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Harry Potter Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Our DIY Harry Potter Christmas Tree Reveal!

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Hogwarts House Christmas Tree Sashes

Looking for more Christmas tree sashes to decorate with? These Hogwarts House Christmas Tree Sashes are another fun Harry Potter decoration to put up!

These banners come as a set of two 5 long burlap sashes . All you have to do is choose which sash you want! They come in red, blue, yellow, and green to match the four Hogwarts housesand each sash has the house name and characteristics written on it. This is the perfect way to show off your love of Harry Potter while decorating for Christmas!

Buy the Hogwarts House Christmas Tree Sashes now!

Harry Potter Book Page Ornaments

Looking for Harry Potter ornaments? These Harry Potter book page ornaments are guaranteed to be a magical addition to your tree!

These glass ornaments are handmade with Harry Potter pages on the outside, and are finished with a red bow and glitter sealer. Each ornament measures approximately 3, and are uniquely different due to the different book pages used. This is the perfect way to bring the wizarding world into your favorite muggle holiday traditions!

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Have No Fear The Squad Is Here

Our trained experts are here to help you set up, repair, and keep your favorite props working all year long. The Zombie Tech Squad has over 30 years of experience building, repairing and troubleshooting props, animatronics, fog machines, and spooky lighting, The Squad has seen it all. You can contact the Zombie Tech Squad today by starting a live chat, calling or emailing .

Harry Potter Christmas Sweaters & Apparel

Hogwarts Christmas tree in Waterstones Newport

I love all these Harry Potter Christmas sweaters/shirts! I have been pining over the Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle since last year because it combines Harry Potter and Home Alone two of my faves. Nothing like a Harry Potter Christmas themed outfit or ugly sweater for holiday festivities!

What Harry Potter Christmas decorations do you think are perfect on this list?? And I mean, as much as its nice to buy these things for yourself I think these Potter inspired decorations could make amazing gifts for other Harry Potter fans! I know Id be thrilled to receive a Harry Potter tree ornament or something from this list as a gift! Better yet just put all these things into one of those Harry Potter christmas stockings haha.

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Enchanting Harry Potter Christmas Decor Ideas

Harry Potter universe is pure magic, in all senses! This is not just a series of books and films dedicated to a magic-filled world, this a fantastic ambience that you dive in when you are watching or reading them. Harry Potter films are great for many cases and many of us watch them at Halloween and Christmas when magic feels around. If you want to maximize this feel and create an enchanting holiday space, why not take Harry Potter as a theme for your decor? It will be loved by both adults and kids, here are some proofs!

Harry Potter Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

[Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something Ive talked about or recommended, Ill receive a very small percentage of the sale. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.

I am obsessed with decorating my tree with all my favorite things and Harry Potter ornaments have been a thing Ive started to slowly collect. I honestly think the ornaments are going to be the bulk of my Harry Potter Christmas decorating -there are just so many and they just look so nice on the tree!

Theres so many different styles of handmade and unique Harry Potter ornaments on this list that could complement any way you like to decorate your tree .

So whether or not you want a whole Harry Potter Christmas tree or just add a little of your Potter loving flair onto your tree, youll love these Harry Potter ornaments!

Book Page Harry Potter Ornaments

I love the look of the Harry Potter book page ornaments so many different ways to upcycle book pages for the perfect bookish Harry Potter ornament. Ive gifted similar ornaments and they also make great gifts!

Hogwarts House Ornaments

Slytherin, Hufflepuff , Gryffindor, Ravenclaw? Represent your Hogwarts House on your tree this year with these Hogwarts House inspired ornaments and crests!

All of the ones below that are just displaying one particular house have the other houses in their shop!

Harry Potter Character Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Harry Potter Christmas Ideas

Easy DIY Harry Potter Christmas Tree Ideas – Ornaments – Lights

This Christmas get inspired and have an unconventional and alternative Christmas theme of Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a world-famous story franchise that has captured the imagination of both children and adults alike.

This Christmas make it your Christmas theme, there is something so magical about wizards and witches that adds that extra excitement to Christmas.

Weve listed 29 Harry Potter Christmas ideas and inspiration to help you bring more Hogwarts fun to your festive season.

