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Hanging Wall Decor Without Nails

What To Use With Sawtooth Picture Hangers


All of 365Canvas prints come with sawtooth hangers. So how to hang this kind of print?

Its recommended to use nails for this type of canvas art but here are some other factors youll need to consider:

  • Nails will be your best option if your picture weighs nothing more than 1.9kg or 90 pounds, as nails wont be efficient for sizes greater than that. So ensure your canvases are small and medium sizes if you intend to use nails.
  • Pick nails based on the canvas size, for 8 x 10 canvases use small nails and for 16 x 16 or 20 x 20 go for medium-sized nails.
  • Choose steel or brass nails to prevent rust later on.

Hang Pictures With Makeshift Shelves

Our last method of hanging heavy pictures without nails is fast, comfortable and ready for many uses. This way is to use makeshift shelves.

Pallets are a widely available resource which you can use to make almost anything in the home, including bedside tables and other types of furniture. You can also use wood from them to make shelves and stands on which you can place anything you like, including pictures. It isn’t exactly hanging, but you can put them at height and enjoy them. As with the guide rails, you can also change up the pictures whenever you feel like it.

You can also simply use your existing furniture, as you can see in the.

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As Hanging Rail Track Or Picture Rail

A rail track with hanging cables offers a no-nails picture hanging solution that is both flexible and sustainable. Pictures or paintings are attached to a metal cable that is hung from a rail mounted on the wall, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height and position of your frames. It also provides a stylish and elegant design to your space. See our all-in-one click rail cable hanging kit, and get started!


Rail tracks make it really easy to replace your picture frames, or change their disposition whenever you like. You just slide the cable on the rail, and voilà! And most importantly, they leave no damage at all on your walls. They’re perfect for schools, cafés, art galleries, museums and stylish homes.


Installing rails can be a little tricky, but if you’re handy it shouldn’t be too hard. Watch this video on how to install rail tracks. Rail tracks require some tools for installation: a cordless drill, a step ladder, a spirit level, a pencil, wall plugs and screws. Also, it is a bit more expensive than simple picture hanging strips.

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Possible To Hang Metal Art On Stone Backsplash Without Nails

Les helped me find a great piece of metal art for our stone backsplash area above our range. I would rather not drill holes in the framed backsplash area , but Im stumped as to other options for hanging the piece. It has a very thin edge all the way around. So far, weve tried various adhesive squares behind the upper corners with no success. It seems to be too heavy for the adhesive tabs weve tried. The metal probably weighs 2 pounds or so. Is it possible to hang it without nails in an invisible way?

Im posting pictures of the wall art and backsplash area below.

  • 13 years ago

    My first thought also was to use the command adhesive hooks but the smaller hooks dont support much over 1 lb and if the backplate isnt covered by what you are hanging then the adhesive shows.

    I agree that the grout lines are probably the best place to drill a hole. Not that Ive ever done it but that seems to make sense.

    I have seen artwork hung from nylon filament suspended by a rod or piece of molding near the ceiling. Im not sure that in your case it would work youd have to anchor it somewhere under your hood. Sorry I cant be more help.

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    Hanging Pictures On Brick Walls Without Drilling

    Hanging Picture Frames Without Nails

    While wood and drywall are typical interior wall materials, some homes feature exposed brick walls as well. If you want to hang pictures on this material, your first reaction may be to drill holes into the brick. The problem with this approach is the holes cannot be repaired without replacing the entire brick, and youll also need a specific drill bit to tackle the job.

    But this isnt your only option. Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling is easy, even if youre dealing with an oversized photo or irregularly shaped décor. For example, if youre trying to hang a photo or artwork on a brick wall and youre looking for something that provides ultimate strength, then Loctite Power Grab Mounting Tape is your solution. This double-sided tape holds up to 110lb per roll and will fix your picture on the wall, whether its an interior or exterior surface!

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    How To Hang Wall Art Without Nails

    Are you experiencing some trouble regarding cracks on your wall? Are you tired of repairing holes made by nails but still desire to put up your beautiful art collections for display?

    Since our team hasbeen trained with designers for years, we can give you the best advice and solutions,such as how to install wall arts without nails? To simplify, weve already explored and gathered the most effective techniques to hang wall art without using nails.

    Sticky hooks are the most frequent way to hang wall art without nails. Simply plan out how you want your artwork to be hung, then attach one side of the hook and latch strips to the walls and the other to the frames. Then you adhere them to the wall by sticking them together. You may also use your molding, mantel, or bookshelves to display the artwork.

