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Hire Someone To Decorate My Apartment

How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost

Interior Design How To Decorate A Rental Apartment

How much does an interior designer cost? If youre in the market for finding an interior designer, youll see prices and services vary quite a bit, depending on the designer and their cost structure. Whether they charge an hourly or flat rate, interior designers exercise a variety of ways to figure out their prices. Some take into account project size while others charge a commission percentage on the total cost. Regardless, being informed of the options is a good place to start.

In the age of the DIY internet tutorials and 30-minute home reveals, its common to believe interior design cost is easy to figure out, but behind the scenes, the interior design price is made up of several important factors. Check out this guide about the real cost of an interior designer and how to pick the right one.

Diy Vs Hiring A Professional Interior Decorator Or Designer

For most projects, youll want to hire an interior decorator or designer. A professional can:

  • Use their expertise to create a design that works for you
  • Simplify the project to a set of definable steps
  • Save you time by relying on their insider knowledge
  • Take advantage of tools, like software

When youre ready to interview interior designers near you, plan to get three quotes and ask how they usually set rates.

How To Decorate Your Small Apartment

We all know that apartment living can be extremely cramped and confined, and most people would love to have a bit more space or even a loft if they could. There are some apartment decor ideas that you can incorporate that will make this possible, and you may even find that it is a lot more enjoyable than other more traditional apartment living. If you are stuck for inspiration or apartment decorating ideas then this article should get you started in the right direction.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to apartment decorating ideas is that you need to think about the floor. Most people will turn their loft into a bedroom, which is fine, but if you really want to have the most space possible, you can turn it into a mini apartment that you can use as your own little office. Having a desk in your loft is a good start, and you can even have a desk with a view panel so that you can work from a distance. Also, a small fridge and a microwave are great to keep everyone in your apartment happy.

Some loft apartment decorating ideas include painting the walls in light colors so that they pop. This will give your apartment a lighter feel. It is also a good idea to bring in a modern air conditioning unit so that you wont be too hot. Remember that if you decide to put up decorations, you have to make sure that it doesnt look like it is trying to fall apart.

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Whats The Size Of Your Space

Taking into account the square footage of the space needing interior design help will definitely affect the interior design price. Designers will spend more time creating options of layouts and sourcing pieces for a large homes living room rather than that of an apartment.

Library design by designer, Peti L.

Palm Springs chic bedroom designed by designer, Michelle B.

Inspiring Modern Apartment Interiors

I Tried Modsy to Redecorate My Apartment Living Room on a ...

1. Mid-Century Modern

WHAT WE LOVE: A nostalgic look paired with clean lines and function-first furniture makes for a timeless modern apartment interior.

2. Scandinavian

Modern apartment design with Scandinavian elements by interior designer, Julian Francisco A.

WHAT WE LOVE: The neutral tones and minimal decor of this design trend work well for apartments with strict decorating limitations.

3. Transitional

Transitional luxury apartment design by interior designer, Wanda P.

WHAT WE LOVE: The perfect harmony between modern and traditional elements allows you to explore two popular interior design styles at once.

4. Contemporary

WHAT WE LOVE: The constant evolution of contemporary interior design and borrowing of elements from other styles gives way to endless decorating freedom to express yourself.

Feeling inspired to spruce up your space with modern apartment decor ideas, but not sure where to begin? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance with getting started today!

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Reason #6 To Hire An Interior Designer: Youre Going To Have Wow Factor

Interior designers are trained to think creatively and spatially and learn to see an overall picture in an interior space that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to home decor is what designers do on the regular. Not only will you get a good design sense, but youll also get an attention to detail from proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric choices and color palette and fixture options. A professional interior designer will create and interior that is custom-designed pieces to make sure everything fits perfectly and is truly special to your home.

Designers can also get you furniture, fabric, and materials that are trade-only and not accessible to everyone else. People notice a well-designed home. Try to do it by yourself, and youre stuck juggling the many elements that go into designing that a designer is specifically trained to do so and has the space planning know-how and essential design tools. And when theyre done, not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but itll be well thought out and highly functional.

Apartment Decorating Ideas To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos in your apartment. Basic shelves, staggered for a unique look, serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. Wood or metal shelving will go with almost anything, which means you can easily change the look of the vignette without making any more holes in your apartment walls.

