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Gray And White Kitchen Decor Ideas

Blue Paint Colors To Pin And Save

Trendy Grey And Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas Amazing Ideas – Home Decorating Ideas


A sound track to accompany the blue kitchen photo gallery? Why not?

Heres one of my favorite Roy Orbison songs mentioning the color of the day and easing my mind back to a simpler timeif you dont have time to listen to her whole performance, definitely dont miss the gorgeous vocal moment at 4:00!

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Is A Gray Kitchen The One Youve Been Looking For

For people who are searching for ways to renew their kitchen, it is a tough decision. The alternatives are so many, that anyone could be overwhelmed. Even the most experienced ones and those who love decoration. To help you tackle this, we have some amazing grey kitchen ideas for you. There are many suggestions of a gray kitchen out there, but are they all good? Probably not.

Gray can come in many shades for any room. Lets see some grey kitchen ideas and options for you!

Dark or Light

The hue you pick for your gray kitchen depends on the space youre working with and your personal preference. If your kitchen has limited natural light or is small in size, a dark gray color will make it feel darker and smaller. Deep, saturated hues absorb light and light gray shades reflect light back into the room and as a result amplify the brightness of the space.

Cool or Warm

Although gray may at times appear to be a straightforward color, its actually deeply influenced by blues, reds and yellows. The influencing undertone or hue can make the gray color appear warmer or cooler. For instance, a gray with a red-undertone will be a putty tone and a gray with a blue undertone will be a steely-shade. If you want to understand how the gray shades will work in your space, you should tape paint chips of a few gray shades to your wall. Then, examine and compare them throughout the day.

Painted or Stained Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Gray Backsplash And White Cabinets In Gray White Kitchen

This interior design exudes elegance with its timeless color scheme. The rich dark backsplash transforms the whole atmosphere of the kitchen and gives a sense of peace. White gorgeous accent cabinets match the white quartz kitchen countertop. To add a glamorous touch: the island with gray quartz countertops smokes with a mystical aura. The wooden floor is wonderfully complemented by a white ceiling and spotlights on top.

ID# 114312 | Houzz.com Credit | BCDF studio | © Bertrand Fompeyrine

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Add A Wooden Or Wicker Bowl

When you have a large family, the kitchen can become a room to serve many purposes. Its a place to gather and share meals together, but it can also serve as a place to kick off your shoes and settle in after a long day of work.

Keeping a wooden or wicker basket on the counter to hold your wallet and keys can become an important addition to your space, especially if that s the first room you get too after coming inside.

Having a designated space to keep your important items saves you time in the morning when youre rushing off to work and keeps everything in a central location.

Using a cute basket to hide the items will make this a logical addition to your space while adding to your specific style!

Gray Isnt Very Plant Friendly

56 Luxury White Kitchen Decor Ideas

It can be a bit tough to introduce other elements of color to gray themed kitchens, especially natural elements like plants. The greens of most plants end up having their color sucked away by the gray, so ultimately its probably for the best if you keep the amount of gray in your kitchen design to a minimum.

If these ideas dont appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of custom kitchen design ideas.

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Work White Into A Two

Green kitchen ideas work beautifully with white. ‘Soft shades of warm whites and earthy beige work well on their own, but are even better when used in a two-tone scheme,’ says Tom Howley.

‘Two of our most loved shades are Tansy and Willow. Beautifully understated, they create truly stunning kitchens enhancing architectural interest, all without the need for bold color.

‘If youre using lighter colors to enhance your space then try painting your walls in the same shade. This will focus your eye on the whole area, allowing it to feel larger and lighter.’

Echo Grey Elements Of Stainless Steel

Image credit: Future PLC/ Darren Chung

Enhance the natural tones of stainless steel. The brushed-chrome finish offers as close a colour match as youll get within the grey colour palette. Encase an industrial-style sink with tonal cabinetry to present a uniformed finish. Go one step further by adding matching taps and fittings, even industrial-style pendants to tie the cohesive scheme together.

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Go Glam With Luxe Gold And Grey

Image credit: Mereway

You dont get much more glamorous than marbled kitchen cabinets shot through with accents of gold. While were used to seeing marble on work surfaces and splashbacks, glossy marble-front cabinets take grey kitchens to a whole new level of luxury.

Break up large expanses of cabinet by adding pockets of shelving for storage and display. And add colour balance by introducing a free-floating island in a contrast white marble finish. Gold trims and plinths add to the luxe effect.

Choose A Bold Wallpaper

Gray And White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

An open concept kitchen features a dining nook that features a floral wallpaper accent wall and an upholstered dining bench. A wood dining table sits against the wall, creating the perfect eating area. Hanging above the kitchen island, a midcentury modern light fixture lights the eating area.

