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Floor And Decor Pool Tile

Glass Tile Design Ideas For Your Pool

Tile Pool Floor – How To Renovate Your Swimming Pool – Roy Tiles

Stone and glass mosaics make a very nice water line in a pool. These items can be used against the waterline and also as a pool feature wall.

Here is a close up of that waterline glass pool tile:

Although I’ve mentioned the water line several times, you don’t need to stop there! Make sure you take your pool design up the back wall and into the water features as you see in the image below where a 1×1 glass and stone mosaic outlines the spa area and creates a nice rustic warm feel.

Stone & Glass 1×1 Mosaic Water Feature

Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Vinyl Sheet Flooring

There are many advantages to vinyl flooring. It’s a beautiful and budget-friendly material with a lot of versatility. You can use waterproof vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, for example, wood-look vinyl flooring for elegance in the living room, scratch-resistant vinyl flooring for homes with pets, or luxury vinyl flooring in the bedroom to truly transform the space. No matter what kind of vinyl planks and tiles you’re looking for, you’ll find everything you need at Floor & Decor.

Floor And Decor Outside Pool Stone Porcelain Tile

Outside stone tile has good slip resistance and chemical properties, floor and decor pool tile. The light-colored surface is more of a pool tile porcelain that decorates the courtyard.

combine the design of public and private spaces with sustainability, performance and flexibility. The main dimensions of the square brick are 108x108mm, 150x150mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 600x1200mm…

Applications: courtyard balconies, leisure plazas, municipal works, landscaping, school hospitals, and other home patio areas or public places with a large number of people.


1. The have passed the strict selection criteria and the unique high-temperature slow-burning technology, requiring a water absorption rate of < 5%.

2. Good wear resistance, high flexural strength and excellent overall physical properties.

3. The series is rich in variety, natural in texture and simple in texture. Through flexible and ingenious design of different specifications and various colors, it can collage colorful and different patterns, which can meet the outdoor space construction standards and decoration needs.

Construction attention point

1. Test the floor on the ground before paving, and distinguish the tile with different color numbers and sizes according to the paving form.

2. Side paving, side seaming, solid base layer and full joints can make the more durable and avoid rupture during use.

4. Use the level gauge during the paving process to ensure the level of paving.

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How Do You Install Tile Flooring

After selecting the perfect tile for your home, you have a variety of options for installation. If you decide to go the DIY route rather than hiring a contractor for installation services, we’re here to help with a library of tile flooring installation how-to videos, as well as all of the tile installation materials you need to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Looking for more answers to common tile flooring questions? Check out our

Natural Stone Ledgers And Interlocking Stone Tile For Pools And Spas

Top 60 Best Home Swimming Pool Tile Ideas

In addition to pool tile, Tile Outlets of America also offers a variety of natural stone ledger that can be used around a pool and patio application. These pieces will create a stone wall look to border a spa or a deck wall in any outdoor space.

Here is just a small piece of the ledgers that are available at Tile Outlets.

Be sure to explore the ledger stone displays available in all Tile Outlets stores you’ll notice several color options to use in your backyard design.

Water feature done in natural ledger stone

You can also find at Tile Outlets of America split face Travertine Ledgers:

The Silver Travertine splitface ledger is featured in the image below:

We like the ledgerstone look so much that we created an outdoor grill area using ledger stone in the Inspiration Area of the Fort Myers Tile Outlets location .

Fort Myers Inspiration Grill Area with Golden White Ledger Panel

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Shop The Best Vinyl Flooring From Floor & Decor

Vinyl flooring is an elegant, attractive, and affordable flooring choice that slips in seamlessly all over the home. From bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms and kitchens, youll have peace of mind knowing that no matter which vinyl floor color or style you choose, your flooring will stay beautiful for years to come thanks to its durable features. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, dent and scratch-resistant, pet friendly and low maintenance, making it the perfect option for high-traffic areas of your home or business. You can find the best and biggest selection of high-quality vinyl flooring for sale here at Floor & Decor, with many different styles and designs to choose from.

What Is Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an incredibly strong and easy to maintain flooring option for those who want the look of tile or hardwood flooring at a more affordable cost. As a primarily plastic flooring option, vinyl is waterproof and durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and everything in between. Luxury vinyl tile is manufactured using multiple layers, combining both comfort and durability. Vinyl flooring is available in a number of styles, including stone, ceramic, wood, slate, and more. Whether you are looking for peel and stick or vinyl plank flooring, Floor & Decor has the vinyl product and installation materials you need for your home transformation.

