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Free Interior Decorating Classes Online

Are Free Online Interior Design Courses Worth It

Diploma in Interior Design- Free Online Course with Certificate

While you are not going to get a complete education in design by taking the courses on our list, they are all advantageous in that you will get the opportunity to learn some new skills. The beauty of taking some free courses is that they introduce you to the field and may help you as you chart a course for your future. At the very least, a free interior design course will imbue you with some fun and practical knowledge you can take with you when it comes time to design your own spaces.

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Free Interior Design Online Courses And Certification

If you are a creative person who loves beautiful spaces, then a career in interior design may just be right for you! A world of opportunities awaits those with the right skills and aptitude for designing a home, office, hospitality, or retail interiors. Does this sound like something youd like to explore? You can channel your creativity in the right direction through an online interior design course. There are many free courses available that could give you a taste of what this career path entails. Here are our top picks of the most popular interior design online courses that come at zero cost.

How To Use Minimalist Interior Design To Live Your Best Life

Decluttering your home or workspace and moving towards a minimalist take on life has shown to impact mental health. If you are someone who wants to experience tranquility and clear mental fog, giving your room a minimal design might turn out to be useful. This Udemy course by best-seller Erikka Fogleman can be your next step towards going minimal. The tutorials will help you understand how minimalism impacts the mind, and you will learn its principles and techniques to transform your living space. Erikka also explains how you can use negative space in your design and balance your existing items. Dont forget to check our list of Best Shading Courses.

Key USPs

Learn the fundamental principles of minimalism and its impact on your daily routine.

Get insights into how to declutter your room and belongings to deal with items that have emotional value.

Choose the right set of colors and patterns to get the maximum effect of minimalism.

Take the final steps through finishing your new minimalistic space and live in harmony.

You can

Review: A great insight to Minimalist design technique which contributes in mental clarity, calmness and increased productivity. Parag Agrawal.

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Free Online Interior Design Course With Certificate Summary

  • each course comes with a certificate for free or paid courses
  • our free interior design course consist of both theory and practical knowledge
  • our paid interior design course also is affordable
  • all our courses are done online
  • studio courses consist of real life interior design projects providing you insight how interior projects are completed


  • never stop learning even you think you have gained all the training and real life experiences
  • be open minded

Having no experiences in interior design, I registered the Intro to Interior Design course and was blown away how hands on and practical the course was. I even get to worked on real projects. I am looking forward to take more course. Thanks again Jack B. From London, UK

Thanks Peter. I am so glad that you were instructing the course. I am working in the field now and what you taught in the course really have prepared me for the real world practice Zasha S. From Australia

Your course really have helped me to become a better Interior Decorator. Now I can provide even more design services and support to my clients. Thanks for the great course! Betty H. From USA

I was looking for something that was flexible and affordable as I have a full time job. Coursesoo Design Academy not only met my requirements and the training was very real and practical Akhila. L From India

What You’ll Learn In Our Online Class

The Best Interior Design Courses Online Free

After completing our online Interior Design class, students will be able to:

  • Apply skills to design and decorate any interior space like a professional.
  • Give examples of design trends, fabrics and furniture styles.
  • Explain how to work with clients.
  • Outline the processes of pricing and developing and maintaining contracts.
  • Review purchasing and scheduling skills.
  • Describe color theory and how to work with lighting.
  • Discuss the different window and wall treatments available.
  • Describe how to give a final presentation of your decoration scheme.

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Top Interior Design Courses On Udemy: Online Certifications Free Courses Review 2022

Content Writer | Updated on -Jan 13, 2022

Udemy offers 200 plus Interior Design Courses across varied price ranges and covering different subjects and topics that covers the entirety of the Interior Design Courses. The course structure covers topics such as Elements and Principles of Interior Design, The Beginners Guide to Interior Design, All About Interior Design, AutoCAD- How to Create a 2D Floor Plan etc.

The average cost of these Interior Design Courses usually ranges from INR 3,000 – 3,499. Students willing to study the Top Interior Design Courses on Udemy, can also avail these courses at a discounted price of 85%, thus bringing down the price of these courses to INR 525. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that tag along with the courses such as, students who wish to pursue these courses will be given free study materials along with numerous downloadable resources, lifetime access and a Certificate of completion.

Free Online Interior Design Courses

Some of the top Interior Design Courses on Udemy are, How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro, How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps, How to Use Color Like a Pro, Intro to Interior Design Course etc. Majority of these courses have been highly rated by the users with an average marking of 4.6.