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Patch Up With Artificial Grass

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a rented home with the luxury of a balcony, then you cannot miss this rental home decor tip! Balconies are awesome, but balconies with permanently stained floors are definitely not. Get your hands on some artificial grass and lay it out in the balcony to give it a fresh look. You will love spending time there!

All Furniture And Accessories In The Design Delivery Setup And Clean

Quick Delivery

1-2 weeks delivery to New York, New Jersey, California.

2-3 weeks delivery to other cities in the USA and Canada.

One-Day Setup

On delivery day, just open the door for our setup team and your entire space will be set up within hours.

Move-In Ready

We also offer a move-in kit that includes all the kitchen essentials and bedding to make your home move-in ready.

Why Furnishr

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Average Interior Designer Cost

On average, a typical interior designer will cost $2,000 to $5,000, excluding furniture. Fortunately, new alternatives like online interior design services can help you save $1,000s! Online interior designer service costs range from $75 to $1599 and the interior designer fees are typically flat. Starting a project online is a budget savvy way to connect with professional interior designers in a quick and easy way. The benefit of online interior design is that you can work on your own schedule and preview how everything will look before you buy it, but there are benefits to the traditional interior design fees too.

Contemporary design by designer, Roberto D.

Classy modern home design by Designer, Joao A.

Beyond picking out the right color for your wall or accent pillows for your sofa, the interior design price encompasses so much more! The role of professional interior designers is to do the following:

  • Take and pass strict certification programs
  • Design computer renderings of your space for better visualization
  • Effectively manage contractors, electricians, painters and more

There are lots of benefits to hiring an interior designer, whether its in person or online. However, you should know the true costs upfront to help you decide if interior design is right for you.

Myth #4 Its Gonna Cost Me A Fortune To Really Get Where I Want

Renters dont usually want to spend big money on their rental. That seems pretty fair, whod want to invest too much money on a place they dont own. The truth is that decorating an apartment comes with a certain price whether its a rental or an owned property. Youll still have to buy a couch, a dining table, chairs, etc All in all, it will cost you even though you choose the cheapest option. So, I have set this rule for myself: I have the right to splurge only on pieces that could fit in any other space. For instance, I bought this designer armchair that Ive been longing for a long time. Meanwhile, my couch from IKEA cost me only CHF 600. My thought was that an armchair can pretty much fit in any type of living room while our couch wouldnt work so well in many other living rooms.

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How To Hire A Decorator

When searching for a decorator, hire based on the guidelines below.

  • Ask friends for referrals.
  • -Did the decorator listen to their ideas?-Did the decorator accomplish what they wanted?-Did they do the job on time and budget?

  • Check online reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Most decorators have a showroom or online portfolio available to potential clients, which you can view.
  • Get three or four interior design price quotes from different designers.
  • Make sure they are a good personality fit with you toothey will be working closely with you in your home.
  • Make sure you understand what is involved in the contractwhat they will do and when they will do it. Ask questions before you sign or make any downpayment on services.
  • Reason #4 To Hire An Interior Designer: Youre Going To Have A Qualified Liaison

    Book Exclusive Hire at The Tank Room. A Liverpool Venue ...

    A good designer will know how to speak the language when it comes to architects, contractors, and building owners. This is crucial in managing time and money. Strong communication between the interior design and the lighting, furnishing, and architecture is absolutely key.

    For example, proper outlet placement is going to depend on how you want your furniture placed. These types of issues should be addressed before any construction, and an interior designer will know exactly which issues need to be brought up.

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    Interior Design Consultation Fee

    Most interior designers charge an initial consultation fee of $50 to $250, which is usually an hour of the designers time. This hour includes asking you questions about your tastes, likes and dislikes, and budget. The consultation is followed by the designer putting together design ideas for each room.

    Dont Underestimate The Power Of A Mirror

    Mirrors come in every shape and size and they carry the capacity to instantly jazz up any dull wall. Especially if youre looking for rental-friendly decor, consider getting your hands on a statement mirror. Round ones look very stylish, but it depends on your personal choice. Mirrors can also open up your room and make it appear larger.

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    How To Decorate A Rental

    Note: This post originally published in 2015, but Ive added updated information and sources, so it continues to be a go-to resource for renters.

    Finn and I spent five years as renters, traveling from Wisconsin to Missouri, and finally home to Chicago, all throughout our twenties. And during that time, we learned a lot about how to make temporary places feel like home. While I couldnt tear down walls or completely renovate a bathroom, there were still plenty of projects I could do to make our mark on our apartments and make them feel a bit more like us.

