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Grey And Gold Bedroom Decor

Layer Light Greys For A Soft Subtle Look

Inexpensive Small bedroom makeover/gray and gold bedroom

A monochrome, all-grey scheme can look lovely in a bedroom, the key is to layer up a few different shades to create interest and texture. This space feels lovely and light with barely-there grey walls. The upholstered headboard, large pillows, velvet throw and oversized all add a slightly different shade of grey so despite sticking to a very simple color scheme the doesn’t feel flat.

Rose Murray, Founder of These White Walls, says, ‘Grey is often regarded as a cold color and therefore typically associated with kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces which have a utilitarian function. However, there are several shades of grey that actually have a warm undertone – where pinks and reds are used as the base tone it creates a beautiful warm grey, great for bedrooms.’

‘When using grey it is important to be confident with it and avoid the temptation to bring in pops of color which create a distraction – if youve chosen to embrace the monochromatic look then just go for it and you will end up with something dramatic and elegant. Mix it up with different textures, fabrics and materials and this will add a layer of interest to the overall design.’

Different Shade Of Gold And White Bedroom

Robert Legere Design

Mixing different shades of the colors gold and white is a wide idea given that it brings out a soothing feeling without looking for other colors to match. It evokes both elegance and class as the colors are giving so much character placed together.

This bedroom interior is very clean and organized to look at plus the large floral carpet with a flower gives this room a little fun. In this overall bedroom look, the colors white and gold are extremely bringing out the best in each other while staying calm and simple that is so perfect for a bedroom idea.

Pink Bedroom And Grey Furnishings

Pink hues provide a warm and soothing haven for rest and relaxation. The dusty tones of a paint like Soho House No.266 used on the walls can meld peacefully together against soft grey bed linen and a dark grey bed frame. More calming pink soft furnishings and gold accents can add to the delicacy of this bedroom colour scheme.

More Pink and Grey Bedroom ideas include using light shades of grey and a hint of pink evoke a very feminine yet calm presence . By using green undertones in the grey you can generate a beautiful and relaxing complement.

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White And Gold On A Holiday

On holidays, the most selected color pairing would be the white and gold. In this room, the majority of the color is white, making the space look dainty and larger.

The minimalism of the gold details in this room makes it more ambient and down-to-earth.

With just one compelling detail, you can easily transform your bedroom with a lot of white and golden opulence that is hard to forget. Let us just allow this idea here to make a statement for itself.

Themed Bedroom With Conversational Accents

Grey and gold bedroom decoration decor headboard sunburst ...

Grey walls are the perfect neutral base to start off with when trying to achieve a high design look. Next find a show stopping light fixture such as this modern circular metal chandelier and hang above the bed. Instead of painting an accent wall, hang a collection of framed art in unison such as this series of nine pictures to give the room more visual interest.

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Black Gold And Dark Blue Bedroom

Do you know that the next color you can include in a bedroom with a black and gold theme is blue? If you want to know the reason, it is because blue is a complementary color of gold. Now you find it reasonable why both of them look good together, right?

However, here we are not going to talk about any blue tone but only a specific shade. It is dark blue.

The reason why we recommend you this combination is that the type of interior design that we talk about here is for bedroom. Besides the fact that deep blue color is compatible with gold, it also has a dark and relaxing visual effect that will be excellent for sleeping quality.

When paired with black, the look can be even better. Together, both of them also resemble the night sky that helps build a more peaceful bedroom interior.

In the picture above, you can see a bedroom decorated with a black Victorian-style bed as well as a pair of the gold antique-looking bedside table. There is also a pair of unique black wall lamps that match the cathedral headboard well.

As the backdrop, there is a gorgeous deep blue textured accent wall. The existence of black tones in it makes it even more suitable for the black and gold theme.

Invite A Cosy Feel With Warm Greys

Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

Make a room feel inviting with a warm grey that mixes well with other neutrals for a comfortable layered look. Tints of yellow can give these deeper greys a greenish hue, which touches of red can make them look brown through to purplish in some lights.

Add pops of black, khaki or olive to green-tinted hues, or nude beige. With red warmed tones, try lilac or rose. Warmer greys can be used anywhere you want to create a cosy, enveloping feel perfect for a north-facing room that needs the chill taking out of it.

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Blue And Grey Bedroom

Grey and blue are perfect compliments to each other. Neither one outshines the other, instead both work in harmony to create a serene aesthetic. A medium tufted headboard and light gray walls work well with the blue patterned comforter. Notice the detail in the metal buttoning no the headboard matches the silver mirror and basket under the nightstand. Details such as this help bring all elements of the room together.

