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Frisco Decorative Bench Cat Litter Box Cover White

Best Top Entry: Trixie 2

How to Build a Frisco End Table Litter Box Enclosure | Chewy

Litter scatter is always a concern for cat owners but many find that switching to a top-entry litter box does the trick. Because your cat has to jump up to exit the litter box, some of the litter that clings to the paws falls back into the box or becomes trapped in the lid.

Top entry litter boxes are great, but most litter box enclosures arent designed to accommodate them. You can purchase a simple top entry litter box enclosure like this one from LitterWorks, but if youre looking for something a little more stylish try this 2-story litter box enclosure from Trixie.

Available in espresso brown, white, and gray, this litter box enclosure looks like two stacked cubes with a two-story door on the front. Your cat enters the enclosure through a round opening on the upper level then hops down through another circular opening in the middle shelf to the litter box below. While not specifically designed for use with top-entry litter boxes, this enclosure should accommodate medium to large models like the Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box.

This enclosure measures 20.75×23.5×35.25 inches and both interior spaces measure about 19x22x16.5 inches. One downside is that the middle shelf is not movable, so youll have to make sure your litter box fits inside the cabinet.

The 12 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

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As a cat owner, you know that the only downside of having a kitty in your house is the dreaded litter box. And if you have more than one cat, you need more than one box. Thankfully, litter box cat enclosures are on the rise.

Unless you have self-cleaning litter boxes or fancy robotic ones that sift themselves, cleaning a litter box isnt exactly a pleasant chore. But it only takes a few seconds to do. What really stinks is looking at that box every single day.

Good news: the days of having an exposed litter box are over. Furniture manufacturers and pet companies have FINALLY realized that there are much more stylish ways to conceal a cat box. Ready to rid your home or apartment of that unsightly box of clay?

Here are some stylish ways to conceal your kittys box with cat litter box furniture.

This Is A Great Alternative For Your Litter Box

It takes two people to put this together, but it is worth it! It is very sturdy and helps keep litter inside so there isn’t a mess everywhere. We do not use the divider, but it’s easy to install if you choose to use it. I like that it is very discreet and keeps my home looking cleaner. We also boughtIt takes two people to put this together, but it is worth it! It is very sturdy and helps keep litter inside so there isn’t a mess everywhere. We do not use the divider, but it’s easy to install if you choose to use it. I like that it is very discreet and keeps my home looking cleaner. We also bought FreshKitty Grate Litter Mat to get all the excess cat litter. The only flaw in this product is the right door is a bit snug than the left side. There might be an issue with the model we got because you can see that the gap between the two doors is thin at the top and wide opening at the bottom. Other than that, it’s a great product and keeps our floors clean.

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Litter Boxes & Enclosures Furniture

This litter box enclosure provides your cat with much-deserved privacy while maintaining your home’s aesthetic. It’s made from engineered wood and features a kitty-sized cutout on the side, letting your furry friend inside to use the bathroom while keeping other pets out. This enclosure has two louvered doors on the front for air circulation, easy scooping, and litter changes. Best of all, this leak-proof piece is resistant to water, scratches, and stains, so it stands up to life’s little messes. Something to consider: the litter box insert and scoop are sold separately.

  • Product Type: Litter Box Enclosure
  • Enclosed/Hooded: Yes
  • Primary Material: Manufactured wood
  • Overall: 19.4” H x 31.5” W x 20.9” D

I love the look of this litter box. Could use it as a coffee table. I have it by the front door and must remember not to sit on it as it has a weight limit for sure. Put it together was not too bad. One door opens a bit wonky but that may be my fault. Sent extra screws just in case. I was hoping that the opening could be reversed to the other side but it cannot unless you want to start drilling into the particle board. Still have to go find a litter box that fits the 19.5 x 19.5 inch area. Hoping the cat will like it.. Marilyn. Winnipeg, MB. 2021-11-02 12:57:37

  • Product Type: Automatic Litter Box
  • Built-In Scoop: Yes
  • Product Type: Litter Box Enclosure
  • Enclosed/Hooded: Yes

Runner Up: Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Box

Frisco Decorative Bench Cat Litter Box Cover, White

Traditional litter box enclosures are great, but if youre looking for something unique then try this hidden litter box from Good Pet Stuff. It doesnt just hide your litter box it functions as a litter box in and of itself with a planter on top.

