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See How Different Types Of Hardwood Floors Look Installed

Hardwood Flooring Trends

When you start exploring hardwood floors, you quickly realize that you have many types of wood to choose from.

For example, you’ll find different species of wood such as oak, hickory, walnut, and maple, and variations within the species. You’ll see examples of different wood plank widths, and discover different levels of shine to the finishes, as well as different treatments such as scraped looks.

And, you’ll learn about different manufacturers such as Mirage, Kahrs, and Armstrong.

Shop Online At Floor And Decor Now

Floor and decor wood flooring reviews. Whatever your style well help you achieve it in the best way. No matter what kind of wood flooring youre looking for youll find it at Floor Decor. My project is about 3 months down the road.

See also Create Floor Plan Revit. If you pull the trigger install. But the best part was the man who helped me Bill.

They made a list of my supplies needed and I purchased said items. Dogwood by Bruce Pet Friendly Wood Flooring. The best prices on solid.

Ad Turn Your Old Floor Into New With Affordable Floor Refinishing. We will come again. Floor Decor sources directly from manufacturers around the globe to bring the worlds best and most innovative flooring to our customers at everyday low prices.

Shop for the Best Oak Floor and Other Hardwood Floors with Floor Decor. Bamboo Flooring Vs Engineered Hardwood Builddirectlearning Center. I went back to Floor and Decor and finally convinced.

Melbourne Floors Mart is a family-owned timber and flooring company headquartered in Melbourne Victoria. Join Our Fast-Growing Team. I was somewhat clueless when I walked in so it was wonderful to.

They are terrible and I do NOT recommend them. How Hard Can It Be to Choose a Hardwood Floor. Additionally they are buckling and cracking and are a nightmare.

I used floor and decor to design a shower. Five months later the shower was completed and I had purchased twice the amount of tile needed on their designers advice. Floor Decor ranks 17th among Flooring sites.

Don’t Forget Custom Hardwood Finishes

Also possible when you install hardwood floors is opting for custom colors and finishes. Here are a few examples.

This kitchen remodel features Red Oak Select Custom Color Stain Finish.

Next is another Red Oak Select Custom Stained on Site in an upper residential hallway and bedrooms.

Below you see Red Oak Select Grade Custom Install and Site Finished in a residential remodel.

In fact, we featured this remodel in a blog article titled See How New Flooring Transforms 1980s Connecticut Condo.

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Vinyl & Resilient Wood Look Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring can blend in or stand out, depending on your preference. Make a statement for today or stay low-key with a more conventional look that will remain timeless throughout the years with wood look vinyl flooring. This type of flooring can be impressive and understated at the same time, keeping your home fashion forward and elegantly classic.

Wood look vinyl flooring resembles the craftsmanship of wood, with knots and graining built into the vinyl. Color variations add depth and elevate the look of the whole room. The wood look vinyl comes in both thin and wide planks, as well as light and dark shades. There are options you can grout as well and planks that come with backing attached. Wood look vinyl can be waterproof or water-resistant and have a rigid core that will make it more durable and keep the ambient noise of footfalls down.

Because of their durability, wood look vinyl planks are a great choice for homes or commercial spaces. They withstand high foot traffic and can hold up to both children and pets. Regardless of whether your home is traditional, modern, or transitional there is a wood look vinyl floor that suits your space and your wallet.

The Best Quality Laminate Flooring At The Fairest Prices

Wood Flooring

Choose Floor & Decor for all your laminate flooring needs. We offer a vast and varied selection of quality laminate flooring in all varieties, including great value laminate wood flooring and faux wood floors in laminate too. Choose from hickory laminate flooring, white oak laminate flooring, and more, all at the best prices.

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Welcome To Decor Floors

offers a myriad selection of flooring combinations from traditional to the most exotic flooring options. We offer a wide variety of brand name flooring products for both residential and commercial use. From quality carpeting and area rugs, to tile and vinyl, to the natural beauty of hardwood floors, Decor Floors has it all. Below is a list of just a few of the brand-name flooring manufacturers that we represent.

What Our Clients Asked For

We have learned that our Clients seek information about the floor refinishing procedures and not so much the products themselves. This is why Hardwood Floor Decor and Care became such an important project.

People struggle to find specific information on choosing the right type of hardwood for their lifestyle. They want to learn about hardwood decor, they need to know about right care techniques for their specific wood finishes. Some are looking for instructions on hardwood flooring projects they want to tackle themselves, some look for custom stain color selection help. So we strive to provide what you are looking for. You can visit pages on right flooring choices for different areas of your home, like bedrooms, kitchens, even bathrooms.

