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Floor And Decor White Oak

Select Solid Or Engineered Wood

AquaGuard Northport White Oak

Solid wood is just what it sounds like: a plank of your chosen wood, cut from a log. An engineered wood floor is composed of a thinner layer of your chosen wood on top of a manufactured base of layered wood, like plywood.

Engineered wood has a number of benefits. Its built to be more dimensionally stable, Mr. Hammel said. It will expand and contract less, reducing the chance that the boards will warp or shrink over time.

Engineered flooring is especially good in basements, in high humidity areas and over radiant heating systems, he said.

And in homes with concrete subfloors, like many high-rise apartments, engineered flooring can be glued directly to the slab, whereas solid wood usually requires a plywood subfloor so it can be nailed in place.

If your ceiling height is low, saving that extra bit of space by using engineered flooring can be important, Ms. Kim said: Some clients are really obsessed with getting the highest ceiling possible, so if they can save an inch on the floor, theyre going to go with engineered flooring.

But it isnt always the best option.Some people simply like the idea of solid hardwood better, and in extremely dry areas, solid wood may perform better.

Engineered floors are made to work best in environments that stay above 30 percent relative humidity, Mr. Sy said. If the environment is going to be consistently below that, engineered floors may experience slight cracking in the wear layer.

How Hard Can It Be To Choose A Hardwood Floor

Harder than you might think, given all the options available. Heres how to navigate the various decisions youll have to make.

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By Tim McKeough

If you have flooring you dont like whether its carpet, vinyl or unappealing wood it can feel like theres no way to escape it, no matter how many rugs you pile on top. But if you have floors you love, walking across them can be a daily pleasure.

Thats because the floor is the base upon which all other decorating decisions are built. Change your floors, and you change the character of your home. Its as simple as that.

So its no surprise that new floors specifically, hardwood floors are at the top of many renovation wish lists. Not all wood floors, however, are equally appealing or appropriate for every space.

We look at a building holistically, so the walls and windows, and the environment that were in, all feed into the decision-making about the floors, said Paul Bertelli, the design principal of JLF Architects in Bozeman, Mont., whose firm chooses a different wood floor for almost every project.

The wood flooring industry has evolved considerably in recent years, as wider planks have increased in popularity and finish and installation options have expanded. Given all the choices now available, we asked architects and flooring professionals for advice on how to pick the right one.

Consider White Oak Flooring For Your Space

There are few wood flooring options that are as versatile, durable and character-filled as white oak. Whether you choose new wood flooring or you want the character of a reclaimed wood floor, white oak can elevate the style of your home or commercial space effortlessly. Consider the beauty of white oak flooring for your interior design to capture these benefits for yourself.

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Cons Of White Flooring

So the main worry with light wood floors is this: no matter what kind of material you use, it is going to present challenges to keep pristine! Dont be fooled by anyone on a forum who says that a particular white floor is easy to clean that technically may be so, but you must also be prepared to sweep or vacuum and mop very frequently perhaps even daily depending on how active your household is or how low your tolerance of daily mess is.

My personal experience a few years ago was of renting a home with white ceramic tile. It was really lovely to look at, but at the time my two kids were both under 4 and we had a cat who specialized in creating massive fur-ballsso I had to either considerably increase my tolerance for slightly dirty floors or go crazy sweeping and mopping every day. On the other hand, it was nice to know that the floors were definitely clean!

You can, of course, mitigate for lots of dirt tracking through your home by placing strategic area rugs and doormats, and also by installing a no shoes indoors policy in your home. Opting for white flooring that has texture, a hint of pattern, flecks of other colors, or the distressed painted look will also make spills and everyday dirt less obvious.

Ultimately, whether or not you can live with a white floor when you have kids and/ or pets is something only you can decide: if cleaning floors every day goes beyond what you would consider necessary for general floor maintenance then white flooring is not for you!

Wide Plank Oak Flooring

Our House Remodel: Flooring Reveal

A standard width for plank flooring is from 2.5 to 4 inches. Wide plank flooring is anything wider than that. Wide plank white oak flooring is lovely and allows the grain to really develop through a board, without having to have as many seams running through a room.

