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Floor And Decor Stair Treads

Oh And Theyre Easy To Install Too

Staircase design and tiles flooring design with price / stairs railing design

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Stair treads have the nosing built-in so it looks. Both customers asked whether or not they could use their hardwood flooring on their stairway as treads which is a question we are commonly asked. We can also apply a custom stain or provide our stain match service. Hardwood planks installed on stairs do not look as good as hardwood planks on the floor. In other words we ship lengths of hardwood flooring that are typically between 36 and 54 long.

Starting from 1990 per piece our collection of wood stair treads and risers is one of the largest on the web including nearly two dozen domestic and exotic species of hardwood stair treads and risers. Lets get going and take a look at prefab treads. Ranging from straight or spiral to staircases with or without stair nose. To elaborate though you will find that most often although you can if you want a long lasting product you should not. 71 Cool Image Of Bruce Hardwood Stair Treads Diy Stairs Stairwell Decorating Stairway Decorating.

Hand scraped Wire brushed Sawcut Distressed. Economical Wood For Stair Treads. Quite strong ash is grayish-brown in color and grows all over USA and. It is a beautiful European White Oak. Wood Stair Treads Tile Inlay Kendall S Custom Wood Floors Inc Red Oak And Slate Tile Red Oak Hardwood Slate Tile Red Oak Hardwood Floors.

Wood Plank Porcelain Tiles

If you follow me on then you most likely saw my Instastories showing off these gorgeous wood plank porcelain tiles. Yes, they are tiles! Floor & Decor has the largest selection of wood plank tiles that I have ever seen. They are so incredibly realistic looking, its shocking.

This particular tiles took my breath away. Would it not be perfect for a beach house? So beautiful!

This one has soft shades of gray with a touch a dusty blue. It is called Brookwood Silver Wood Plank Tile. When I buy a beach house, this is going in!

Below are more amazing selections in the wood plank tile department.

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A Slippery Hardwood Floor Mainly Results From Wetness Buildups Or Use Of Incorrect Products

Hardwood floor stairs slippery. Very country kitchen looking or 2. Mop the floor with a vinegar solution , making sure that you do not spill water. When in doubt, consult your vet.

Some hardwood stairs and rails become slippery through constant waxing or wood soaps. The hardwood floors are a lot less slippery. Carpeting attracts dust and allergens, so it is important to vacuum them frequently.

Clean to remove dirt and mop out any spills that may make the wooden stairs slippery. In detail, a solution of water and vinegar can remove wax on hardwood floors. Hardwood, tile, concrete and stone can all be very slippery surfaces.

For these reasons, most people who. Sweep the dirt and grit from the floor first. The flat solid hard surface is easier for your feet to grip .

This should happen naturally after the first month or two. How to make hardwood floor stairs not slippery. Ripped it out and replaced with hardwood.

We have two dogs, and the first thing i did when moved into our 3 floor loft with two long flights of wood stairs. A slippery staircase is a genuine hazard in any home. Use vinegar and water to clean the floor in addition to making the floor surface shiny, this step also helps limit its slip.

All three of these methods make the surface of each stair rougher, add traction, and significantly reduce the risk of slipping. Without a finish, your wood stairs would quickly deteriorate, cracking at the most unexpected places. Make sure that there are no waxy residues left.

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How To Upgrade Your Stairs

Stairs often present a headache for the aesthetically oriented homeowner. And for good reason & #8211 making a staircase a great-looking part of your home isn& #8217 t exactly part of Home Design 101.

But where others see a challenge, you see an opportunity.

There are many creative ways to enhance your staircase these days. It& #8217 s time for new materials to light up this integral part of your home. Here are some ideas:

Focus On Carpet Durability

White &  Pine Floor Stair Treads. Removed carpet for a simple, clean ...

Stairs are generally the highest traffic area in any home since most of us walk up the center of the steps and not along the walls. This concentrated foot traffic along with the impact of your foot is greater on stairs than on flat areas due to the added force of gravity as you descend the stairs.

Therefore it is important that you select a carpet that will perform and look good for years to come.

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Can You Have Two Different Colored Wood Floors

While the same philosophy of coordinated decorating applies here, sometimes using similar-but-different wood floors can create a sort of displeasing, disjointed effect. It can seem almost as though you made an error and not an intentional choice.

Some tips for using different colored wood floors effectively are:

  • Use glossy and light-colored woods in small rooms.
  • Select warm wood colors for large, dimly lit spaces.
  • The transition between rooms or areas should occur at natural points in straight lines. You can use molding to make a distinct transition line between floors.
  • Pick contrasting woods so that they stand out as being clearly different from each other. Don’t try to blend them, as the subtle differences between two kinds of wood stand out more that way.

