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Floor And Decor Granite Countertops

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Custom Countertops: Start to Finish

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Floor And Decor Quartz Countertops

The floor and decor quartz countertops made of engineered quartz is a manmade product created mostly from natural materials. Its made of 90% to 94% ground quartz and 6% to 10% resins and pigments that are combined into durable and nonporous slabs. The strength of quartz, even in a manufactured form, makes it naturally resistant to abrasion, scratches, dents, and even acids without the need for sealants. And the environmental impact of manufactured quartz is low: Quartz is an abundant material and the finished product is nontoxic and nonallergenic and will last a lifetime, reducing the need for replacement.

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Ready To Install Atlas Granite Slab Includes Backsplash Floor

Granite sinks very often make use of modular tops as sole seamless pieces are sufficient to coat the entire region. An additional benefit to choosing granite countertops is for the durability of the material. granite countertops comes in a multitude of colors and no matter the style you have chosen its originality and luster hardly ever fade.

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What Is The Best Way To Cut Granite

EXAMPLE OF CUTTING A GRANITE SLAB When cutting granite, you may use either a regular circular saw or a wet-cut circular saw. To hold the granite slab in place, place it on a stable work surface and use C-clamps to bind it securely to the surface, placing one every couple of feet along the edges of the slab.

Azurite Granite Kitchen Countertops

Ready To Install River White Granite Slab Includes Backsplash

The interior design firm, New England Design Elements out Londonderry, New Hampshire transformed a dilapidated farmhouse into a livable home. Refreshing the kitchen with a modern farmhouse vibe was a top priority. The countertops are Azurite granite. The polished slabs feature shades of black, blue, gold, and cream. The cabinets are a paint shade called Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore.

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What Is The Difference Between Quartz And Granite

Both quartz and granite are highly sought-after materials. In reality, you can’t go wrong with either one. It’s really a matter of preference.

  • Granite is 100% natural and is mined from quarries throughout the world.
  • Quartz, on the other hand, is 93% quartz and 7% resin.

Granite vs. Quartz Appearance

Appearance-wise, some granite will have little or no pattern while other granite will have bold patterns. Since Mother Nature doesn’t specialize in consistent, repeatable patterns, we recommend that you view granite slabs in person as each one can have very different visuals.

Quartz will usually replicate the look of marble with its veining and whites and gray colorations. Initially, when quartz first came on the market, it replicated the look of granite. Once manufacturers changed the look to marble, quartz exploded as a countertop choice.

Countertop Durability & Maintenance

Both materials are very durable. The benefit of quartz is low maintenance since it never needs to be sealed because it is non-porous. Granite will need to be sealed usually every 12 to 18 months to prevent staining.

Granite because it is 100% natural stone can have hot pots placed on it without causing any damage. Quartz, on the other hand, because it consists of 7% resin filler, may be damaged by heat. For that reason, you will want to be careful not to place hot pots on the surface. It’s not recommended.

Is There A Price Match Between The Flooring And The Decor

Do you provide price matching? We guarantee that all of our tile, wood, stone, and installation goods will be available at daily cheap costs. Upon verification, we will match any lower price that you discover for the identical product on another website. Please visit our Terms & Conditions for further policy details if you need any extra information.

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Measuring & Installing Countertops

You can measure your countertops yourself to estimate how much your countertops will be. If you want to ensure that your measurements and price estimate are correct, you can have your countertops professionally measured by one of our certified installers. Once we have your measurements, our certified installer will fabricate your countertops to the exact specifications of your home and your vision. They will then return to your home to professionally install your countertops.

Invest in your home with our affordable countertop selection. Custom countertops are affordable, beautiful, functional, and are customized to fit your unique style. Youll find your perfect countertops in our wide range of materials, colors, and looks. From the perfect material, pattern, and colors, to the professional workmanship that can make your dreams a reality, the Floor & Decor Custom Countertop program is tailored specifically for you.