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Different Types Of Tile For Your Pool

According to Swimming Pool Tiles: 5 Types, you’ll generally have five different types of pool tile to choose from: porcelain tile, mosaic tile, glass pool and spa tile and brick swimming pool tile. Not all tile can be used in a swimming pool. According to Installing Ceramic Tile in Swimming Pools, it’s important to select the right tile for your pool and spa:

“While all ceramic tiles are suitable for wet areas like showers, not all ceramic tiles are suitable for pools because any cracks in the glaze can allow moisture to penetrate the tile body. Choose a tile for your pool installation that is either impervious or vitreous. This means the tile will not absorb water if the glaze were to craze or crack. Impervious tiles are best they will only absorb 0.5 percent of any moisture they come in contact with. Vitreous tiles will absorb up to 3 percent.”

Furthermore, according to Swimming Pool Tiles,

“Ceramic tiles designated for swimming pools are their own exclusive category. Because pools contain heavily treated water and are exposed to freezing temperatures, these tiles must be specially manufactured for this purpose.”

Although we generally don’t face freezing temperatures in Southwest Florida, it’s still important to use tile designed for pools. Also, make sure your installer has experience installing tile in pools and spas:

Explore Pool Tiles In Various Effects And Colors

110 Exterior outdoor floor tiles design ideas for exterior landscape design | Interior Decor Designs

Pool floors made of porcelain tiles have a durability that is superior to others, and the wide variety of effects helps to make them suitable for any setting. The ability to reproduce the texture of precious and natural materials like or stone means that surfaces in this material have a design that satisfies any style need.

Safety, durability, and a non-slip surface are just a few of the characteristics of Atlas Concorde swimming pool floors. Seductive patterns and endless combinations, to create continuous colors or unusual geometries.

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Easy Luxury Rigid Core

Happy Floors is proud to introduce our Easy Luxury Rigid Core Collection. This growing vinyl product flooring category offers rich wood looks and realistic porcelain tile images. Easy Luxury Rigid Core is designed for any residential or light commercial application. Easy Luxury Rigid Core is an easy install that can last a lifetime!

How Durable Is Vinyl Flooring

When choosing a flooring option for your home or commercial building, durability is likely top of mind. You dont just want beautiful floorsyou want beautiful floors that last, and when it comes to durability, vinyl floors cant be beat. Whether you choose peel and stick or vinyl plank flooring, this material is composed of many layers of resilient PVC material fused together, resulting in a waterproof, scratch- and dent-resistant, and pet-friendly product.

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The Best Bathroom Tile Flooring

Whether you’re planning a full-scale bathroom remodeling project or just looking to spruce up your bathroom space, Floor & Decor has bathroom flooring products for you. You can find a bathroom laminate floor, bathroom vinyl floor, and more to enhance the look and feel of this space. We also offer custom vanities and other great bathroom essentials and decorative elements, all crafted to the highest quality standards for the best customer experiences.

Which Tile Material Is Best For Tile Flooring

Porcelain stoneware outdoor floor tiles NEW TEK

When it comes to choosing tile flooring, it’s ideal to select a material that is durable and offers simple maintenance and easy cleaning. If you’re choosing flooring for your bathroom, shower, or kitchen, it will also be important to select a material that is water-resistant and prevents moisture from seeping below the surface. With that said, each tile flooring material offers its own benefitsporcelain tile flooring is heavy and less porous, ceramic flooring offers superior scratch-resistance, and glass tile flooring is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.

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What Do You Put Under Vinyl Flooring

If you are installing vinyl sheets, planks or tiles over concrete floors, we recommend using a vinyl underlayment. With that said, some of our vinyl flooring options come with an attached pad, so buying and installing underlayment separating may not be necessary. To ensure you select the right installation materials, be sure that you check your product description before check out, and contact our professionals for additional guidance. To learn more about this topic, check out our article about .

Porcelain Pool Tiles: Sizes And Thicknesses

The wide variety of sizes and thicknesses of porcelain tiles for swimming pools allows you to experiment with different compositions, combining performance and refined beauty.

From large-format slabs to create visual continuity to the use of mosaics, ideal for small pools.

The choice of porcelain tiles as a material for the pool ensures greater safety given the continuous exposure to moisture and chemicals. Visual continuity between the poolside tiles and the surrounding flooring is also fundamental to ensure consistency of materials even in areas such as steps, corners, and grills.

Browse the catalog and explore Atlas Concorde’s porcelain tile pool floors and you’ll find solutions that meet the technical and esthetic characteristics of the pool of your dreams.

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Treat Your Tile Right Installation And Maintenance Matter

Excellent installation and care will make your pool tile look great and last a long time. Improperly installed tile will let water behind the tile and cause problems that you cant see until its too late. If the grout and caulk is neglected, it allows for water leakage and breakage that will ultimately shorten the life of your tile.

Dont forget that pool tile should properly cure before water is added to the pool. This might be as much as a month. Filling the pool too quickly can also cause problems. Aim for about one inch per hour. Seal the tile and grout and allow for curing before filling the pool and plan to repeat sealing regularly.