For stairs, you may be able to blend two different colored floors by simply using both colors together. For example, you can use one color on the riser and one on the tread.

Another option is to use one color on the stairs and one as an accent for the handrail. Or you can use planks that vary in color.

Carpet Stair Tread Covers


Carpet stair treads or covers are slightly smaller than a standard stair tread and attach to the treads using hook-and-loop strips. Half of each strip is stuck to the tread the other half is attached to the underside of the carpet tread.

These synthetic, sisal-like mats are relatively inexpensive and offer an easy way to add much-needed grip to slippery wood stairs. They don’t add much aesthetic value, but they improve safety without completely concealing the tread.

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Carpet Runners With Stair Rods

Our personal favourite. This design is timeless, affordable and versatile and can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. Carpet runners with stair rods can come in a variety of different designs, colours and materials to suit your existing interior decor elements.

Carpet runners with stair rods will look best on wooden stairs, but the design and styling of both the bars and the runner are up to you. Some of our most popular stair bars and rods include brushed chrome, polished brass, antique bronze, pewter and wood. Metal-based designs are quite versatile when it comes to pairing them with carpet runners. Some of our most popular colours for the runners include grey, blue, beige and red.

Take a look at our wide variety of stylish carpet runners and timeless door rods and bars to inspire your stair covering ideas.

Stair Tread Cover Ideas

24×48 Astrella Bianco Porcelain Tile On Stair Risers #shorts

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

Stair tread covers, or stair overlays, are handy products for improving the look and the slip resistance of existing stairs. Tread covers go right over the old step treads, the horizontal board that you walk on. Some covers also conceal the old step risers, the vertical boards between the treads.

Overlays for slip resistance typically rest on top of the treads and may be secured with a removable fastening system or adhesive. Overlays that are designed primarily for aesthetics often cover the old treads and risers completely, so the staircase looks totally renewed.

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What Is The Safest Floor Covering For Stairs

Carpet is the safest floor covering for stairs. The carpet provides traction, and if you should happen to fall anyway, the carpeting provides a softer surface to minimize the risk of injury.

However, it’s important to note that the carpet can be just as unsafe as other flooring types. You’ll want to select one with a low pile as it provides the cleanest underfoot traction.

Also, avoid any looped styles of carpeting if you have pets. Claws can catch in the looped carpet and cause falls and injuries to your four-legged friend.

Hardwood stairs, if preferred, can be made safe with basic modifications. For example, be sure to install and use hand railings. Add traction to steps with these easy to install clear stair treads:

Floor And Decor Stair Treads

Carpet stair tread 101 why you need pvc non slip floor staircase carpets stair decor treads carpets door mats stair step treads carpet mat non slip stair treads are good decor or choice canora grey skelmersdale bordered.

How to update stair treads with minwax gel stain made by carli carpet stair tread 101 why you need them on your wood stairs lovely lucky life retrotread 11 5 in x 42 stair tread at lowes retrohomedecor diy stairs stairway decorating stairwell retrotread 11 5 in x 42 stair tread at lowes retrohomedecor diy stairs stairway decorating stairwell tribe set of 15 stair step treads carpet mat non slip rugs anti skid home decor red rustic holiday decor vhc holly berry stair tread jute fl flower stenciled 8 5×27 18107358.

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Install Tiles On The Risers

Remember, stair covering ideas arent just limited to the stair treads! You can experiment with affordable and unique designs with your risers as well. Some of the best stair covering and floor covering ideas can come from reusing old household items. For example, you could install the leftover bathroom or kitchen tiles to your risers for a cheap and unique design.

Tiles are also a durable addition for risers, as well as being easy to clean.

Can You Paint Or Stain Plywood Stairs

Pin by brian hansen on Phoenix Travertine Tile Flooring Design ...

Absolutely! Painting or staining your stairs to coordinate with your other flooring is a project that a relatively handy DIYer can tackle. It takes a few days and patience but is definitely an achievable goal.

Painting stairs requires prep work, a coat of primer, paint, and then sealing with water-based polyurethane. To stain stairs instead, you’ll still have to prep the stairs before beginning. You will need a good orbital sander for this job.

Next, you will apply a wood conditioner and then the stain. Finally, the last step is to seal with water-based polyurethane, just like when painting.

For specific project instructions, please see How to Paint or Stain Plywood Stairs?

