviews on their site with some of the products having over 2800 unique reviews in total. All of the Home Decorators Vinyl Plank products scored an average of over 4 out of 5 stars.

Home Decorators LVP Reviews

When looking at the LVP products with over 2800 reviews we found that 1919 of these reviews scored 5 out of 5 stars and only about 150 reviews scored 1-2 out of 5 stars.

One of the 5-star reviewers stated

Did both the upstairs and down with True Cherry planks. 1500 sq ft in all. Product was in perfect shape no damaged pieces in over sixty boxes. I really like Home Decorators click and lock design. A patient person can get a professional job. It takes a limited number of tools to accomplish the installation, but a saw to cut around the door casing is about necessary for a neat job.

Whilst on the other hand an unhappy customer wrote

Doesnt snap together like Allure or other high end products. Many of the end seams didnt go together well. If I could do it again, I would spend a little extra on better materials.

We also found several discussions on forum websites such as with both positive and negative reviews. However, a lot of these negative reviews are due to things like bad installation and too-high expectations.

A Thin Base Layer Isnt Usually A Good Base Layer

Home Decorators Collection High Gloss Hills Cherry 12 mm Thick x 4.76 ...

It depends on the product, but in general, a thinner base layer isnt the way to go. Less of a core means less stability. And less stability means less comfortand more issues with warping. Our advice? Avoid base layers under 7mm thick.

If you buy your laminate at a reputable flooring store with good reviews, you might be able to find some thinner planks that still give good quality. But its not the norm.

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Which Of The Best Laminate Flooring Brands Are The Easiest To Install

Trick question! Laminate is some of the easiest flooring to install in general. Virtually all laminate flooring can either be installed as a floating floor , glued to the subfloor , or stapled to the subfloor .

Translation: the cost to install laminate flooring is surprisingly low. Like lower than almost any other floor.

Lifeproof Vinyl Is Waterproofbut So Is Most Other Vinyl Plank

If youre looking for water-resistant wood flooring, a fake wood substitute like LifeProof is actually a great way to go. But, theres nothing about LifeProofs waterproof qualities that makes it better than any other waterproof option.

Even laminate flooring has waterproof choices nowadays, like Mohawks RevWood. Check out our vinyl plank vs. laminate guide if youre curious to see how they stack up.

LifeProof has better water-resistant properties than real wood, but otherwise, its pretty standard. If you want the best in waterproof flooring, check out some Pergo Extreme reviewsits super-popular for a reason.

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My Experience With Traycee Peeler Was

My experience with Traycee Peeler was the best I called and spoke with her about the Problem I was having trying to get my money refunded to my account. She and I were on the phone for about 20 minutes she took down all the information and she said she would get back with me and she did everything was Corrected within an hour that is something I have been waiting for over a month no one else was able to help me but she was on point with everything I really appreciate her thank you thank you thank you.

Date of experience:April 01, 2022

Aquaseal And Dream Home Laminate Costs

Vinyl Plank Flooring – Review After One Year in Our Home!

With a price tag that starts at about 50 cents per square foot, Dream Home is clearly targeting budget buyersand surprise surprise, most reviews are pretty negative.

Dream Home XD and AquaSeal products top out at $2.25not overly pricey, but a bit more expensive than regular ol Dream Home. For a full breakdown of AquaSeal flooring, check out our AquaSeal flooring review.

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Its Easy To Stain Some Of The Best Laminate Flooring Brands

There are a lot of laminate flooring reviews that point out how susceptible laminate is to staining. This most likely comes down to the wear layer breaking down over time.

The good news: the best laminate flooring brands usually use wear layers that last longer and withstand staining better. However, even these may become vulnerable after years of abuse, so we recommend caring for your floors regularly to maintain wear layer quality.

Best Value: Dream Home

Dream Home 12mm Sunswept Ash

This is residential laminate, not designed for commercial use. It is manufactured for and sold by Lumber Liquidators.

Why Dream Home is the Best Value Laminate

Our definition of value is the combination of reasonable cost and good quality. Dream Home achieves that and more.

Value: Most of the styles cost between $1.49 and $1.99 per square foot, even some backed by a lifetime warranty and that also have a water-resistant warranty.

Cheap Stuff Too: Theres a time for really cheap laminate a quick fix when youre selling, for installation in lightly used space and for wall covering. The Dream Home laminate cost starts well below $1 per square foot.

