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Guest Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Neutral Palettes Guest Room Ideas

EXTREME Bedroom Makeover | DIY Wall Decor on a Budget | aesthetic bedroom transformation

When in doubt, go for neutral. Youll probably host a lot of friends in your spare bedroom, and everyone has their own unique taste and style preferences. But you cant change up the decor and repaint each time a new guest comes to visit, so a neutral color scheme can save the day. Earthy shades like beige, grey, white and brown are easy on the eye and effortlessly chic. If youd like to read more tips on styling a white room, read our article on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom.

Mirrors Of Suns And Circles On Striped Wall

Because they feature both soft circles and energizing rays, this display of mirrors offers a balanced display. To use your mirror-themed feature wall to maximum effect, place them opposite a wall with artwork that resonates with you. This example features a variety of metals, sizes, and suns to provide a pleasantly organic effect.

Love Shoots Through This Room

This whitewashed wooden sign has it all: texture, harmonious color, clever graphic appeal, and a heartfelt message. Rope in a loose cursive as shown here fits with Western-style spaces, rustic rooms, and, of course, the nautical-inspired bedroom shown here. This plaque is small enough to pair with a gallery wall but unique enough to shine on its own.

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You And Me Both Have A Space

Wood adds a rugged romance to this otherwise orderly room. To contrast the headboards symmetry, the sign above features staggered planks that imbue this bedroom with energy. Because the wood also has a few knotholes, you can see light from the window behind it. If the view out the window is less than ideal, use a sign like this.

Hinged Sign Board Expresses Biblical Love

Guest Room Refresh

Made from reclaimed barn wood from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, each of these signs is unique. Old-fashioned hinges and a whitewashed finish make a bold statement that will fit in nearly any space. Because each letter is hand-painted, it offers an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship. With the marriage-centric Bible verse, this wall art makes a phenomenal wedding gift.

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Kaleidoscope Tiles In Floral Design

Brown, cream, and blue blend into a restful palette that ties these tiles together. Even though none of the tiles match, they are arranged in a pattern that promotes peaceful contemplation. To follow this example, choose a color palette that resonates with you, and have fun selecting your own nine tiles.

Choose A Neutral Bedframe

If you have a large family or host company throughout the year, select neutral decor and a bedframe for this space. Creating a room with masculine and feminine touches mixed in with neutral colors will help the area feel welcoming to any guest.

Using items like a gray or off-white cloth bed frame and a neutral color bedspread will help this room feel cozy and welcoming to anyone who may stay with you. Add natural wood elements, metal accents, and a splash of color to complement the calm and neutral tones.

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What Is The Best Color For A Guest Bedroom

The best color for your guest bedroom is the one that makes you happy, and chimes in nicely with the rest of your home.

To recreate the individuality that a boutique hotel offers, dont be afraid to push boundaries by mixing the bold and the bright in terms of color. For ultimate comfort, invest in sumptuous yet colorful bedlinen and choose accessories with character for depth of interest.

If you are after a calming color palette, a green bedroom is a great choice for your guests. Used to evoke a semblance of peace, serenity and tranquility, green is having something of a moment this year.

Even The Smallest Rooms Need A Bedside


When I was decorating a guest bedroom in my own home, I opted for a lightweight round side table beside the sofa bed. The room isnt big enough for a dedicated bedside either side, but I had to include a small round table.

I did this because guests will want somewhere to pop their things when the sofa bed is folded out. Even if its not directly bedside the head of the bed. A light table means they can move it where they want it and have plenty of room to pop their phone, water bottle, glasses etc when they go to sleep.

The last thing you want to do is force guests to put all of that stuff on the floor. Not a cute look, especially when water spills all over your carpet or rug.

Small round side tables can be as cheap as chips too. Heres a list of my fave affordable options.

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Backed Up Against The Wall

This little guest bedroom has little space for furniture, but a lot of space for style. An intricately designed mural covers an entire wall, leaving no need for much other decoration.

When youre working with a very small space it can often save some space to have the bed backed up against the wall on one or more sides. This ensures you dont have to walk the narrow spaces around your bed to reach other parts of the room. Besides small bedroom ideas check our aesthetic small bedroom ideas as well.

Half Guest Bathroom Stone Wall

For the record, this is the real stone wall accent you can get for your bathroom. Its something that could steal the show inside the guest bathroom in your house. The visitor would be amazed by the mood you build for this bathroom.

The hanging light pendants are very supportive to light up the stone wall accent and it makes the texture appeared beautifully. With the sink, its furniture that connects modern to vintage.

