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Floor And Decor Wood Stair Treads

How Much Will Materials Cost For Stair Runners

Woodworking Techniques Extremely Strange with Asphalt | Amazing Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Beautiful

Your cost will vary depending upon the quality, fiber type, and amount of materials needed.

26″ Runner for a Straight Set of Stairs

A basic 26″ runner off a roll runner will average $21 – $45 per lineal foot.

The average straight set of stairs usually need approximately 22 lineal feet so cost excluding installation would start at $462 and could go as high as $992.

Custom Runner from Broadloom Carpet

A custom runner cut from a broadloom carpet would be in the same $462 to $992 range excluding the finished edging and installation.

Custom Runners for Custom Steps

Custom runners for custom steps require more materials so cost will be 15 to 25% more.

Don’t Forget a Premium Carpet Cushion

In any case you will also want to add a premium carpet cushion that will add life and comfort to your runner.

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Vinyl Plank Flooring For Stairs

Luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP or vinyl plank, is a highly versatile and budget-friendly material for stairs. Manufacturers can make vinyl flooring that resembles almost anything you can imagine, from stone to metal to tile, though the most popular picks are oak and hickory wood. Youll find that vinyl plank is made of high-quality material, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between genuine hardwood and vinyl. Due to its waterproof and stain-resistant material, LVP is extremely easy to keep clean.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank

  • Durability. Vinyl plank is a tough and durable flooring material, so its ideal for stairs that get a lot of daily use. It can last from 10 to 25 years if looked after properly.
  • Versatility. LVP comes in a variety of different looks, allowing you to have hardwood, ceramic or stone-looking stairs at a lower price point.
  • Easy to Clean. Vinyl plank flooring can be cleaned with a soft-brush broom or vacuum and only requires seasonal deep-cleaning to maintain its appearance.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank

  • Noisy. LVP is not as quiet as carpet. If you have stairs that are leading toward any bedrooms or in a prominent area of your home, vinyl might not be the best option.
  • Difficult To Remove. Because vinyl flooring is glued down with such a strong adhesive, it is much harder to remove or replace than a material like carpet.

Why Trust The Spruce

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What Kind Of Stairs You Have Affects Pricing

What kind of stairs do you have in your home? That will affect pricing.

A straight set of stairs is most common and figuring costs is much simpler.

Stairs that have landings and 90-degree turns are more labor intensive and will need more material and therefore will cost more.

Cost will also be more for oval stairs and pie shaped stairs.

What’s Your Stair Runner Style

Cali Bamboo Vinyl Pro 11.5

There are endless options for your new stair runner. Today most runners are custom-fabricated and made from the wide selection of broadloom carpets available as opposed to the traditional runner selection from a roll runner.

Once you decide on a style be sure it is a quality carpet. Stairs receive heavy foot traffic so the last thing you want to do is select a runner that will wear out in two years.

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What To Consider When Choosing Flooring Options For Your Stairs

Theres a number of questions to ask yourself as a homeowner before building or renovating your stairs. The first and most obvious question being: What type of flooring should you use? Choosing the best flooring will depend on several factors. Below are some of the main points to consider that will help you determine which material to floor your stairs with:

About Sexton Hardwood Flooring

Brian Sexton has been proudly refinishing, sanding, staining and installing hardwood floors around the Chicago area, Northwest Suburbs & North Shore, for over 15 years. His passion and dedication to providing the best service and price for his clients exceeds his reputation. Itâs not just a floor, itâs your home!

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Stair Runner Pricing Guide Recap

You’ll want to visit your local flooring store for advice in selecting the best runner for your needs.

You should estimate your total cost starting at $850 for a basic straight set of stairs not including taxes or removal of any existing materials.

Custom runners with miters, pie shaped steps, etc. will be in the $999 to $2400 range depending on the material selected with fine wool carpets being the most expensive.

Floor And Decor Stair Treads

Stair Tread Installation with Risers Using Prefinished Floor | Step-by-Step Staircase Renovation

Ombre Grey Boxed Retro Tread Polished Porcelain Tiles Polished Marble Tiles Floor Decor

Laminate Stair Out Of Flooring Full Stair Treads Laminate Stairs Flooring Hardwood Floors

Laminate Floor On Stair Risers Laminate Flooring Stair Risers Flooring

Color 1366lw Cap A Tread Box Return Retread 47in In 2022 Stairs Treads And Risers Vinyl Stairs Stair Renovation

Diy Modern Stair Treads Risers Garrison Street Design Studio Treads And Risers Modern Stairs Wood Stair Treads

Cast Concrete 24×36 Floor Tile And Stair Treads In Shiitake Photo By Raef Grohne Stairs Tiles Design Tiled Staircase Stair Decor

Pin On Shirley S Home Project Flooring

Spalted Maple Round Box Tread 48in In 2022 Floor Decor Spalted Maple Round Box

Stairway Makeover Swapping Carpet For Laminate Diy Stairs Stairway Makeover Laminate Stairs

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Carpet Runner For Stairs

If you dont want the expense of carpeting the entire staircase, consider installing a carpet runner instead. A runner not only adds traction but can also be color-coordinated with the flooring beneath it and around other areas of the house. Homeowners typically opt for a hardwood flooring beneath their carpet runner. There is a huge variety of runner carpets available, from solid colors to stripes, and intricate designs to a more natural look.