It tends to be more expensive than narrower planks because it requires harvesting and cutting wider and longer trees.

Wide plank white oak flooring is installed the same way as standard sized boards, although more skill is usually required the wider the boards get. It can be purchased in sand and stain as well as engineered hardwood. So, you can still stain them to get the color that you want.

The wider the plank, the more susceptible it is to warping with moisture and temperature changes. Do plenty of research and discuss with trusted experts to decide what size is right for you.

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Consider Wood Grain And Character

The way that logs are sawed into boards has a big effect on the grain pattern thats visible in the floor.

With flat-sawn boards, the grain has a wavy appearance. The defining feature is this arching cathedral, said Jamie Hammel, using the industry name for the pattern.

Mr. Hammel, the owner of the Hudson Company, a supplier of wood flooring and paneling, noted that quarter-sawn boards offer a more linear appearance, with faint striping: The prized feature are these medullary rays, which some people call tiger stripes.

Rift-sawn boards offer the straightest, cleanest grain, whereas live-sawn boards may include all types of grain patterns.

A floor can use one cut exclusively, or can incorporate various types of cuts. A mix of quarter- and rift-sawn boards, for instance, is a popular option for flooring with understated grain patterns. For a warm, woodsy appearance, using only flat-sawn boards might be the best option.

In addition to the way the wood is cut, you can choose how many knots and other distinguishing marks you want to see.

We call it character, Mr. Hammel said, noting that options include clear , light character and character-grade .

Reclaimed wood is another option. Many flooring companies offer wood salvaged from barns, factories and other structures, which can have even more character with nail holes, cracks and saw-blade marks.

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White Oak Color Options

One of the most challenging decisions to make is what color to stain your White Oak hardwood floor or simply leave it au natural with a clear finish. The choice is entirely based on your aesthetic and preferences as quality White Oak takes stain very well when prefinished or site finished as long as its applied correctly.

Light wood floors continue to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring, especially on White Oak. From natural and muted tones that give your space a raw, organic look to the increasingly popular whitewash that creates a relaxed vibe, light wood floor color options reflect light and will brighten and open up your space. These light color tones are perfect for many design styles from contemporary to the wildly popular modern farmhouse. And its not just about the look. These light colors are known to show less dirt, scratches, and dents than darker wood floors, which means less cleaning and maintenance.

Medium wood floors are the perfect balance between light and dark wood flooring and, in terms of investment, will appeal to most home-buyers if you ever decide to sell. Medium wood floors tend to be more versatile and will work with just about any design style from modern to rustic. And as you can see, its not just shades of brown anymore!

Looking for more flooring inspiration? Here are a few projects with custom wood floors from a Miami beachfront to a pop culture-infused estate in Pittsburgh, PA:

In With The New Out With The ‘cheugy’ For 2022your Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

White Oak Cabin Grade Hardwood Floor Install | Post Frame Home

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Don’t Forget Custom Hardwood Finishes

Also possible when you install hardwood floors is opting for custom colors and finishes. Here are a few examples.

This kitchen remodel features Red Oak Select Custom Color Stain Finish.

Next is another Red Oak Select Custom Stained on Site in an upper residential hallway and bedrooms.

Below you see Red Oak Select Grade Custom Install and Site Finished in a residential remodel.

In fact, we featured this remodel in a blog article titled See How New Flooring Transforms 1980s Connecticut Condo.

Historical Homes You Can Own In The St Louis Areayour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

In the Highly Sought After Tower Grove South Neighborhood! Steps away from Tower Grove Park and the Lively Morgan Ford Strip, this Home is waiting for you! The first floor boast an open Kitchen, Dining and Living area along with a possible first floor Bedroom or Office with attached Bath.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Different Types Of Hardwood Species

Oak Wood Flooring

Let’s start with oak.

The image below shows Mirage White Oak Rift and Quartered hardwood flooring installed in a residential kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Compare that to Red Oak in this open kitchen/dining area where we sanded and finished the floors in a natural look. Notice the narrow plank widths.

Hickory Wood Flooring

Here’s an example of Hickory in a wider plank. This is Hallmark Monterey Hickory color Ranchero in a residential home installation.

