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Gray Living Room Wall Decor

Introduce Greenery For Height And Depth


One of the big benefits of houseplants is that they can bring so much interest into even the simplest of color schemes. We love how the green looks against dark walls, giving this grey living room even more depth and drama.

Pick a larger plant like a fiddle leaf fig or a big fern to make a statement or for a more rustic look, dot smaller plants around the space at different heights.

Colors That Go With Gray Living Room Walls

To break up the monotony of the color gray in the living room of this Brookville, New York home, interior designer Andrew Raquet used silver, gold, and lots of pattern. These special accent colors for gray create a unique decor everyone will love. It seems as a royal one, with special details that add to the majestic, aristocratic look! However, you can have the same look with some grey furniture. This is a great technique to use when you dont want to change the room overall.

Larette designed this contemporary California farmhouse with blue-gray living room walls that open up to the outside. The soft color works with the bright natural light.

Also, using cement gray shades can be a nice way to have a perfect result. That way you can have a light grey room and add more details to it. For example, in this case you can have some darker details on the walls and furniture. This is one of the greatest advantages of light grey rooms!

Of course, the dullness of such combination isnt for everyone. So you should think about it twice before implementing something like that.

Interior painting idea using gray as the base color with highlight colors. Wanna see more grey room ideas? Scroll down for more!

Chestnut furniture set against slate gray walls gives this living room a traditional feel with a sophisticated edge. Shots of hot pink add vibrancy to the scheme.

Dark Accent Wall With Mirror Border

This time we using a similar approach with the previous ones where we made a simple gray accent wall, but this time its achieved by using a simple line that covered by mirrors. This accent wall with the mirror border works very well to produce an elegant accent wall even without using additional wall art or decorations.

Although we only used a little bit of mirror here, it still helps make this bedroom look a little more spacious. And this is very beneficial for bedrooms of small size.

Shop the Look

With sophisticated modern looks, this two-drawer nightstand table gives a lot of extra storage for your bedroom in an elegant and glamorous way, thanks to its glossy white finish and beautiful silver sparkling panel.

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What Does Gray Mean

Gray is a conservative color. Its neutral which makes for a sound wall color choice because it works with many other colors that you might incorporate such as blue, orange, yellow, white, black, etc.

Its been called a compromise color because it sits between two non-colors which creates a sense of calm. Calm isnt a bad emotional response for a living room color.

While the psychology of gray may come across as being negative, it isnt at all. What gray walls do is create a neutral background within which you can bring your living room to life without being overwhelming. Its no surprise to me that its the third most popular living room color these days.

Below is our photo gallery of gray living rooms. Most are gray as a result of the walls, but in some instances weve declared it gray due to an abundance of gray within the decor.

Yellow Art On Grey Wall

grey walls living room

Wall art: Harmonia IV by Sia Aryai

Another easy way to create the wall decor with a yellow and gray theme is by placing a yellow artwork on a gray wall. You can also do something on the contrary. However, if you want a more stunning result, placing something yellow on grey will be better because the sunny color will pop.

As an example, you can take a look at the eclectic open kitchen and dining room above. It has a grey wall that looks like concrete or something textured. Unfortunately, we cannot find any information about the material or paint.

As you can see, the wall design looks so simple with only a grey tone in it. As a decoration, the designer chose a stunning yellow wall art placed above a natural wood console table.

The bright color of this wall art creates a contrasting look in the wall design. Since the grey tone is more dominating here, the yellow hue is not overpowering at all.

About the color scheme of the room generally, the addition of the yellow art is another excellence. The reason is that it looks coordinating with the stools and yellow vase in the cooking area.

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Taupe Gray Living Room: Design And Decoration

hackrea / March 13, 2020 views 1,120- 0 likes

A calm taupe gray living room is a winning option for connoisseurs of classics and for followers of modern design trends. It is a respectable, elegant and noble combination that even a layman can make.

But still, beginners can make mistakes and shortcomings, which makes the room dark. How to avoid mistakes and achieve balance well talk about this in this article.

What Are The Most Important Features Of Grey Walls Decor

A grey living room can look really good if you pick furniture and flooring in similar colors. But some might find such an interior a little boring. Some even might think it lacks character. For this reason, think how to enliven grey walls design to give them a little extravagance.

You dont need much to break through the monotony and make a grey wall look really good. But keep several important issues in mind. The shade of grey is one of them – there are a lot of possibilities.

