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Formal Living Room Decor Ideas

Rethink Your Living Room’s Layout

2.5 Hour NYC Living Room Makeover By Pro Designer | Room Refresh | Architectural Digest

Before you begin your transformation, assess the current living room layout, thinking beyond the traditional way you might arrange your furniture.

Pulling pieces away from the wall, arranging to seat around a central coffee table, and paring down unnecessary or bulky pieces of furniture will all give your room a less cluttered, roomier feel.

If you’re still stuck on how to choose living room furniture, we’ve got a pretty clear guide that puts things in perspective.

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What Colors Should I Include In A Modern Living Room

Quinn says: ‘Color is one of the most important areas for contemporary lounge ideas. Its a common misconception that a contemporary scheme is all about bright white. Contemporary living rooms should actually have a stark contrast in the colors used, even if youve predominantly used white and theres one key piece of furniture in the room that purposefully sticks out,’

‘Monochrome is a favorite because it lets you move from one extreme to the other. Keep your color choices confident and dont be nervous about moving across the color wheel. Contemporary color palettes are strong and love to create interesting contradictions. Thats part of what makes them so dynamic.’

Korczynska says: You can make colors look more modern by adding strong and unusual accents and combining with the different materials. For example, a soft blush works really well with hard surfaces like concrete, pale grays can take anything from metals and shine to sun-bleached wood.

I love pastels used in a very modern way where they help to create a thoughtful and striking scheme, especially when balanced with abstract art and touches of strong color and shapes in furniture and furnishings. When choosing accessories and lighting, opt for a large scale rather than a small, one to give the space a modern take. Combining cool, light, airy pastels with the clean lines of modern furniture and furnishing creates a contemporary and thought-provoking mood.

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Some Of My Favorite Formal Living Rooms

I love this large living room design in white and gray. Its a great balance with a trending color scheme. The coffered ceiling is magnificent and is an excellent example of how a ceiling can elevate a rooms design. Source: Redfin. See the rest of this home here.

The formal living space boasts contemporary and comfortable furniture and glass walls.

Large formal living room featuring an elegant leather sofa set in front of the fireplace. Theres piano as well, set on the hardwood flooring.

Lounge-like living room with brown sectional sofa, fireplace, recessed lighting and black grand piano.

Living room with soft beige walls and ceiling, carpeting and grand piano.

Small formal living room featuring a classy sofa set with a glass table on the center, along with a black piano in the corner. The room is lighted by a charming chandelier.

Large living room with an area rug, green accent wall and baby grand piano in the corner.

White formal living room with blue furniture and hardwood flooring.

White formal living room featuring a cozy sofa set with a glass top center table in front of the fireplace. The wall lighting looks very lovely.

Large formal living room featuring hardwood flooring and vaulted ceiling with beams. The sofa set looks classy together with the fireplace.

Large classy formal living room with a beautiful set of sofa along with a lovely staircase leading to the homes second-floor landing.

Spacious formal living room with white walls and ceiling.

Add Natural Materials And Textures For Warmth

53 Excellent Formal Living Room Decor Ideas (10)

Layering up textures and adding accents of wood creates warmth in a sparse, modern living room.

The sleek lines and no thrills approach of this living room are definitely channeling some minimalist vibes, but the pale wooden coffee table and the cozy soft furnishings prevent the room from being cold and impersonal.

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Transform Your Living Room Into A Music Room

Produce a space to play the piano or other musical rudiments. A space to play the piano or other musical instruments that can be closed out from the rest of the house.

You can embellish the walls with your instruments. That always looks fantastic! You can indeed find nice-looking soundproofing panels and soundproofing curtains to reduce the sound outside of the room.

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Formal Living Room Ideas For 2020

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Formal rooms are filled with pieces of furnishing and decor that are the height of elegance. A formal living room can feature anything from gold decor to lush couches to regal artwork. To help you plan your room, check out these ideas for how to decorate a formal living room.

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Formal Living Room Ideas For High Ceilings

Mile-high ceilings are one of the most sought-after architectural features of any home. Tall ceilings can make any space feel larger and more luxurious, but they also offer a lot of design potential.

High ceilings provide plenty of room for installing a statement chandelier or other light fixtures. In many cases, these fixtures serve as an art piece, conversation-starter, and functional lighting all at once.

Light colors will make your ceilings feel even taller. The extra headroom lets you play around with dark colors without feeling claustrophobic. If your formal living room connects with a loft or other upper-story space, be sure to take it into consideration when decorating.