    My Best Tips to Decorate a Rental

    I know many of you are renters, so I thought it was time to talk about the things you CAN do to make your rental feel homier and more personal to you and your style. Here are my best tips to decorate a rental

    No Excuses

    First things firstI dont care if your lease expires in six months or your landlord says you absolutely cant put a nail hole in your wall! There are no excuses when it comes to waiting to decorate. I used to always be in the mindset of When I have a home, Ill buy this, or When we move into our own place Ill print those pictures and hang them. I finally changed my mindset and decided to enjoy the space I was already living in. My new motto is Dont wait!

    Start with the Walls

    Here are some options

    3. If those first two options dont work, then leave your walls white, and spruce them up in other ways.

    Thinking Of Hiring A Professional Organizer


    Since May is spring cleaning and organizational month weve been talking a lot about getting our homes systematized and in good order. If tasks like arranging the photo albums or clearing out the garage seem too daunting you may be wondering if its possible to hire a professional organizer while on a budget. Fortunately, hiring a pro isnt as exclusive as you might think.

    Most people cannot afford to hire someone to organize the entire home in one shot. We consulted a professional organizer, Kim Stetson of Project Organize, to help us understand when to do it ourselves and when to hire a pro.

    I think it is a better use of money, on a limited budget, to pick individual projects to focus on, and set up a home organization schedule . This approach, whether done within one year or over a longer period of time, will break down the overwhelming projects you may have in your life.

    The professional organizer can help you with the things that you dread, but are also causing the biggest time-suck in your life. Kitchens are a big one that I think people dont realize they lose time in, as well as the obvious home office and clothing closets. So Id set up an organization schedule, and then tackle most of it on your own but hire the professional organizer on the bigger, more overwhelming projects. Each of these projects can be scheduled throughout the year, and should only take a weekend for each one .

    Sample Project/Sample Date


    Home Office/April


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    Interior Design Is For Everyone

    Find your happy place

    You deserve a home that is functional and stylish, today. Dont put it off until the kids are older or you have more time. We can create a beautiful space that fits your needs so you dont have to be embarrassed to host book club next month.

    Delightfully affordable

    We believe that interior design should be accessible to everyone. Thats why Havenly packages are designed to be affordable, and our designers are trained to work within your budget.

    Create a lasting relationship

    Your Havenly pro is your friend, your guide, and your partner in home design. Theyll take care of your needs, help you create a custom space that grows with you, and theyre only a message away.

    They Can Commission Custom Elements Not Readily Available To The Public

    Designers are truly only limited by their imaginations, Coin explains, and the design options they can come up with are almost limitless. Thanks to their access to custom cabinetry, fabrics, wall coverings, furniture pieces, case goods, light fixtures, and more, they’ll know where to have a bespoke rug made that perfectly complements your space, or draw up the closet of your dreams.

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    When To Hire An Interior Decorator

    Youve got a great sense of style otherwise you wouldnt be reading Apartment Therapy every day, right? You probably have a firm idea of what kind of furniture appeals to you whether its traditional, mid-century, or totally modern. You can easily identify the colors and tones of wood that just say you. So, youd never need to hire a decorator, right? Wrong!

    Having a great sense of your likes and dislikes is a great starting point, but theres so much more to a well-designed room than simply filling it with your favorite things. For example, I adore mid-century modern, French industrial, and coastal chic style anything. Individually, these elements are fantastic. Togetheryikes! Still, hiring a decorator is a major step. So how do you know when to go it alone and when to call in a professional?

    2. Youre too busy to do it all yourself. As someone who does this for a living, I can tell you that pulling together a single room can take months and an entire home, years. It took me 6 years to decorate my own home fully, Ive been so busy doing it for other people! If you simply dont have the time, hiring a decorator is a great idea, especially if you know what does and does not appeal to you.

    What do you think? When would you hire a professional decorator?

    Utilize Free Interior Design Resources At Your Favorite Stores

    Executive Boardroom at Chamber Space

    If you are planning on buying most of your furnishings from a specific storeor even just a fewyou should inquire about any free design services they offer. For example, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn offer free design services. While they do expect that you ultimately make a purchase, it is not required. However, if you know you want a certain piece from a specific store, it can be a great way to get inspiration for the rest of the room.

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