  • If you picked charcoal grey or graphite, dont combine them with dark decorations, as they will vanish on the wall and wont stand out. Pastel colors are a much better choice. Alternatively, you can pick prominent shades, e.g. turquoise or fuchsia.
  • If the walls are light, we recommend that you pick distinct decorations – give up white or ecru. But if you want something bright, pick silver or golden decorations – they emphasize the wall in a delicate and stylish way.

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Go For A Coastal Vibe With A Light Grey Living Room

You might live nowhere near the beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of those coastal vibes into your living room. Coastal interiors aren’t all about blue stripes and miniature ships in bottles.

You can create a beach house-inspired interior using light greys and lots of layers of different fabrics and materials.

Rugs, cushions, baskets, wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid back feel that the coastal look is all about.

Fancy Gray Living Room Designs

How To Decorate a Gray Living Room | MF Home TV

A mix between white and black, gray is, by definition a neutral. Grey living room ideas can have unique versions. This particular color could be cool or warm, dramatic and dark, or beautiful and bright. And may possibly be utilized in gray furniture or even gray living room walls, as a component of the home. We are extremely into gray, but just if the trim is perfect. When you do not wish to try painting your living room white, but wish to maintain the area great and bright, a pale gray is a good option. Thus, in case you like gray, these gray living rooms ideas will sweep you off your feet!

The ideal result, however, comes when in conjunction with accent colors for gray! Now the question is, what color complements gray? A gray and blue living room is one example! Gray could be a dull, boring color, so pick your tone with care, together with the sprinkles of the various other shades! Or perhaps, why dont you make a light grey room?

Gray areas are a good way to begin refreshing your home decor, particularly the living room, which is among the most crucial rooms in your house. The majority of people seem to spend most of their time there. Thus, in case you like gray color, having some gray areas will be perfect for you! Its a basic color that is available in many shades. Consequently, being a premier choice for individuals who like something minimal, classic, but trendy, and different.

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Grey And Brown Living Room With Fabric Acoustic Panel Wall

This next idea might sound a bit uncommon but it is quite impressive to try. It is none other, but the idea of using acoustic panels for the wall instead of just painting the wall or covering it with different types of paneling.

This idea is beneficial, and the first benefit is that the panels are available in vast color options. It means you can find the right one to meet the grey and brown color limitation.

Surely, color options are not the only benefit offered by the panels.

They are also beneficial because of the unique ability they have. They can absorb sounds and noises to create a better and more comfortable environment.

This benefit makes the idea perfect for an open living room l, such as the one shown in the picture above. With the brown-grey fabric acoustic panels, the living area doesnt only look good, but it also gets noise reduction.

This way, you can spend time in the space more conveniently.

Bring Grey To Life With Bright Colours

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Worried grey alone might seem a bit dull? Then choose your accessories carefully. A blue sofa, yellow chair and tomato red lamp really sing out against a mid-grey backdrop. Pull everything together with a rug that features all the different shades that you are using, and voilà decorating perfection!

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Grey And Blue Living Room With A Wall Artwork

A wall artwork can be more than just a decoration in your grey and blue living area.

Artwork can be something that can help you out in building up the grey and blue color scheme you want in the room. It gets even better because the right artwork can also set the mood inside the room in an aesthetic way.

Please take a look at the picture of transitional living room below.

It is apparent that this room has a bright grey and blue theme with white accents that make it looks even more brilliant. It is a good thing actually since this brightness in the room also makes the space looks very clean.

However, it is a living room, and it would be great to have a calm and cozy feel in there too. Here is where the mountain-themed panel artworks have an essential role.

As you can see, the artworks show an image of a misty mountain that looks rather cold but at the same time also calm and peaceful.

You can even feel the breeze when you look at the artwork. A view like this is helpful in boosting the coziness in the interior because you will feel calm and comfortable whenever you spend time in the room.

Paint Color Review For A Living Room

25 Elegant Gray Living Room Ideas For Your Amazing Home ...

Living room is a space that is usually filled with many different decor elements and objects, such as furniture, cushions, tables, book shelves, etc. It all makes this room look somewhat stuffed, and of course, picking up a proper wall paint color might be complicated in such a case!

This is the reason why so many people prefer choosing neutral colors, for instance, greige shades, and Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is one of the best sellers on the market.

This shade is a perfect choice if you are looking for the paint color that will complement any interior and can be combined with almost any other color or colors, both neutral and bright.

