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Floor And Decor Kitchen Backsplash

Perspective On The Humble Square Tile

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

As classic as the rectangular subway tile is, the square may be even more so. The most commonly used square size for a backsplash is 4×4 although you may come across 6×6.

In the example above, you see 4×4 squares installed side-by-side as a border along the base of the backsplash. Next comes a line of decorative mosaic and, then, the square becomes a diamond adding visual interest and contrast.

Classic Interpretations

Below, you see a simple yet classic interpretation of the 6×6 square.

That classic interpretation is particularly effective when your square tile features bold decorative graphic patterns as you see below.

Diamond Patterns

The humble square works particularly well as a diamond in a black and white checkerboard patterns as you see below.

For a modified diamond pattern, try a marble-look graphic porcelain pattern such as what you see below. Notice how four tiles create the diamond motif.

Porcelain is ideal given how much easier it is to maintain than marble is. It’s not sensitive to stains or water and will be easy to keep clean.

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4×4 vs. 6×6 Square Tiles

Something to keep in mind when you are deciding between a 4×4 and a 6×6 square tile is design flexibility.

Using a smaller format tile gives you the ability to do more with your design. Ultimately, it makes the design more visually pleasing.

Even something as simple as turning the tile on an angle makes the space appear larger than it is.

Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

With their durability and striking appeal, glass backsplash tiles are always a popular and stylish option for many homeowners and interior designers. Also, the various color and shape range of glass tiles enhance their popularity and the natural translucency of a glass tile backsplash creates a dazzling shiny effect like no other. With their easy-to-clean surfaces which make it a perfect backsplash material, you can easily maintain the beautiful appeal of the glass backsplash!

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Kitchen Backsplash Floor And Decor

You are able to go over all the designs and styles available for the form of backsplash and then lastly decide on any among the designs. Almost all of the time, a stainless steel backsplash is put in as one solid piece, therefore there’s simply no grouting or cracks to attract & trap food and grease.

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Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

Clean, fresh, and sleek! Subway tiles are a perfect representation of effortless beauty and thanks to their versatility, a subway tile backsplash is one of the most common design elements for all types of kitchens. This popularity continues also in 2022. White subway tiles are always beautiful but you can make a simple twist on the color and spruce up your kitchen.

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It’s Not All Squares And Rectangles

A Backsplash For Any Budget

Far from it! In fact, shapes are what make backsplash designs so much fun. Let’s explore a few.

Arabesque Tile

The arabesque shape is all about curves. As you can see in the image above, it looks elegant, whimsical and contrasts well with the angles of the kitchen cabinets.

The product featured below is Traditions Denim, a high gloss satin finish ceramic wall tile.

Fishtail Shapes

Keeping to the shapely tile theme, here’s a shape that looks terrific in a backsplash: the Fishtail which is also known as a fan or tulip shape.

Here, you see it combined with a subway tile installed vertically.

Hexagon Tile Shapes

A classic wall tile shape is the hexagon. You’ll find it in a multitude of scales – from tiny to large, and even tiny hexagons that create a larger hexagon shape.

The shape works beautifully in stone as you see below where we’re experimenting with a Travertine hexagon and 2×2 glass mosaic decorative band to dress up this elegant Cambria countertop.

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Or, consider building off of a horizontal theme with this glass subway tile and mixed glass horizontal strips mosaics in the installation below?

Backsplashes allow you to express your inner creativity so you wind up with the space of your dreams. Not only is it functional, but it delights you, too.

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Black Cabinets And Blue Backsplash

Industrial kitchens can be surprising with unexpected color usage as in this kitchen. Black cabinets and geometrical dark blue backsplash create a stunning view. The contrast of wooden stools and dark blue backsplash add a soft harmony. This kitchen looks modern and elegant!

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Scandinavian Kitchen With Geometrical Patterns

Thanks to its minimalistic design look, it isnt a common way to have geometrical patterns in the Scandinavian Design Style. Wooden and white colors with the few help of other different colored elements, Scandinavian Style shows up itself. However, in this modern kitchen, you can see that blue and white geometrical patterns create a harmonious look. White lines match with the white cabinets, and the blue color contrasts perfectly with the wooden floor and cabinets.

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White Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

As time changes, design elements also change. Their names change, their contents change. Here this industrial kitchen design is one of these things. The colors, lines, and materials are different from the general design approaches in industrial kitchen design. When we look at the colors, we can see how white color always matches with different design styles.

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Dark Wooden Cabinets With Marble Backsplash

Quick & Easy Project: How To Install A Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Natural materials are together! with a pattern and dark wood flat cabinets spontaneously create harmony. White cabinets and large windows make the interior look spacious. Brass hardware matches the dark brown color nicely in this beautiful kitchen design. The marble backsplash and flat white cabinets complete each other with the help of dark wood cabinets.

