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Which Makes Us Question How Waterproof It Really Is

How to Install NuCore Performance Rigid-Core Luxury Vinyl

If LVP starts to warp, it loses its seal. Without a seal, water can seep through the cracks, causing all sorts of nasty problems . While NuCore itself may be waterproof, were betting your subfloors arent.

The best vinyl plank flooring brands are completely waterproof. If NuCore struggles with this well, you get the point.

Nucore Is Certified Low

Harmful volatile organic compounds are common in some flooring products. And if youve looked into eco-friendly flooring, youll know that one of the biggest disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring is its tendency to off-gas these VOCs.

That said, NuCore is GreenGuard Gold-certified as a low-VOC flooring choicemeaning its very safe for your family and home. It still contains a small amount of VOCs, but nowhere near a harmful level.

Of course, if you want zero-VOC synthetic flooring, non-toxic laminate flooring and non-toxic vinyl flooring do exist. And while there are many differences between vinyl plank vs. laminate, theyre not so different that you cant substitute one for the other.

I Was Looking For Some T

I was looking for some the best thin set for 24X48 polished porcelain tiles. Tom took me to the best in the store. He was such a gentleman he picked them up and set them in the buggy for me. I feel that if I needed him to drive them around the store for me he would quickly realized that I needed T-molding to match my laminate floors. Upon arrival the cashier asked what I needed and asked for assistance in the wood department. Within minutes of walking down the isle this very nice gentleman by the name of Doug walked up to help. After explaining what I was looking for he took over. He picked out every piece of material I needed. After per registering my materials he pushed my buggy to the register for me. Which was a breeze because he registered my materials. I paid for my order and what would have taken me 4hrs to do only took 30min. Needless to say I no other store had what I needed. Floor & Decor is the best store for all your home flooring and designer tiles

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The Products Wear Layer Is Thick But Not Effective

NuCore waterproof flooring has a 22-mil wear layer, which is super-thick by industry standards.

However: as we said before, a thick wear layer doesnt always mean a good wear layer.

Remember what we said about most wear layers having added compounds to make them more effective? And about how Floor & Decor offers zero info on what their wear layers are made of?

Yeah, that means its not particularly durable. If their wear layers are simple vinyl, they offer very little extra protection. And since we cant find any info about what Techtanium is, we cant say that it offers any more protection than regular NuCore.

And thats probably why this resilient flooring isnt actually resilient against scratches.

Floor And Decor Overview

Review: NuCore Flooring from Floor &  Decor
  • Floor And Decor was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 04, 2016 and since then this brand received 203 reviews.

  • Floor And Decor ranks 32 of 250 in Flooring and Tiling category. The overall rating of the company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.

  • Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Never”, “Recommended”, “Be very careful on what you buy, cause these guys don’t care what happens once they sell it.”, “Dont buy here”, “shop somewhere else.”.

  • Floor And Decor was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 04, 2016 and since then this brand received 203 reviews.

  • Floor And Decor ranks 32 of 250 in Flooring and Tiling category. The overall rating of the company is 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.

  • Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Never”, “Recommended”, “Be very careful on what you buy, cause these guys don’t care what happens once they sell it.”, “Dont buy here”, “shop somewhere else.”.

  • Reviewers write the most about Floor And Decor Flooring and give it 1.8 stars out of 5.

  • Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Floor And Decor to ask questions about: Payments and Charges, Request for Information, Staff.

  • Review authors value the most Diversity of Products or Services. Consumers are not pleased with Customer service and Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy.

  • The price level of this organization is medium according to consumer reviews.

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We Do Know That Nucore Flooring Is Made In China

This isnt necessarily a bad thing, but like many types of flooring, NuCore is designed in the United States and manufactured in China.

If buying American-made flooring is important to you, a domestic hardwood might be a better choice, as many types of vinyl flooring are largely produced overseas. Lots of ash flooring and pine flooring products, for example, are harvested and processed right here in the US.

Nucore Waterproof Flooring Is Easy To Install

NuCore isnt the easiest flooring to install, but in terms of do-it-yourself flooring, it has to be close. Just like snap-together tile flooring, you connect the grooves of each NuCore plank and then lay it downexcept NuCore doesnt have to be grouted.

Is it as easy to install as peel-and-stick carpet tiles? Maybe not. But theres really not much else to it!

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Floor And Decor Sells Tile Cheaper

Floor and Decor sells tile cheaper because its defective. I had an install & had to have it ripped out because the tile was defective. We bought a different lot because it was a lot better but then found the ends were also defective. The tile was rated 4 out of 5. I guess you get what you pay for. The Nucor they highly recommended has a gap where the seems meet. I would not have used it if I knew. As the buyer using their contractors, you have the responsibility of the product. You have to return the defective product. I highly dont recommend their products.

