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Floor And Decor Limestone Tile

Guide For Limestone Tile Pros And Cons

Tile Trends: Dramatic Tile & Stone

There are many natural stones that are being used to produce high quality tiles that can be utilized for commercial and residential purposes. Limestone, marble, granite and travertine are some examples. Some homeowners prefer the less expensive synthetic materials such as vinyl and porcelain which are also among common options being used nowadays. All these materials vary in texture and have different levels of strength. Their cost also varies depending on the source and manufacturing process. Older constructions were fitted with natural stone tiles however modern designs have incorporated synthetic materials these days.

Limestone is an excellent material that can be used for the decoration of any space. Its products include tiles, pavers, slabs and even mosaic tiles. The limestone rocks have beautiful textures as they are sedimentary rocks by nature. It is made naturally as minerals settle on the earth surface over a long period of time. Limestone has chemical composition of Calcium Carbonate. The texture is therefore developed over time and has pores that can be filled with the help of machines to give a fine look to the final products. They are also recommended for exteriors as they give a beautiful final look.

Limestone was used in construction in Turkey and Italy in ancient times in their traditional architectural masterpieces. However as times changed and new modes of transportation became common, use of Limestone spread to other parts of the globe as well.

How Do You Install Natural Stone Tile On Walls

Depending on the material you choose, natural stone wall tiles can bring a rustic or luxurious look to any room. If you choose to install stone wall tiles on your own rather than hiring a specialist for installation services, Floor & Decor is proud to offer all of the installation materials you need to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. We also have a library of tile installation videos for you to review, including a video on how to install stone ledger.

Lime Stone Flooring: Conclusion

There is no disputing that limestone floors are gorgeous, but these floors have a unique quality that means they dont work for everyone.

If you are willing to invest the money to install limestone floors, they will increase your homes value and appeal.

With proper care, these floors will endure for the lifetime of your home.

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White Marble Floor Tiles

Give your room a refreshing look with white marble floor tiles. They give an elegant touch to your home. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the ones that suit your budget. Though rectangular marble tiles are most commonly used, you can select hexagonal or square-shaped marble tiles as well. Usually, marble is famous for luxurious veining, but you can try mixing tile veining to add a dramatic look to your home and break the monotony.

Is Limestone Flooring Slippery When Wet

We are inspired by this amazing combination of marble tiles and light ...

Different types of limestone flooring have different levels of slipperiness. Shiny polished limestone tiles are very slippery since the polish fills in the tiles porosity. Other types of limestone, such as honed limestone and travertine, are less slippery.

Any bathroom surface will become slippery when wet, so just be sure to exercise caution. Put down bath mats or towels to prevent too much water from getting on the surface and wipe down any spills after someone takes a bath. Water should never be left on your limestone tiles anyway as it could cause staining.

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Versatile Stone Tiles For Bathrooms Kitchens And More

Stone tiles are also incredibly versatile. They can be used indoors or out and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. This means that there is something to suit every décor taste, whether traditional or contemporary. Youll find our prices on natural stone tiles to be incredibly affordable. We have a wide selection of stone tiles, including travertine, marble, granite and slate.

Limestone Flooring: Creating A Modern Look With A Classic Stone

Limestone flooring is a gorgeous natural stone with amazing versatility. It comes as limestone tiles, slabs, pavers, and even mosaics. The muted earthy tones of limestone flooring makes it a popular choice in rustic, classic, and farmhouse home design.

According to the paint experts at PPG, the earth tones in their palette collections evoke a sense of natural ease, comfort and intimacy. Earth-toned flooring is a way to bring in another layer of depth to your overall design.

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Is Limestone Flooring Durable

Limestone is confusing because it is both hard and soft. It is harder than natural stones like travertine but it is softer than granite and marble. It will wear over time, but for some people this is a bonus. They love the look of limestone floors that are worn as they have a more antique look. Some limestone tiles are harder than other types, so check with a knowledgeable manufacturer to find the best kind for you.

Limestone Floor Tiles Features

Tile Trends: Large Format Tile & Stone
  • Limestone floor tiles are durable products with a long life.
  • Limestone is used both indoors and outdoors and adds a hygienic, dynamic and stylish atmosphere to the area where it is used.
  • It does not require extra maintenance. During cleaning, it will be sufficient to clean it without exposing it to chemical products like any natural stone.
  • It provides a natural appearance to the place where it is installed.
  • Thanks to its natural structure, it is resistant to different weather conditions such as hot, cold, and humid.

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Positive Attributes Of Limestone Flooring

For over 25 years, PetraSlate Tile and Stone has long been dedicated to providing the highest quality flooring tile available. Their limestone tile is a terrific alternative to hardwood floors, though with more varied patterns and more resistance to damage. The muted tones of limestone tile create a highly sophisticated ambiance of elegance and good taste.