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Modern Rustic Works Perfectly With A Grey Scheme

If youve ever wanted to bring the modern rustic style into your home then heres how to do it in your kitchen. Its all about beautiful textures like sheepskin, lovely grained woods, rattan, exposed brick walls and bare floorboards and a hint of industrial style.

All of this looks fabulous when teamed with this mid-grey color that the units are painted in which is a kind of gunmetal shade. The kitchen island worktop carries on the industrial element as do the metal pendants.

Although there are lots of light elements (including the white alcove walls and pale brick decor, this grey kitchen also includes kitchen ceiling lighting in the form of spotlights. A bright idea if ever we saw one!

Choose A Transformative Surface

This modern kitchen is both timeless and elegant, graphic and edgy in equal measure. The soft color of the cabinetry, Farrow & Balls Moles Breath, is given intensity with the Calacatta Manhattan marble kitchen countertop and backsplash, and smart black handles. It was designed for a large Victorian terrace and the client wanted it to be contemporary and functional, while acknowledging the period nature of its surroundings, says Craig Matson, managing director of Roundhouse .

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Small Kitchen Design With Traditional Multicolored Floor Tiles

With sweet shades of gray and white as the main hue, this kitchen is very inviting! Beautiful white cabinets and white quartz kitchen countertop match with the classic appeal of a white subway tile backsplash. The white island with a dark gray granite countertop is decorated with white and gray patterns of the patterned floor tile. The wooden floor touch provides a meeting space for individual tone arrangements. Dark gray barstools and glass pendant lamps add elegance.

ID# 114327 | Houzz.com Credit |

Incorporate A Contrasting Colour Splashback

Stunning Grey And White Kitchen Color Ideas Match With Any Kitchen ...

Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

Add a punchy accent colour by way of a statement splashback. This can be tiled or glass, depending on the look youre after. In the high-gloss grey kitchen idea shown above, a fabulous fuchsia pink splashback adds a vibrant hit of colour. The chosen accent colour is accentuated further by stark white walls as a contrast.

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Grey Kitchens That Prove This Shade Is Here To Stay

Grey kitchens are a style classic chic and sophisticated. So it’s no surprise it’s the color of choice when it comes to busiest hub of the home.

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We will be the first to admit that grey kitchens are some of our favorites out there although we don’t like to be biased. A lot of time is spent scrolling through gorgeous pics of these rooms, be it classic Shaker or rustic farmhouse styles.

So we thought, to give us an excuse to continue down our social media rabbit hole of dreamy kitchens, we’ve put all our best grey kitchen decor findings in one place to give you all some inspiration.

Whether you want to add a few touches of the now and forever-trending kitchen color, or if you’re looking to overhaul your entire kitchen with a completely grey color scheme, you will find a plethora of inspo.

From light grey kitchen ideas to dark charcoal color schemes we’ve covered it all.

Add In Contrast With Raw Materials

‘The key with a neutral kitchen is to pair cabinetry with contrasting walls and textural elements. This will give the design an edge and create appealing visual interest.

‘If you have crisp white or cream kitchen cabinetry, you could opt for a contrasting walnut finish for the racks and shelving within. Choose a smoky wood finish for the internal shelving for a stylish edge,’ says Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley .

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Subtle Contrast Steals The Show

While it is easy to add pops of yellow, red or green to a kitchen in white and gray, colorful accents definitely seem like a thing of the past. Instead of color, think of other ways in which you can create contrast without altering the overall appeal of the lovely kitchen draped in neutral hues. Wood is undoubtedly a fine choice as it is both hip and brings a hint of natural effervescence to a contemporary setting dominated by man-made materials. Wooden cabinets and breakfast bars seem to be the popular option here followed by bar stools and floating shelves.

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If wood is not your thing and you still wish to inject some colorful zest into the gray and white kitchen, then smart cabinets in pastel hues might be worth considering. These dashing additions are perfect for retro, vintage and eclectic kitchens. Hot metallic finishes, bold pendants in black or even a colorful backsplash can do the trick when used right.

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue Kitchen

Awesome Grey and White Modular Kitchen designs 2021 | Grey kitchen cabinets | White kitchen ideas

Blue is a color that is linked with confidence. Unlike red, which shows aggressive dominance, blue is related to a calm authority.

No. 35

Blue inspires trust, it is non-threatening and shows persistence.

Ever considered the relationship of the color blue and emotion?

No. 36

Another characteristic of blue is that it is not a very emotional color. It can be described as aloof or snobbish.

No. 37

Just as it is associated with intelligence, it can be associated with being cold and rational to a point of showing little emotion.

No. 38

Heres a banquette covered in blue and white stripes:

No. 39

And wouldnt this also be a cozy nook in which to gather?