    Moreover, in this article, we will help you deal with wall arts, minus the use of nails, where you will learn :

    • The importance and beneficial effect of wall art
    • Various tips in hanging wall your wall art or frame without using nails
    • Techniques on hanging wall arts like an artist

    Additionally, at the end of this article, your struggle in cracks and holes caused by nails will all be gone. You may then confidently display your wall arts without any worries, especially regarding nails. So, lets not delay any longer and get to the things youve been waiting for.

    How To Hang Canvas Art With And Without Nails

    If youre currently renting, youve probably played with the thought of beautifying your walls with canvas prints. But shrink from the idea when you consider how to hang canvas art without making huge dents on the wall that youll have to cover up when leaving.

    Well, fear not! We have the tips and tricks to show you how to hang art cleanly without nails regardless of the canvas sizesyou opt for. And even if you dont mind using nails weve still got something for you!

    Lets get into it:

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    Suction Cups On Windows

    A window without a great view can be transformed into a place to display your wall art by hanging it using hooks on suction cups.

    Attached to the glass, window frame, or propped up on the window sill, gives your art a new home while still let the light shine through.


    Keep in mind not to place sensitive pieces near a window. The art will be exposed to heat fluctuation and natural light which can damage the piece.

    Alternatives To Command Strips

    Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

    Its difficult to find a way of hanging items on your walls without causing any damage. Although command strips can be quite useful, they arent fit for all wall types. Depending on the type of wall youre dealing with, and how heavy the items you want to hang are, you should opt for one of these five alternatives to command strips:

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    Hang Artwork From Your Molding

    Image courtesy of

    If you live in an older house or apartment, you might be lucky enough to have that great picture rail molding along the tops of your walls. If you do, dont be afraid to use it.

    You just have to purchase special, inexpensive hooks that fit over the rail and then adjust lengths of framing wire to get the picture hanging exactly where you want it.

    Is it simple? No, but it will keep your walls pristine, its a great way to hang artwork without using nails, and, when done correctly, looks fantastic.

    Artwork by Tim Yanke.

    Fireplace mantels are often cluttered with family photos and knick-knacks but they can also become an amazing showcase for dramatic works of art.

    The theory is simplejust place your framed artwork on the mantel, lean it back, and enjoy. That said, if you regularly use your fireplace, you will definitely want to make sure the temperature above the mantel wont damage the artwork.

    According to Luis Navarro, the Plant Manager for Park West Florida, monitoring a rooms temperature and humidity are essential when it comes to protecting a work of art. Keep the temperature within normal ranges and try to keep the humidity around 55 percent.

    Establish Your Wall Type And Ideal Hanging Mechanism

    The type of wall youre hanging pictures from will determine the tools and hanging mechanisms you need and the process you need to follow to achieve those professional results. Consider your picture weight also, whether youre using nails or not.

    A wall stud is the most secure spot to hang your picture, and you can use a stud detector to help you find one. Once you’d found a stud, you should then be fine with a single nail, so long as it goes in at a slight angle.

    If you cant find a wall stud or using one would make your photo off-center, youll need to use a wall anchor to ensure your art stays put.

    If you have a plaster wall, you can use pin picture hooks. So long as the plaster is in good condition. If its not there is a chance it will splinter.

    Drywall is an easier wall type to work with when hanging pictures, as its softer and less brittle compared to a plaster wall which youre more likely to find in period homes.

    With brick and other masonry wall types like concrete, youll need to use a masonry drill bit or a hammer drill with wall anchor and screws. You can drill into the mortar but if youre hanging heavy frames, its best to drill straight into the brick. Youll want to add the screw but leave the head exposed a little by a few millimeters from which you can hang your frame.

    Note: Your drill bit should be a couple of sizes smaller than the anchor screw to keep it tight and secure.

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    How To Hang Outdoor Wall Decor Without Nails

    No self-respecting beach bungalow would be without some type of art on its exterior walls. Today Im going to show you how to easily hang outdoor wall decor without nails or tools on stucco, siding or almost any flat vertical surface.

    This is a 10 minute project friends!

    One of the things Ive loved about our area from the start is how each house takes on its own personality. We have big houses, little houses, old houses redone and shacks that need to be redone in our area The one thing you are likely to find on every home regardless of age or size is some type of beachy wall art.

    This is especially true of houses on the water.

    These little turtles have been in my garage for two+ years, my daughter helped me pick them out. Ive always known where theyd go, I just needed the motivation to get it done.