Top Interior Design Courses Ratings

Online Interior Design Course Overview

  • Overview
  • Unit 6
  • Reference Library

This online interior design course will prepare you to . You will study design trends and history, furniture styles and fabrics, color theory and lighting.

You will complete a series of design projects designed to help you master these skills. Our online interior design class curriculum includes over 13 hours of HD video instruction featuring professional interior designers.

You will learn how to work with interior design clients. From pricing and contracts to purchasing and scheduling, you will learn all the skills required for an interior design career.

Our interior design course is approved by Designer Society of America . This means students can apply for their. This industry certification is a powerful addition to any designer’s resume.

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Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design

Corey Damen Jenkins is known for using vivid colors and layered patterns to help his clients achieve architecturally inspired spaces that are polished, inventive and unexpected. The result is absolutely stunning just check out his if you need proof.

You may know him as the recent winner of HGTVs competition series Showhouse Showdown. Or perhaps from his appearances on Rachel Ray or Open House TV.

Now he reveals his approach to you in his new MasterClass. In much the same way he approaches his high-end clients, he starts by waking you through a process that defines your style, not his.

Jenkins aesthetic is visible in the finished home, but its his clients personalities that shine through. I approach design like a doctor delivering a baby: At the end of the day, its not my kidits yours, and it should look like you, he laughs. After all, youre the ones taking it home! House Beautiful Magazine

From there, he takes you through the design process, from the initial mood board to the final reveal and walk-through. In between, youll learn to select bold colors and patterns, and layout a room both functional and striking. All while maximizing your design budget.

He even devotes a chapter to those entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own interior design house.

Top 10 Online Interior Design Courses For Beginners

Take interior design classes for free

Interior design courses are gaining interest in todays world. Many of us have dreams of becoming interior designers, but simply do not have the time. Also, with the high tuition expenses of conventional education, online education is becoming a more popular alternative every day. As a matter of fact, much evidence is showing that online learning could be just as effective as real-life, face-to-face education. Luckily, you do not have to postpone your dreams till you magically have the money or time to pursue them. Here, we have gathered 10 online interior design courses for you busy bees out there who want to learn the basics of interior design for the comfort of your own homes. If you are looking for tips for a specific home zone, you can check this guide on How to Design Kitchen Interiors.

Also, practicing interior designers who would like to further expand their knowledge, check the advanced courses on the list.

Design is not just what it looks like the design is how it works. Steve Jobs

These are non-degree courses and do not require a bachelors degree or any prerequisite courses. All you need is your laptop, a passion for interior design, and some commitment. However, if youre interested in getting a bachelors or masters degree in interior design from a highly ranked university, check this article: Top 10 Interior Design Schools around the World.

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Interior Design Reloaded The 3 Pillars Of Interior Design

This is a very important course for beginner students in interior design. This free interior design courses will discussed the 3 primary aspects of the practice of interior design. By understanding the 3 pillars of interior design, a beginner student will be able to proceed into the more in-dept study of interior design.

Ides 130 Sacramento Design History

  • Units:0.5
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course explores the rich architectural and interior design history in the Sacramento area. Field trips are required. Pass/No Pass only.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • research architectural gems and their interiors in the Sacramento area.
  • analyze architectural gems and their interiors in the Sacramento area.

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Best Interior Design Courses Online

The Career Project is reader-supported. We may earn a commission on products purchased through links on this page. Learn more here.

Are you looking to start a career in interior design? Do you want to have access to the best course available online? If yes, then look no further! Weve put together a list of the best interior design courses on the web so that you can get a broad understanding of interior design. This list included courses suitable for complete beginners, and those suitable for more advanced creatives. Weve also included courses of a variety of lengths, and courses of a variety of price ranges, to give you a variety of options.

But first, lets answers an important question what is interior design?

Overall, interior design is the process of providing accurate design advice for the optimal safe occupation of those who live, work or use an interior space. Interior designers are responsible for advising clients on the interior layout of a building, and ultimately are responsible for creating beautiful, safe and welcoming spaces for people to live, work and play in.

  • Cost: 14 day free trial
  • Certification: No
  • Number of people who have completed the course: 60,231
  • Course rating: N/A

Every lesson is jam packed with tips, references guides and endless inspiration. After completing this course, you should have discovered how easy it can be to transform any home, no matter what the style of budget!