Installing Duralux Luxury Vinyl

Quick & Easy Project: How To Install AquaGuard Bamboo

We purchased enough vinyl to also complete the entryway to our home and figured that we would start there, since it was a small area. We grabbed the razor knife, tape measure, the rubber mallet , straight edge and a few other tools and got too it.

Installation was a learning curve. The planks are designed to snap after being scoured, and it does work, but it takes some serious strength, especially if the cut is not in the center of the plank or if you have an odd angle to cut. Never fear, we found a great solution and were able to get those cuts perfect.

We used a jigsaw to make those tough cuts and it was perfection. The vinyl cut smoothly and truthfully, we felt like using the jigsaw made the process go much quicker than the scouring and snapping. From there placing each plank is super simple.

Starting in the left corner of your space, you place the first plank, use the rubber mallet and some spacers to set the floor in the exact right place and then begin snapping each plank into the last. The rubber mallet helps to gently fit everything together and it came with a small crowbar to help align everything perfectly. We just continued cutting, placing and snapping the planks into each other until the floor was finished.

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Like Most Lvp Nucore Isnt Super Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl plank flooring is not synonymous with environmentally-friendly flooring. And while NuCore is a relativelylow-VOC vinyl flooring option, it cant be recycled.

So if you want to do right by the planet, there are many better options. Hemp flooring and sustainable wood flooring are good places to start. Or, if youre set on vinyl plank, go with a zero-VOC, recyclable brand like Proximity Mills.

So Why Dont *we* Shop There For Our Clients

Well, sometimes we do! When we have DIY clients who are ready to buy and just need an hour or two of focused guidance pulling together the materials for their bathroom, kitchen, or fireplace design, were happy to meet up at Floor & Decor, Lowes, or Home Depot. More than once weve pulled a whole bathroom or kitchen suite of materials together for a client whos ready to make decisions and is willing to work within what is available at that store!

But when we are creating a full design plan in a Works Project we have to feel confident that whatever we select will be available in a few months time . For those projects we tend to shop at Seattle Tile or CFM so that clients dont feel pressured into buying as quickly.

But again, we really do shop there for ourselves!

I know I shared a lot of reasons above that might make you wary of shopping at Floor & Decor, but please dont let that dissuade you from shopping there! Several of the designers on the Seriously Happy Homes team have bought tile at Floor & Decor and love the results!! Its just important to understand the pros and cons and go in as an educated shopper so you can have the best buying experience possible! Maybe well see you there in this new reality, well all be looking for a good deal!

Have fun shopping!

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There Are Tons Of Options To Choose From

One of the best things about NuCore flooring: it offers a huge selection.

For example, lets say you want the look of hickory flooring in your living room. If you know anything about the pros and cons of hickory flooring, youll know its price tag can be high. NuCore flooring gives you the appearance of hickoryin whatever finish you wantbut without the disadvantages of hickory flooring .

Service Is Also Limited

Review: NuCore Flooring from Floor &  Decor

Shopping at a place like Floor & Decor is best for folks who are already a bit savvy when it comes to selecting finishes for a remodel. I cant speak to the quality of their in-house designers, but I have to be honest and say that the information Ive been given when asking the staff about the best grout, or how a certain tile will perform, is limited at best. And the signage isnt always 100% accurate. For example, we recently met up with a client for a Quick Action Session at Floor and Decor to help them select a waterproof LVP wood-look floor for their bathroom. The signage on the one we helped them choose indicated that the material was waterproof, but when we researched the product online we discovered that it was not rated as a waterproof material.

This doesnt really surprise me, because we get what we pay for. Super-low prices means sacrifices somewhere. Often those low prices come with lower employee pay, limited staff training, and haphazard quality control.

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Types Of Flooring Offered

LL Flooring, formerly known as Lumber Liquidators, provides flooring materials in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. Its website promises to offer its customers low prices.

The company mainly focuses on hardwood flooring varieties, which include solid, engineered, water-resistant, and distressed wood planks. You can choose from the following types of wood:

  • Oak
  • Wood-like flooring

LL Flooring also provides butcher blocks and moldings for home remodeling projects.

To get started on your project, request an assessment online or over the phone. Then, an independent contractor will visit your home to measure the area and assess its readiness to receive new flooring. The cost of this project assessment is $25, but that will be refunded when you complete a flooring installation order.

While planning your project, you can also get free samples sent to your home to view before ordering your final materials. LL Flooring also has great online tools, like the Picture It! Floor Visualizer, to help you learn more about the different options and imagine the new flooring in your space.

Nucore Flooring Vs Nucore Performance Flooring: Whats The Difference

Vinyl Plank Cross-Section

According to Floor & Decor, NuCore Performance is a bit more durable than regular ol NuCore flooring.

They say this is because it contains an extra additive in its wear layer: Techtanium Plus. Dont worry if you dont remember this from your chemistry class its a totally made-up word.

