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Halloween Decoration Ideas For A Party

Things To Consider When Picking Out Halloween Party Theme Ideas

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  • Do you already have a lot of existing Halloween decor that fits a certain theme? It might be a great way to save money to use what you already have.
  • Think about your guest list. Do you need your theme to be kid friendly, work appropriate, or is it about scaring your friends to their core?
  • Think outside the coffin. Not all Halloween parties have to be the same. You can use fun colors like teal or pink, have a pumpkin carving contest, or a sophisticated Halloween dinner party.

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Host A Kids’ Costume Party

Hands down, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for kids. Celebrate this Hallowed Eve by inviting your favorite little ghouls over for a fun get-together. Ask the kids to come dressed in their best Halloween finery and treat them to a spooky spread. Get tips, free printables, menu suggestions and even easy costume ideas to make throwing a costume party child’s play, below.

Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment

Halloween is this week and its time to make the most of your apartment with Halloween decorations. Whether youre looking for something fun to do with your significant other, having a blow-out party, or just want to get into the spooky mood a little bit, this blog has you covered.

Pumpkin art, hanging bat decorations, LED cobwebs, theres something for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about how to get your boo on this Halloween.

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Diy Halloween Party Witch Finger Cookies

The first Halloween food item on our list is the witch finger cookies, and these are as delicious as they are creepy looking, so dont worry about whether or not your guests will like them.

You dont need any particular ingredients to make these cookies except maybe some halved almonds for the fingernails and the red food coloring that will give the cookies a bloody look.

Of course, you can make this recipe a step further and make the fingers look like something else entirely, such as dragon claws or bony skeleton fingers where you can use green coloring for a slimy look instead of red.

Weve made an in-depth guide on how to make witch finger cookies, so go ahead and read it to find out how to make about 4 dozen of them.

However, keep in mind that, if baked properly, these cookies can be dangerously delicious, so make sure you dont eat them all before trick-or-treaters or visitors arrive.

Craft A Litter Of Black Cats

30 Halloween Party Decorations Ideas

Turn a sheet of plywood into these simple cat silhouettes that keep a baleful eye on Halloween visitors with glowing eyes created by backing moon-shaped cut-outs with small, battery-powered lights. Get more tips for decking out your home with silhouettes, below.

See More Photos: Make Frightening Garden Silhouettes for Halloween

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Halloween Party Themes Witchs Brew Cocktail

So far weve only talked about Halloween-themed foods, so we think its time we also added a Halloween-themed drink to our list, more specifically the witchs brew Halloween cocktail.

All you need is 2 ounces of bourbon whiskey, 1 ounce of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, 1 ounce of fresh lemon juice, half an ounce of maple syrup, a dash of molasses bitters, 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, matches, and a candle.

These ingredients will be enough for 2 glasses, so if youre having a big party planned, make sure that you have enough of everything you need.

Sure enough, you dont have to follow the recipe to the letter, and you can even swap some of the ingredients for some alcohol-free alternatives for the kids to try out.

More so, you can even prep this cocktail beforehand, store them into vials and bottles, and create custom labels to further enhance their magical feel.

Antique Objects For A Spooky Atmosphere

Even though Halloween changed throughout the years, you can still use some old-fashioned objects to make it look more glamorous yet spooky.

Antique candlesticks and books with rundown covers are ideal decors for your Halloween party. Get some artificial spider web too to make the entire place more gloomy and bleak.

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A Diy Decor Shopping Guide For Under $25

This coming weekend, Ill be throwing yet another Halloween shindig, with the goal of spending no more than $25 on . I came up with the hard spending limit of $25 rather ambitiously thinking it was probably half of what I would actually end up spending but after scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, Im realizing that this is a pretty reasonable budget.

Heres a look at some of the coolest and easiest Halloween DIY decor concepts floating around social media. Though you really only need to implement a few of these decorations to curate a spooktacular party mood, you can also do them all for under $25.

Add Cutout Bats To Pretty Much Any Surface

Giant Eyeball Jelly Cake Halloween Decoration! Trick or Treat by HIU íì?´ì

Making your own cutout bats with black construction paper is incredibly easy, fun for kids and can bring an understated elegance to any wall, table or shelf. You can, or you can do it the old-fashioned with a sheet of paper, a drawing utensil and a pair of scissors. The beauty here is that you dont have to be too precise in your craftsmanship. You can also get creative by attempting crows, mice, cats and other critters. You can order a 50-sheet stack of . If youre planning to make a lot of cutout creatures, this might be your cheapest bet, otherwise I recommend dropping by a dollar store. For the sake of this $25 guide, were going ahead and pricing this decoration at $6.95, in which case youd have a remaining budget of $18.05.

