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Floor And Decor Mother Of Pearl

Glowing Kitchen Design With Soft Blue Cabinets And Marble Floor Tiles

DIY MOTHER of PEARL Mosaic Tile WALL! * Exquisite!

The colors used in soft and pastel tones achieve a noble appearance with a sparkling piece. Glowing kitchen design gives an air of luxury with mother-of-pearl penny tile backsplash, flat panel kitchen cabinets create a simple elegance. A clear beauty is embodied with a handleless cabinet design.

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Mother Of Pearl Backsplash Tile

Mother Of Pearl Backsplash Tile. Black mother of pearl tile is the best choice for backsplash. We sometimes include an amazon product link and receive a small commission if you purchase through.

Keep surfaces clean from abrasive dirt and do not use abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, steel wool or sandpaper. You can even use them on the radial column. It is stunning and demure at the same time.. Mother Of Pearl Backsplash Tile. Beautiful tiles am using them for mosaics. I was searching for options on amazon and found this one here. Decorative pearlescent mother of pearl mosaic tile in white for shower bathroom, kitchen backsplash, and interior wall. Come in pack of 6 Hexagonal white mother of pearl backsplash tiles are perfect for your next bathroom renovation.

Mother of pearl tiles here.

I used this mother of pearl for backsplash in my kitchen.

20 x 20 mm availability:

Fishscale mother of pearl tiles made of natural pearl shell, our mesh mounted mother of pearl mosaic tiles can be used in almost all the places you may imagine. 305 x 305 mm stud size: Our beautiful mother of pearl tile in iridescence white and natural tones is on a mesh backing for easy installations in many applications. Open boxes and layout all of the tiles in the order. Mother of pearl tiles here. Showing results for mother of pearl backsplash tile.

Our beautiful mother of pearl tile in iridescence white and natural tones is on a mesh backing for easy installations in many applications.

White Kitchen Cabinets And White Mosaic Mother Of Pearl Backsplash With Chrome Hardware

White recessed-panel cabinets, white backsplash and gray busy granite countertops create a stylish harmony. The elegant touch of chrome hardware is added to this harmony and is complemented by mosaic mother-of-pearl backsplash tiles. While stainless steel appliances support a modern look, the mother-of-pearl mosaic tile adds a naive touch to this modernity.

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For A Sophisticated Look This Mother Of Pearl Tile Or Oyster Shell Tile May Be More Your Style

Mother of pearl floor tile. 30999 2583 per item 64200. The mother of pearl mosaic tile has a zero water absorption rate and this tile exceeds ANSI standards for water absorption for mosaic tile. From an elegant beach or coastal theme to something highly modern mother of pearl tile can work with a wide variety of styles.

Mother Of Pearl MosaicTiles. 2mmMother of pearl tile also called shell tile or shell mosaic tile is 100 natural and green products made of natural shell polished and processed by handsEach sheet of the mother of pearl tile is approximately 1 sq ft per sheet and is mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass for easy installation of your mosaic tile projectsParameters of the Mother of Pearl. The natural iridescent finish and glittering marks on shells are deeply loved by customers.

The tile is created by a proprietary process that uniquely applies the gem grade shell laminate to unglazed ceramic tile. Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles are great on floors and walls and have been most popular in bathrooms spas kitchen backsplash wall facades and pools as well as a variety of other applications. 99 1799 FREE shipping.

Mother of Pearl tiles were created by tile artisans who inlay the jewelry boxes. The fresh shell tiles are made of fresh river shell which are mostly in white colo. Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles that need to be grouted are a safe and slip-resistant shower floor tile thanks to the grip provided by the grout lines.

White Shaker Cabinets With Quartz Countertops And Dark Wood Floors

Splashback Tile Mother of Pearl White Square Pearl Shell Mosaic Floor ...

The harmony of a magnificent backsplash and white shaker cabinets welcomes us with the warmth of the dark wood floors. The chrome knob handles used on the white shaker cabinets and the gray quartzite countertops are in perfect harmony. The mother-of-pearl arabesque tile backsplash provides a modern approach to stainless steel appliances with its sparkling appearance.

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Refined Mother Of Pearl Home Decor Ideas

If you want to make your decor stand out, if you need a refined touch but arent ready to spend a lot of money, I have a brilliant idea for you: mother of pearl! Mother of pearl can be used in different ways, and it always adds a gorgeous exquisite touch wherever you use it. Besides, such a material will stand out, its unusual and will never go out of style nature-inspired touches are always in trend. Whether its real mother of pearl or just imitation, it will look amazing, now let me prove it to you with these cool ideas.

What Are Mother Of Pearl Tiles

Mother of pearl tiles are created by artisans who remove the inner lining of various colored seashells. This lining is then either left in its original color, or dyed in a vivid shade.

The pieces of seashell are then cut up into small pieces in the shapes of squares or rectangles and glued onto an unglazed ceramic wall tile.

