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Garage Doors With Decorative Hinges

Why Invest In Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Magnetic Garage Door Decorative Hinge – Household Essentials

Curb appeal is often a hot topic when selling a house or making improvements to a home you plan to stay in, and decorative garage door hardware can be an easy way to spruce up an existing door to make it feel more special. It is all about how your house looks from the street.

Studies show that 71% of homeowners use their garage door as their main entrance. Adding decorative hardware is an easy way to give your garage door a cost-efficient makeover so you can start describing it as a breathtaking transformation or bright and beautiful

You may want to add garage door hardware to your home for multiple reasons including making a great first impression to house visitors or to invest in your future. If youre thinking about selling your home, having a spruced-up garage door will increase the value of your home and youll receive just under 94% of the costs spent on making these improvements.

Before you decide what decorative hardware to choose, you want to determine your purpose for adding new hardware, you can do this by asking yourself some basic questions:

  • Do you live in a snout house where the garage faces the street and is more prominent than your front door?
  • Is your garage tucked around a corner or the back of your house, where you are decorating it mainly for your own pleasure?
  • Does your garage door compete for attention with the front door?
  • Do you want to draw attention to your garage doors or just freshen them up?

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Guidelines

This blog was originally published on August 16th, 2017 and was updated on June 7th, 2022.

Perhaps, youve described your garage doors as nothing special or hidden in plain sight and you never really thought about the impact of a well-maintained garage door on your home. In reality, the garage door is becoming more of a prominent upgrade for your home than you might expect.

In this blog, we will highlight the importance of investing in garage door decorative hardware, what style options you have, and how you can expand the lifespan of your hardware.

Garage Door Decorative Kits

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Heavy Iron Decorative Hardware

Carriage House Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit

Powder Coated Black Hammered Finish

Heavy Iron, Powder Coated Black Hammered Finish.

QUALITY HERE, Set weighs nearly 5 pounds.

POWDER COATED, Very distinctive.

Hinges stand off door 1-1/2

5-1/8 Center to Center on the mounting holes

Approx. 1/4 Thick


We carry many decorative garage door parts

We are a full service garage door and garage door opener company with the knowledge and desire to help you in any type of garage door or garage door opener repair. We ship six days a week and we stock what we sell. We only stock professional grade parts, we do not stock any knock off or cheap imitation parts. Everything we carry is made by and for the Garage Door Industry. All of our vendors stand behind their products so if there is ever any issues with anything we carry, not only do we stand behind the product but the actual manufacture or supplier does as well. We have developed long term relationships with our vendors and we only work with vendors that we trust. We are a family company and were in it for the long haul, we sell only garage door and garage door opener parts, we are here for you before, during and after your garage door or garage door opener repair and we want your project to be a rewarding and satisfying experience 100% of the way.

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Carriage House Garage Door Decorative Hardware Set – Spear Style

4.2 out of 5 stars

A Buying Guide To The Nicest Garage Door Hardware

Crown MetalWorks Traditional Decorative Black Garage Hardware Kit

From traditional to modern – there are literally all kinds of garage door decorative hardware kits obtainable on the market. But, remember not all of them are entirely suitable for your preferences. So, in order to assist you with the final decision, we will be mentioning some of the most fundamental things that you should be paying attention to when shopping. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Strap Hinges & Latches

No matter what type of decorative hardware you are looking for, make sure the garage door still looks functional. Hinges and latches should be placed on the sides of the garage door at the top and bottom. The top and bottom hinges should be the same length, but any intermediate hinges , can be shorter.

The picture on the left indicates this garage as a very wide single door and has a much simpler look to it. The right photo imitates two side-by-side swing style doors with a more decorative look through the use of garage door hinges.

Tips For Adding Decorative Hardware To Your Garage Door

A garage doors design is entirely up to you and theres no right answer to where to put garage door handles. However, keeping the following design principles in mind will ensure that the end results will be as aesthetically appealing and style-appropriate as possible:

  • Dont overdo it let decorative garage door hinges and handles enhance the look of the door instead of overwhelming it.
  • Use proper placement. Any hardware placed on a garage door should make sense from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. Talk to a garage door expert for more advice on how to outfit any style with garage door locks and handles.