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Nucore Vinyl Seams May Also Be Vulnerable To Warping

Some reviewers note that after moving furniture or cleaning their NuCore flooring, they noticed damaged planks. In particular, they noticed that the seams had popped up.

This suggests their NuCore floors may be warpingperhaps due to temperature changes, or because it cant handle heavy objects .

The reviewers dont single out a particular collection either, and while wed usually dismiss an isolated claim, this complaint pops up often. And obviously, thats not good for a vinyl plank floor.

What Is Vinyl Flooring

How to Install Maximo Durable Thin Tile

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material that emulates the look of wood, slate or other surfaces.

However, unlike softwood, hardwood and laminate, vinyl flooring is water resistant .

The layers in the sheets, tiles and planks give the flooring a versatile, durable and attractive finish.

Other flooring types are more natural, where laminate contains a wood-filler center, and linoleum is made from all natural materials, vinyl is completely synthetic.

This allows brands and manufacturers to combine various aspects to increase the durability or usability of the flooring style.

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Nucore Flooring Is Affordable

We noted earlier that NuCore waterproof flooring costs about $3.00/sq. ft., plus another $2$4/sq. ft. to install. In the flooring world, thats super inexpensive.

For comparison, any wood flooring cost is going to be double that amount, easy. In fact, buying hardwood floors can often run $5$15/sq. ft., plus another $4$8 for installation .

The Best Brands For Vinyl Plank Flooring


The top rated and best reviewed brands of vinyl flooring are:

  • Shaw. Strong and durable with commercial grade applications.
  • Armstrong. Scientific researched to increase wear and longevity.
  • LifeProof. A Home Depot brand with incredible wear resistance warranties.
  • NuCore. Featured by Floor & Decor with high style designs.
  • Mohawk. Well respected name brand with more style options than most.
  • Karndean. Exclusive, elegant and offers the rare loose lay.
  • COREtec. Innovative design, added strength and a softer composition.

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Both Options Are Completely Waterproof

The one feature that both NuCore lines share: theyre completely waterproof.

However, this is a feature common to many types of faux-wood flooring, including all vinyl surfaces, wood-look tile, and some laminate options like RevWood. And if youre curious about the difference between tile vs. laminate or linoleum vs. laminate, read up for more info!

All of that to say: there is one big issue here with the NuCore waterproof flooring designation. NuCore flooring reviews often mention that the seams of this product can pop up under certain conditions, rendering the floor not waterproof. Well talk about that more in the cons section below.

It Obvious Its Not Just Me

Hardwood Floor Installation, Rochester NY

It obvious its not just me. After waiting an hour for someone to help load laminate i decided my 70yr. old bad back better get busy or it wouldn’t get loaded. once i got to checkout an informed staff i would need assistance, once again nothing. I told them they had two choices get a loader or put it back on the shelf. I ended up pulling 800.00 dollars of laminate right in front of the mgrs. desk an walked out. Lazy late night druggies who could care less. SHOP ANYWHERE BUT F& D!

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What Kind Of Core Does Nucore Flooring Actually Have

If youve been looking into different vinyl plank flooring brands, you probably know that a materials core construction plays a big role in its durability and quality.

For example, SPC cores are known for their toughness they can put even the most durable wood flooring to shame. WPC cores are known for their comfort underfoot, with a springiness that can go toe-to-toe with the best engineered wood flooring. So what makes NuCore cores Nu? What are they made of?

Well its hard to say. Floor & Decor simply says that NuCore floors have a rigid core but provides no other info. So: its likely that NuCores core is just made of plain ol vinyl. While thats not the end of the world, its also not ideal . And while it seems odd to us that a product called NuCore would have a generic core, were not here to judgewere here to review!

On the other hand, NuCore Performance has, according to Floor & Decors website, something that sounds like an SPC core . So again: unclear.

Our Experience With Floor & Decor

It took very little discussion before Jason and I decided that we were in fact going to put in new floors . We set a budget to complete both the floors and the backsplash and went back to Floor & Decor. Walking in with the intent to purchase was less overwhelming. We went back towards the flooring and immediately the associates started talking us through our wants and helped us pick the floor that best fit our needs as well.

I initially wanted wood floors. I was dead set on them, but after talking with the Floor & Decor associates, I realized that what our family would benefit most from would be luxury vinyl that was waterproof. With 2 drooly, hairy dogs, 2 messy kids and living close to open fields Duralux Windmill Oak Ridge Core Luxury Vinyl was the best fit for us.

We put our square footage measurements into their online calculator and grabbed 21 boxes of this flooring and then moved to the tile, where another awesome associate helped us pick out our backsplash. Both the associates walked around with us, helping to ensure we purchased everything we needed to DIY this kitchen and were incredible throughout the experience. I felt like we had personal shoppers that were helping us design the kitchen of our dreams. It was awesome.

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