This litter box is perfectly rounded so it can be placed in a corner or incorporated into other elements of your home décor. Its much more discreet than a traditional litter box and has the added element of a fake plant on top.

The base of the planter functions as a large, deep litter pan which measures about 19-by-19 inches. For cats to like to dig, theres plenty of depth for several inches of litter. It has a wide opening for easy access and daily scooping as well as a filtered vent system that helps control dust and odor.

Some users found it challenging to fit the lid onto the base properly after cleaning and it may be something of a hassle to have to remove the lid for scooping at all. The moss covering the base of the fake plant at the top may be tempting for some cats to chew on, so you may want to consider removing or replacing it.

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Sikoon Ms Cat Litter Box

The Sikoon MS Cat Litter Box features a chic oval shape with tapered legs on the bottom and an easy-to-clean design. The design is more of a traditional litter box than a piece of furniture, but the shape and style make it a super cool mid-century modern addition to any room.

Its detailed with a small round entranceway for your kitty, includes a pull-out drawer that makes it easy to empty, and comes with a litter scooper. Plus, it comes in all sorts of cool colors to coordinate with your existing décor.

Archie & Oscar Alfonso Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure

The Archie & Oscar Alfonso Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure is the ultimate cat washroom. In an extra large shape, this cat washroom bench is perfect for the pet owner in need of a stylish yet versatile hidden litter box.

This design features a flat top for use as a traditional storage bench and two multi-functional interior compartments. Stash your litter box on one side of the cabinet and pet products on the other side.

If you want to create a larger interior space, the divider wall can be removed.

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How Can I Train My Cat To Use A Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Cats can dislike change, so dont expect your cat to start using a new litter box enclosure without a bit of time and effort on your part. When you bring a cat litter box enclosure home, assemble it and place it somewhere in your home where your cat is comfortable. Allow them to investigate it in their own time, and offer them plenty of treats and verbal praise when they do sniff around it and go inside. You may want to leave the doors open so your cat can acclimatize to this new piece of furniture without feeling trapped.

Once your cat seems more confident, move the enclosure next to their existing litter box, and place a new litter box inside. Dont take away the original litter box until your cat seems to be confident and comfortable using the new one.

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Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover

Frisco Litter Boxes

A cut out reminiscent of a dog house makes the Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover a fun addition to any hallway or bath. Available in two colors, this litter box cover is made from solid wood and features a slotted cabinet with a veneer finish for easy cleaning.

Just place your litter tray inside, close the door, and your cat will have a concealed spot so that you dont have to look at a dirty litter box all day.

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Best For Small Spaces: Penn

Having a litter box is a necessity for cat owners, but that doesnt mean you want to see it. And it definitely doesnt mean you want it taking up valuable floor space in your home. If space is at a premium in your home, you might appreciate a space-saving enclosure like the Penn-Plax Contemporary Home Cat Litter Enclosure.

This litter box enclosure measures 37.7 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. Your cat enters the bottom of the cabinet through an opening on either side and theres an interior shelf above to store essentials like your litter scoop. This unit also has a storage drawer on the top of the unit.

To clean the litter box, you simply open the ventilated door on the front. The top of the enclosure can be used for potted plants or a lamp it makes a great end table for the bedroom as well.

Customer reviews mention that the enclosure is fairly easy to assemble, but the material could be of higher quality. Because the size is so limited, it may not accommodate large cats or big litter boxes, but it may be good for a kitten or a small cat.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites Of 2022

Size: 37 x 21 x 22

The best overall cat litter enclosure is the Sweet Barks Wooden Washroom Bench. It comes in black or white and can not only hide your cats litter box but can double as a coffee table, end table, nightstand, and more. Its made of solid wood and is an attractive piece of furniture that could really help in homes and condos where space is at a premium. The enclosure has an entrance on either side of which will give your cat easy access, and its large enough to hold more than just the litter box.

The main disadvantages of this enclosure are that it is a little pricey.

Brown frame and semi-transparent white
Size: 48 x 36 x 0.6

The best cat litter enclosure for the money is the PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen. Its a great price and a unique alternative compared to other enclosures on this list. In fact, its not really an enclosure at all, but a privacy screen! Its made with a bamboo frame and semi-transparent plastic panels that are scratchproof and are easy to wash. It can also help with reducing litter scatter. Its 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and can hide your cats litter box without your cat feeling trapped if she has an issue with that. Additionally, the hinges can bend both ways for multiple setup options.