What Colors Go With Grey In A Bedroom

Pink, Gray and Gold Master Bedroom Ideas.

What colors go with grey will depend on the shade of grey you have chosen. A safe option is white white and grey bedrooms are a classic and suit any style of home too. Just make sure you pick the right white for your grey. If you have opted for a warmer grey choose a creamier white and for a cool toned grey you what a crisp brilliant white.

You can pair grey with bolder colors too. Pink is a popular choice, as is yellow, as the both warm up the coolness of grey. You could also embrace those cool tones by pairing grey with blues or greens.

Just make sure you order lots of testers so you can see how your color combinations look in the lighting of your bedroom.

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What Is The Complementary Color Of Gold

There is no question about the flexibility of white in all the colors of the color wheel. But have you ever wondered about the designated complementary color of gold? You would be surprised to know that the shinier, glossier gold would have blue as its complementary color while darker shades of gold would have purple-blue as its complementary color.

Small Bedroom Embrace Coziness With Dark Grey

Don’t let the age old rule that light colors work best in a small room put you off going for a dark grey in a smaller bedroom. Embrace the small dimension and enhance the coziness by adding a dark grey feature wall. Keep the ceilings light in you want to avoid the space feeling too cramped and pair with warm wooden furniture and gold accents to create a really inviting cocooning space.

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Give Grey A Rustic Feel

Image credit: Future PLC/ Brent Darby

Grey schemes can be totally sleek, but they can also be charmingly rustic. Immaculately painted walls dont need to be paired with glossy furniture distressed finishes look amazing, too. This room has a beautifully Scandi-country feel, and the marshmallow-like bedding and soft-coloured accessories keep the decor natural and relaxed.

Abwsgb50 Awesome Black White Silver Gold Bedroom Today 2020 11 04

Photo Page

This bedroom layout guide has four bedroom layouts to show how to arrange your bedroom furniture.

Black And Gold Bedroom Ideas Bac Ojj. See more ideas about gold bedroom, grey and gold bedroom, home decor. Find ideas and inspiration for grey and gold bedroom to add to your own home. If you read my 10 things post, then you surely noticed my bedroom inspiration room. The existing low black bed. After seeing this gorgeous bedroom i have been on a gray and gold binge lately.

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Stunning Grey And Silver Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, the place where you can relax and truly be yourself, so it makes sense to decorate it in a way that suits your style. Of course, if you’re stuck for bedroom ideas there are many interior design styles, layouts, and colour schemes to choose from. Traditionally speaking, cool colour schemes are employed in ‘shared’ spaces in a home the bathroom, kitchen, and living room tend to make use of cool, neutral colour schemes while any warm or vibrant colour schemes are employed in bedrooms to make them feel cosy and inviting. Despite this, grey and silver colour schemes are incredibly popular right now because of the casual, clean sophistication that they offer to even the smallest of bedroom spaces.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate, we do receive a small commission from qualifying purchases made via links within this article.

Ideas To Bring Glamour To Your Bedroom With Gold Accents

I am certain that most of us would agree that gold is beautiful and sophisticated. Anything with gold would look luxurious no matter how simple it actually is. I know you have seen different spaces with gold in them and you have surely observed the visual impact gold has given them. So today, we are going to show you another list of interior spaces with gold accents.

This time, we will go to the bedroom. Even this private space couldnt escape from the stunning appeal of gold! It can be seen from the walls to the wall decors. There are indeed many ways to use gold. It could be subtle additions or the primary colors of the bedroom. After seeing this list, you will surely love gold even more!

1. Mc Master Renovation

Walls and even the bedcover have some hints of gold it that looked awesome with black!

2. Interior Design Gallery

I know you can see the golds in here from the curtains to the sunburst wall sculpture.

3. Karla Trincanello

Adding different tones of gold could be a good idea too like this bedroom.

4. 6 Marlborough Avenue

How about golden frames, lamp and bed? That would be amazing too!

5. Full Home Remodel: Spring Cleaning

The drapes of this bedroom is gold in color and has added more charm to it.

6. London Bay Custom Home at Grey Oaks

No one would hate golden walls! Dont you just adore this?

7. European French Inspired

One pretty bedroom with gold framed pictures on the wall.

8. Hollywood Highrise

9.Amelia Bed How Suite It Is

High Fashion Home

10. Nice Penthouse

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Geometric Print Wallpapered Bedroom

Consider a printed wallpaper as a trendy backdrop to your space for a unique and artsy look in your bedroom. The white and gold geometric print wallpaper pictured below is definitely the focal point of this room, accented only with a solid white bed and mauve’s soft shades. Once thought of as dated and old fashioned, wallpaper is making a comeback as a practical personalized form of wall covering.