    Let me share with you how easy it is to hang exterior wall art or outdoor decor on stucco, siding or almost any outdoor flat surface.

    Using Tape Or Reusable Adhesive

    Best Way To Hang Pictures Without Nails
  • 1Select your adhesive. Double-sided tape will work to affix lightweight pictures to walls, though its not necessarily designed for that job and may strip paint when it comes off. Reusable adhesive, also known as sticky tack or poster tack, is designed to affix lightweight pictures to walls, but it can get gummy over time and be difficult to remove.
  • Reusable adhesives and tapes are strong enough to hold loose pictures or posters , but are not designed to hold much more than one pound .
  • Single-sided tape can be converted into makeshift double-sided tape by taking a strip of tape, making it into a loop with the adhesive side out, and fastening the ends of the tape together to close the loop.
  • 2Prepare the wall. Adhesives will work best with clean surfaces, so wipe down your wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol. While waiting for that to dry, wipe down the back of your poster or picture with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wash your hands before handling reusable adhesive to prevent transferring dirt or oil onto it.
  • 3Prepare your picture. Lay your picture face down on a flat surface. Press small balls of reusable adhesive or small squares of double-sided tape to the corners of your picture . If youre hanging a larger picture, frame the back outside edge with adhesive or tape.
  • 4Mount your picture. Once youve got your tape or adhesive in place, pick up the picture, line it up on the wall, and press it against the wall to affix the adhesive or tape to the wall. Advertisement
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    Bookshelves Arent Just For Books

    Image courtesy of

    This option works best for smaller framed works. If youre trying to protect your walls, you can kick your books off your bookshelves and use that shelving unit as a dramatic, multi-level showcase for your smaller works of art.

    Many stores offer bookshelves that come with a variety of adjustable shelf options, which will give you many different display configurations to choose from.

    How To Hang Heavy Frames Without Nails

    Nails and hammers are a dangerous mix, especially if youre living in rental accommodation. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to get those massive frames on the wall without ruining smooth walls. Weve scavenged the internet to provide you with the best, nail-free alternatives that wont take much of your time and energy. These methods are also fun activities, that have the most satisfying results.

    Here are three ways to hang heavy frames without damaging your home or office walls:

  • Command strips to hold up the frame
  • Hook-and-loop tapes for textured walls
  • Command hooks for frames that weigh between 50 and 80 pounds
  • We know youre itching to mount your art or photo frames using these genius ideas. We also know that you need in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to go about each option. So, keep reading because weve explored all the methods listed above in this post for a clearer understanding. We sure hope it helps!

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    How To Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails

    Whether due their canvas or frame, some pictures and paintings can have a pretty hefty weight. Traditionally, the best way to hang this pictures is to drill into the walls for support and nail in something on which they can hang. Unfortunately, this will lead to holes in the wall which can make it aesthetically unpleasing. It can also affect the integrity of the wall in some occasions. Some leases won’t let us put nails into the walls or it may simply annoy the landlord.

    This is why oneHOWTO explains 9 ways of how to hang heavy pictures without nails. These methods will let you decorate with your favorite posters, paintings and photos without damaging the wall unnecessarily.

  • Hang pictures with makeshift shelves
  • Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

    How to Hang a Canvas Without Nails or Damaging the Walls
  • 1Clean your wall. Like picture hanging strips, adhesive hooks and nails require clean surfaces, so wipe down the wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry.
  • Adhesive hooks or nails have adhesive backings that stick to walls, so that you can mount pictures using the hanging hardware attached to the picture. Depending on the hardware on your picture, make sure you purchase the appropriate adhesive hanging equipment.
  • 2Prepare the adhesive. Remove the liner from the adhesive strip and affix it to the hook or nail.
  • Some adhesive hooks come with the adhesive already affixed to the back. Skip this step and move on to the next if thats the case with the adhesive hook you have.
  • 3Affix the adhesive hook or nail to the wall. First, remove the liner from the back of the adhesive thats attached to your hook or nail. In the place where you want your picture hung, firmly press the adhesive hook or nail against the wall for 30 seconds.XResearch source
  • 4Wait an hour for the adhesive to dry. When the hour is up, hang your pictures normally based on the hanging hardware installed.
  • Make sure you know the weight of your picture before you purchase adhesive nails, as they generally only hold between five and eight pounds , while smaller hooks may only hold one or two pounds .
  • To hang a picture thats heavier than what your adhesive nails or hooks are rated for, use more than one. Ensure the weight gets distributed evenly by using a level during installation.
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