Pretty Good Selection: Its 30+ styles give you a lot of size, style and color options in oak, walnut, hickory and other species. Widths from 7mm to 14mm, some with pad attached, are available to suit your installation needs.

Water-resistant X20 Dream Home laminate competes pretty well with Shaw Repel, Mohawk RevWood Plus and Pergo WetProtect, though its not as good as AquaGuard waterproof laminate.

Low-VOC: Dream Home is certified to be healthy for your indoor air quality.

Rating: We gave Dream Home laminate from Lumber Liquidator a rating of 3.75 out of 5.

See all the details in our Dream Home Laminate buying guide pros, cons, costs and comparisons to other leading brands.

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The Best Laminate Flooring For Your Space

Before we dive deep into laminate and the best laminate flooring brands, lets look at some of the top choices for your home.

Best Overall Laminate Flooring: Newton

Best Waterproof Laminate Flooring: RevWood

Best Budget Laminate Flooring: Tarkett

Most Sustainable Laminate Flooring: Newton

Best Laminate Flooring for Kitchens: Shaw

Best Laminate Flooring for Basements: Pergo

Best Laminate Flooring for Living Rooms: Mannington Mills

Well go into a ton of detail on each of these brands below to get straight into the brand deep dives!

What Is The Healthiest Laminate Flooring

mannington laminate floor clean

Finding utterly healthy laminate flooring is not easy. Why is this so? Well, its all in the composition of the laminate flooring. We earlier mentioned that this material is a composite made of different layers. Therefore, the layers are enjoined using an adhesive. All adhesives will emit some Volatile Organic Compounds , which are toxic.

Nonetheless, there has recently been a keen emphasis on manufacturing low VOC laminate boards. Thus, some laminate floorings are healthier than others. You should, therefore, settle for the more healthy laminate floorings.

Some of the common VOCs that you will find in adhesives include formaldehyde, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, and ethyl glycol. The healthiest laminate flooring is the one that contains the least VOCs.

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Allen And Roth By Lowes

Your Typical Box Store Brand | $1.50$2.30/sq. ft.

Allen and Roth laminate flooring is Lowes in-house brand. And annoyingly for us humanities majors, the company stylizes it as allen + roth.

Theres only one Allen and Roth laminate collection, with 31 products in total . Some are 8mm thick, some are 12. To our eye, this difference doesnt seem to have much of an effect on price there are several 12mm options that are cheaper than their 8mm counterparts.

Finally Laminate Shouldnt Be Installed Outside

Laminate flooring can go almost anywhere inside your home, but it would never make a list of outdoor flooring options. Its simply not intended for outdoor use because the HDF can warp with temperature changes or exposure to the elements.

The best laminate flooring brands, with a good wear layer, may be okay to use for sunroom flooringas long as the manufacturer gives it the green light.

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How We Chose The Best Water

Here are the criteria we used to rate each water-resistant laminate brand

  • Claims Obviously we only looked at laminate flooring that claims to be waterproof or water-resistant
  • Warranties Most importantly does the manufacturer stand by the waterproof claims for its laminate flooring? We dug into the small print to find out.
  • Suitability for kitchens and bathrooms all our picks are worry free options for rooms where splashes and spills are common place.
  • Cost Many homeowners choose laminate as a budget friendly option. We chose water-resistant laminate that was reasonably prices compared to other flooring materials.
  • Choice Finally we considered each laminate in relation to styles and colors. No point having a waterproof laminate that only comes in 5 colors!
  • So, lets get to our top picks

    Test The Flooring Layout

    How to Install Laminate Flooring | The Home Depot

    Test-fit some laminate planks to see how they will lay out in the room. For a small- to medium-size room, its easiest to use the flooring itself rather than measuring and calculating.

    Arrange planks side by side across the room. You can lock the side joints together or simply butt the planks against one another just be careful not to walk on the flooring if the joints are not locked together.

    Next, arrange a length of planks end-to-end. Be careful not to lock the planks together. This would create a lock that is difficult to undo and may damage the edges.

    Once you have a sense of the overall layout, pull up the planks and stack them in a nearby area.

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

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    Laminate Flooring Overview: What You Need To Know

    Ok! To understand this review, youre going to have to understand a few things about laminate flooring first.