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Lvp Treads On Basement Stairs Do They Last

We are removing the carpet on the basement stairs. I would like to use the premade LVP stair treads that vendors sell that match the LVP I am putting in the basement. But one installer says he will not install LPV on the stairs because it’s difficult to do and it doesn’t last. I can’t find anything on Houzz that agrees with that, but I’m not finding much info on long term durability here either. Help! Anyone have experience with this?

  • Patricia Colwell Consulting

    11 days ago

    Too bad he does not want to do it because it’s hard Get another installer We have LVP on our basement stairs did not spend the ridiculous price for matching treads so ours have a front edge made of a matching plain brown. We have huge dogs that run up and down all day and we have our media room in the basement so the stairs are well used not one issue with wear there anymore than the rest of the basement LVP floor which BTW we have had for 15 yrs no matching treads available then and the nosing we have looks great so decided to not bother with the matching treads now.

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  • Why Trust The Spruce

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    The 7 Most Stylish & Affordable Stair Covering Ideas

    Looking to redecorate or give your staircase a creative overhaul? With hundreds of ideas online, choosing a design can take a long time and many may not be appropriate or to your taste. Our team at Stair Rods Direct have created a list of 7 genuinely fantastic stair covering ideas that are ideal for both domestic and commercial spaces.

    Take a look below at our guide to help you choose your ideal flooring for your stairs.

    Bullnose Carpet Stair Tread Covers

    Stair Treads Carpet Non-Slip Indoor Stair Runners for Wooden Steps, Stairs Grey UNBOXING

    Tranquility Carpet

    Unless you are a carpet installer, it is difficult to curl ordinary carpet over the nose of a stair. Since the carpet is so stiff, it keeps wanting to uncurl. This product solves that problem. The front section is pre-curled and easily snaps over the stair nose. The rear part of the overlay may or may not be secured with peel-and-stick adhesive.

    Bullnose carpet stair covers are removable and are designed for traditional hardwood stairs. They do not cover the entire tread and do not include riser pieces.

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    Can You Put Luxury Vinyl Tile On Stairs

    If youre like many homeowners who are selecting luxury vinyl tile for its affordability, remarkable durability, realistic wood looks, and easy installations, then youre probably pondering what to do about the staircase. Yes, LVT can be installed on stairs, and the outcome is a gorgeous-looking tile floor that is easier to clean than carpet and creates a cohesive design. Plus, it holds up well to the heavy traffic that stairs see.

    Previously with LVT, though, stair installations required a lot of planning, measuring , cutting, and fitting to get the job done. Unfortunately, it didnt always look so sleek in the end. Luckily, theres an easier solution today with MSIs ready-to-install stair materials. From stair treads to stair noses, these finishing pieces are available in the Cyrus, Prescott, and XL Cyrus series. Read on to learn more about how you can achieve a professional-looking stair install.

    Choosing The Best Stair Carpeting For Your Kansas City Home

    Carpeting your home brings both comfort and warmth. Not only is carpet soft underfoot, it also helps to reduce noise. Carpeting can work in many rooms of your home, including on your stairs. However, the type of carpet you put on your stairs is important, as there are more factors to consider than if you were carpeting a floor. Stairs are a high traffic area of your home, so the carpet needs to be durable as well as attractive. Here are some of the best stair carpeting options for your Kansas City home.

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    Should Flooring Be The Same Throughout The House

    Installing the same flooring type throughout the house is a foolproof way to ensure that you achieve a cohesive overall look. However, you may find that your needs and style preferences require different flooring to be used in certain areas. For example, you might love the coziness of carpeting in every room, but it would look out of place in the kitchen.

    For this reason, it is acceptable and even preferred in some cases to use more than one type of flooring in your home. If you want to use multiple types, try not to use more than three to still maintain a cohesive and coordinated look.

    Cool Using Hardwood Flooring For Stair Treads For New Design

    Custom mahogany staircase with cherry stair treads and solid cherry ...

    Ranging from straight or spiral to staircases with or without stair nose. Their matching colours ensure a smooth transition between your floor and staircase. Using hardwood flooring for stair treads.

    Using Hardwood Flooring For Stair Treads, Their matching colours ensure a smooth transition between your floor and staircase. In other words we ship lengths of hardwood flooring that are typically between 36 and 54 long. Installing hardwood flooring on stairs you can face with open-sided staircase. One of the easiest ways is to use a washer with the pencil in the hole and run the washer along the wall to exactly scribe this line.

    It paints well and is easy to cut. Stair treads have the nosing built-in so it looks. Quite strong ash is grayish-brown in color and grows all over USA and. We offer various texture options on all our wood stair treads including.

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