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Maximize The ‘fifth Wall’

DIY CLASSROOM MAKEOVER | Ultimate Organizing + DIY Decorating Ideas on A BUDGET

Ceiling ideas are often overlooked in home decor but we have seen designers embracing their power more and more in the past few months.

By using mostly white for the walls and cabinets, this kitchen by Beata Heuman allows the details to come to the fore. In particular the glass ceiling shines here, literally elevating the room and adding interest through reflections, plus a real sense of more space.

‘We approach the ceilings in key rooms such as hallways, living rooms, studies, dining rooms and cloakrooms, the same way as we approach the other surfaces,’ says interior designer Elnaz Namaki . ‘Start by thinking about the color, texture, reflection and finish already in the space.’

Add A New Set Of Curtains

Just like table linens, curtains are an easy way to add a little something extra to your kitchen. Curtains make excellent wall art while being functional furnishings. We recommend purchasing curtain panels based on your wall color and wallpaper. If you have patterned wallpaper, consider browsing some perfectly paired fabrics that will complement the wallpaper.

Privacy curtains are a mindful decision for a common space like the kitchen. They provide you with the solitude you need without completely shrouding your space in darkness or artificial light when theyre closed.

Pepper Home offers custom curtains with a variety of construction, fabrication, lining, and trim options. Our construction options include tailored pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, and ring top designs, while our trim choices include pom poms, tassels, rick rack, and bands. These added design elements can bring your custom design to new heights that can truly complement your existing decor or help inspire your new aesthetic.

Our Curtain Calculator and Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide can help you determine the correct curtain size for your windows and guide you through the curtain creation process from conception to installation.

Our custom curtains are sustainably made in the U.S. and ship in just seven days, so you can easily and quickly upgrade any room you desire.

Add Lamps For A Cozier Vibe

For folks who arent huge fans of harsh overhead lights, warm up your space and make it nice and cozy by adding lamps. From desk lamps and table lamps to floor lamps, there are so many chic options that are sure to match your ideal home aesthetic. This is one of those home decor ideas that can be easily achieved.

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Set The Tone At The Front Door

If you want your house to make a great first impression, paint the front door a fun, glossy hue. “Red is a lucky color in many cultures,” says Lara Allen-Brett, a New Jersey-based stager. A red door meant “welcome” to weary travelers in early America, and on churches it represents a safe haven.

Two other hues gaining favor: orange and yellow, according to San Francisco-based stager Christopher Breining. Both colors are associated with joy and warmth. One thing that should go: an outdated screen door. Get rid of it or replace it with a storm door with full-length glass that you can switch out for a screened panel.

Pay Attention To The Color Temperature Of Your Lighting

8 Interior Design Ideas to Help Make You Happier at Home

When stocking up on lighting, consider how many fixtures you have and how bright those fixtures are. The color temperature of your lighting is everything, McKeown says. To me, the quality of light that is emitted from a light source is more important than the design of the light fixture itself.

Chiu agrees: Having enough lights with the right color temperature can make a huge difference.

Chiu recommends snagging cooler, brighter lights for your kitchen, and choosing warmer, softer lights for the cozier rooms in your home.

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Get Ready For A Kitchen Makeover

Whether youre remodeling your kitchen or just looking to spruce up your space, working within a budget can help you make mindful decisions as you explore your options. From adding color to your walls through curtains or wallpaper to projects like incorporating a new backsplash or open shelving, there are many ways you can easily and accessibly improve your space.

Mount Your Cutting Boards On The Kitchen Wall

Speaking of wall decor, functional tools in your kitchen can also double as decoration and even become a centerpiece. Cutting boards can be mounted to the kitchen walls for an impromptu gallery wall that melds well with the theme of the room. You can also take personalized cutting boards and create wall art from an item that is on brand with the theme of the room.

Cutting boards arent the only popular kitchen tool that you can use as wall decor glassware, pots, and pans can be used as wall decor that doubles as easy access to these kitchen utensils. You can even make a rack for your pots to hang along the wall or over the stove.

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Invest In Kitchen Accessories That Look Cute On The Counter

If your kitchen is feeling a bit blah or even cluttered, re-think how you have it set up. Store everything that isnt necessary to have on the counters, and then invest in kitchen accessories that actually look cute when theyre set out on surfaces. This could mean anything from a colorful Kitchen-Aid mixer to cake stands that bring you joy.

Use Desk Accessories To Elevate Your Home Office


Ella Jardim/Unsplash.

