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Grey And White Bedroom Decor

Choose The Right Shade Of Grey

Bedroom Transformation & Tour – Grey, White & Pink Decor | Teen Room

Picking the right shade of grey is a must, and when considering which shade to use for your grey bedroom, think about the natural lighting in the room. Strong, warm greys will work well in an east or north-facing room that has a naturally quite blue light and needs warming up to feel inviting

A bedroom that gets lots of sun such as a south or west-facing room and that naturally has a yellower light will look good with a subtle cool grey shade.

Take inspiration from this grey bedroom idea and create a laid-back look by adding texture, contemporary lighting, and soft muted hues to a pale grey backdrop.

Choose Your Accents Carefully

Breaking monotony is key when approaching a gray bedroom. However, you can choose one significant piece of furnishing that would highlight the gray instead of distract your eyes away. A perfect accent would be a black and red chandelier. The stark contrast is like a palate cleanser that makes you appreciate all the gray even more. Keep in mind that it is best to choose just one big accent or furnishing as opposed to small, subtle ones. The point is to make as much impact as possible.

Tip: There are plenty of grey bedroom ideas out there. The point is to make sure you find the ones you really love.

Bring Peachy Tones Into A Grey Bedroom

Speaking of warmth, adding touches of warm neutrals and peach will give a room that’s dominated by grey a welcoming appeal. Love the idea of grey but not sure it’ll work in your room? Limiting the grey to curtains and a lighter shade for bed linen is a good way to half-commit plenty of impact with minimal outlay.

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Light Bedding And Dark Bedroom Walls

A medium grey paint is the perfect backdrop to this happy bedroom style. Next notice the gold tray on the nightstand, gold mirror above the headboard as well as the gold embellished lamps on either side of the bed. Metal accents such as this help reflect light in the room giving it a happy and inviting feel.

Pair Grey With Warm Tones

99 White And Grey Master Bedroom Interior Design ...

The best thing about this versatile hue is that you will find so many colors go that go with grey. One of our favorite pairings in orange and grey, it works with so many different styles depending on the shades you choose and oranges work so well to warm up those cool greys.

Soft oranges paired with a mid-grey, as you can see in this grey bedroom could be the perfect rustic bedroom color scheme. Whereas a charcoal grey and bright tangerine hue will be more modern and striking.

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What Colors Go With A Grey Bedroom

The best colors to pair with grey will depend on the grey you have chosen for your bedroom, but a huge benefit of decorating with grey is because it’s so versatile there will be a grey to go with most other colors. However, there are some shades that will work better than others and there are some vague rules to follow too. Most of those rules come down to the undertones of the colors you are combining, think warm undertones, warm greys, cool undertones, cool greys.

The safest color to pair with any tone of grey is white. But of course, there are as many whites as there are greys, so just be sure to order swatches and see how your pairing looks together in situ.

If you are after a bolder look, colors that sit opposite the color wheel to grey tones, so pinks, oranges and yellows all work to warm up cooler tone greys and can really pop against a mid-toned grey background. For a cooler look opt for greens and blues.

Keep It Simple With Pale Grey Walls And Flooring

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jo Henderson

For a gentle bedroom colour scheme, paint walls, floors and even a clever built-in wardrobe to match in a mid grey tone. It becomes the perfect backdrop for any accent coloured bed linen selection whether plain or patterned, you just cant go wrong. Try pinky terracotta and dusky teal plains, or go all-out with an oversized floral or a modern geometric, in pastel shades.

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Add Subtle Tone On Tone Pattern

Image credit: Future PLC/ Claire Davies

This bedroom uses shades of grey to create a calming haven. The feature wallpapered wall, while covered in a busy pattern, uses the palette of grey and white, which softens it. The colour theme continues throughout the room, with grey walls complementing bedside furniture. Different tones appear in the soft furnishings to ensure the colour theme does not become monotonous.

Which Grey Is Right For My Bedroom

My Glam Bedroom Tour|Gray& White Room Decor

When choosing a grey colour for a bedroom, consider the shade to be painted. If you want a cosy feel, dark shades can make a room feel snug, however light shades will make a room feel more airy and cool. We tend to spend little time in our rooms during the day, so it is important to see how your chosen colour varies in its appearance first thing in the morning when you wake up, and later in the evening when the light is electric rather than natural. This can make it difficult to find the right colour if only one is being considered.

Deeper and dramatic shades of grey create modern looks, with glass and metal accessories giving an industrial edge. Powder and pastel hues transform spaces into cosy and relaxing havens, while grey and white bedroom ideas are perfect for restful retreats. Warm tones enhance a comforting and enveloping feel which takes the chill out of colder rooms, and muted, mellow shades are ideal for a gender-neutral bedroom. The versatility of grey means colour combinations are endless – add a touch of luxury with a rose gold and grey bedroom theme, or balance brighter shades with cooler grey hues.