Take your expansion joints seriously. They let your tile move a bit without posing a risk of warping and breakage. Expansion joints should be caulked generously and checked regularly. Your entire pool should be kept clean and should be inspected often so you can catch problems before they become major issues.

Find Tile For Your Pool And Spa At Tile Outlets Of America

Pool Decking and Wet Area Flooring – SoftFlex Floor Tiles

If you’re planning a swimming pool or spa, you should visit Tile Outlets of America where you’ll find a beautiful selection of tile to choose from. If you need convincing, check out the pool and spa design ideas and tile products that I’ve gathered for you in this article.

Each Tile Outlets store prominently features the Aquatica Pool & Spa Tile Collection display . It includes an extensive selection of different types of tile for your pool and spa – tile for water lines, spa applications and back pool walls. You’ll even find glow-in-the-dark options! The display is sure to inspire you with pool design ideas and possibilities.

Note that this article was originally published on July 17, 2014, and updated on March 24, 2016. This update reflects some of the new pool and spa tile selections available.

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Glass Tile For Your Pool And Spa

Glass tile is ideal around water given how it reflects light and adds dimension to a pool or spa. You’ll find many different colors and patterns to choose from as you can see from this image of glass tile options for pools

These glass tile options are all suitable for pool applications and can be submerged in water and subjected to pool chemicals.

Above, I mentioned glow-in-the-dark pool tile. Check out the Moon Glow and Glow series which actually glows in the dark. Kids of all ages will love this idea! It brings a pool to life at night.

Moonglow Mosaics

Glass tile can be used as a water line application or installed on the entire floor of the pool. The look of multiple uses of glass colors on the floor of a pool will make a beautiful statement. The image below represents an entire pool done in 1×1 glass tile. Isn’t the glimmer from the sun hitting the glass stunning?

Reflections Provocative 1×1 Glass on pool floor

Floor & Decor For All Your Patio Tile Needs

If you’re looking for any kind of exterior tile to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces, Floor & Decor can meet your needs, with a vast range of well-made and fairly-priced outdoor tile products just waiting to be shipped out to your location.

  • A huge range of outdoor patio tile products
  • Many different colors, patterns, and materials to choose from
  • Strong, weather-resistant outdoor tile can resist changing conditions
  • The highest standards of customer service and support
  • Fair and affordable prices across the entire patio file range
  • Shop with confidence and order from a trusted brand

Ready to make your outdoor spaces even better? Order patio tiles today from Floor & Decor.

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Porcelain 6×6 Pool Tile For Pool Waterlines

Browse our extensive collection of beautiful 6″ x 6″ porcelain tile for pool waterlines. Sold by the box or square foot, we offer only the best selections of pool tile from leading manufacturers in the swimming pool industry.

Porcelain 6 x 6 tiles are the perfect choice and size for your pools waterline. No cutting or measuring required, plus all of our 6 x 6 tiles are frost proof and resistant to any staining, fading or discoloration as well as impervious to liquids and vapors. We have 6 x 6 tiles available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, making it even easier to find that quick and perfect solution for your pool tile needs.

6 x 6 porcelain tiles are a classic choice for your pool, and of course are available in many shades of the most classic pool tile color- blue! Bright to light blues, earthy terra to bold cobalt, if you are looking for that perfect shade to enhance the beauty of your aquatic oasis then we have you covered! And not to be out done, we also offer a large selection of gray and beige 6 x 6 tiles that you can bring out of the pool and onto your patio! The look of natural, textured stone under your feet is an absolute must when creating that quintessential backyard retreat.

Order Your Bathroom Flooring From Floor & Decor

Top 60 Best Home Swimming Pool Tile Ideas

Whether you’re looking for marble pattern bathroom tile flooring, brick bathroom tile, or something completely different, you can find it right here from Floor & Decor. Here are just a few key reasons to plan your bathroom remodel or redecoration with us:

  • A massive selection of bathroom tile and flooring products
  • Countless materials, colors, patterns, and more
  • Bathroom vanities and other essentials also in stock
  • The best prices on every product
  • The highest standards of quality and customer care
  • Buy from a trusted and experienced brand with years of experience in bathroom flooring

Explore the full bathroom range right here and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

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Tiles Deliver Style To Every Room

Tile can be used for beautiful flooring, accent walls or backsplashes. The material is durable and water-resistant, making it a popular choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Decide which area of your home you want to update and visit The Home Depot Canada to pick out your perfect tile. We carry various styles, sizes, colours and shapes so you can find exactly what you need to complement your home.

What Kind Of Tile Will You Find At Tile Outlets For Your Pool And Spa

The Aquatica Pool & Spa Tile Collection display featured at all Tile Outlets of America locations focuses on tile for pools and spas. These pool tile products can be ordered to your specifications and delivered to the store within 3-5 business days based on availability.

Let’s explore these pool and spa tile inspirations in more detail.

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