Gray Bedroom Color Schemes

Christmas Tree #1 – Glamorous Grey and Gold Master Bedroom Tree

To keep your bedroom from looking dull and drab, pair a few different shades of gray together or add in other complementary colors. Gray goes with just about anything, although muted tones tend to look best. For a classic look, go with a gray and white bedroom for more of a playful modern style, go with a gray and yellow bedroom. Your wall color will ultimately set the tone for the room, so choose accordingly. Gray bedroom walls can make the room feel cozier and more contained, while going with white walls and gray furniture will make the space feel a bit airier.

If youre choosing a paint for the bedroom, consider that blue grays look beautiful with traditional or Scandinavian style rooms, while dark grays can work especially well in modern or contemporary rooms. In traditional or farmhouse bedrooms, it can look beautiful to install white shiplap or beadboard on the bottom half of the walls, and paint the upper half gray.

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Fake A Picture Rail With Grey Paint

You see this a lot in more period properties, with color going up the picture rail and the white on the last quarter of the wall and the ceiling. It’s a classic look that’s great for adding height and elegance to a room but it’s a nice way to add to lift the wall color. Going all over with grey, especially a cool-toned pale grey like the one used here can create quite a flat and uninviting space, but just by introducing that lighter shade the room has a lift, a freshness to balance out the cool.

No picture rail? No problem, fake the look as in this grey bedroom idea, by simply masking off the area you want to paint.

Shades Of Grey Bedroom

Image credit :

Using every shade of grey and silver available to you is a great way to make a room appear metallic in the truest sense of the word. The wallpaper and coving in this room almost look like brushed metal and invite touch, despite being perfectly smooth. The deep pile grey carpet is sumptuous and decadent while looking a little faded and well-loved, and the silver fireplace catches the light from the window perfectly. The addition of a grand antique gold mirror above the bed lifts the whole look and prevents grey overload. This is a key lesson while a coherent colour scheme is important, a flash of contrasting but complementary colour is often the final touch it needs to make it truly special.

Get The Look….

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Chic Polka Dot Bedroom

Any shade of pink, surprisingly, works for the white and gold combo. It is looking soft, chic plus the added black and white accents as makes it more stylish, cooler and fun.

The refreshing aura of this bedroom anchored on gold and white is reminiscent of a trendy, independent woman as it exudes a lot of femininity and casualness. This is yet again a simple and neat idea to arrange your white and gold bedroom with.

More so, it evokes a grounded level of coziness and comfort which makes it playful looking at one end and warm on another end.

This one here is clearly for a baby girl with all those pink details but those white and gold accents make it more phenomenal.

Select The Right Shade Of Grey

Sleigh Bed in a Gold and Silver Bedroom Interior

Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

Picking a grey for your walls is rather like choosing the best white paint there are far more to sift through than you might ever imagine. To get the best look for your space, try out plenty of samples on your walls and see how they work in different lights before committing. This soft grey sits beautifully with luxe cream furnishings and comforting textiles, creating a harmonious scheme.

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Rustic Gold And White Bedroom

Minimalistic style is a widely popular trend in home decor. Combining country-inspired furniture and accessories with soft tones and metallic accents can help you achieve this look. Warm tones of gold and natural wood combine with cool rustic metal and shades of grey in the bedroom pictured below for this cozy-chic cabin feel.

Paint A Panelled Wall In A Sophisticated Grey

Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

Wood panelling painted in a serene shade of grey provides the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated master bedroom. The wood panels helps to add a nod to coastal style, without being too OTT.

To add a further elegant touch two wall pendants in chrome provide a hotel-like lighting solution. Mounted either side of the bed they make ideal bedside lamps. Chrome is the ideal choice of metallic to keep the grey tones cool. Crisp white linens layered with soft grey cushions and throws adds to the well put-together look.

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Rose Gold Bedroom Decor

Breezy And Bright Bedroom


Image credit : Amazon

People always wonder what colour goes with silver, but the real answer is that any colour can pair well with silver. It all depends on matching the shade of silver or grey with an appropriate partner. In this case, the textured, light silver wallpaper is paired with navy blue. The result is stunning weathered blue and silver mirrors keep the room light and airy, while the darker, grey padded headboards add depth and texture to the room. Splashes of deep blue in the bedding and decorations, along with the porthole like mirrors, conjure up a seaside feel and make this a cool refreshing room. Grey and navy blue complement each other so well in many situations, this can be seen to great effect in these grey and navy living room ideas.

Get The Look….

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