Advantages of Carpet Runners

  • Cuts Down on Noise. The density of carpet keeps the noise of feet marching up and down the stairs to a minimum.
  • Variety. Carpet runners come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, patterns and materials.

Disadvantages of Carpet Runners

  • Traps Dust and Dirt. Carpet runners will require regular vacuuming. Spillage may also occur and will need to be dealt with swiftly so that it does not leave a lasting mark on the carpet.
  • Retains Moisture. Carpet is known to retain moisture, which can then grow mold that can be toxic for those with allergies.
  • Stains and Odors. Carpet can also capture stains and odors, particularly in households with pets and children.

Hardwood Flooring For Stairs

Regarded as one of the most desirable and upscale types of staircase flooring, hardwood flooring can have a major impact on the design and feel of your stairs and overall home. Its unsurpassed when it comes to elegant beauty. A high-quality hardwood installation on a staircase can last as long as the house and is easy to clean. The one drawback of hardwood is that it can be slippery when wet. However, no-slip treads and other precautions can be installed to keep the polished hardwood surface from being a hazard.

If you like natural wood in your home, then a hardwood staircase may be the perfect option for you. With choices like oak, beech, ash or walkabout, to name a few, you can create a beautiful staircase that fits in with the rest of your home flooring and furniture.

Advantages of Hardwood

  • Durability. Hardwood is a great option for its hard-wearing durability. It can take high levels of foot traffic without being marked or dented.
  • Variety. Each wood shows its own characteristic markings and can be stained to match the look and feel of your home. There is a wide selection of stains, woods, thickness levels and patterns available. Hardwood floors are also easy to mix and match.
  • Easy Maintenance. Most hardwood stairs just need sweeping or vacuuming to keep them free from dust and debris. To keep them polished, occasionally clean with a wood floor cleaner.

Disadvantages of Hardwood

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What Does A Stair Nose Do

The main purpose of a stair nose is to improve the safety of the staircase. Stair noses protrude slightly over the edge of the tread. Not only does this provide a sturdy, anti-slip space for users to step, it also differentiates the end of the step from the rest of the tread. Not only does this feature help prevent falls, but it also protects stairs from wear.

Upgrade Your Stairs With Timeless And Durable Stair Parts

Character Hickory Stair Tread in 2020

Whether youre flipping a house or building a new home, its important to ensure your stair parts are as stylish as they are reliable. Not only are staircases often a focal point of entrywaysmeaning youll want them to be attractivethey are also an area of the home where safety is a primary concern. Upgrade your stairs in any part of your home with timeless and durable stair parts from Floor & Decor.

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What Is The Best Riser Height For Stairs

The standard height for stair risers is 7 inches, while the standard run for stairs is 11 inches. Generally, the rise plus the run of your stairs should not equal more than 18 for maximum comfort and safety.

A flush stair nose will create a smooth, flush finish on the edges of your steps. Flush stair noses connect at the same level of the flooring surface.

Floor And Decor Stair Nose

Get Images Library Photos and Pictures. Color 7143 Small Nucore Overlapping Stair Nose – Special Order | Floor & Decor | Nucore, Stair nosing, Flooring Brunello Walnut II Polished Porcelain Tile – 12 x 24 – 100594811 | Floor and Decor VersaEdge Stair Nose Shim | OnFlooring PERGO® Stairs | Floor Decor Kenya

. Floor Decor Kenya – PERGO® Incizo strips and 5 in one moulding . Let’s build modern ,Durable staircase in our homes Check comment section on how to install video . To Bull nose hardwood pieces on stairs, raised or flush? Laminate Stairs: How to Make Stair Nosing Yourself | Laminate stairs, Stair nosing, Laminate flooring on stairs

White Stair Riser – 47in. – 100419522 | Floor and Decor

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How To Upgrade Your Stairs

Stairs often present a headache for the aesthetically oriented homeowner. And for good reason & #8211 making a staircase a great-looking part of your home isn& #8217 t exactly part of Home Design 101.

But where others see a challenge, you see an opportunity.