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Diy Glowing Tipsy Pumpkin Bucket Tower

I looove this project so much! This decoration will make your Halloween party unforgettable. Well, yes, this is not so easy DIY project to do, especially for beginners. However, Cathi from has given the clear instruction on how she made this. Learn how to do it by clicking the button below.

Then Sap Their Sugar Buzz

Interactive games, like this Halloween version of musical chairs, keep your littlest guests entertained while helping them burn off a bit of the candy they’ve certainly consumed. Get more ideas for Halloween activities and games, below.

See More Photos: 31 Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids and Adults

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Or Scare Up Items You Already Have

The cheapest Halloween decor? Giving stuff you already have a temporarily terrifying makeover before guests arrive. For instance, turn scrap wood into a gaggle of ghosts by painting each piece white, adding spunky poltergeist features, then distressing with a hand sander for a well-worn look. Get more tips for turning everyday into holiday, below.

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Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Paper Cone Witch

10 Spooky And Fun Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

Witches are a trademark of Halloween, just like vampires, mummies, ghosts, and ghouls, so its only natural that many people decorate their entire house using witch-themed decorations.

Sure enough, there are plenty of things that you can try out, but if you want to keep things simple, and you also want to make something thats more cute than scary, then filling your house with paper cone witches is a great way to start.

You dont need to go out of your way in terms of buying crafting materials, since you only need some scissors, some construction paper, some orange yarn, black pipe cleaner, a couple of felt tip pens, and some glue

This particular decoration is very easy to create, and because of that many people opt to make a lot of them and hang them around the house like Christmas globes to make them look like theyre flying.

For a complete guide on how to make this decoration a reality, check out this step-by-step article on how to make a paper cone witch for Halloween.

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Witches Brooms For Every Room

Make some witches brooms that have a mind of their own. These clever brooms can be decorated with different phrases and set in the corners of your home. Before you tie off the tops of the bags, add some treats that your guests will enjoy later. You can also put some simple weights in the bottom and then line your driveway with the brooms to welcome visitors.

And Create A Cozy Spot To Gather

Depending on where you live, All Hallows’ Eve may be warm and balmy or downright chilly. Don’t let spine-tingling temps ruin your fright-night fun. Cozy up outdoor furniture with heavy throws and, if you have a fire pit, light it up to give guests a snug spot for outdoor convo and cocktails, or position it adjacent to a kids’ play area so parents can keep an eye on their little ghouls.

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Halloween Party Fruits To Stay Healthy

Who says that a Halloween party cant be spooky and healthy at the same time? Fruits can make delicious Halloween party food if you arrange them in the holiday spirit. Make little ghosts of bananas.

Carve apples to make funny and spooky faces. Whats more? You can decorate your tray with plastic spiders to make it more Halloween-like.

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Halloween Candles Made Of Pumpkins

Auction #3051535 – Assortment of Halloween Decorations and P

Candle decorations are always perfect for the nighttime and even more so this Halloween. How about candle pumpkins? Heres a quick tutorial to make your own! All you need is a fake pumpkin, which can be found at most dollar stores or craft stores, light it up during nighttime hours and enjoy!

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Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

The great thing about Halloween is that despite the fact that the overall theme is spookiness, theres a way that you can pull it off without actually making it scary, especially considering how kids are actually the ones that enjoy this holiday the most.

Because of that, heres a small list of Halloween party decoration ideas that will especially catch the eyes of your younger visitors.

Garden Halloween Party Ideas

Do you want to surprise your neighbors with some great Halloween party decorations? Get some skeletons and plastic tombstones and place them around your garden. You can add some scarecrows with jack-o-lantern heads.

On the other hand, if you are running on a tight budget, just take some white sheets, black paint and make unique outdoor ghosts.

Additionally, you can also decorate the branches with black ribbons that will certainly remind your guests and neighbors of bats.

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With all these easy Halloween party decoration ideas, you will make your house stand out and your guests will have a night of unforgettable fun. So, what kind of Halloween party decorations do you like? Share your ideas with us.

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Point The Way To The Party

Give trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests a scare with this smaller-than-life-size headless horseman figure. Place his jack-o’-lantern head in one hand and a sign leading the way to the festivities in the other. Add a little character to your front porch with our free template and step-by-step instructions, below.

Diy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Party Themes

The time is here and its almost Halloween. Have you been ready with the decorations? Or are you a last-minute type of person? Well, worry no more because this article will help with that!

Since Halloween is everybodys favorite holiday, there are so many spooky inspirations to keep you entertained all season long. Whether your budget is tight or not, there is something for everyone here including the easiest project with a very affordable price and one that requires more effort

Without further ado, check out the list below!

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Or Freehand A Pretty Pumpkin

Painter Amy Moffat creates a head-turning porch display with this collection of hand-painted faux pumpkins. Timeless blue+white chinoiserie and glam, gilded pumpkins act as a backdrop to the flirty, floral stunners in front. Learn how to recreate these gorgeous designs and more at the link, below.

