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Grey And White Bathroom Decor

What Color Grout Do I Use With Grey Tile

Ideas for a modern grey and white bathroom

White grout will give your tile a classic and more traditional look. It will also provide a bright highlight if your tile is darker. A grey or black grout can give your tile a more seamless look as it blends into the tile and almost becomes invisible to the eye. White tile will require more work to keep bright white, but it will also stand out more when its clean.

Add Natural Accents For A Farmhouse Look

If you want to create a farmhouse look in your bathroom, try adding some natural accents. A large rectangular mirror in a rustic wooden frame, paired with some accessories made from natural materials such as seagrass, wicker, or rattan is the perfect way to do this.

To complete the farmhouse chic look, add some bathroom-friendly plants, and some white linen curtains or blinds. This timeless look is an easy way to add personality to a light blue and gray bathroom.

Navy And Gray Bathroom

This is another one of the best gray bathroom ideas, especially if you are worried about choosing gray as the dominant color in your bathroom. You can go for less âin-your-faceâ techniques by introducing gray towels and accessories.

For an interesting contrast, this bathroom has a navy blue shiplap wall as an accent. Meanwhile, the other elements are in white to keep the balance. The gold fittings and fixtures complete the decoration perfectly.

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Gray And Black Bathroom

The safest method to include gray into your bathroom color scheme is by combining it with black. Just like this bathroom that looks very elegant with gray walls and black vanities. The storage cabinet is also in black to complete the look.

Patterned tiles in a combination of black, white, and gray are applied on the wall behind the vanity to offer an interesting twist among the plain interior. A vase of yellow flowers is selected to give a burst of color.

Mosaic Art Backsplash With Interlocking Tiles

36 Modern Grey &  White Bathrooms That Relax Mind Body &  Soul

These interlocking mosaic art tiles are simply gorgeous and are made to remember crystals. Using teal, black, and gray, with a few white ones thrown in you will not regret adding this to the walls of your bathroom. Not only that, you are protecting your walls for a longer life without having moisture buildup making the drywall damp.

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What Colors Go With A Gray Bathroom

If you’re wondering what colors go with a gray bathroom, the good news is that there are lots of options. As grey is a neutral color, you can pair it with other neutrals, such as a white bathroom, or go bolder if you prefer the possibilities are endless. Yellow, pink, coral, navy, green and teal are just a few colors which pair nicely with gray.

Grey Bathroom Paint Ideas

Keep in mind traditional paint rules when painting your bathroom grey, but dont get hung up on them. The beauty of the color grey is that you can choose from a wide variety of shades and still achieve a sleek and sophisticated look.

Lighter shades of grey will help reflect the light and keep your bathroom feeling light and fresh. This is a smart choice in a bathroom that lacks natural light coming in through a window. The light grey paint and white fixtures might be too light and wash your bathroom out.

When this happens, consider choosing a darker grey. This will balance the white beautifully and create a sophisticated contrast. Dont go too dark with the grey, though. You want to keep the softness of the grey and not shift into black, where the contrast can look cold and harsh.

If you love the look of darker grey, but dont have a lot of natural light, you can balance this by installing lighting fixtures. Try to include ambient lighting that will create a wash of light over the entire space. This will brighten the entire room and keep the dark grey from looking gloomy.

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Grey And White Bathroom Decor

Wood Vanity With Stone Sinks And Grey Wall Paint

DIY SMALL BATHROOM MAKEOVER | Bathroom Reveal Grey, Silver, Black & White

Brown and gray bathroom boasting wood framed mirrors above the wood washstand with stone sinks. Slate grey bathroom walls bring a contemporary finish offering the perfect contrast to the warm wood washstand and mirror. Gold sconces next to the mirrors, make a traditional touch.

ID# 105641 | Credit |

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White Bathroom With Grey Stone Tile Floor

Do you want to give your grey and white cleaning area a classic natural touch? If your answer is yes, the design you should take into consideration is the one that uses grey stone tile as the flooring material.

Installing the tile flooring in your bathroom is the most effortless way to create the classic natural look you want. Even if you do not add any other items in there, the appearance will still be obtainable.

Another best thing about choosing this flooring type is that you will gain a significant source of grey tone needed for the bathroom color scheme. In the picture above, the flooring even becomes the primary source of grey hue in the bathroom area, and there are no other elements in the same color category.

Although so, it is not a problem at all since flooring takes a quite significant portion of color in the bathroom. In other words, even the other parts of the room are in white, the existence of grey tone in the flooring is enough to create a balanced scheme.