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Pair Warm Grey With Coral Accents

Image credit: Future PLC/ Matt Antrobus

Vibrant coral tones are an ideal complimentary shade for grey, helping to lend warm tones. This can be especially important in a bedroom, to avoid the grey being too cold and uninviting not a welcome effect in a bedroom space.

Another way to create a warming feel to a bedroom scheme is by incorporating layers of tactile faux fur textiles from rugs beside the bed, to cushions and throws.

A Rustic Bedroom Aesthetic

For all the people who cherish a southwestern or rustic aesthetic, this idea is for you! When designing your bedroom, think about how youd like the room layout to be, what decor youd like to buy, and what vibe youd like it to give off.

Again, sticking with our grey and white bedroom color scheme, a rustic bedroom can be flawlessly accomplished. Grey and white can serve as your base colors, and then you may add in some southwestern decor and a few patterned pillows, and voila!

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What Colours Go With Grey Walls

Grey and White

You cannot beat dazzling white next to a mid-toned grey. It possesses a charm that oozes elegance and class. This is one classic colour combination that is truly timeless.

Grey and Black

Considering that black pairs well with virtually every colour, it is no surprise that it also works with grey. When matching black with grey, steer clear of picking a very dark grey as there isn’t enough contrast between the two colours to make an attention-getting bedroom design. Instead choose a light grey or a steely grey to combine with black.

Grey and Navy

In the world of fashion, grey and navy together can be seen on catwalks all over. So when it comes to designing interiors, specifically the bedroom, this colour scheme is always striking. Pops of yellow offer the grey and navy combination a spring season uplift to give a look that isn’t dull or too intense.

Grey and Mustard

As grey can easily be viewed as a cooler colour at times, it may also work when blended with a warmer tone like mustard.

Grey and Yellow

Yellow is a brighter tone that is ‘calmed’ by grey. Vibrant yellows contrast effectively with grey, and the two shades could be incorporated into a bedroom design to make a stunning look.

Grey and Teal

In a bedroom dominated by grey, teal gives a hit of colour. In the bedroom, making use of light grey on the walls plus accessorising with teal in a similar tone can truly bring the room together.

Grey and Pink

Choose A Dark Moody Shade For An On

Gorgeous Gray

Give your grey bedroom a period look by adding smart panelling behind your bed. Farrow & Balls Railings paint is at the darkest end of the grey colour spectrum and works well on walls and woodwork to create a dramatic, enveloping feeling, which is ideal if your bedroom is solely used for rest and relaxation, but not so good if its a space you need to do your make up .

Be inspired by more dark decorating ideas to transform your home.

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Different Textures For Grey And White Bedroom

A variation in colours can also be brought about by introducing the same colour in different textures. The matte charcoal grey colour of the wall is drastically different from the grey used for the bed and furnishings. Different textures are incorporated in this grey and white bedroom by using different materials. Textured grey for the TV unit, the metallic fan, a textured rug and whimsical painting all add their own charm to the space.

Opt For A Soft Grey In A Children’s Bedroom

Grey bedroom ideas work so well in kids’ rooms as they are gender neutral and is a great color choice if you are after longevity. Take inspiration from this fabulous space with built in bunkbeds, painted in a mid grey to blend with the walls. The checkered grey bedding and built in shelving for books and toys give the room a child-like feel.

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Match Color With Your Grey’s Undertone

Not all greys are made the same most will come with an undertone of different hue.

A flat grey carries no positive physiological benefits, says Natasha Bradley, Home Interior Expert at Lick. It can actually generate a dull and lifeless emotional response, which is why I always recommend that my clients choose a grey with a colored undertone.

A lovely way to bring out the undertone in a grey is to partner it with the same, or similar color. For example, a grey with a green undertone and decorated with green will make the undertone more dominant, and a grey with a pink undertone will partner beautifully with lilac or even red.

In this bedroom by interior designers Ward & Co., warm greys are paired with golden or rusty orange accents to boost their earthy qualities.

Mix Greys With Gold For A Luxurious Look

Bedroom Decorate With Me | Grey, White + Blush Pink Interior | Room Makeover

There’s a reason grey and gold are such a popular combination. They look so beautiful together, giving a really luxe feel to a bedroom, and bringing in those warm-toned metallics warms up even the coolest of greys too. The oversized ornate gold mirror looks beautiful leaning against the green-grey wall in this beautiful space.