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Replicate your favourite franchise onto a tree by covering it in all things Harry Potter, from the baubles right down to the mat that surrounds your tree. You could have a specific Harry Potter theme for each decoration, for the baubles they could represent the houses of Hogwarts, the lights could be book pages, the ornaments could be the Horcruxes and other obstacles the trio had to overcome like the Winged Keys in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

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Magical Diy Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Somehow the power of Harry Potter still lives on in our hearts. Its been so long since I picked up the first book and read it on my long public transit ride to work. Something about those books hooked into my heart. Over the years weve shared our love of Harry Potter with all of you and you have loved our Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions so very much.

For whatever reason, I always associate Harry Potter with Christmas. Do you feel the same way? Maybe because many of the movies were released during the holidays? Perhaps because magical things remind me of the magic of Christmas. Whatever the reason, I thought it would be lovely to seek out all kinds of Harry Potter Christmas ornaments to fill a virtual Christmas tree for Potterheads.

Personalized Harry Potter Stocking

What Christmas decorations would be complete without Christmas stockings? And this Personalized Harry Potter Stocking is the perfect one to choose!

This stocking features a Marauders Map pattern, and you can personalize it with the name of your choice. It will look great on your fireplace, or wherever you decide to hang stockings this year!

Buy the Personalized Harry Potter Stocking now!

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Gold Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Gold is a great color for Christmas ornaments, so these Gold Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments are a great choice to add to your collection!

These two ornaments actually come as a set that includes the Deathly Hallows ornament and the Golden Snitch ornament. The Golden Snitch Christmas ornament is particularly cool, but both ornaments are sure to add a magical touch to your tree!

Looking for more Harry Potter Christmas ornaments? Check out the best Harry Potter ornaments here!

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Marauders Map Christmas Tree Skirt

If youre looking for a Christmas tree skirt but want a different fabric style, then this might be the perfect one for you!

This tree skirt features an adaption of the marauders map and is perfect for any Harry Potter fan. With the cream color background and burgundy words, it will also fit in great with any Christmas decorating scheme!

Diy Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

With a sheet of white felt you can create your very own Harry Potter patronus Christmas ornament. Do you know what your patronus is? Check this post to discover what it is.

A Few Shortcuts shares a super simple Hogwarts house ornament with a free printable house crest too.

These ornaments appear to be floating on the tree. A lovely Harry Potter floating ornament from The Quiet Grove.

Grab your cauldron and mix up a magical potion for your Harry Potter potion ornament. Love these colourful ornaments from Lemon Lime Adventures.

How cool would it be to fill your Christmas tree with these flying key ornaments from Over the Rainbow and Back?

Parties with a Cause share a super simple and glittery golden snitch ornament to have flying on your Christmas tree.

Everyones favourite owl comes to life with Life Family Joys adorable Harry Potter Hedwig ornament.

Pop Sugar shares how to make these super sweet tiny Harry Potter book ornaments. Read them all and then fill your tree with the titles.

Put your knitting needles to good use. Knit a Mini Hogwarts house stocking ornament pattern shared on Ravelry. Which house stocking will you knit for your tree?

A Book Lovers Adventure transformed the pages of a Harry Potter book into a keepsake Harry Potter ornament. Check the post for her tips and tricks.

How cute are these tiny flying broomstick ornaments from Make Life Lovely? Perfect for playing Quidditch on the Christmas tree.

Which one will you make first?

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Mischief Managed Banner Set

If youre looking for fun ways to decorate your Christmas tree in a Harry Potter style, then this Mischief Managed Banner Set would be a great option!

This set of banners comes with three burlap sashes. One is 5 long and says I solemnly swear I am up to no good, another is 3 long and says Mischief Managed, and the last one is 3 long and says Expecto Patronum. These are perfect for giving a classy, yet slightly unexpected fandom twist to your Christmas tree this year!

Buy the Mischief Managed Banner Set now!

Harry Potter Book Stack Ornament

a very harry potter christmas | turning my halloween decor into christmas decor

If youre a book nerd who loves Harry Potter, then this Harry Potter Book Stack Ornament should be at the top of your list to buy.

It features four of the Harry Potter novels stacked with a wand, and measures around 2.23 x 2.75 x 2.28. It makes a great addition to your tree, or a fun gift to give to another Harry Potter fan!

Buy the Harry Potter Book Stack Ornament now!