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Why Garage Door Hardware Direct

With over 50 years of garage door industry experience, Garage Door Hardware Direct offers its customers the finest quality in decorative faux traditional, antique garage door strap hinges, designer door pull handles, door knockers, ring pulls and clavos or door studs. From Rustic to Mission or Modern design, we have a hardware set for you or can put together a combination of hardware to make up a “customized” set.

We also offer magnetic garage door handles, strap hinges and garage door floor weather seals. Our decorative hardware products are manufactured from the finest steel, iron, aluminum in five powder-coated colors with color-matched stainless steel fasteners for long-lasting performance. We offer both purchase by the piece or multi-set discount and free shipping on all orders.

Since 2002, we have sold our decorative garage door hardware in every state and weather condition without failure or defect. Our decorative garage door hardware products can be found on Clopay, Amarr, Overhead Door, Wayne Dalton, Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes garage doors. If you are looking for ease of installation requiring no tools or a great gift idea, we offer plastic hardware with 10-year rated earth magnets, the best available. Our products are used by leader builders in every climate across the country, from Florida to Minnesota. We offer free design service to help you avoid costly mistakes and to make sure your hardware will add value to your home’s appearance.

How Much Do Garage Door Hinges Cost

DIY HIP Chicks- How to Install Garage Door Decorative Hardware from Coach House Accents

The price to replace a single garage door hinge is very low, usually $5-$20, with most of them retailing for around $10-$15. If all you need to do is replace a single hinge, youll have no problem finding one for cheap.

If you want to replace your garage door hinges, on the other hand, you may need to fork out $100-$200 for a set which, realistically, isnt that bad for 12 or more hinges. Some kits come with all the hardware, brackets, and extra hinges, as well.

The cost to have someone replace all the hinges for you will run you between $150 and $300 on average.

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Are All Garage Door Hinges The Same

Garage door hinges are essentially universal. Every brand makes garage door hinges that work with any type of garage door. It doesnt matter which you buy.

The only exceptions to this are as follows.

  • Side opening doors Side opening garage doors, the ones that swing out like a house door, require a different type of hinge since the weight hangs at a different angle.
  • Custom doors If you have custom doors in your garage, they may use specialty hinges as well. Double-check the hinge type before trying to buy replacements.
  • Industrial doors Industrial doors are usually much bigger and much heavier than residential doors and, therefore, require larger and stronger hinges. They also need a lot more.

What Causes Garage Door Hinges To Break

Broken garage door hinges are a matter of wear and tear, material quality, and the level of abuse they suffer. If you tend to run into your garage door, slam it with more force than necessary, throw stuff against it, or you have a kid taking slap shots at it, chances are your garage door hinges will break pretty quickly.

The easiest way to avoid damage from this kind of abuse is to prevent it. Treat your garage door with a bit of respect, and youll find that the hinges last a lot longer. Unfortunately, this isnt the only thing that can break your hinges.

If the material of the hinges is subpar, to begin with, they wont last long. Where commercial hinges are large, robust, and made with high-grade steel, builders hinges are smaller and made with a thinner, cheaper metal. They are more liable to break.

Additionally, regular wear and tear can be enough to snap a hinge clean in half. There is an immense amount of pressure and weight on garage door hinges and sometimes they simply reach their limit.

Typical garage door hinges only last about 10-15 years before they start showing signs of wear.

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When Should You Replace Garage Door Hinges

Generally speaking, you dont need to replace your garage door hinges unless they are damaged, or youre replacing the entire garage door. Garage door hinges have a life expectancy of around 10-15 years, depending on quality and use.

Here are some signs of damage that signal its time to replace your hinges.

  • Missing bolts or screws. If a hinge is missing a bolt and screw, its usually one of two issues. Either the plate has deteriorated enough that it can no longer hold the screw or bolt in place, the hole in the garage door has become too loose, or both.
  • Loose or jiggling hinge. If the entire hinge is loose or jiggling, but its not missing any screws, that could mean that the metal is wearing down or the screws are coming loose. Replacing the hinge should fix the problem.
  • Cracks or breaks in the metal. A hinge thats forming cracks, or has already snapped, needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Warped, bent, or frayed edges. Warped, bent, and frayed edges of the metal hinge are a precursor to loose screws and breaks. If you notice this kind of damage, replace the hinge before it gets worse.
  • Damage to the door around the hinge. Sometimes a hinge may start to damage the garage door itself. A wood or fiberglass door may chip, crack or splinter. Steel or aluminum garage doors may bend or rust. Youll usually need to replace the door panel, and possibly the hinge, too.

