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Half Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Half Bathroom Ideas And Designs

New Half Bathroom Decor & My Shiplap Wall

How long is a minute? It depends on which side of the bathroom door you are.

Half bathrooms are the saving grace that keeps us from having to wait too long on the wrong side of the bathroom door. Called half bathrooms because they lack a shower or tub, they still provide the most basic functions of a bathroom.

A half bath or powder room is usually a small space that presents certain home decor challenges. Even so, theres no reason you cant turn it into a dazzling little room. Check out our 40 best half bathroom ideas and youll see what we mean.


Subway Bathroom Wall Ideas

A classic feature seen among bathroom designs is subway tiles. Traditionally the thin, glossy ceramic tile measures three by six inches and is white in color. The standard tile has since received a modern makeover and is now available in a variety of sizes and colors.

There are many ways to showcase traditional subway tile throughout the bathroom. White tiles from floor to ceiling creates a luxurious feelperfect for a master bathroom. However, for a smaller powder room, you can install the bathroom tile halfway up the wall. Youll then want to paint the remaining top portion of the wall in a bold, contrasting paint color.

If youre looking to stray away from the traditional design, consider running the tile vertically or in a slanted pattern. You can also choose a tile outside of the standard size, such as one by two-inch or four by six-inch for a unique look.

Another way to deviate from the standard white appearance is with colored subway tiles. Statement colors, such as electric blue or charcoal grey, make for a stunning feature wall. Pair these tiles with oversize decor items such as a mirror or vanity to complete the look.

For more subway tile ideas, check out the Top 50 Best Subway Tile Shower Ideas .

Bring In Storage With A Pretty Vanity

If youve spent much time on this blog at all, you know that organization is always at the forefront of my mind. The pedestal sink that was in this bathroom when we moved in offered absolutely nothing in terms of storage, so I had been storing the supplies for our half bath in our entry cabinet instead.

This was an okay solution, but one of my top priorities when we set out to redo this space was to add some actual storage to the half bath. We ended up doing so in the form of this oh-so-pretty vanity

I was a bit nervous that our tiny bathroom wouldnt be able to accommodate a vanity, but the 24 size ended up being a perfect fit.

The cabinet has plenty of space to hold all of the extra toilet paper and soap we need. And we even have room to grow if we end up needing to store more items.

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Beautiful Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Adding wallpaper is a low effort, high impact way to spruce up your bathroom. Whether you choose a graphic wallpaper accent, a subtle pattern to add texture, or cover every wall with a bold and colorful motif, bathroom wallpaper is the perfect finishing touch to instantly transform what can be a boring and utilitarian space. Check out these wallpapered bathrooms in every size and style to inspire your bathroom makeover.

Inky Black Half Bathroom

43 Cute Half Bathroom Ideas That Will Impress You 21

Tired of all-white bathrooms? Defy expectations and paint your space matte black, a punchy color no one will see coming. In this powder room by Stefani Stein, the inky hue makeseverythingstand out, from the high-gloss sink and toilet to the artwork. To warm up the design, choose brass fixtures over silver.

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Powder Room Layouts And Floor Plans

If you’re remodeling an existing space, the first thing you’ll need to consider is your bathroom dimensions and the recommended measurements for doorways, walkways, and clearance space for fixtures. Every inch counts in a small bathroom layout and you’ll want to ensure you get yours right. Look at other spaces for bathroom layout ideas and inspiration, and keep regulations and code requirements in mind. The National Kitchen and Bath Association sets guidelines for bathroom dimensions. A certified designer will be well-versed in putting together powder room layouts and, if you are remodeling or building new, he or she can advise on how to best use your space and put together bathroom floor plans that check all the requirement boxes and be functional and comfortable. Keep in mind that rearranging the floor plan of an existing bathroom may require moving plumbing lines, which will add to the cost of your project.

Add Texture With Baskets

Baskets can soften a tiled bathroom with organic texture and add contrast to an otherwise all-white room. These jute-woven containers work great as laundry hampers or storage for robes or slippers. If you know the right towel folding and rolling techniques, baskets can also make for some great extra towel storage.

Read our Summer Home Decor Guide for more guidance on decorating with light colors and natural textures.

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What Are Some Common Problems People Have With Half Bathrooms

The biggest problem with a half bath is figuring out if its worth it. Do you want to spend money creating something that you dont need? Readjusting plumbing lines and electrical wires isnt cheap.

If you can, work with your existing layout instead of building on top of it. Most half baths are three to five feet by six to eight feet.

Half baths offer little room for storage or even a vanity mirror. Because of their size, a half bath is functional at best.