Zone Your Seating Area With A Feature Coffee Table

Top 10 Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor for Living Room

Dont leave that void space between your sofa and the remainder space hanging! Anchor your scheme with a defining coffee table styled with modern coffee table decor ideas to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Small says: In the spirit of an accent coffee table whether a rustic block of wood or a to add modern glamor you can forget the previous point about feet if you really fall in love with an accent piece. Because coffee tables are small, they give us that freedom. An accent piece should be on the palette but unique so if your room is rustic, go for refined and the opposite is true .

And you can always forgo conventional lounge furniture and opt for a quirky coffee table alternative instead.

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E Formal Living Room Furniture Ideas

Youll also want to pick the right furniture for how youll use your living room space. A sectional isnt always appropriate for a small living room that you wont be spending a lot of time in. If youll need storage space, bookcases and end tables with storage are a great option.

Like to put your feet up? An ottoman might be great for you.

We have an entire gallery dedicated to showcasing 22 marvelous living room furniture ideas.


Every living room needs a sofa! They come in all kinds of styles and materials, so its easy to find the perfect match for your design vision. Check out some of the best living room sofas!

A sleek brown leather sofa with accent pillows. When paired with dark wooden tables, a lighter brown rug and light, neutral walls, the rich chocolate color stands out in an elegant way. Learn more here.

If painting the walls a bold color isnt for you, but you still want a splash of color, try choosing a sofa in a bold accent color, like this button tufted sofa with curved arms in a rich royal purple. Learn more here.


Whether its a coffee table or end tables, a table or two will help round out your seating areas. Place lamps on them for additional lighting or use them to set down drinks while watching your favorite tv show or a movie.

There are tons of different ways to set your living room up with end tables, coffee tables, and even console tables!




Formal Living Room Design Ideas: How To Lay Out Furnish & Style This Space

What is it about a formal living room design that makes it feel formal? Its something a lot of readers and clients wonder, and so today I thought Id reveal the answer to you. Because designing this space is very different from designing your everyday living room.

Furnishing and styling a formal living room takes a keen design eye to get right. Thankfully I have two of them, so scroll on as I share my pearls of wisdom around decorating a formal living space. Or formal sitting room. Or whatever you want to call it, really.

I should point out that all of the images in this post come courtesy of the designers at Metricon. Ive worked with them as a brand partner and presenter for years and am constantly blown away by how stunning their display homes are. So lets examine some of their photos and get your formal living room looking just as lush.

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Refresh Your Space With The New Neutrals Green And Blue

Both hero paint colors for a living room green and blue is a winning combination, and make an effortless neutral base They are closely connected on the color wheel, so its easy to introduce the two tones to create the illusion of more color without overpowering a space.

Jen & Mar Co-founders of Interior Fox say: Fresh, earthy, and completely versatile, you cant go wrong with green and blue. The trick is to tone up or down depending on the desired outcome. For a calming effect opt for lighter colors offset by natural finishes, or for a more sumptuous scheme choose much darker shades. We find that darker hues add more shadow and different tones when the light hits and make the perfect backdrop for brass accents.

Add A Personal Touch Without Over Cluttering

53 Excellent Formal Living Room Decor Ideas (2)

Modern living rooms are all about living simply and authentically. But your space should absolutely reflect your personality too whether youre a full-blown maximalist lover of color and pattern clashing or a modernist advocate that loves a minimalist aesthetic. The key is balance. Embrace a Japandi approach to decor, and dress your space with items that are functional, beautiful, and meaningful. You can still invite the rainbow inside just dont overfill your space with unnecessary things for the sake of it. Less is more after all

Small advises to group personal items together: Whether decorating for the holidays or showing off treasured moments and family members with framed photographs, creating a dedicated space to bundle those items instead of spreading them around the room amplifies a clean and minimal look. Modern doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal items it just means keeping a minimal look throughout as much square footage as possible. Bundling all of your items together also creates a focussed space to enjoy your photos without making the room seem crowded.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out these fabulous living room storage ideas to hide away your clutter in style.

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Swap Cozy Carpet For A Large Scale Rug

Coziness may be of paramount importance in a family room or TV snug, but too much in the way of soft furnishings can feel a little overwhelming in a more formal setting. To balance the need for comfort with a touch of restraint, consider swapping a carpet for a large living room rug. Not only will it bring focus to the center of the room, but it will prevent the atmosphere from feeling too cosseting, and mean neither you nor your guests worry too much about them keeping their shoes on in the room, with rugs often easier to clean than carpets.