Whether you have a tiny desk stuck in the corner of your bedroom or an entire room dedicated for a home office, you cant go wrong with adding some cute desk accessories. Not only will these pieces add to the aesthetic of your desk set-up, but theyll also make sitting down to work just a little bit more enjoyable.

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Easy Home Decor Ideas

  • Painted ceilings

Has your ceiling always looked dull? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to change that. Consider painting it a single color or pattern for an instant update to keep things simple.

Image: clairejefford

  • Glamorous Metallic Details

Give your home a luxurious look by adding little metal touches here and there. Everything looks good in metallic, from shiny chandeliers to golden picture frames, but choose your metals wisely since some combinations can clash easily. Gold is often seen as the safest option for small details. Silver works well with most neutrals and pastels, so this is an ideal starting point if youre unsure where to begin. Just remember that putting too much metal together can be overwhelming, so stick with just one bold centerpiece like this chandelier on its own instead of trying to match the two together at once.

Image: Style me Pretty

  • Wall-paneling

This might feel like a very traditional idea, but paneling has yet another renaissance moment. And the best part about it, you dont have to worry about getting everything to match since there are so many different choices available on the market nowadays. If you want to get creative with it, consider adding some wallpaper behind your panels for added depth and dimension.


  • A statement centerpiece

How About Some Accessories

When we say accessories, it is almost similar to accessorizing when you go to a fancy dinner. Only, instead of diamond cuff links or tie clips or necklaces and bracelets, you accessorize your home with appropriate pieces of decor.

For instance, throw pillows and throw blankets on a daybed in the living room, a centerpiece on the coffee table, and brightly colored or bold-patterned cushions on the sofas can be really enticing. Combine them with intricate hand-crafted home decor, some coffee table books, and magazines, or check out the videos to learn hacks to design additional personalized DIY items.

For the bedroom, how about a hidden bookshelf behind the headboard for nighttime reads or a few personalized photo frames containing beautiful memories? You could add shelves in the corners to hold several small items like gifts from your spouse or trinkets you made that are personal.

For the kitchen, the best accessory is a backsplash. Not only is it extremely functional and blends into your home design but it adds to your color decorating. In a small, white kitchen, a wooden or tile backsplash adds a pop of color.

In bathrooms, you can accessorize with scented candles, potpourri, small plants, pine cones, etc.

Image Credit:Unsplash

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Resist The Urge To Push Your Furniture Against The Wall

Contrary to popular opinion, your furniture doesnt need to be placed directly against your walls.

The room will actually look bigger with the furniture toward the middle, James Kalim, founder and CEO at Only Silent, says. I love this bit of advice because it is counterintuitive. But when followed, there is a wow moment upon full realization.

Rethink Your Four Walls

House Decorating Unbeatable Ideas You Should Want to Steal

On the scale of remodels, this is a huge overhaul: Adding floor-to-ceiling windows or adding accordion doors to create an indoor-outdoor space. Its the epitome of bright and airy but it will require calling in a pro . Especially if you have a fireplace along said wall-youd-like-to-knock-down, a challenge Maydan Architects faced here. Their fix? Reface your mantle to match the modern look of the rest of the room, complete with niches for firewood and a hidden spot to stow surround-sound speakers.

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Add A Patterned Rug Or Curtains To Make Your House Feel Like A Home And Help You Choose A Color Scheme For The Room

“A rug and curtains make all the difference to make a space feel more homey! You can find cheap options from Walmart or HomeGoods. Pro tip you can use fabric shower curtains for regular curtains if you like a pattern better.” abbeyk92

I personally have a Rifle Paper Co. rug and it has been one of my best decor investments to date. It helped me hone in on a color scheme for the room and I’m forever showered in compliments about it.

Get the rug pictured above from Rifle Paper Co. for $100+ .

Create A Gallery Wall To Help Showcase Your Personality In Your Home Don’t Stress About Arranging It We Have A Guide That’ll Walk You Through It

“My favorite part of my apartment is my gallery wall. It is a mixture of beloved pictures and art by myself and my friends. In the middle I have a letter board to anchor everything together. If youre doing this, dont skimp out and get some made-in-China Target wall art. Go to an art gallery or a craft fair and find something that speaks to you. If it doesnt all match, thats okay. Itll feel less generic if its a bit mismatched.” rhiannons4e2d6f859

“Gallery wall, gallery wall, gallery wall. This is my favorite thing I’ve done to decorate my place! Super easy to thrift some frames and prints you love, throw in a mirror here or there and pop some of your all-time favorite photos of postcards. It’s the easiest solution to that blank wall you don’t know what to do with.” katonicole

I have a gallery wall in my apartment as well and it’s always a subject of conversation. Guests love to stop and admire each image we’ve framed and compliment us on the arrangement it really wasn’t so hard!