The result is shimmering, iridescent tiles with the glamour of glass, but with a formal, unique appearance. Artisans assembling these tiles are able to lay the pieces of shell into patterns such as checkerboards of two colors, herringbones, simple squares and spirals.

The tiles themselves generally range from 1 accents up to 4 tiles, with 2 x 8 liners, domed and pencil moldings, and even light switch covers.

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What Type Of Tiles Are Made Of Mother Of Pearl

In addition to their iridescence, Mother of Pearl in its many shapes can become the focal point of any room interior. Due to advances in manufacturing with waterjet cutting, it can be shaped into different sizes and designs, then attached to either a mesh sheet or self-stick backing to create what we know as mosaic tiles.

This Mother of Pearl Abalone Mosaic Tile backsplash combines natural materials and understated elegance. The square jeweled highlights are luxury and sophistication in a nutshell! This combination of two types of shells creates a detailed white backsplash with a rainbow sparkle that manages to be stunning and sophisticated at once!

Shell sheets can be easily shaped into some of the most popular tile designs and even paired with other materials â white marble mosaics are a very popular pairing thanks to the inherent elegance in each material on their own. Together, they are especially stunning!

Alternatively, you may opt for groutless Mother of Pearl tile which also comes in other patterns and presents a smooth, seamless finish. While most mosaic patterns leave a very narrow grout line space in-between each tile piece, while groutless tiles, as the name suggests, have no space in-between each tile. Occasionally you need to fill spaces between tile sheets to create a seamless finish, but they are a great low-grout choice!

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Luxurious White Kitchen Design With Blue Accents

Mother Of Pearl Backsplash

The perfect elegance of an airy and spacious kitchen welcomes us with a sparkling welcome. The airy atmosphere created by the high ceilings makes the kitchen appear larger. The chandelier and the white mother-of-pearl mosaic backsplash complement each other with breathtaking beauty. White paneled appliances combine with the integrity of the white shaker cabinets and increase the harmony in the environment.

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Antique White Cabinets With Chrome Hardware And Black Countertops

Light beige traditional kitchen cabinets greet us with a warm and friendly look together with wooden floors. The dark granite countertops used in these white cabinets and white backsplash create a dividing line and help create a stylish look with their natural texture. The soft contrast between the white mother-of-pearl backsplash and the dark countertops adds movement to the environment.

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Furniture Lamps And Accessories

If you think that a whole wall clad with mother of pearl tiles is too much, you can always add a chic touch in other ways. Choose a chest or a sideboard inlaid with mother of pearl such a unique piece will fit a boho chic, modern, Asian or eclectic interior, or maybe some other if you incorporate it right. Choose mirrors, vases and picture frames clad with mother of pearl to add an exquisite touch to your interior. Lamps with mother of pearl bases can be a chic idea and will fit any glam or just luxurious space. Get inspired!

a boho chic wooden sideboard clad with mother of pearl for a creative and unique look

a modern lamp with a base incrusted with mother of pearl looks chic and beautiful

picture frames clad with mother oe pearl for a gorgeous refined look

a gorgeous sideboard inlaid with mother of pearls for a refined space

a lamp base is covered with mother of pearl and will be a great fit for an exquisite or glam space

a large mother of pearl mirror and a couple of vases clad with the same material look very feminine and eye-catching

a refined black nightstand clad with mother of pearl looks vintage and very refined

a refined table lamp covered with mother of pearl will add even more chic to your interior

a round mirror inlaid with mother of pearl for a refined home display

a wooden chest inlaid with mother of pearl can fit a boho chic or a Moroccan interior

cutlery incrusted with mother of pearl for an exquisite look

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Can You Use Mother Of Pearl Penny Round As Floor Tile

The store sign has “floor” and “shower” checked off on this sample for approved use, but I’m a little unsure…can you use mother of pearl penny round as floor tile?

Would it be slippery? hard to maintain? fragile? would it change color or darken over time? What should I consider? Guess I’d have to seal it like a marble?

  • 2 years agolast modified: 2 years ago

    The tile is beautiful, but I personally would be a quite weary of using it as a floor tile. I’m not a professional or a designer by any means, but I believe there’s usually a rating provided to tell you how “hardy” the tile is so you know if it will stand up to a lot of weight and traffic. I didn’t see that on the site for this particular style. I’ve always thought mother of pearl can be quite delicate as well, so I’m a little on the fence of using it for the floor.

    I wonder what the professionals on here will say though. I’ve heard from some that the tile from floor and decor is on the less durable side hence why the prices are relatively inexpensive and that they don’t carry stock of any one style for long so be sure to get plenty just in case of future needs.

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Can You Install Pearl Tiles On A Fireplace Surround Or A Backsplash Behind The Stove

Mosaic tiles subway brick mother of pearl tile kitchen backsplash shell ...