Order Your Stone Tile And Stone Flooring With Floor & Decor

If you’re looking for natural stone tiles of any kindfrom marble to travertine and anything in-betweenFloor & Decor has the selection youre looking for. As experts in installing stone tiles, countertops, wall tiles and more, we can help you find the perfect products and installation materials for both residential and commercial projects. Here are just some of the benefits we have to offer:

  • A vast range of stone tiles, including stone flooring
  • Many colors and materials, including stone mosaic tile and marble
  • The lowest stone tile cost and best value, guaranteed
  • The highest standards of customer care from a trusted, experienced brand

Place your natural stone tile order today with Floor & Decor.

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How Often Do You Need To Seal Limestone

Your limestone tiles need to be secured right away once they’re set up. This beauty has a porous structure. It is good to seal it before using it. Regular sealing will be required also.

It is good to seal it every two years. You’ll understand when the sealing time comes. If the limestone started to soak the water, this means it is the time. Otherwise, the water should bead on the surface of the sealed limestone tile.

Sedimentary rocks are prone to acidity. This means you can’t use every product to clean them. pH-neutral cleaners are ideal for all-natural stones. Avoid chemical detergents if you want to extend your tile’s lifetime.

Redefined Your Space With Limestone Tiles Design

Indulge Your Home With Black Marble Floor Tiles

Excavated from north and south Indian limestone quarries, colourful limestone tiles are processed and shaped professionally. With loads of chemical and physical properties, limestone is an outstanding construction material as it can cope with harsh melting conditions and freezing temperatures. Although it is used forfloor tiles, yet the use of limestone tiles over walls is on the rise. Limestone tiles deliver a rustic, and timeless ambience to any space. From natural green to deepest black and from wannabe pink to electric grey, no matter which colour or pattern of limestone tile you choose, its earthy charm will give your space a modern yet traditional look. A long list of limestone tile colours and patterns at Orientbell, give natural stone admirers an ample choice for uplifting their spaces, as it can beautifully fuse with any décor or colour scheme you already have. Orientbells limestone tile collection includes many unique colours, designs, and patterns. You will find an extensive array of beautiful natural limestone colour tones from bright to dusky, in matchless design patterns. These limestone tiles are simply identical with contemporary yet timeless style, and chic look. You can choose from traditional and sturdy limestone floor andwall tiles in a range of finishes, from refined to plunged offerings and more.

Limestone Wall Tiles

Limestone Floor Tiles

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How Do You Install Tile Flooring

After selecting the perfect tile for your home, you have a variety of options for installation. If you decide to go the DIY route rather than hiring a contractor for installation services, we’re here to help with a library of tile flooring installation how-to videos, as well as all of the tile installation materials you need to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Looking for more answers to common tile flooring questions? Check out our

Limestone Bathroom Tiles Pros And Cons

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of using limestone on your bathroom tile floors.


Affordability: If you want to use natural stone in your bathroom, limestone is one of the more affordable choices. It is far less expensive than marble or granite, but still has the beauty and unique details that give natural stone an advantage over artificial flooring.

Appearance: Another pro of installing limestone bathroom tiles is their beauty. Limestone is a gorgeous, light stone that can provide an airy, natural look in your bathroom, really opening up the space.

Variety: Even if you are just looking at limestone, there are so many varieties within this stone that you wont feel as if you are limiting yourself. You can choose from many different colors, finishes, and patterns.


Fragility: Although limestone is less expensive than other natural stones such as marble, it is also more fragile. While it can usually withstand the limited traffic that comes with bathroom installations, youll still need to be careful when installing heavy elements.

High Maintenance: Limestone is also more difficult to install and maintain than other services. You will probably need to hire professionals to install your flooring, while other tiles are easier to manage for an experienced amateur DIYer. Limestone also needs regular maintenance to avoid staining and you need to be very careful when cleaning it to avoid scratching the surface.

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Which Tile Material Is Best For Tile Flooring

When it comes to choosing tile flooring, it’s ideal to select a material that is durable and offers simple maintenance and easy cleaning. If you’re choosing flooring for your bathroom, shower, or kitchen, it will also be important to select a material that is water-resistant and prevents moisture from seeping below the surface. With that said, each tile flooring material offers its own benefitsporcelain tile flooring is heavy and less porous, ceramic flooring offers superior scratch-resistance, and glass tile flooring is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.