On the downside, its quite sturdy but can be knocked over and is less stable the wider you stretch it out.

Dark brown, brown, light gray, white
Size: Large or X-Large
Size: 26 x 37.4 x 22.64
Size: 26 x 19 x 26

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Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

Available in white or walnut

This multifunctional unit can be used as a litter box cover while providing useful space for any organizing options.

  • Seamlessly camouflage a messy cat litter box
  • Organize a litter box, litter and other pet supplies
  • Great in any room of the house
  • Quick and easy assembly

– Magnetized doors open wide for easy access.

– Removable partition wall that creates an additional space for storage.

– Versatile entrance that can be installed on either end of bench.

– Features wainscoting details and natural wood grains.

– Weight capacity of 80lbs.

– Fits any size litter box – including extra-large automatic boxes.

– Pre-cut hole in back of unit allows convenient access to an outlet for automatic litter boxes.

Tucker Murphy Pet Kacie Litter Box Enclosure

Frisco Decorative Bench Cat Litter Box Cover, White

Multiple cutouts and an open shelf add style and function to the Tucker Murphy Pet Kacie Litter Box Enclosure. Its made from manufactured wood and features black plastic support beams that add a touch of contrast and give it a cool, modern look.

Your kitty can climb into the litter box from either the front or the side. Just open the double doors and scoop the poop when it is time to clean the litter box!

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Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure

When a regular hooded litter box wont do, opt for the Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure. This mid-century modern design features tapered legs, contrasting doors and a streamlined shape. Its a modern litter box cover with a cool round cutout for cat access, making it perfect for the pet owner in search of a sleek, refined litter box enclosure.

Another cool feature of this piece is that the side panels are interchangeable so that you can put the cutout panel on either side.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites In 2021

  • Max width: 37.4 inches
  • Max depth: 21.26 inches

This large litter box enclosure looks like a storage bench and will blend in perfectly in any room. The two large doors on the front of the bench open to reveal two compartments. The larger compartment is designed to hold your cats litter box and can be accessed through the cat flap on the side. The smaller compartment is the perfect size for holding spare cat litter, disinfectant, and anything else that you need to clean your cats litter box.

The large size means this enclosure can also be used with automatic litter boxes, which are usually substantially larger than a regular litter box. It even includes pre-cut holes in the back that you can feed electrical cables through. The partition is removable, so you may decide to take this out to allow more room for an automatic litter box. The cat door can be installed on either side, so you can choose the orientation to best suit your home. Overall, we feel this is the best litter box hider on the market today.

  • Max width: 20 inches
  • Max length: 27.5 inches

On the back of the cabinet are outlets for electrical cables if your cat uses an automatic litter box. There are also two ventilation slots that you can fit with carbon filters, although its worth noting these are sold separately. The choice of four colors means this enclosure will blend in perfectly with your existing furniture.

  • Max width: 18.5 inches
  • Max length: 23.6 inches
  • Max width: 19 inches
  • Max length: 19 inches

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Best Litter Pan Cover Ever

This was the perfect solution to my problem, which was dust and kitty litter on the floor.This bench cat litter cover was one of the only products I found that was tall enough so the cats would not feel confined. I put the litter pan on the far end with a towel under it .The cats seem to wipe their paws on the towel as they leave the box,Both of my cats took to the box right away !! I just put them through the door once to show them and everything was fine! I did not use the spacer provided instead let the cats use the whole space, I should have known that chewy would come through for me and looked at your products first!! Thank You Again !!

What Is The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

Febreze Compact Tower Tabletop Air Purifier Combo

Sometimes, out of sight is out of mind. So if youre going to conceal a litter box inside an enclosure, youll need to make it a point to open those doors and clean it out every single day!

For the most part, cats are great at sniffing out their litter box and knowing where to find it, even if you move it to a new location. If your cat adapts easily to new things, litter box furniture is a great way to improve the look of your home. And you can finally get that gross litter box out of your line of sight!

If your kitty is fussy, old or doesnt take well to change, theres always the chance they wont want to use it. And if thats the case, at least youll have a new piece of furniture that you can find another use for!

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