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Natural Light And Beautiful Light Tones

This room feels as if you are entering a serene spa. The large window provides lots of natural light to the space while the grey toned walls, bedding and flooring offer a soothing feel. Floor to ceiling mirrors on either side of the room allow light to bounce around the room giving an open feel. Have fun with lighting and dare to have two different types of fixtures.

Add Color To A Grey Bedroom With Bedlinen

How dreamy is the grey and white bedroom? It feels so fresh and vibrant. Now that is thanks to the lovely light grey on the walls, the contrast with the white woodwork, but mainly because of those lovely pops of color brought in with the bed linen, throw pillows, and houseplants. Grey can be a bit of a flat color, but you can easily rectify that by adding in just a few pops of color.

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Accentuate Grey Walls With Slate Grey Flooring

Image credit: Future PLC/ Brent Darby

Whether tiled or carpeted, a slate grey flooring can create a striking contrast to accentuate grey walls. This works particularly well with pale grey walls to offer more of a contrast. The floor can act as the fifth wall for decoration, in line to the four walls.

Regardless of wallpaper or painted grey walls a strong slate grey floor can anchor the whole scheme without dominating entirely. A dark flooring helps to give purpose.

Turn Up The Heat With Pink

Gorgeous Gray

Image credit: Future PLC/ Adrian Briscoe

To avoid an overly masculine or dark look, flashes of bright colour can be used to break up the scheme and add a modern edge. Cerise pink highlights work brilliantly with the grey scheme in this stylish bedroom and immediately draw the eye to certain parts of the room. The spotty bed is a big attention grabber, too.

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Fantastic Gray And White Bedroom Ideas

Mink. Rhino. Seal. No, these arent just animals theyre also names for gray paint colors. Oher colors get names like Flamingos Dream or Whispering Peach . Colors like gray and white arent quite as romantic. On the contrary, they get pragmatic names. Sensible. Down to earth. Like Trout no, really! Thats an actual name for one shade of gray.

But when you think about it, pragmatic and sensible are great qualities. Sure, maybe you didnt know thats what you wanted from your paint. But is it a bad thing? Decorating in a gray and white color scheme is soothing. It is sophisticated but simple. It doesnt need to mask itself in flash or pomp.

Gray and white are strong and formidable colors. These outstanding colors are easy to balance and coordinate. Also, gray and white work with almost anything. They lend themselves to both a naturalistic decor and also a more urban, gritty city look. Keep reading further for 23 of our favorite gray and white bedroom looks. Well help you find pieces to recreate each look. And finally, well help you find the perfect look for a gray/white dream bedroom of your own.

Fabulously Flocked Silver Bedroom Dcor

Image credit :

If you are thinking of purely silver bedroom ideas, this design is certainly very much along those lines. Pale silvers and greys are some of the best colours to choose when you want to make the most of textures in a room. The mixture of flocked fabrics on the bed, patterned silver wallpaper, and a padded grey headboard makes the room look and feel sumptuous and inviting. The silver carpeting is pale enough to ensure that the room feels spacious despite being small, and the addition of mirrored dressing table helps by reflecting light and adding a little glitter to the room (this also lights up the designs on the wallpaper. The overall effect is of mature glamour and style.

Get The Look….

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Contrast Grey With Denim Blues

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jo Henderson

Choose a blue-based grey for the walls and layer up using different shades of denim-blue in bed linen, upholstery, cushions and throws. Using additional pops of terracotta, in plant pots and pillowcases, will provide warmth and contrast to the scheme. Try painting the inside of shelving, or a clever fold down desk, for a further pop of blue.

Select The Right Shade Of Grey


Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

Picking a grey for your walls is rather like choosing the best white paint there are far more to sift through than you might ever imagine. To get the best look for your space, try out plenty of samples on your walls and see how they work in different lights before committing. This soft grey sits beautifully with luxe cream furnishings and comforting textiles, creating a harmonious scheme.

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Breezy And Bright Bedroom

Image credit : Amazon

People always wonder what colour goes with silver, but the real answer is that any colour can pair well with silver. It all depends on matching the shade of silver or grey with an appropriate partner. In this case, the textured, light silver wallpaper is paired with navy blue. The result is stunning weathered blue and silver mirrors keep the room light and airy, while the darker, grey padded headboards add depth and texture to the room. Splashes of deep blue in the bedding and decorations, along with the porthole like mirrors, conjure up a seaside feel and make this a cool refreshing room. Grey and navy blue complement each other so well in many situations, this can be seen to great effect in these grey and navy living room ideas.

Get The Look….

Classy Grey Black And White Bedroom

A light grey carpet is complimented with beige walls, light brown nightstands, black framed mirrors and printed photographs of the Eiffel tower which all work seamlessly well together. This sophisticated room sticks to a limited color scheme, but still gives visual interest with its textured carpet and fun striped headboard.

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