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Sorting Hat Tree Toppers

Your tree topper could range from the Deathly Hallows Symbol, made completely of wood to give that rustic feel to your tree, or it could be the Golden Snitch, though why not make your tree topper the famous Sorting Hat. Having the Sorting Hat as your tree topper is sure to cause conversation over houses and which one you all belong to, so rather than getting the topper down from the tree why not check out J. K. Rowlings website Pottermore which will sort you in to your Hogwarts House, your Ilvermorny House , a wand and a Patronus.

Harry Potter Illuminated Village Collection

Officially licensed! Illuminated, fully-sculpted villages from HARRY POTTER. Handcrafted, hand-painted figurines included FREE, a $60 value!

HOGWARTS Castle measures 8″ W X 8″ H X 8″ D buildings range in size from 6-1/2″ to 7″ H figurines measure up to 2″ H

Important Message: The following items are either missing or need correction.

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  • Officially licensed! Illuminated, fully-sculpted villages from HARRY POTTER. Handcrafted, hand-painted figurines included FREE, a $60 value!

    HOGWARTS Castle measures 8″ W X 8″ H X 8″ D buildings range in size from 6-1/2″ to 7″ H figurines measure up to 2″ H

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    Harry Potter Christmas Trees

    How to style a Christmas tree inspired by Harry Potter books and films? You may go two ways an easier or a harder one. An easier way supposes that you simply decorate your tree as you wanted and then add a Harry Potter topper an owl, a Sorting Hat or something else like that placing the tree into a cauldron instead of a basket. A harder way supposes creating a real masterpiece and DIYing a lot or ornaments, for example, mini owls, cauldrons, glasses, test tubes with various herbs, Golden Snitches, Gryffindor scarves and faculty emblems and many other pieces that show off your favorite characters and moments. Make some lovely baubles with signs and images that are connected with the books Deathly Hallows sign, the number of the platform, the scar Harry has and so on such a craft wont take much time and the result will be wow. Top the tree with a Sorting Hat, cover it with a scarf or some emblems, add an owl with letters and place a Hogwarts Express under the tree, that will be mind-blowing!

    a creative and bright flocked Christmas tree with bold ornaments, letter garlands, a Sorting Hat topper, owls, branches and pinecones

    a colorful Christmas tree decorated with bold ornaments, lights, stars, letters and a Sorting Hat tree topper is wow

    a fantastic elegant Harry Potter Christmas tree with gold, silver and purple ornaments of various sizes, winged keys, lights, glasses, letters, an owl and platform numbers

    The Spirit Halloween World


    Spirit Halloween is the largest Halloween retailer in North America, with over 1,450 pop-up locations in strip centers and malls across North America. Celebrating nearly four decades of business, Spirit has cemented its position as the premier destination for all things Halloween. Known to many as an exciting and interactive event for shoppers, Spirit stores offer complete selections of costumes and accessories for infants/toddlers, children, ‘tweens, teens, and adults, along with exclusive jaw-dropping animatronics and décor you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, Spirit knows how to have so much fun, it’s scary!

    Since 1983 Spirit Halloween has offered a one-of-a-kind experience that remains unmatched in the industry. Stores begin to open as early as July, marking the highly anticipated start of the Halloween season. Die-hard Halloween enthusiasts ready to celebrate around the clock can visit Spirit’s online store, available year-round.

    Spirit Halloween created its philanthropic arm, Spirit of Children, in 2006, starting with 11 partner hospitals across the country. Their belief that the celebration and community around Halloween could bring joy and benefit a child’s health worked magic! Since the inception of the non-profit, Spirit of Children has raised over $93 million in cash for over 150 partner hospitals, with 100 percent of all donations going directly to our partners’ Child Life Departments.

    To learn more about Spirit of Children and how you can donate, .

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    Best Harry Potter Christmas Decorations

    Christmas is nearly here, which means its time to start thinking about what Christmas decorations you want to put upand what better to use than decorations from your favorite fandom? Here are some of the best Harry Potter Christmas decorations to help you make this season magical!

    Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt

    When looking for Harry Potter decorations for Christmas, one item youll definitely want to pick up is this Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt!

    This tree skirt is made from 100% cotton fabric and comes in three sizes: small , medium , and large . With the red fabric and golden snitch ruffle, this will be the perfect complement to your other Christmas-themed decorations!

    Buy the Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt now!

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