With 28 years practical experience behind us and 25 years since Gerber Hardwood Flooring first started serving Clients in Woodbridge and Toronto we feel that we can finally provide more than just hardwood flooring services to our local Clients, we can also provide practical information to all those who need it.

Hardwood Flooring in your home, will offer timeless beauty and added value. It is easy to take care of and practical to maintain. With high quality, environmentally friendly finishes and dustless refinishing equipment available today, there is no reason why your wood floors shouldn’t look their best.For a Free, Written Estimate, call Joanna or Richard at 721-1082

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Hardwood Flooring Inspiration Video From Floor Decor Design Center

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what kind of hardwood floors to install in your home. For that reason, we’ve put together a hardwood flooring inspiration video based on images from installation projects we have completed over the years.

You’ll get a feel for different types of wood floors and how they look installed.

In addition, you’ll get ideas on how Floor Decor Design Center handles specific installation situations and special requests.

Why Floor And Decor Is The Category Killer In Specialty Flooring Retail

Why Wood: The Beauty & Longevity of Hardwood
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Floor & Decor North Richland Hills, Texas store

Floor & Decor press release

The floor coverings industry represented a $26.9 billion market in 2018, according to Statista in manufacturer dollars. Its a stable market that managed to eke out a mere 5.1% growth from 2010. Growing less than 1% year-over-year for the last eight years, the flooring market is not predicted to grow more than .5% year-over-year through 2023.

Translating manufacturer sales into retail dollars is complicated by the labor component, which makes an important contribution to many retailer revenues. Jonathan Trivers, contributor toFloor Covering Weekly, puts the total retail market size at $66.2 billion in 2017 including labor. Retail sales by his estimation grew 5.1% year-over-year in 2017.

To the outsider, the flooring industry looks boring and predictable, but to those in the industry, it is anything but.

Creating a dynamic retail market for flooring are changing consumer tastes from soft floor coverings to hard surfaces and their willingness to invest more money on premium flooring. To that demand the industry is responding with innovative and style-forward options, including luxury vinyl tile, which is the industrys fastest-growing category according to Catalina Research.

The manufacturer flooring market may not be growing overall, but consumer spending is shifting, with carpet and rugs share dropping from about 53% of total manufacturers revenues in 2012 to about 45% today.

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Unmatched Selection Of Flooring Countertops & Installation Materials

Choose From Tile, Stone, Wood, and Laminate Flooring

Perfect Your Project with Backsplash, Countertops, and FixturesNo matter the build or remodel, we’re here to provide all of the materials and finishing touches you need to complete your project. Our decoratives include backsplash, countertops, sinks, vanities, fixtures, and more.

Find High-Quality Installation Materials

Different Types Of Hardwood Species

Oak Wood Flooring

Let’s start with oak.

The image below shows Mirage White Oak Rift and Quartered hardwood flooring installed in a residential kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Compare that to Red Oak in this open kitchen/dining area where we sanded and finished the floors in a natural look. Notice the narrow plank widths.

Hickory Wood Flooring

Here’s an example of Hickory in a wider plank. This is Hallmark Monterey Hickory color Ranchero in a residential home installation.

Walnut Wood Floors

Wondering about walnut? Well, here’s a residential family room with a Wego Atlantic Walnut color Natural wood floor.

Each species has its own character.

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Rustic Hardwood Floor Finishes

Smooth isn’t the only look for hardwood floors, especially when you’re looking for a more rustic and casual vibe.

For example, check out Armstrong American Scrape Maple Color Nantucket featured below in this residential living room installation.

Here’s another related product, Armstrong American Scrape Hickory Color River House, in a residential family room.

This installation with its wide planks and textured finish adds a historic quality to this living room.

Matte Vs Gloss Hardwood Finishes

Floor Decor in Kenya

In addition to distressed looks, you can choose different levels of shine for your hardwood floors. For example, perhaps you have your heart set on a high gloss finish.

This image below represents Red Oak Select Refinish that has been sanded and finished in a natural high gloss.

In contrast, the Kahrs Habitat Collection color Oak Dome in the image below features a matte finish in this residential living room.

And here’s another matte finish: Red Oak Character Grade Hardwood in a residential living room and dining room.

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Addressing Special Hardwood Flooring Installation Requirements

Sometimes, an installation has special requirements. Those are some of our favorite situations!

For example, you may want to add on to a space in your home and continue with hardwood flooring. One way to transition from the existing to the new floor is as you see below with a Red Oak Select installation with a vertical board between the two sections.