+ Stylish Living Room Ideas To Copy Now

There are so many elements involved in decorating a living room and it’s a room that we spend a lot of our time in so you want to get it right. To make it more complicated, you need to consider the fact that you’ll spend time in a living room at various points of the day, so it needs to work as well at midday as it will with the curtains drawn and candles lit. Starting with the bones of the room, there are paint colours and flooring to decide on, which will set the tone of the space. We love the distinguished feel of wooden flooring, preferably with some rugs layered on top for softness. Consider putting in some joinery and bookcases that can help you make the most of the room’s height and provide valuable storage. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, make it a focal point, arranging your sofas and chairs to face it, and decorating the mantelpiece with pictures and ornaments.

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Stick To Simple Decor

The easiest way to create a contemporary vibe in your living room is to keep it simple. Keep the walls fuss-free with just a single large print or an oversized mirror idea, and make sure all your surfaces are clutter-free with just a few curate displays to add some personality to the space.

Now, we know that minimalist living looks gorgeous in pictures, but in reality, how do you create a living room that looks like this? The answer is storage! Make sure you also pick out closed storage pieces like sideboards and TV cabinets so you can hide away all that un-aesthetically pleasing stuff you don’t want ruining your minimalist vibe.

Elegant Formal Living Room Ideas

Fabulous Formal Living Room Design Ideas

If theres a time to be modest in your home design, its not when decorating the formal living room. Instead, put your best foot forward by showing your guests just how much care you put into your homes image.

To start, provide the room with lots of comfortable seating. Along with a large sofa or sectional, consider adding a matching loveseat or armchairs if space permits. Decorate this furniture with lots of coordinating pillows. If youre going to include throw blankets, opt for a luxe material like faux fur.

Ensure your formal living room has plenty of lighting throughout. While a statement chandelier can help draw your guests attention upwards, dont neglect to invest in elegant table or floor lamps. Dimmable lighting is an added bonus, especially when entertaining at night.

Focus on using large, ornate centerpieces instead of several smaller items. Sculptures and bouquets are excellent choicesyou can use silk flowers in place of real ones for a cheaper, long-lasting option.

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Add An Oversized Lamp

In modern design bigger is always better. Where we have oversized sweaters and hoodies in autumn and winter fashion, think of statement floor lamps and living room lighting ideas in the same light.

Not just for stand-out looks in the sitting room, this larger-than-life retro Scout Angled Brass Metal Floor Lamp by Cult Furniture works with the vertical striped feature wall, shelves, and houseplants to elongate the appearance of the room, and draw the eye up.

Classic Formal Living Room Ideas

Classic home decor isnt reliant on passing trends. It goes hand-in-hand with timelessness. But even classic design has roots. Most classic home decor takes inspiration from old European architecture. The two most popular sources include the Romans and Greeks.

Your formal living room might already have some classic architecture that you can design the space around. These may include columns, a vaulted ceiling, or recessed walls. Otherwise, a simple element like crown molding can make a significant impact on the final product.

As far as your living rooms decor, opt for a neutral color palette. White walls are practically a must. Choose artworkpreferably sculptures or potteryto help complete the look.

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Or Invest In A Blue Sofa

Sink into the big blue with a color pop sofa, like The Rebel 3 Seater Sofa in Blue Steel that brings a splash of relaxing blue therapy home

Dani Burroughs, head of product, Snug , says: Whether its a subtle splash, or something bolder, choosing a blue sofa can bring a pop of color and a state of calm and stability to your blue living space. Blue makes for a great sofa choice due to its versatility, it works well with a variety of tones and transitions well into different seasons. It could be a choice of a deeper, richer blue or a lighter, brighter version there are many variations to choose from to suit your home.

How To Accessorise A Living Room

30+ Creative Formal Living Room Decor Ideas

Finally you can get to the really fun bits, the textiles and accessories. The size and shape of your window might dictate your choices when it comes to curtains and blinds, but there’s a huge variety out there to choose from. Perhaps you like simple, elegant curtains in heavy linen or wool, or something brighter and chintzier for a more eye-catching feel. In a small room, you may well prefer to stick to blinds, but think about getting them in a fun pattern so that they become a decorative feature. Almost every living room will be in need of a good rug, whether you opt for rustic sisal, a modern Berber rug or a traditional Turkish carpet. And then whats a sofa without some beautiful cushions? Theyre essential for adding colour and pattern to a room.

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