The next benefit that you shouldnt forget about natural grey stone flooring is that it is not only sturdy but also low in maintenance. All these make the flooring an excellent and useful choice that you need to consider.

Consider The Light In The Room

‘Timeless and neutral, gray bathroom schemes can offer longevity as well as being a relaxing sanctuary,’ explains Helen Shaw, UK director at Benjamin Moore . When deciding on the right paint tone it’s important to think about the light, both in terms of natural daylight and light fittings explains Helen. ‘Remember that pale grays can feel cold in north-facing bathrooms,’ she says. ‘Also consider the right lighting for a gray bathroom, these cool tones can make everything, and everyone, look a little pale, so the right lighting is key, especially around a mirror.’

It’s also worth thinking about choosing a grey tone that complements your fittings and furniture, too. In this luxurious master bathroom designed by Finkernagel Ross, the gray wall color features a subtle hint of blue which pairs beautifully with the inky tones of the Drummonds Bute bath and the warm metallic touches.

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Color Descending Shower Curtain

Change up the color scheme in your bathroom by adding a shimmering detail. In this case, its a gorgeous shower curtain that descends from deep teal to an almost white with a slight teal tinge. By changing your shower curtain, you avoid having to completely redo your bathroom but you still get a fresh and updated look!

Grey Vanity With Quartz Countertop And Brass Accents

Our Home: Bathroom Transformation

This large main bathroom is beautifully outfitted with a grey and brass, furniture-style, double-sink vanity, and quartz countertop, creating one cohesive space. Simple forms but modern door fronts keep the cabinetry in this bathroom fresh, novel, and streamlined. A combination of marble and brass accents creates a luxurious look in this bright bathroom.

ID# 105642 | Credit |

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Modern Scandinavian Bathroom With Multicolored Floor Tiles

This Scandinavian-style interior design serves a modern and sleek look with its clean and simple lines of features. The floating sink enhances the floor space and allows to shine this beautiful gray and bathroom floor tiles out. Wood shelves and greenery plants bring warmth to the atmosphere and create a more intimate space feel.

ID# 105648 | Credit | | Peter Clarke

Gray Bathroom With Tropical Wallpaper Design

The eye-catching tropical wallpaper design brings the beauty of nature into this small bathroom and elevates the look perfectly. Gray wood vanity paired with white sink, wall-mounted faucet, and oval frameless mirror. Glass separation wall of the shower creates a fresh and airy look.

ID# 105617 | Credit |

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Add Pattern With Wallpaper

‘The transient nature of a bathroom means it is an excellent room to have fun and bring in a sense of personality,’ says Kate French, creative director at Dado Atelier . ‘Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring the joy of color and pattern into what is often a stark space.’

This ditsy paisley design brings pattern without being overwhelming and makes a beautiful backdrop for a show-stopping double sink with a marble countertop.

If you’re thinking of adding bathroom wallpaper make sure your space is well ventilated and the paper is used in a splash-free area, plus consider pairing it above wall paneling finished in wipeable paint finishes for bathrooms for practicality.

Powder rooms which are used infrequently a great places to experiment with bold eye-catching designs.

Woodn’t You Love This Bathroom

50+ Grey Bathroom Ideas. Grey Bathroom Design and Decor.

If you want to score an instant hit with a grey and white bathroom, add some shiplap wood paneling as an accent for one of your bathroom walls. With this bathroom’s design, the dark wood paneling acts as a perfect backdrop and complement to the dark grey wall behind the tub. It’s glamorous yet urban.

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Grey Bathroom With Innovative Dcor

This one actually practices industrial bathroom design like the previous example. This time around, the bathroom chooses the soft side of the style. It thus picks the soft shade of grey that appears from the floor and the countertop.

Although the bathroom occupies the narrow area, we find this example innovative. You can get that sense from lamp styles that surround the area. The bathroom creates wall-mount storage to displays candles.

With the decorations, the bathroom still feels comfortable and enjoyable. Both men and women can practice the bathroom concept.

Modern Navy And Grey Bathroom

Sleek lines and contemporary gold hardware give this navy and gray bathroom a modern look. The grey grouting between the white mosaic wall tiles and grey veining in the marble complement this large navy blue double vanity, contrasting with the dark color beautifully.

If youre looking to create a contemporary grey and blue bathroom, look out for simple rectangular vanity mirrors with a thin frame, and choose simple light fixtures.