See More Photos: 40+ Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween Spirit Pom Pom Garland

Join in on the Halloween spirit by making this black and orange-themed garland. We all know that garlands are practically a must at any celebration, but what about when you want to make it extra spooky? Thats where these little felt pieces come into play! Theyre simple enough for even beginners, so dont be afraid of getting creative with your decorations.

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Go For A Big Batch Of Punch Instead Of Individual Cocktails

Crafting individual cocktails can be festive, but it’s also a surefire way to make sure you go through a ton of booze or other ingredients, depending on how big your guest list is, says Ramhold. Instead, pick a simple seasonal punch recipe, and make a big bowl of it. Check on it periodically throughout the party to refresh if needed.

Make it spooky by adding plastic eyeballs or spiders . Or go one step further and create a floating hand by freezing water or juice in a plastic glove.

To make your gathering friendly to people who dont drink, put the booze on the side and not in the punch. Or, simply remind people to BYOB.

Check Out Thrift Stores And Facebook Marketplace

halloween party #shorts#global#viral #halloween

Check out local thrift stores for knick-knacks . You might also turn to Facebook Marketplace for last minute deals on just about anything.

I use Facebook Marketplace as my first and sometimes only stop for all of my holiday party needs, says Kristin Gambaccini of Perfectly DeStressed, who scored both a vintage bike and a skeleton for a total of $10 on Marketplace. I paired them together for a fun twist. I purchased vintage-looking bottles for only $3 to create faux apothecary potions. They can even be filled with apple cider or spiked party punch for a fun and totally different way to serve your guests.

If youre not sure what to search for on Facebook Marketplace, consider the following keywords: mirrors, candles, theater props, skeleton,skull, clowns, gothic and of course, Halloween.

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Hauntingly Good Halloween Party Ideas For Any Budget

It used to be that the scariest thing about Halloween was the fear of imaginary goblins and ghouls coming after you. But now you realize the most frightening part about the holiday is planning a Halloween bash thatll please all your party guests. Fortunately, the task at hand isnt as monstrous as you might think.

To help you out, weve come up with this cant-miss list of Halloween party ideas including themes, decor, activities, food, and drinks that work even if your budget is chillingly low. Once you have your plan, you can send your Halloween party invitations and get ready for an unforgettable celebration.

Spooky Halloween Decorations Wall Clock

Custom items with pictures of your loved ones can be orders from pretty much anywhere, and one of the most popular customizable objects is wall clocks, more precisely their faces.

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, you can go ahead and create your own DIY Halloween wall clock that you can decorate in whatever way you see fit.

Since the clocks face acts as a round canvas, you can put anything on it, just as long as the numbers are still visible, or at least the arms of the clock.

One great way to enhance your wall clock with a Halloween twist is to add many glow-in-the-dark elements so that it stands out, especially during Halloween night.

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Spooky Halloween Key Holder

You may have noticed that sometimes the simplest of ideas are also sometimes the creepiest and, lets face it, people ever expect the keyholder that you have at the entrance to serve as a Halloween decoration, and this is precisely the thinking behind the creepy key holder!

Well, as you can see from the picture above, all you need to do is replace the traditional keyholders hooks with toy baby hands, and youve amped the creepy factor tenfold.

Of course, you can take this idea and take it a step further by using other elements, such as monster fingers, tentacles, or anything else that looks creepy but can still hold a pair of keys.

Fun Halloween Party Activities

Over 20 Wonderful Decorating Ideas For A Halloween Dinner Party

Making sure to have enough things to do at a party is important! Here are some great Halloween party activities that are fun for adults and will also keep any kids entertained:

  • Scavenger hunt: Bring fun and adventure to your Halloween party with a themed scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams to hunt for items on the list. Whichever team wins gets to enjoy a nice cold drink.
  • Horror movie trivia: Play a drinking game or movie trivia with classic scary movies.
  • Candy corn toss: Sweets are just as fun to play with as they are to eat. Just like the classic ring toss game, make it unique and turn cones into candy corn using spray paint.
  • Apple bobbing: Revive this classic game of apple bobbing that kids love. To take it to the next level for adults, swap out the water for white sangria!
  • Halloween charades: This activity is great if youre hanging out with a group of friends or if youre with family members. Just swap in Halloween-themed phrases and clues!
  • Mad scientist guessing game: Cut a hole in a box or fill non-transparent jars with funky-textured foods. Let your guests guess whats inside by using their hands to feel whats inside.
  • Halloween pinata: Have some candy-filled pinatas for the kids, or fill them with mini bottles of alcohol for a more adult-friendly pinata.
  • Murder mystery: If you have a large enough group, plan a murder mystery game for a chilling touch to your party.
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