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Backsplashes & Large Tile Do Belong Together

Traditionally, backsplashes have been the domain of small tile – mosaics, strips, and 6×6 squares as you’ve seen earlier in this article.

What’s new is large tile.

Below you see an installation with a 12×12 glass tile. Although not a true large format, in comparison to small squares and even smaller mosaics, this bold colorful statement is powerful given the tile size.

Discover kitchen design inspiration

Chances are that you’re familiar with wood plank tile – long, narrow, rectangular tile pieces that look like wood. Did you know that many of those long tile pieces fall under the category of large tile? And, that they look fantastic on walls?

Imagine using those planks on a backsplash.

Here you see a white-washed wood plank with a distressed finish.

Here’s another example with a slightly wider and shorter plank. Notice the variation from tile to tile.

If you like pattern and shade variation, you will love this next installation of wood planks in three contrasting tones.

As tile gets even larger, you’ll see backsplashes done with even fewer tiles, creating a sleek, modern contemporary look.

Regardless of your design style, there’s a tile type that’s perfect for you.

Luminous Farmhouse Kitchen With Subway Tiles And Quartz Countertops

Clean and luminous kitchen design twinkles like stars with the help of spotlights on the ceiling and brass material usage. Shiny and bright looking, even there are grey fixtures and an island. White subway tiles again show themselves and match perfectly with shaker cabinets. A simple and elegant kitchen style is well designed.

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Multicolored And Patterned Backsplash In Contemporary Kitchen

Even with the effect of cherry-shaped lighting fixture -which is a beautiful detail- it is an undeniable fact that that lovely multicolored patterned backsplash put a warm atmosphere to this plain contemporary grey kitchen. It gives a felt of a little vintage touch. And because of that, there is a pleasant detail which is the contrast between the times of design elements. Grey cabinets and countertops catch the harmony with the patterned backsplash.

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

Kitchen Backsplash Installation With Floor &  Decor

White kitchen backsplashes are among the most popular and preferred options for all kitchen types and they will remain their popularity also in 2022. From classic white subway tiles to modern hexagons, white backsplashes come in an endless variety of styles, shapes, patterns, and texture options!

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Top Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

When it comes to designing a kitchen, from the backbones of the kitchen like cabinetry to tiny little details like handles, there are so many decisions to make and this might be overwhelming. However, among all these features, a backsplash is the most fun and personalized decision. There is an endless variety of kitchen backsplashes. Glamorous glass tiles, sleek hexagons, or classic subway tiles. But what is the most popular backsplash for kitchen 2022? Scroll down and find some inspirational kitchens with stunning backsplash designs which will be the top trends of 2022! Whether you have a modern or traditional taste, these trendy kitchen backsplash ideas 2022 will help you to find the right one for your kitchen!

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Shop Neutral Backsplash Tiles From Floor U0026 Decor Home Decor

If you are the individual who cooks at home then you recognize exactly how crucial the kitchen backsplash is. The glass tile backsplash constitutes a good contribution to the style as well as appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen area backsplash design is a cost effective technique to provide the kitchen of yours a facelift and offer a first-time driver look.

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Modern White Kitchen With Glass Tile Backsplash

A plain and beautiful kitchen has an elegant and minimalistic glass tile backsplash. Vertical lines of glass tiles and simple white cabinets match harmoniously, and the bright kitchen gives fresh vibes to the atmosphere of the interior. Glossy black Corian quartz countertops and the glass surface of the tiles add depth to the interior.

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Dont Break The Budget On Backsplash

Quick and Easy Project: How To Install a Glass Tile Backsplash

If youâre remodeling your kitchen, the costs can add up, so itâs important to keep your budget balanced. While there are certainly areas to splurge and areas to save, I tend to be more conservative with the tile budget!

With SO many amazing tile options available at great prices, it really doesnât make sense to dedicate a large portion of the budget to backsplash.

At Floor & Decor, there are hundreds of amazing backsplash options available at incredible prices. Even marble tile can be found for under $10/sf! Floor & Decor is definitely one of my favorites to find beautiful tile at a great price.

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Perspective On Subway Tile

The original subway tile from the early 1900s consisted of a 3″x6″ white glazed ceramic tile used on the wall of New York City subway stations. Since then, that rectangular brick shape has not only become classic, but we’re seeing it interpreted in a variety of ways that make for fabulous backsplash designs.

These interpretations include the following:

  • Size

Next, you see Linen Dusk Shadows, a 3×12 glass wall tile with strong surface texture that suggests linen.

Speaking of traditional bricks, here’ s Chicago in color Chicago, a 4×8 glazed porcelain tile that brings to mind old brick installations from the South Side, State Street and Wrigley Field.

This next item is Longitude in color Deep Midnight, a 4×16 high-gloss tile with considerable surface texture. That’s quite a stretch from the traditional smooth 3×6 subway tile…

Dark Green Geometrical Subway Tile Backsplash

Ah, it is like a movie studio! This dark green geometrical subway tile backsplash and dark green cabinets create a trendy design style. However, this kind of color usage needs bravery, of course, and you must be very careful because sometimes the results can be a disaster. The light wooden color and shelves put a different look to the kitchen. An artsy kitchen!