Similarly, these shell tiles can be used to capture your inspirational style and turn a basic white kitchen wall into a striking centerpiece in your home. The scratch and stain-resistant qualities of pearls make these tiles perfect for backsplashes while their ability to withstand very high temperatures make Mother of Pearl a favorite selection for fireplace surrounds.

Add a touch of glamour and iridescence to your living room with a fireplace surround decorated with this Pure White Mother of Pearl Herringbone Mosaic Tile. The enhanced reflective surface will brighten up your living space and add a natural focal point to your gorgeous decor!

We always recommend installing tiles according to fire codes for the best result over the years, but you can rest assured that properly installed Mother of Pearl backsplash tiles or a shimmering shell fireplace surround will add beauty and iridescence to your home for years to come!

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How Do You Install Mother Of Pearl Tile

Great installation is the key to a tile job thats contemporary, elegant, and clean. Installing Mother of Pearl mosaic tile is a simple job that DIY enthusiasts can complete on their own. To speed up the install process for these detailed designs, seashell tiles are fixed onto a mesh backing which can be cut easily and dont require you to painstakingly line each tiny piece in place and set them one at a time!

1. If you need to cut the actual shell tiles, a wet saw fitted with a diamond blade is highly recommended in order to achieve a smooth and seamless cut.

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Pieces Geometric Wall Stencil Herringbone Tile Stencil Large Tile Wall Stencil Reusable Floor Stencil Design For Diy Tile Wall Floor

  • Rich style and quantity: the package comes with 9 pieces herringbone geometric wall stencil in 9 styles, one for each style The size of each tile painting stencil is about 12 x 12 inch Larger tiles and rich styles are suitable for formwork walls, but they also have a beautiful effect on the floors.
  • Quality material: these wall tile floor stencils use PET as material, which is safe and durable, non-toxic and tasteless, oil resistant, fat resistant, dilute acid resistant, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents, can be applied with your confidence.
  • Washable and reusable: the tile paint stencil can be washed and applied repeatedly, only need to wash the stencil with water, then let it dry and store it in a safe place until you need it next time Exquisite patterns can decorate your space and make your space very eye-catching.
  • DIY art: large wall painting stencils can be DIY with any paint color combinations according to your own preferences, which can be widely applied for crafts, DIY projects, modern farmhouse decor, Boho rooms, kitchen backsplash, kitchen floor painting, stairs, black and white bath decor.
  • Applicable surface: stencil template for walls are suitable for linoleum floors, walls, wood or cement floors and so on, and this dazzling decoration is nice for using formwork on outdoor terraces, entrance passages and decks Just template the worn tiles instead of removing them, saving a lot of costs.

Mother Of Pearl Mosaic Backsplash

Mother Of Pearl Inlay Work On Wooden Door 2 || Marble Inlay Flooring

Because of its iridescent surfaces, all types of mother of pearl backsplash offer a mosaic appeal. Shells are glazed to create a protective layer that enhances this natural iridescence. Also, in todays market, these tiles come with different material combinations which offer a mosaic appearance. Thassos marble is the most common material which is used with shell tiles. This unique combination can easily add a luxurious vibe to any kitchen!

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Design Suggestions For Mother Of Pearl Tiles

Mother of pearl tiles should not be used in a wet area, or in an area which gets a great deal of moisture or steam, as this can cause the glue to loosen between the shell and the backing, causing the shell to peel away. Therefore, these accent tiles should only be used in dry, wall applications.

For use in a bathroom design, consider using them to as a bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet frame. Simply install a frameless mirror, or recessed medicine cabinet on a clean, dry wall.

Next, use liners, 2 tiles and pencil moldings to create a decorative tile frame. 2 x 8 liners can be used in a solid color with either 2 accent tiles in the corners of the same color, or in contrasting colors. Finish off the edges of the frame by using a 1/2 x 8 pencil molding.

For a more eclectic look, consider using 2 accent tiles of the same or varying colors, with differing patterns of inlay. The result will have more movement and light catching effects.

The liners can also be paired with natural stone or ceramic tiles as a decorative border just below the chairrail of bathroom wainscoting.

For a kitchen backsplash, consider using the 2 decorative tiles as cut in accents with a larger field tile. Try setting the field tiles on a diagonal pattern, and cut in one, 2 tile for every four field tiles, moving through the center of the backsplash.

Try designing with mother of pearl tiles today and watch the bathroom or kitchen design come to life.

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Layout/cutting Tile To Fit

Dry fit your tiles on the wall in the desired pattern using a pencil or dry erase marker to mark location and where to cut tiles to fit. If a straight line is desired, the shell chips can easily be cut with a tile saw and glass nippers. The mesh back easily cut with a utility knife or box cutter.If a piece is cut wonky, just pull it off the mesh and replace it with a better piece.

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