I also learned from color psychology research how blue is an unappetizing color which is curious since so many folks love blue in the kitchen! Is blue kitchen decor for people who are watching their portions or maybe attractive to folks who dont do a lot of cooking? Food for thought.

Did you pick a favorite kitchen above? Id love to hear about your preference!

I bet youll love these stories with more kitchen inspiration!

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Is Grey A Good Color For A Kitchen

‘Grey is the perfect shade to use as a backdrop to contrasting pops of color, while matt grey walls provide texture as well as being hard-wearing and practical.’ says Shillingford.

‘Dove grey kitchens embody traditional country-style themes, and grey and copper kitchens add a modern, metallic twist.’

Create A Modern Pantry Or Breakfast Station

Although modern tech advances in refrigeration means that we no longer have to store our food like previous generations, having a pantry as one of your kitchen storage ideas is actually really smart.

‘The pantry continues to be on top of the nostalgic kitchen wish list, and retaking its place at the heart of the home, offering substantial storage space for all your culinary essentials,’ says John Lewis, founder ofJohn Lewis of Hungerford .

‘The interiors can be adapted to your needs including a marble cold shelf, solid oak drawers and door mounted spice storage. Additionally, sockets and lighting can be added so that small appliances can be used, creating a functional workspace.’

‘Pantries are a great addition to a working kitchen, whether you are having your entire space re-designed for just looking to add to your current kitchen.’

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What Colors Go With Grey And White In A Kitchen

Grey and white is a great base onto which to build a multitude of different color accents. Keep your grey pale, and you can interject with bold pops of color across your kitchen tile ideas and furniture. Alternatively, build upon the neutral aspect of the pairing with natural materials like wood and colored marble to create a scheme that blends rusticity and earthiness with slick contemporaneity.

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37+ Cool Grey White Kitchens Design Ideas

Its coming 8 months after moving into our new home, I am ready to make changes in the kitchen. You can see more of what it looks like now in this post. Its a lovely kitchen and definitely has its strong points, but its not really me. And while Im not going to give away all my plans just yet, I thought I would share with you some of my inspiration kitchens. Think of it as a sneak peek into where were headed.

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A Touch Of Gray To Suit The Glass

Minimalist designs with gray tones and innovative new additions can pull every eye to your kitchen space. Alternate tones for the lower cabinets look chic and fabulous.

But what is more attractive is a singular upper cabinet done entirely in glass to showcase the background in all white.

Soft cream-white marble counter-tops could really provide a cohesive look for such a style.

An arrangement such as this works brilliantly for both open and smaller areas, providing a spacious dimension.

Image via dwell

Choose French Grey For A Rustic Scheme

Image credit: Future PLC/ Philip Lauterbach

Grey is just about the most flexible colour for a kitchen. In charcoal, it can feel very modern, but opt for a French grey like in the small kitchen idea shown above and youre immediately transported to the Gallic countryside. Even if you do live in Grimsby.

A soothing green-grey, French grey takes its name from the shade heavily featured in French design and wallpapers from the 19th century. Its as popular now as it was then thanks to its unique soothing quality, which makes it perfectly suited to relaxed rustic kitchen-diners like this one.

If youre going to introduce a few different colours in accessories, its best you keep to one single tone for the backdrop so make sure your splashback, cabinets and flooring all match. Otherwise the overall effect will be less stylish and more shambles.

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Diy Grey White And Gold Kitchen

Sara Davis kitchen may look like a high dollar job. But, it has some DIY touches that can give any space a feeling of luxury. The cabinetry is ready-to-assemble, which can be a huge money saver. One wall features easy-to-install open shelving with gold hardware. And the dining room sets it all off with a DIY paneled wall.

Grey And White Kitchen With White Waterfall Island And Wood Details


Grays and whites blend with wooden details in this contemporary kitchen. The simple white cabinets in this kitchen take on the dimension with the gray top cabinets and rise with the natural look of the white stone backsplash. The white quartz kitchen countertop continues on the waterfall-edged gray kitchen island and matches with the wood-look vinyl floor. Wooden barstools and minimal white pendant lamps with wooden details make the kitchen look more natural.

ID# 114304 | Houzz.com Credit |

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Inspiring Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Diana Hathaway Timmons has over 10 years as a color and interior design consultant. She writes about ideas and tips for beautifying your space and incorporating decor trends into your home. She wrote the book “How to Sell Your Home Without Losing Your Zen” and has been featured in the “Huffington Post,””Better Homes & Gardens,” and additional publications.

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Kitchen trends go in and out of style but a few trends become design staples. Dark wood cabinets paired with granite is still considered a stylish choice after decades of popularity. White kitchens began as a trend and are still at the top of home decorating wishlists after several years. Gray kitchens began trending and have now become another classic kitchen color choice.

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