Here’s an example of creating a custom border throughout the home, in the hallways and the kitchen. This features Red Oak Select with Custom Peruvian Walnut Border in a residential home.

In the image below, a homeowner asked us to change the original natural finish of the stairs to match the custom stain of the living room and dining room floors. It’s an example of a Custom Stain Stair and Landing done on Site.

This next example features a residential remodel where we installed Red Oak Select Grade Custom, sanded, and finished it on site.

If you don’t like the look of metal air vents, you might like this particular solution where we installed Flush Mount Floor Vents to match the wood floors.

Or, perhaps you need a stair railing. Here’s an example of a Red Oak Select Grade Custom Install Railing.

Or, perhaps you have in mind a glorious custom pattern installation such as this magnificent Mirage Maple Herringbone in Color Greystone.

Premium Laminate Wood Flooring For Living Rooms Kitchens Bathrooms And More

If you’re looking for a fake wood floor, laminate flooring is a superb option to choose. It gives you all the beauty and elegance of a wooden floor at a more affordable cost. In fact, the cost of laminate flooring tends to be lower than actual hardwood floors, and you can choose from lots of varieties to get the wood effect you like the most, such as a cherry laminate floor or oak laminate flooring.

Here at Floor & Decor, we can meet all of your laminate flooring needs. We even offer guides on how to laminate floors and all the necessary hardwood laminate flooring installation materials you require. In short, Floor & Decor can become your one-stop shop for laminate flooring in every color and type.

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Thoughts On Wood Flooring

The house had recently been gut-renovated and was gorgeous in person! The cabinetry and millwork everywhere was especially TOP NOTCH. I wish these photos did them more justice!

I also fell in love with the floors. So much so that I poked around on the of Project Beautify, who had rehabbed the house, and discovered that the floors were from my favorite flooring place Floor & Decor!

Later that week I went and checked out the product in person. Its called Montpellier and its an oiled French Oak in almost a 9 wide plank. And it is only $5.49/sq ft! If youve ever shopped for wood flooring before youll know that price is pretty unreal for the size of those planks!

Floor & Decor has a great selection of every type of wood flooring solid , engineered, laminate, and everything you need to install the floors yourself if youre a DIYer.

It can be overwhelming to figure out what type of wood flooring is right for your house, but I always ask three questions that usually help narrow down the playing field:

1) Will the flooring be in a kitchen or bathroom?

How terrified are you about the idea of potentially needing to pull up and repair areas effected by future leaks? If your answer is highly terrified, then you might want to consider a product like Aquaguard .

2) Wide or skinny planks?

3) Most importantly, what is your existing subfloor?

Solid wood is a great option if you already have a plywood subfloor .

Pergo Original Laminate Flooring Offers Everything A Versatile Floor Should Different Colors Styles And High

Wood Nail Down: Cleaning & Maintenance

There is no other floor that is as versatile and as tough as PERGO® laminate. It can take all the heavy traffic, spills, stains and you dont have to worry one bit!

This is why Floor Decor Kenya is excited to bring you PERGO® Laminate floors a world leading brand

PERGO® invented laminate flooring over 35 years ago. A floor that combines beautiful design and long-lasting durability like no other. PERGO® laminate floors are made to withstand years of use and still look beautiful.

Now you can shop PERGO® wood laminates and Pergo engineered hardwood flooring at all Floor Decor Kenya showrooms around the country Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret,Nanyuki,Kisumu,Naivasha,Mombasa , Embu , Machakos ,Kisii ,Thika .

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Floor And Decor Wood Flooring Reviews

Consumers complaining about Floor Decor most frequently mention customer service problems. Floor and Decor Engineered Hardwood Reviews Decor Art Engineered Hardwood Flooring Everyday Low Prices Floor u0026 Decor Pin on Flooring Engineered Hardwood Flooring Everyday Low Prices Floor u0026 Decor Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms Pros and Cons Bellawood Artisan 58 in.

Hickory Berkeley Gray Laminate Grey Laminate Kitchen Projects Design Luxury Vinyl Plank

Buy The Best Laminate Flooring At Floor & Decor

A leading expert in rustic laminate flooring and contemporary laminate floors, Floor & Decor is ready to provide all the materials you need for your next flooring installation. Here are some key reasons to order with us:

  • The most comprehensive selection of laminate flooring
  • Choose from many different colors of laminate flooring, like gray laminate flooring and dark laminate flooring
  • A wide range of flooring types to suit your needs, including floating laminate flooring
  • The fairest prices, guaranteed

Take a look at our entire laminate flooring section and find your perfect floor today.

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