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Contemporary Kitchen With Artdeco Patterned Backsplash

There is a show of the modern and old-time design styles. The classical art-deco patterned grey backsplash tile and modern kitchen cabinets welcome each other. Wooden shelves and grey countertops match beautifully. Stainless steel appliances empower the modern look of the kitchen.

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Stone Ceramic Tiles With Grey Cabinets

Kitchen floor and backsplash design by Autumn Whittle of Nonn

Minimalistic grey shaker cabinets match with grey stone ceramic backsplash perfectly. The blue color part of the island and grey cabinets look harmonious together. The stone tile ceramic backsplash adds natural air to the interior, and its color tone matches the grey shaker cabinets smoothly.

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All Your Tile And Flooring Needs

Floor Decor is a beautiful showroom filled with the most popular products from tile to flooring. You are greeted with a smile and the knowledge from Mike and Janine from years of experience.

Whether you are redoing your bathroom, kitchen or any space in your house they are there to hold your hand if need be. You definitely should stop in and see all they have to offer. Wonderful showroom!!!

Jen M.Orange, CT – 12/12/2018

Benefits Of Installing A Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Home»Flooring»5 Benefits of Installing a Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen is a place of community. Its where dinners are prepared, family gatherings take place, and meaningful conversations occur. As a result, kitchens have a natural communal effect on the household. Thats why many home remodelling services focus on kitchen renovations.

At Floor Trendz, we can outfit your kitchen with natural stone in Calgary. You can enjoy a beautiful kitchen backsplash that can enliven your whole decor. But you may wonder why your kitchen backsplash is essential and how it can be combined with flooring installation in Calgary

Keep reading to learn five reasons a tile backsplash is valuable for your kitchen renovation.

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The Best Kitchen Backsplash And Bathroom Backsplash Products Find The Best Kitchen Backsplash And Bathroom Backsplash For Your Home Today From Floor

Floor and decor kitchen backsplash. When we were building I wanted to upgrade the kitchen backsplash tile but did not like the builders choices and premiums. 1299 piece Size. Another good thing about kitchen backsplash is that it doesnt receive the type of wear and tear that a mudroom floor experiences daily.

Beginning of dialog window. Kitchen backsplash installation with floor decor house becomes kitchen backsplash installation with floor decor house becomes nativity canvas wall art decor from floor and decor in lombard illinois art from. The glossy white subway backsplash tiles develop a classic edge.

28012020 29 normal home decor kitchen backsplash home decor ideas 2019 laminate flooring backsplash it looks like wood. 24112020 Our Floor. White bright and modern this sleek kitchen design makes a statement with pattern.

Whats people lookup in this blog. Show All Mosaic 471. But once they realized the problem they were prompt in taking action to resolve it.

The kitchen tile flooring. Laminate kitchen backsplash thanks for watching remember to like rate and subscribe for more cool home design. Glass doors keep the streamlined kitchen sunny and breezy.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles there is a stacked stone backsplash sure. Decor but all opinions are my own. Decor tile expert offers tips and tricks for selecting grout tile materials tile s 1 Look 3 Budgets.

Caribbean Green Hexagon Tumbled Marble Mosaic. Colors at everyday low prices. Bold Kitchens Floor.

Calculate How Much Backsplash You Need

Tile Trends: Dramatic Tile & Stone

To calculate how much backsplash youâll need, take the length of the area where tile will be placed and multiply it by the height of the area. Complete this calculation for each area of tile. Then add each amount together and multiply by 1.1. This is to allow for a 10% overage in case of broken tile or odd tile cuts.

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White Cabinets With Navy Blue Backsplash Tiles And Brown Countertops

Yes, it is classical to use blue and brown and take advantage of their harmony. However, not every blue and brown design game is a successful attempt. In here you can see a successful one. Lovely small windows with navy blue subway tiles create a beautiful view with the wooden countertops and with the help of brass handles a completed look shows up.

Design Around The Backsplash

I canât tell you how many times I have worked with a client and selected backsplash in the final hour. With the kitchen backsplash being such an important piece of the design, I suggest selecting it early on, and designing around it!

This can help you determine the style of cabinet hardware, plumbing, lighting, and cabinet color! Backsplash is one of the most visually heavy elements of the room, so let the backsplash be the star of the show, and allow the other design elements to compliment it.

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Find The Perfect Glass Backsplash Tile With Floor & Decor

Are you looking for a beautiful glass backsplash tile to finish off your kitchen renovation? Or perhaps you’re planning to install a glass tile wall in the bathroom to add elegance and beauty to the space? Whatever your glass tile and glass backsplash tile needs, Floor & Decor has all the products you’re looking for.

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