Make The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Half Bathroom Decor Ideas Target Haul

Image Source:

One method to make the most out of even the tiniest room is to use your cabinets to make a declaration with a half bathroom. Just offering the closets color is a perfect little DIY task to provide your cabinets a makeover. Its a straightforward, affordable way to transform your awful cabinet into something attractive and also fashionable.

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Materials For Small Powder Rooms

Tile is a great way to add style in a half bath. Make a splash in a small space and cover an entire wall with tile. Glass mosaic tile is available in sheets, making it easy to install yourself and give dimension to a wall. If you don’t want an entire wall of tile, add interest to basic walls with a tile backsplash. Underfoot, a unique tile design can anchor a space in originality and charm.

While half baths may not see the traffic a full bath does, you’ll still want to choose flooring that can withstand wear and tear. Hardwood is a good-looking, durable option that works especially well if the rooms adjacent to the space have wood floors. For the look of wood at a lower price, go with laminate.

Create a cohesive look in the bath with coordinating accessories. The finish you select will depend on the style of the bath. Choose satin nickel or chrome for a contemporary look. Oil-rubbed bronze works well in a more traditional space. Once you know what finish you like, look for complementary towel bars, faucets, and light fixtures.

Finish Up With Beautiful Details

There wasnt much extra space for decor and accessories in this itty bitty room, but I snuck them in where I could!

The area above the toilet needed a little something, so I found this cute square frame to fit the spot. It was originally a lighter gold that didnt match the other metals in the room, so I used Rub n Buff to fix the color.

Also, I cut that beach picture out of the table of contents in a Magnolia Journal magazine because it was the perfect color combo for this room! You can find art just about anywhere! I placed a faux plant from TJ Maxx on the back of the toilet as well.

Some pretty soap and one cute votive holder on the top of the vanity later, and our little powder room was finished! Yippee!

Lets take a peek at the before and after

Oh, how I love when a plan comes together!

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Gray Half Bathroom Floor

Image Source:

You might make a difference with the tiles in a grey or a dark shade. The dark floor covering magnifies the barely recognizable color variants in the wall surface therapy and draws out the appearance as well.

Picking huge settled ceramic tiles will deceive the eye into thinking the area is larger than it really is. Keep the accents marginal so the room feels sleek as well as clean. It will certainly go perfect for a suite master half bathroom along with a state of art little bathtub.

Keep It Simple And Chic

10+ Beautiful Half Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Lest you think you HAVE to go wild with wallpaper, color, or bold elements in your small powder room, this lovely little half bath in a cute New England house shows that you can create just as beautiful of a guest bathroom experience by keeping it simple with color, pattern, and decor.

Additional reporting by Carolin Lehmann

Adrienne loves architecture, design, cats, science fiction and watching Star Trek. In the past 10 years she’s called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson.

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Shiplap And Paneling Bathroom Wall Ideas

If you want to achieve a farmhouse vibe, shiplap is the perfect addition for your bathroom remodel. The horizontal paneling is common in shades of white or cream. This helps to soften the harsh wood appearance. To complete the look, youll want to pair the shiplap with industrial metal fixtures and white ceramic tile.

Youre not limited to only a rustic style when using wood paneling. Elevate the shiplap with dark paint colors to fit within a modern bathroom design. White porcelain and gold fixtures contrast with the dark tones to create a contemporary feel to the bath.

For more shiplap and paneling ideas, check out The 70 Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas .

Be Bold With Bathroom Decoration

Bathrooms are in many ways an excellent opportunity to make a big design statement.

Abbie Ireland, Director of Patrick Ireland Frames, believes while the downstairs restrooms can often be one of the smallest rooms in the house, “that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement in them.”

She told Newsweek: “In my opinion, they are an opportunity to have a bit of fun and play around with patterns and designs that you might not feel bold enough to use anywhere else in the house.

“A statement wallpaper with a beautiful mirror can be all you need, or alternatively, stick to single wall color and use the wall space for a photo gallery wall using different frame profiles to create more interest.”

Ann Marie Cousins, Founder, AMC Design clearly concurs, adding: “Often, the downstairs bathroom is a place we can really express our personalities.

“Colored sanity ware is a great way to inject some color. If you’re not sold on this trend, go for a patterned wallpaper or a vibrant colored tile instead.

“It is a great opportunity to be bold, so why not wallpaper half the room, then pick a color from the wallpaper and choose a tile in a similar shade.

“Some wallpapers are not suitable for bathrooms, so check your ventilation and the product specification for the wallpaper before buying. If it’s just a loo and basin, this is no problem.”