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Display What You Collect

If youre an avid collector of, well, anything, consider turning your collections into décor. A collection of almost anything can add personality to a home, Cortney and Robert Novogratz, interior designers at The Novogratz, say.

The designers recommend displaying everything from old sporting items and classic comic books to vintage quilts and vinyl records. As long as its yours and you love it, it should look great in your space.

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Start With The Biggest Piece In The Room First

Now that youve broken down your decorating plan to one room at a time, take the same concept and focus on finding the most important piece in the room.

The biggest piece in the room is usually the most important and most expensive. Thats why its important to start with that one piece and work your way from there. In a dining room, start with the dining table. For your living room, choose your sofa or sectional first. In your bedroom, the bed is the most important piece in the room.

Pro decorating tip: The biggest piece in the room is likely where youll invest the most money. It usually gets the most use in the room, therefore quality is important. You can probably save some money on accessorizing, picking up secondhand bedside tables or finding an inexpensive coffee table, but never skimp on your sofa!

Build A Timeless Base Layer

When decorating, break down the room into a few different layers. Your base layer should include your biggest furniturethe pieces youll take with you from home to home. Your second layer includes smaller furniture. And your third layer includes textiles and accessories. Since these layers are more flexible, you might swap them out as you move from home to home.

Always make sure a room has layers, Charli Hantman, interior designer and owner of , says. Core pieceslike a sofa, cocktail table, and rugground the space. Secondary options and accessorieslike side tables, decorative objects, textiles, and artare the elements that transition a house to a home.

To give yourself more flexibility with your second and third layers, many designers recommend keeping your base layer as classic and versatile as possible.

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Home Decor Idea #1: Give The Illusion Of Higher Ceilings

If you cant raise your roof, literally, you might consider raising your window treatments. For these interior design ideas, Jillian suggests raising window panels to create an illusion of height and give it a grander feel. Window treatment is often underrated and clients commonly overlook the impact it has on a space, she says. An inexpensive way to achieve this tip is to simply add fabric to your existing panels. Once you find the perfect complimentary fabric, simply take it to your local seamstress to have him/her add the fabric at the top, middle, or end of the fabric. Looking to change up your home? Here are 13 secrets to finding a home renovation contractor you can trust.

Free Up Counter Space

6 Basic Elements Of Modern Home Interior Design With The Help Of ...

As easy as it is to build up, countertop clutter detracts from your beautiful home and kitchen design and makes your kitchen look less open. There are several ways you can solve a clutter problem.

One way is to incorporate open kitchen shelves. Open shelving is a method of storing your kitchen utensils on shelves instead of behind your kitchen cabinet doors. This popular storage method allows you to use your utensils as home decor, much like mounting your cutting boards on your wall.

While there are pros and cons to open shelving, its a trendy interior design option to consider, especially if you enjoy easy access to your kitchen supplies and dont need cabinetry.

Another easy home improvement tip for your kitchen remodel is to use mason jars as storage. If you have a counter with oats, nuts, and granola all sitting in different packages next to each other, you can instantly clean up the look by transferring them all into their own respective mason jars. This will leave your counters looking uniform and clean.

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Emphasize A View To Nature

If you have a great view from your windows, highlight that portrait of nature with smart window treatment choices. Layering treatments gives you the option of creating a look that suits the day. For example, shades can block out the view when privacy is needed or go up to emphasize the view. A valance over the shade ensures windows are never too stark, and draperies along the sides add softness.

Sprinkle In Some Plants

Looking for an easy way to transform your space? Invest in a few plants. “Every room needs to include at least one member of the plant kingdom,” Bell says.

And if caring for plants isnt your forte, remember that live plants arent your only option. Taylor recommends adding “fresh flowers, potted plants, branchessome nod to nature.” That can mean a live plant, a dried one, or even a faux one.

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Home Decor Idea #2: Up Your Thread Count

No matter what your bedding style, increasing the thread count for your sheets will instantly make your sleep space more luxe, says Wynter. Your home wont just look expensiveit will feel it. Dont worry about sacrificing tough for comfort, these sheets are both durable and luxurious. Check out these other ways to make your bed 10 times cozier.

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