    So: what is laminate flooring, exactly? Its a multilayer hardwood floor alternative thats composed of:

    If you compare laminate vs. hardwood floors, youll find that laminate is generally more scratch-resistant, less maintenance-intensive, and cheaper. The best laminate flooring is relatively long-lasting toothough cheaper products tend to have lifespans measured in years while the best hardwood floors can last for decades or longer.

    Oh, and since laminate comes in planks, you can install it in popular wood floor designs, too.

    How Long Does It Take To Install Laminate Flooring

    Installation in a typical 10-by-20-foot room is four to five days with an extra day added for each additional room. Laminate flooring needs at least two to three days to acclimate to the environment of a room to prevent problems like particle board expansion. The actual process of installation would take most DIY homeowners three to four hours, with an extra one to two hours to wrap the flooring around cabinets and doorways.

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    Aquaseal And Dream Home Laminate Durability

    The biggest complaint: Dream Home seems to be made with subpar materials and degrades quickly. These products are AC3-rated for residential use. Its premier laminate lines, Dream Home XD and AquaSeal, are certified low-VOC and cost closer to $2.00 per square footbut dont do much to address the common durability issues they share with Dream Home. The AC ratings on Dream Home XD and AquaSeal are a bit betterthey have AC4-rated wear layers.

    I Purchased $2500 Worth Of Tile For

    Boasting dark oak tones and a character grain this Series Woods ...


    Date of experience:April 11, 2022

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    Does Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Need An Underlayment

    Yes. All TrafficMaster laminate flooring products need an underlayment so moisture cant come up from the subfloor . This is even more critical if youre using TrafficMaster laminate as a basement flooring option or in another room with a concrete subfloor.

    Fortunately, most underlayments are fairly inexpensive. There are even a few high-tech options available, like underlayments that turn your laminate into magnetic flooring thats super easy to install.

    Dont Forget The Laminate Floor Underlayment

    All laminate flooring needs underlayment. Some laminate floor products already have this layer attached, while others dont. Underlayment prevents the floor from clicking on the subfloor as you walk, making it feel softer and more comfortable. It also makes the planks easier to install if youre choosing the DIY route. Check with your local laminate flooring company to determine the best type of underlayment for your laminate flooring choice.

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    How To Install Trafficmaster Laminate

    Trafficmaster laminate flooring can either be glued down or floated, which is pretty standard for most floorslaminate, vinyl plank, even some engineered hardwood

    Glue-down laminate flooring is exactly what it sounds like, and you install it in the same way youd install glue-down hardwood or glue-down vinyl plank flooring. The advantage here is that you can lay planks down in any pattern you want. Want to get cool wood floor patterns like chevron or herringbone parquet flooring? This is the installation style for you.

    As for floating TrafficMaster laminate, the process is even easier : simply attach planks together using the provided locking system and then place them down over the underlayment. Voila! A snap-together floating floor.

    Its Also Very Durable

    Durability of Home Decorators collection Silverton Oak water resistant 8mm laminate flooring.

    Does the best laminate flooring stack up against the most durable wood flooring, or even super-hardy wood alternatives like concrete flooring that looks like wood? Maybe.

    Is it as strong as concrete? Probably not. But it is very durable in its own right. Quality laminate wont easily succumb to heavy traffic, scratches, or dents. And at its price point, its arguably one of the most cost-effective solutions for durability. But, you knowexpectations.

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    Big Takeaway: The Higher The Ac Rating The More Durable The Wear Layer

    Heres how the abrasion class rating system breaks down:

    • AC1 is only intended for light use, like closet space.
    • AC2 is rated for light general use, like in guest bedrooms.
    • AC3 is recommended for general residential use.
    • AC4 is what youll find in most scratch-resistant flooringit generally offers the best value for homes.
    • The very best laminate flooring will either have an AC5 rating. This is made for heavy commercial use and is super scratch-resistant.

    What Is Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring is an alternative to wood flooring that consists of a multi-layer composite of organic and synthetic materials that make it durable and affordable. Most laminate floors are made of three main layers, though some products may incorporate the fourth layer. From the bottom up, these layers are:

    • Underlayment: An attached layer that helps seal out moisture and provides a more comfortable underfoot feel
    • Base Layer: A high-density fiberboard or wood composite that gives the floor structure
    • Image Layer: A photo-realistic layer that gives the floor its color and looks
    • Wear Layer: A transparent layer that protects the floor from damage

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