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Gold Accents All Around

To achieve an upscale appeal without spending a fortune, one of the easiest bathroom ideas is to include gold finishes throughout the space. From light fixtures and mirror frames to faucets and drawer pulls, there are myriad opportunities to incorporate this high-end metallic touch.

Consider ochre soft rib towels from Parachute for distinct golden yellow bath linens as well.

Dark Bathroom Wall Ideas

Half Bathroom Decorate with Me | Masculine Home Decor

Dare to go bold? Evoke a new level of elegance with shades of midnight black and charcoal grey on your bathroom walls. When choosing a dark color scheme, the door opens for adding textures and patterns. Keep in mind if choosing a dramatic bathroom design, youll want to be sure this theme flows with the surrounding rooms.

If you choose to go the route of black tones, youll want to avoid the walls appearing plain or one dimensional. Small black ceramic tiles will help add definition and texture to the walls. Theyll also act as a mirror and reflect light throughout the room. The overall glow will brighten the room and avoid a dull, dark appearance.

On the contrary, if youre leaning towards a grey color scheme, its best to stick with a simpler design on the walls. Large-format slate tiles are great for the walls, as it provides a larger sense of space within the room. Youll want to keep the grout between the bathroom tiles to a minimum to further create a smooth, sleek look.

With such a dramatic color, youll want to soften the design through your decor choices. Natural wood furniture is an excellent, softening complement to a dark modern bathroom style.

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Bathroom Decor Ideas For Styling Your Bathroom 2022

This article was updated and republished on March 19, 2022.

A bathroom probably isn’t the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. Still, the design of this essential space holds a surprising amount of weight in terms of how people perceive your humble abode. And beyond its impression on your visitors, there’s no denying the personal pleasure of a clean, aesthetically-pleasing bath.

If you’re in the market for tasteful bathroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. While you can always pore over or scour for ideas, wouldn’t it be nice to have expertly-curated modern bathroom inspo all in one place? Whether you’re planning a remodel, wish to swap out builder-grade finishes in your new home or just want to switch up your decor seasonally, you’ll find all the tips and inspiration you need here.

Cool Half Bathroom Ideas And Designs You Should See

Half Bathroom Ideas It is a half bathroom if it has no bathing essential. However, in some cases we name it powder room or guest bathroom which is actually usually used to accommodate guests.

Besides, they are also a beneficial and highly trafficked room for anybody in the home. Because of this, making a half bathroom design that is classy, welcoming and effective is necessary.

A half bathroom is among those rooms in the house that you like to have. Let this area be your opportunity to set the mood for the rest of your house and make it remarkable.

Nonetheless, one you are either not exactly sure exactly how to decorate and how to maximize the room to its full.

See these half bathroom ideas choices for making the most of your half bathroom a reality.


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  • STYLISH STORAGE: Creat depth, texture and a beautiful…

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What Is The Best Material To Use For Shower Walls

Choosing the best is dependent upon your desired style, use, and durability level. That being said, tile is generally the best material for shower walls. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular as they are available in a variety of colors, and theyre strong and withstand water. Stone tiles, such as marble, slate, or limestone, are another durable option. Lastly, if your goal is to include bold colors or designs, youll want to opt with a mosaic or glass tile.

Wainscot Bathroom Wall Ideas

43 Cute Half Bathroom Ideas That Will Impress You

Wainscoting is a type of wood paneling built using parts of molding and trim. It makes for an excellent wall decor feature within the bathroom. Traditional wainscot travels one-third the walls height. Its usually a crisp white in color as well. The pattern of the wood can vary but the details are best when kept to a minimum.

The top portion of the wall serves as a blank canvas for your creativity. Soft neutrals like grey or cream complement the white paneling. Theyll keep the room light and create a sense of serenity and calmness. If you prefer a more dramatic look, you can opt for a contrasting wall color or printed wallpaper.

A feature wall of floor-to-ceiling wainscot lends for a great addition within a master bathroom. The decorative paneling will serve as an impressive focal point within the room. You can even add a subtle paint color if you want to enhance its appearance further.

Recessed wall panels create a frame-like appearance within the design. They serve as a perfect area to hang mirrors or border a small window. Youll want to keep additional wall decor simple to avoid taking away from the wood detailing.

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Save Space With The Toilet

Being the largest piece that we will install, the toilet should be our design guideline. It is also a piece of furniture that allows us to save space due to its multiple presentations.

For example, those with a round bowl tend to be larger than oval ones. In addition, those that include the tank in the inferior part allow us to save space and are more aesthetic.

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