There are many creative ways to enhance your staircase these days. It& #8217 s time for new materials to light up this integral part of your home. Here are some ideas:

Carpet Flooring For Stairs

Stair Treads Carpet Non-Slip Indoor Stair Runners for Wooden Steps, Stairs Grey UNBOXING

Out of all the options on our list, carpet is by far the safest type of flooring for stairs. A carpeted staircase with short, dense fibers can do a lot for your home. The shorter fibers are more durable and can weather heavy foot traffic while still feeling soft and comfortable underfoot. Carpet is not as slippery as other types of flooring, making it a great choice if you have young children or elderly people in your home. Another advantage of carpet is that you can get it in practically any color or pattern you want.

Advantages of Carpet

  • Quiet. Carpet keeps the noise of feet marching up and down the stairs to a minimum.
  • More Traction. Carpeted stairs offer more traction than hard surfaces and are softer underfoot. Its also the warmest material to have under your feet due to its heat-insulating properties.
  • Variety and Versatility. This flooring comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, patterns and materials, giving you a variety of style options.

Disadvantages of Carpet

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Design Ideas For Stairs To Match Your Custom Hardwood Floors

After youve spent countless months picking out your new hardwood floor, its time to start thinking about the hardwood stairs that you are going to install. After all, the wood floors are the foundation for the overall design, and you want them to be as warm and inviting as possible.

The stairway you choose needs to blend into the floor and be inviting as well. Subtle things like the grain direction, perceived strength and construction, wood contour, and finish colors and textures have a big impact on the users perspective of quality and beauty in the finished stairway.

Today we provide you with some useful information to consider as you plan your stair design.

Bring Carpet Runner Samples Home

Just like other flooring projects, you will want to bring samples home and see how they look with your lighting and decor.

Take home two or three options but not many more. The more options you bring home, the more confusing it gets to finalize your selection.

Once you decide on a style, it’s time to have a professional flooring estimator come to your home to precisely measure and be sure you do not run short of materials.

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Binding Serging And Finished Runner Edges For Your Stair Runner

Next, you will want to decide on the finished edges for your runner.

You can select from standard cotton binding which will run $2 – $3 per linear foot.

Custom edges such as serging, wide width cotton binding , or other fabrics such as wide leather bindings or printed materials add upwards of $3.50 to $6.50 per linear foot to your cost.

Custom Size Stair Tread Options

Rethinking the Humble Stair Tread: 8 Reclaimed Wood Stair Tread ...

We can manufacture standard or retrofit stair treads in any custom sizes you need. We offer various texture options on all our wood stair treads including:

Hand scraped



All of our Hardwood Stair Treads are available unfinished or prefinished with a commercial grade varnish designed specifically to handle wear of high traffic surfaces. We can also apply a custom stain or provide our stain match service.

For a custom wood stair tread quote, contact us today!

Wood Stair Treads ship in 3 to 4 weeks depending on wood species and options selected.

Mouldings One

Select from Mouldings Ones large collection of hardwood mouldings or custom design your own available in a variety of domestic and imported hardwood species.

St. Nick Brush

A division of The Hardwood Lumber Company, the St. Nick Brush Company manufactures a complete line of consumer and industrial brushes and brooms.

Sheoga Flooring

A sister company of the Hardwood Lumber Company, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring and Paneling offers quality, solid hardwood flooring in a variety of species, unfinished or prefinished.

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Do I Need New Stairs Or Can I Just Get Them Refinished

If your staircase is not causing damage to your home or the safety of your family, it is perfectly acceptable to just give your stairs a facelift. We will not remove your staircase, but rather work on your existing stairs to achieve your desired look. If your existing wooden staircase is weathered or outdated in color, we can re-sand and refinish your stairs to a brand new look.

If your existing staircase is carpet-covered, we can upgrade your stairs to a wooden look. We will supply and install prefinished wood stair treads with your custom style and color.

Order Dependable Stair Parts From Floor & Decor

As a trusted provider of high-quality new build and home renovation products, youll find the best and most extensive selection of stair parts right here at Floor & Decor. Whether you’re looking for stair nosing, tread, retread, or risers, we have all of the products and installation materials you need at prices that cant be beat.

  • The widest selection of stair parts, always available and ready to be shipped
  • Stair treads, nosing, risers, and more
  • Multiple of colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes to choose from
  • The best prices on every product
  • Quality customer care and trusted shipping and returns policies

Browse our full range of stair parts and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

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A Stair Runner Pricing Guide

If you have stairs in your home, they may be one of the first things anyone sees when entering your house. And even more so when you cover them with a stair runner. A stair runner can beautify your staircase and tie it into the rest of your living space.

Besides creating a beautiful new look, adding a stair runner adds safety for your family by preventing slips and falls. Stair runners will also make going up and down steps quieter.

Here’s a pricing guide for adding a carpeted stair runner to your home.

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