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Invest In A Bold Headboard

Dont want to spend a lot of money on a fancy bed for your spare bedroom, but still want that 5-star luxury hotel vibe? Opt for a glamorous headboard that will instantly elevate the decor aesthetic of a modern bedroom well-suited for any guest. Materials like velvet and leather look high-end, and are easy to find in color options that will match the style of any room.

Provide Blankets And Cozy Throws

39 Guest Bedroom Pictures

It can be awkward as a guest to ask your host to turn down the AC or crank up the heat. So, making sure that a guest bedroom is stocked with cozy blankets is a great way to ensure your guests are always comfortable. “These details say that not only do you welcome them, but you have thought out every single detail prior to their arrival to make them feel they are at their home away from home,” Rachman says. Not to mention, a beautifully designed throw, or a blanket basket at the end of a bed can add an extra element of design that can benefit the entire room.

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String Of Lights Illuminates Mandala Designs On Canopy

Canopies can transform a small bedroom into a peace-filled sanctuary. String lights behind these mandala-patterned canopies offer a serene glow that gracefully ties into the votive candles on the nightstand. While white cloth offers a breezy bedroom, choose darker colors for a moodier, cozier feel. Experiment with the cloth and lights until you find the combination that soothes your soul.

A Modern Meets Industrial Style

Some of the wall tile designs are just looking like a painted wall. But, the designer of this bathroom decided to play with the thin space between the tiles.

The black lines applied all over the bathroom. It creates a remarkable vibe around the bathroom.

Some other accentual black elements like the bathroom mirror frame, shower cover frame, faucet, baseboard for bathroom lighting ideas, and that ceiling level pipe. Its got dark black flooring to dim the brightness in this guest bathroom.

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Types Of Guest Bedrooms

One of the most often overlooked rooms in a home when it comes to decorating is the guest bedroom.

You will often worry most about the family bedrooms first, followed closely by the living areas, kitchen, and even the bathrooms. Leaving the guest bedroom until last, if ever at all.

We have compiled this guide that will help you determine not only the type of room you have but inspire you to give it a design you, as well as your guests, can be proud of.

Colour Drench For Impact

DIY Bright and Modern Bedroom Makeover 2022 – Room Tour

One of the most exciting things about decorating guest bedroom ideas is the option to go all-out. Since visitors tend not to stay for extended periods of time, you can push the boundaries further than you might otherwise.

While bold colour-drenched bedroom paint ideas might get tiresome quickly in your everyday space, in a spare room it creates a fun boutique hotel atmosphere.

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How To Style The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Ashley Knierim is a home decor expert and product reviewer of home products for The Spruce. Her design education began at a young age. She has over 10 years of writing and editing experience, formerly holding editorial positions at Time and AOL.

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

One of the joys of home decorating is showing it off to friends and family and getting a chance to welcome your loved ones into your home. If you’re someone who loves to host , creating the perfect guest oasis is key to ensuring a memorable stay for your family and friends.

The best guest rooms are uncluttered, comfortable and feel a little like home. But it is also a place to put your own personal touch and make your guest feel like they’re staying somewhere that’s well thought out and intentional. Whether you add a bold wallpaper like this one from raveinteriordesign or you’re hunting for other ways to create the perfect guest room decor, we’ve rounded up our favorite tips and tricks.

Give Yourself More Options With A Twin Layout

Twin beds are a great option for guest bedroom ideas. To save on space, allow the two beds to share one bedside table. After all, they won’t be keeping too much on here. Provide a water jug, coaster and trinket dish for jewellery. However, do include two lights so each guest can read with ease.

For ultimate flexibility, choose twin beds which can easily come together to form a double when preferred.

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Guest Room Wall Art Sizes

If youre looking to fill the space above your guest bed with wall art, steal some tips from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide:


Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as a fireplace, a bed or a couch, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture’s width. To measure the ideal art size above your furniture, consider this example: If your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit impressively above the bed.

Create an elegant guest room with wall art > >

Eclectic Yellow And Black Guest Room

25+ Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas and Designs for 2021

Installing two beds gives a room vintage style while increasing the options for sleeping arrangements. With this layout, you can host couples, singles or kids. Bonus if one or both beds come with a trundle.

If you have a smaller guest bedroom, then twin beds might be the perfect solution. Though we often think of twin beds for kids’ rooms, you can make them look chic and sophisticated in the right space. Use the same linens on each bed to pull the look together, and choose a beautiful bedside table that works in-between both beds if you’re short on space.