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Transitional Bathroom With Multicolored Backsplash And Trough Sink

A combination of the shades of gray and gold creates an elegant bathroom even if it is small. Black trough sinks in beautiful harmony with the gray square tiles. Black and white backsplash adds a texture to space. Gold faucet, shower kit, sconces, and framed mirror complete the look.

ID# 105628 | Credit |

Tile For Grey Bathroom Ideas

36 Modern Grey &  White Bathrooms That Relax Mind Body &  Soul

You can add a touch of grey to your bathroom by using grey tile. This can give your bathroom a soft, modern update while also being easy to maintain. Consider using grey tile on the floor, the walls, in the shower, or even as the counter surface. You could even use two different hues of grey tiles to great a subtle contrast and detail.

When choosing your tile, you need to think about proportion. The size and shape of the tile you choose can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Choose a tile too small, and it will look like an overwhelming and busy pattern. Choose a tile thats too big, and it can make your bathroom look small and confined.

Dont consider tiles that are smaller than four inches square for your shower and bathroom walls. Not only will they look incredibly busy, but theyll be a huge pain to clean. Instead, look for a larger tile thats rectangular in length. Then have the tiles run the length of the room. This will give the illusion of the bathroom and shower being bigger than they really are.

If you love the look of small tiles, such as mosaics, then use them on the floor. If you keep the rest of the bathroom simple, then it can support a boldly patterned floor. Plus, the extra cleaning effort required is outweighed by the increased safety youll achieve from the traction of the grout.

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Success With Marble Hexagons And Black Accents

When designing your ideal bathroom, one of the most important steps is to make a plan. By narrowing all the best grey and white bathroom ideas down to your favorites, as explained in this tutorial, you can decide which elements will look best in your space. This image integrates grey-veined white marble with crisp black accents. Black does not need to be excluded from grey and white bathroom decor. By using it sparingly, as shown in this example, you can create contrast and develop dimension. Playing around with geometry by using both hexagons and rectangles is another way to build some engaging contrast.

A Grey Bathroom With Blue Accents

If you already have a grey bathroom and would like a blue and grey color scheme, you can easily do this by changing up your accessories.

Some dark blue towels, a blue and white shower curtain, a blue bathmat, and some artwork with a blue color palette are all easy changes that can be added to your grey bathroom to create a blue and grey design.

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Grey Bathroom With Windowpane

The recommendation will still be working for your minimalist bathroom although your residence isnt situated by the beachside like this. The example hopes to optimize the fair shade with windowpane.

It chooses the fair shade of grey that looks in contrast with the white element that appears from the bathroom tub, the sink area and the curtain, among others. The windowpane helps to make the bathroom spacious and relieving.

At the same time, the bathroom picks the ceramic type that looks reflective. Complete the windowpane with a curtain to protect your privacy.

Sexy Gray Master Bathroom

GRAY TILE TREND 3 bathroom design ideas

The Best Things You Can Do to Your Bathroom for Under $100. This smaller but still comfortable bathroom comes to us from Ange of The Blooming Hydrangea, and is a perfect example of how gray can be sexy and adult, too.

As the post details, the marble-imitation porcelain floors are from Sovereign Stone, and the wall color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.

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Are Grey Bathrooms Outdated

Grey bathrooms are not an outdated trend, and there are plenty of reasons why you should keep one in your bathroom. First, grey bathrooms are neutral and go with any decor style.

Theyre easy to change up with accessories, so you can change the theme in your room without spending a fortune. This is perfect for people who have a hard time deciding what they want in their space.

Grey is also calming and helps to reduce anxiety. Its also a great color for people with seasonal allergies or asthma because it doesnt have any strong scents or pollens that can irritate them.

Paint Your Bath To Complement The Walls

To prevent gray bathroom walls feeling cool consider painting other surfaces within the room in warmer colors which are similar in tone suggests Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs .

‘Make your gray paint pop by teaming it with darker tones of sea foam greens and metallic accents such as cast-iron radiators. Pick out areas such as skirting boards, windowsills and even a painted bath to contrast against the darkness of the grey walls. Avoid bold color contrasts and stick to a tone-on-tone and harmonious color palette that sings together.’

‘Choosing a warmer tone,’ such as Little Greene’s Livid shade, pictured here on this Omnia bath, ‘will stop the gray from feeling too cold,’ he says.

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Grey And Green Bathroom

Grey and green bathroom designs have been shown to work well with both small spaces and large spaces. Avoid mixing too many bold colors like red, orange, and yellow with grey and green bathroom designs.

These colors can be too overpowering in a small space. If you are going to use these colors, use them sparingly or in a small amount of space.

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