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Gray Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Studio KW Photography

The living room is where you usually spend a great deal of your spare time at home. Whether youre watching TV, reading your favorite book, or perhaps entertaining guests, selecting the proper color scheme in your living room is vitally important. Gray is among the most preferred shades since it really works well with various other colorseven black and white. Thus, we have put together 17 gray living room decor ideas to enable you to decorate the most widely used room in the home. Make sure youll be able to get personalized decor pieces to have the finishing touches on your living room.

Introduce Plenty Of Pattern And Texture

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Stop all-grey from looking flat by adding texture and pattern. For a winter-proof living room youll want to hunker down in, texture is key. Furry cushions and super-soft blankets make this the perfect space to curl up in. Break up those shades of grey with some well-chosen patterned dainty curtains, a statement rug and chunky weaves are all it takes.

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Bring The Outdoors In With Grey Rattan

Grey rattan garden furniture is a great investment for the summer time, but as the evenings get a little chillier, and the nights get shorter, it risks becoming redundant until the next year’s signs of spring.

Repurpose your outdoor seating in an indoor space to get the most out of your purchase. We love this calming grey and white living room with shiplap walls and lots of indoor plants. Perfect for an all-year round botanical aesthetic.

Grey And Brown Living Room With Bulky Leather Sofa

Very Cozy Living Room Decorating For 2022 Wall Color Combination of Gray and Cream

Leather seats always provide a fabulous way in adding brown tone in your grey and brown interior. The specific type we recommend you to choose in this idea is the bulky leather sofa.

This idea is specific because leather sofas in bulky style as shown in the picture above have a rather intense masculine look.

In other words, these furniture pieces are perfect to choose when you want to add more masculine touches in your living room.

Because of this, the sofas are not only suitable for a living room belongs to a male homeowner but also the one that has too much feminine touch.

The disadvantage of placing bulky sofas in your living room is that these items can make the area look heavy and less spacious.

Although so, it isnt something for you to worry too much since a practical solution is available.

The solution is using more portions of bright tones in the room to reduce the heavy look as well as avoiding cramped impression.

The same answer exists in the example above, in which the living room has two brown bulky leather sofas, a very bright grey wall tone, cloud grey and black rug, and some white in the furniture pieces, fireplace, and adornments.

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Paint All The Woodwork

Image credit: Pooky Cranling Floor Lamp with white marble base and Pink Velvet cone shade brass cap, £387, all Pooky

A super-soft dove grey living room colour scheme works as a gentle contrast to rosy toned upholstery and accents. Painting all of the woodwork in the same colour has created a chic, seamless look that works beautifully with the art-deco inspired fluted chairs.

The walls arent broken up by different finishes, so the uninterrupted flow of grey paint plays with the proportions of the room, creating the illusion of more space and an airy, open room.

Take care when picking the best grey paint for your walls youll need to consider your rooms size and situation.

Paint All Five Walls Grey

We all have a tendency to stick with white when it comes to ceilings, but why not be bolder with your ceiling and give them the attention they deserve.

Painting walls and the ceiling gives a lovely cocooning effect to a room and works especially well if you have a larger room with high ceilings and want the space to feel more coz

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Take The Colour From The Floor To Ceiling

Image credit: David Giles

Grey tones kick off with Farrow & Balls Pavillion Gray Estate on the walls and even the ceiling, to create a box of cocooning colour. Moving down to a large grey corner sofa and light grey carpet. This key colour is also picked up in statement floor rug. We say you can never have too much grey!

Gorgeous Gray Living Room Ideas For A Stylish Neutral Space

10 Gray Living Room Designs to Improve your Home Decor

Go monochromatic to achieve a sophisticated, layered look. This gray living room combines a deep charcoal sofa with pewter window treatments and dove-gray walls. The various shades all work together because they have a similar undertone. Break up the neutral color scheme with creamy off-white and natural wood tones on accent furniture and accessories.

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Grey And Brown Living Room With Mural Wall

This idea for grey and brown living area is suitable to pick if you want to add a decorative value on your wall, but you are not interested in hanging painting, photos, or other similar wall arts on it.

The idea is creating a mural to make the wall the decoration itself.

While you can freely choose what image you want to draw on the wall, which is, of course, suitable to the rooms style, you need to consider the coloring of the mural art.

Here, it would be best if you dont break the grey and brown theme.

As exemplified in the picture above, the mural in the room has elegant patterns and brown background color.

While the brown color is suitable to the theme we talk about in this post, the design seems to be a good pairing for the grey leather sectional, which also has elegance value in it.

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