Garage Door Decorative Hinge

Decorative Garage Door Hardware Guidelines

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The Beauty Of Decorative Garage Door Hardware

Written by Admin and published on .

Installing is an affordable way to increase the curb appeal of your garage door. There is a wide variety of decorative hardware available, including different styles and materials. When you think of decorating your home, you often wont think of decorating the garage door. Thats true even if youve spent time making improvements to your windows, doors, and other aspects of the homes exterior. However, adding decorations to your garage can actually make all the difference. Heres what you can do to add to your garage door, and how it improves the overall look of your home.

Its Not All About Strap Hinges

Sometimes just a pair of pulls or a latch adds that little extra something you were missing. Check out these before and after photos that dont use a strap hinge anywhere!

As nice as these doors on the left are, they are a little plain. The doors do look like they could swing open but due to the section breaks, there is not really enough room for appropriate sized strap hinges. The addition of clavos and ring pulls on the right dresses them up in an elegant, yet simple, way! If these doors were seen next to your front door, the hardware would add interest while not detracting from your main entrance door.

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Why Are Garage Door Hinges Numbered

Believe it or not, not all garage door hinges are the same. Thats why most of them have numbers printed on the bottom.

Start at the bottom of your garage door and count each panel going up. The lowest panel is one, the next up is two, and so on.

Each spot on the door bears a different load and experiences a different level of tension. That means each hinge needs to be different, to accommodate that tension.

Starting at the bottom panel, the numbers on each hinge tell you the order to install them on your garage door.

So the number one hinge goes at the fold between panels one and two. The number two hinge spans panels two and three. You can think of it as the hinge number corresponding to the panel it sits on top of.

However, the brackets at the top and bottom corners of the door dont follow this numbering system. They have their own specific types of hinges, so ignore them for now.

The hinges ones that go in the middle of the door, without rollers, arent usually numbered. Since they dont have rollers, they are easy to tell apart.

Garage Door Hinges: 7 Things You Need To Know

Best Garage Door Decorative Accents Kit Flower Style Handle Hinge Set Review

Ill admit, garage door hinges werent something I put a lot of thought into.

Until one of them broke and I couldnt get my car out of my garage.

If you suddenly find yourself in the same situation, or youre planning ahead so you dont, then here are seven things you need to know about garage door hinges.

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How Much Do Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kits Typically Cost

Are you shopping for your new garage door decorative hardware kit? Well, you should be expecting to pay from as little as $8 and all up to $80 for some collections. The price range can considerably vary depending on a few decisive things, including the total quality of the fabrication materials, the manufacturing process, the number of elements included in the collection, and the brand that stands behind the product.

Note: We heavily suggest that you avoid the low-priced garage door decorative hardware kits. Instead, you should go with some of the middle-priced models for the best value possible.

Pull Handle & Ring Pulls

Pull handles or ring pulls are a popular choice for carriage-style garage door hardware, and they add an elegant touch to your home. If your garage door opens from the middle, you may want to have hardware installed. These should be placed just above the shoulder height of the driveway and always be installed in pairs.

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How Can You Locate The Most Fitting Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit For Your Demands

Number of elements included

The primary thing that you should pay crucial attention to is the number of elements included in the garage door decorative hardware kit.

  • Handles – The handles are a great option for any garage door that opens from the center. Not only do they provide you with a better appearance overall, but they’re also extremely functional . There are all kinds of handles available , so the final choice will pretty much depend on your individual demands.
  • Hinges – Next up, we have hinges. These little pieces add rustic elegance to any home’s exterior. Most people tend to place the hinges on the sides of their garage door .
  • Clavos – Clavos are fundamental decorative pieces- they look pretty similar to bolts, except they’re only intended for decorative purposes. You can acquire them in several different shapes and styles – Pyramid Clavos, Round Clavos, and Studs.


The next thing you must evaluate is the material of the garage door decorative hardware. Make sure that all of the components in the packaging will be able to perfectly handle any kind of weather conditions.

Guarantee policy

Lastly, look for a guarantee policy. Generally, most of the garage door decorative hardware kits available on the market come with a 30-Day Money-Back policy.

Just remember to read the entire return policy and see all the exclusions – you can find it somewhere in the product description.

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