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Dont Forget Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in the guest bedroom are a small but mighty detail. They communicate that youre so excited to have them there!

Get the Look: A pop of pink never hurts and mixing it with black and white is bringing us some serious guest bedroom inspiration! You can thank Shop Pop for this! The Hazel chest paired with the Fritz mirror makes for a welcoming guest bedroom space.

Guest Bathroom Ideas With Wooden Vanity

This bathroom is so different from the previous idea. As you can see, the shower wall tile has a subway tile without the black lines.

Its because the tiles attraction is on the flooring tile. The interesting pattern all over the floor increase the value of this bathroom

Take a look at the wooden vanity. Besides the patterned flooring, the vanity is also the highlight of this bathroom. Even though the design of these two elements is so contrast, it offers such uniqueness to the bathroom.

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Install Curtains For Privacy

Adding curtains is one of the best guest bedroom ideas for those with limited square-footage. If youre converting part of a large space and need spare bedroom ideas on a budget, make some time to think about privacy. You can opt for blackout curtains or a beautiful vintage folding screen. If you want to add a guest bedroom to your home, but you dont have a room to spare, you can convert a large office. Transform part of the office into a guest room by adding separation between your workspace and the bed.

Work With What You’ve Got

GUEST BEDROOM MAKEOVER | Farmhouse Decor Inspiration

The basement is a common location for guest bedrooms, and it’s easy to feel uninspired when trying to imagine the space as warm and inviting. Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel accomplished this tricky feat when she revamped her outdated, faux-wood paneled basement room into a cozy space for guests. Rather than abandoning the concept altogether, she modernized it, by installing new wood floors and bringing the wood up three-fourths of the wall behind the bed, using natural attributes as an inviting design element.

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How Do You Accessorize A Guest Bedroom

Now that you have some inspiration, it’s best not to go overboard. As we mentioned, it’s generally better to keep accessories and decor neutral and not too personal.

For example, choosing white or cream bed sheets with similar colored pillows is a good idea. However, using a quilt your grandmother made is not a good design choice.

The less specific your accessories, the better. Try sticking to printed art, modern sculptures, and even catchy signage for wall decor.

Furthermore, lighting is everything in a bedroom: guest or not. Specifically, give your future overnighters a big mirror and lamps nearby, so they can check their outfits before leaving the house.

You can also try to plan your guest space similar to a hotel room. Modern and clean are always winners for those staying overnight.

Soft Pastel Bohemian Theme

This lovely guest bedroom decor is super cozy and perfect for a small space. The delicate pastel pink walls and wood accents give this room a warm, rosy hue, while the art wall gives it character and makes it feel homier.

The daybed is the right choice for small spaces like this that arent big enough to accommodate a couch. Decorated with beautifully handcrafted cushions and a throw blanket, this daybed is ideal for both lounging on during the day or sleeping in during the night.

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Provide Practical Bedside Tables

When designing a room that you won’t actually be living out of, it’s easy to forget some of those small practical details. “Besides being attractive, I believe a guest bedroom should be functional for your guest by providing them with enough surfaces and storage, as transient as the nature of their visit might be,” interior designer Jonathan Rachman. Functional bedside tables can play a big role in allowing your guest to settle in and get comfortable, giving them a place to keep a glass of water, set down a book or their phone, and turn on a lamp at night. Bonus points if you keep a phone charger at the ready for forgetful guests.

Work With Even The Smallest Of Spaces

Pin by Debbie Story on Bedrooms

Even if you only have the tiniest of box rooms to let your guest bedroom ideas loose on, you still have plenty of space for creativity. In small spaces, a slim, comfy cabin bed will probably take up much of the floor space, so work everything else around this. Mount reading lights and use wall units to act as somewhere to keep bedtime reading material, or to decorate with some prints.

Bedroom storage ideas aren’t of the utmost importance in a room intended for short stays – hooks on the back of the door, or a small bench should suffice. Baskets on a high shelving unit is perfect for storage of items you don’t need on the regular.

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The Master And The Missus

What better way to decorate the master bedroom than to announce who resides there? While the ampersand provides an artistic graphic element to the overall effect, the highly legible white letters will fit easily in any color scheme. If white simply is not your style, there are other finish options available.

Message Of Love On Chalkboard Center

A creative idea for a master bedroom is to include a small chalkboard sign where you and your partner can write messages to each other. If your partners love language is not writing sweet love notes, you can use your chalkboard to write encouraging notes to yourself. Those blessed with artistic talent could even use this chalkboard for sweet sketches.

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