Ides 310 History Of Interior Architecture And Furnishings I

The Best Interior Design Courses Online Free
  • Units:3
  • General Education:AA/AS Area I CSU Area C1 CSU Area C2
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course covers the historical relationship between the decorative arts, period furniture, and interior architecture from antiquity through Victorian. Emphasis is placed on identification of specific furniture styles and architectural features. Field trips may be required.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • evaluate how architectural and furniture styles and designs originated, including how they are adapted to subsequent periods.
  • differentiate between “classics”, lasting, and short-lived styles.
  • analyze social, historical, and geographical factors affecting the development of design styles.
  • research contributions from historical periods that have influenced the decorative arts, furniture, and interior architecture.
  • compare the decorative arts, period furniture, and interior architectural from Ancient Egypt through the English Regency Period.

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Websites To Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Just like most other types of designs, interior design has always been known to be subjective. This is largely due to the differences in the tastes, preferences, and perspectives of various individuals.

However, this does not affect the understanding of what great interior design should look like. Generally, interior design requires a lot of talent. Nevertheless, with or without talent, the need for training can never be overemphasized.

When it comes to training, there are tons of ways through which you can learn interior design and online platforms offer some of the easiest and most versatile ways to learn. Interior design lessons online can equip you with the knowledge of the basic principles of interior design, industry trends, floor plans, and color theory.

You can also study contemporary and convention interior design concepts, spatial arrangements, and several other things that you need when designing a space.

Similarly, some of these courses can provide you with hands-on knowledge of what you need to design the interiors of homes, offices and other places.

Are you new to interior design or a professional designer with years of experience but want to learn the latest interior design trends? Would you like to hone your interior design skills? Whatever the case may, here are some of the best interior design lessons online to consider.

Coco Kelley: Fresh Takes On The Classics

Spend a few minutes here, and you’re guaranteed to come away with some incredible ideas for your own home. This site is especially helpful for those who prefer learning interior design in a visual way.

The blog tours beautifully crafted homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and more from around the world, using stunning photography to portray the story of each of the case studies.

When you’ve gained enough inspiration from these posts, learn how to decorate your own home with the helpful DIY design tips.

Our Picks:

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Interior Retail Merchandising Certificate

This certificate provides a foundation of education and skills in the expanding field of interior design. Topics include the materials of interior design, architectural and furniture history, business practices, and event planning.

Catalog Date: January 1, 2022

History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings I 3

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • select the appropriate finishes and materials for commercial and residential interiors.
  • analyze interiors that reflect the needs of the end user.
  • design spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and that incorporate sound design principles.

This certificate offers a variety of career options in residential design. Additional career opportunities are available as product designers, retailers, buyers, manufacturers’ representatives, and Sacramento architectural and interiors historians.

Master Of Science In Interior Architecture At Chatham University

Interior Decorating Online Classes – Free and Paid Courses

This program is specifically designed for interior design graduates. Aiming to take their knowledge further, the program helps students research their projects, from an academic perspective.

Even if the program has a strong independent research nature, it still offers mandatory courses 30 credits. Research methods are thought at the beginning of the 1-year course. A quantitative skills course and an elective skills course can be selected further. Interior architecture enjoys its separate course.

During the spring, students learn about academic writing. They also take their issues with interior design architecture further with a separate course. During the summer months, students prepare their final thesis. This is hands down one of the best online interior design courses!

The strengths of the online course:

  • The program has academic recognition
  • Highly tailored towards individual studying
  • Based on a final thesis instead of a final exam
  • Totals 30 academic credits

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Ides 312 History Of Interior Architecture And Furnishings Ii

  • Units:3
  • General Education:AA/AS Area I CSU Area C1
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course covers the historical relationship between the decorative arts, period furniture, and interior architecture from the American Colonial periods through Modern and Contemporary. Emphasis is on style development as it relates to socio-economic and political factors of the times, as well as identification of specific furniture styles and architectural features. Asian, African, Mid-Eastern, and other non-western styles are also included.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • analyze and describe furniture and architectural styles and characteristics of those styles from the late 19th century to present.
  • distinguish contemporary designers and their major contributions.
  • differentiate characteristics of Asian, Mid-Eastern, African, and other non-western styles.
  • examine and evaluate current styles in relation to their historical origins.
  • evaluate how social, historical, and geographical factors affect the development of design styles.
  • categorize “classical” and lasting styles as well as short-lived or “trendy” styles.

Online Diploma Of Interior Design

This online diploma will provide the skills and knowledge to work as an Interior Designer for a firm or establish your own design business.

If you enroll in this diploma, you will graduate with computer skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and CAD along with hand drafting technical skills, which will be combined with your creative concepts and design understanding to develop and create your clients their ideal space.

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