Walnut Wood Floors

Wondering about walnut? Well, here’s a residential family room with a Wego Atlantic Walnut color Natural wood floor.

Each species has its own character.

Matte Vs Gloss Hardwood Finishes

45+ Top European White Oak Floor Ideas

In addition to distressed looks, you can choose different levels of shine for your hardwood floors. For example, perhaps you have your heart set on a high gloss finish.

This image below represents Red Oak Select Refinish that has been sanded and finished in a natural high gloss.

In contrast, the Kahrs Habitat Collection color Oak Dome in the image below features a matte finish in this residential living room.

And here’s another matte finish: Red Oak Character Grade Hardwood in a residential living room and dining room.

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Pros Of White Flooring

For a start, whilst you might imagine that white flooring goes best with a super minimalist aesthetic, in fact depending to a certain extent on the material you choose it actually goes with all décor styles. If you like the shabby-chic, farmhouse or warm industrial vibe then a painted white wood or concrete flooring is a great compliment whilst an ultimate glam interior design is exactly the place for a super luxurious, velvety soft, white carpet.

Another major plus for white flooring is that no matter what kind of house you have, its going to look cleaner, brighter, more open and airy get the rest of the décor right and you can also create a simple, uncluttered, calming and peaceful space to live. And white walls are excellent for bouncing natural light around your space, so a good choice for rooms that perhaps dont get much natural light

White flooring also has the advantage of truly showcasing your furniture, soft furnishings or art this is especially true if the rest of the space is also mainly white though it must be said that white floors are also a great counterbalance for walls that are painted in dark colors or that have with bold treatments, like a magnificently overblown wallpaper.

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Where To Buy White Flooring

There are many flooring retailers now selling white flooring in all types of different materials: heres a selection of some of the best.


If you like white flooring, but arent quite ready to commit to changing up all of your floor then a white area rug is a good option, and at Wayfair you have a ton of choice! In fact over 2000 rugs come up when you search for white area rugs on their site, though many of these are actually patterned rugs with white accents rather than completely white. Nevertheless, there is a large selection of pure white rugs including shag and faux fur rugs from manufacturers such as nuLOOM and Safavieh the rather lovely Zayan Meika ivory rug from Bungalow Rose which features a knitted wool cable pattern and the superb Asia White rug from Nanimarquina which features an abstract floral pattern woven in relief into the tuft.

Wayfair also have an extensive selection of white porcelain, ceramic and natural stone floor tiles, including the gorgeous Natural Stone Sticks mosaic in white from Pebble Tile and a smaller selection of white wood, laminate or wood alternative flooring, such as the Glacier White engineered cork flooring from Albero Valley which has a beautiful whitewashed look with defined grain detail.

There is somewhat less choice in the BuildDirect LVT collections, but youre sure to get a bargain here indeed currently the lovely linen effect Ovio vinyl tile in Blanc is on clearance and a steal at just $0.69/sq ft!

Select Grade Plain Sawn White Oak Plank Flooring In 6 Widths


White oak engineered flooring wide plank. Ages into a rich golden brown. The leading source for wide plank oak flooring. What does our wide plank flooring cost right now?

White oak is a strong, and durable hardwood which does well at resisting scratches and dents. White oak wide italian wide engineered hard wood floor factory supply discount price white wash oak engineered timber flooring italian wide hard wood floor abcd. Consisting of a 1/4 thick white oak wear layer over 1/2 birch plywood!

They make the decor seem less ornate and fussy. Select quarter sawn oak plank flooring, ridge road ca. Engineered wide plank white oak flooring.

, naturally white oiled. If your flooring will be laid on concrete, below grade, or in a location where more than occasional moisture is likely, engineered white oak may be the most suitable for your project. Discover a wide assortment of exceptional quality white oak engineered flooring online at canadian flooring.

Planks ranged in length from 3 to 13+. Extremely hard with a pronounced grain. While we also offer white oak flooring in solid plank options, this homeowner opted for the durability and cost effectiveness of engineered plank flooring.

The most attractive terms on sale now! With fewer joins between the planks theyre much easier and more relaxing on the eye. Oak & broad worked to outfit this home with mixed width engineered wide plank white oak flooring for the absolute best in form and function.

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