Order Bathroom Wall Tiles And Kitchen Floor Tiles At The Lowest Prices

1 Look, 3 Budgets: Marble Kitchens

As a trusted provider of kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and other types of tile, too, Floor & Decor can be your go-to source for all things tile-related. Order today and enjoy these unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • One of the most extensive selections of tile products in the world
  • Shower tile, wall tile, floor tile, bathroom tile, and more
  • Dozens of colors, styles, and materials to choose from
  • A trusted and experienced brand in the tile industry
  • Custom sizes to suit your specific needs

Order your high-quality tile today from Floor & Decor.

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White Porcelain Floor Tiles

White porcelain floor tiles reflect light in an ecstatic way and brighten the floor like no other colour. So if you are looking for some refinement and elegance that matches your contemporary home, white porcelain floor tiles are the best choice for you. These white gloss floor tiles are just perfect to give your bathroom, kitchen, living area or hallway a refreshing new look. You can opt for large white tile flooring for a seamlessly sparkling look.

How To Set And Maintain Limestone Tiles:

How to set Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are prepared through two methods. First method uses sand while the other requires concrete base. In the first method which is also known as dry-set method, the tiles are laid on sand and glued with the adhesive material to get a final shape. In the second method, mortar is used with concrete to give a finished look to the tiles.

Sealing Limestone tiles

While using Limestone tiles, one important thing to be kept in mind is that they are reactive to acids. So in order to keep them safe from erosion and dirty spots, special care should be taken. If you keep good cleaning agents and maintain the tiles on a regular basis, they remain in good condition. They have natural texture which also hides small damages.

Tile sealers help promote the durability and resilience, they also protect the tiles in high traffic areas from wear and tear. Sealers prevent acidic from soaking into the surface giving you enough time to clean the surface with a simple broom. Granite sealers are the most widely used for protection against acidic substances. Limestone color can fade overtime sealers prevent the color of the pavers from fading. They also protect the surface from stains such as oil and grease.

Sealing limestone tiles does not provide permanent protection, overtime the sealers wear off and have to be re-applied periodically, usually in the time span of two years.

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Penny Round Mosaic 20

In fact, limestone is a distant cousin of the marble. Because under high temperatures and heavy pressure, limestone can be converted to marble.

When you move to a new house or decide to remodel it from scratch, one of the concerns related to flooring will be about the material that you want to use.

It is tempting at first to use some material that is eye-catchy, intriguing and appealing. Don’t forget to keep in mind that different kinds of materials require different levels of maintenance.

One of the main starting points before choosing your flooring material must be the weather. Yes, you heard it right. If you are living in a tropical area, a product that is resistant to high temperatures and moisture must be your first choice. Natural stones are perfect solutions for those kinds of problems.

What Do You Clean A Limestone Floor With

10 Marble Floor Designs For Styling Every House

To get rid of dust and hard debris, use a soft broom or vacuum. Some guides recommend sweeping daily to avoid scratching the tile, which could happen if people accidentally step on grime particles and drag them.

You should also clean your limestone regularly with wet cleaning materials. Use a soft floor cloth or mop as rougher materials could scratch the surface.

Create a gentle mixture of water and a pH-balanced cleanser. Harsh chemicals and acidic liquids could damage the floor. There are even special cleaning solutions made just for limestone flooring if you want to be particularly careful.

Finally, when cleaning limestone, be sure that there is never too much water on the surface. Wring out the mop thoroughly before using it and dry the limestone using a soft cloth afterward. Standing water could stain the limestone.

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Black And White Floor Tiles For Your Home

Amp up the drama of your home interior with some bold and beautiful black and white floor tiles. This classic combination adds a bold statement to your floor, be it simple checkers of some elaborate motif. These floor tiles not just add an element of aesthetics to your floor but allow your interior decor elements like wardrobes, furniture and other materials to shine as well. If you want to add a victorian look to your home, you can go for white octagon floor tiles with black insert tiles. They look elegant and straightforward and lend a vintage charm.

Limestone Tile Ideas For Your Home Decoration

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is commonly used as a building material. Although limestone is not usually the first choice when you think of decorative tiles, youll be surprised by the wide array of colors and textures available to you. You can get limestone tiles in shades of blue, green, gray, beige and cream and in different patterns as well. Limestone is a stone tile which is best known for their durability and low porous qualities, making them the go-to tiles for most kitchen and bathroom tiling projects. Want to know more on how you can use limestone tiles on your next home makeover? Then here are just a few limestone tile decorative ideas to get you started.

If youre going to notice, most limestone tiles available on the market today are pale in color, but even though the darker tones seem to be less common, its possible to source them from a reliable tile supplier. All you have to do is look for a reputable tile supplier and go through their catalog to see if they have anything that you like in stock. Contrary to popular belief, buying from online tile suppliers can be fast and convenient, as long as you find the right supplier to cater to your needs.

Modern and sophisticated

Natural and tanned

Texture is in

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