What Kind Of Granite Is The Whitest That Can Be Found

Custom Countertops: Start to Finish

White granite hues for kitchen countertops and backsplashes are listed below in order of preference. River White is the colour of the river. The countertops are river white granite. The cabinets are white as well. White Ice is a kind of ice that is white in colour. White cabinetry and white ice granite worktops are used in this kitchen. Colonial. White like snow. Kashmir. Alaska. White Spring is a colour that is associated with purity and purity is associated with purity and purity is associated with purity. Moon White is the colour of the moon.

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The Benefits Of Granite Tile

  • Exceptional Durability and Resiliency: Granite tile is tough and stain-resistant.
  • Heat-Resistant: Tiles withstand high temperatures without sustaining damage.
  • Unique Patterns: Every tile is different and features distinctive mottling, iridescent flecks or veining.
  • Neutral Shades: Granite tiles are available in natural, neutral hues that fit virtually any color scheme.
  • Resists Wear: Tiles resist scratches, chips and damage from high traffic exposure.
  • Acid-Resistant: Tiles are not harmed by most acidic foods or liquids.
  • Antibacterial Surface: Tiles are less likely to harbor bacteria.
  • Increases Home Value: Natural stone boosts both aesthetic appeal and market value.
  • Cost-Effective: For kitchen counters, these tiles are less expensive and easier to install than granite slabs.
  • Life-Long Shine: With proper care, the polished surface remains intact for the life of the tile.
  • Easy Maintenance: Tiles can be cleaned with a damp sponge and mild detergent. Periodic sealing is required.

Other Cost Factors To Consider

Don’t forget to consider these other cost factors.

Standard edges are included, there will be up-charges for some of the more custom edges such as Ogee edges .

If you are replacing your existing counter top, you will need to figure an additional cost for removing and disposing of it.

You will also need a plumber to disconnect your sink and reconnect after the new countertop has been installed.

Most likely you’ll want to replace your sink at the same time so that will need to be figured into your cost.

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Difference Between Quartz And Granite Countertops

27 Granite Countertop Kitchen Ideas

by BreezeMaxWeb | Jan 8, 2022 | Countertops

Many people have a hard time choosing between quartz and granite countertops, and understanding the details surrounding each material will help you make an informed decision. Both types of countertops are beautiful and desirable, and the following guide will highlight the differences.

Granite countertops are mined from pure stone, and the stone is then sawed into slabs, after which they are polished so that they can be installed. On the other hand, quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz, which is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. Homeowners who are looking for authentic stone countertops should select granite because nothing will beat the real thing, and you will appreciate the natural beauty of this stone.

In terms of appearance, they are both very presentable, so you would be happy with either option. Granite will display natural variations in the hue of the stone, and its colours will range from earth tones to blues and greens and even roses. Quartz will provide you with more consistency in this regard, and you will have a wider selection of colours to choose from because these counters are produced with pigments that are added to the quarts. The appearance aspect will really come down to personal preference, so you have to select what you like best because both options are quite beautiful and you have to base this on your personal taste.

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Should Kitchen Flooring Match The Rest Of The House

If your home isn’t open-plan then there’s no real reason to match the kitchen flooring to the flooring in other rooms.

Sure, if you’ve got wooden flooring in your home, you might want it all to be the same from room to room, but you could use a totally different shade for the wood floor in your kitchen.

The flooring in your kitchen should work for that particular space you shouldn’t usually be concerned about the rest of your home.

White Princess Granite Countertops In A Modern White Kitchen

White Princess Granite is a natural stone material that resembles marble for a fraction of the price. Feast your eyes on this drool-worthy example by Lisa Gabrielson Interior Design situated in Johns Creek, Georgia. Other features worth mentioning include the herringbone style backsplash in glossy tile over the range and the iron pendant light fixture over the kitchen island.

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Granite’s Impressive Track Record

Builders and decorators have relied on the beauty, strength and quality of fine granite for centuries. And its popularity in residential homes and businesses has grown in the past decade. From ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern commercial flooring, structures featuring granite are breathtakingly beautiful and nearly indestructible.

Its density and durability make granite highly resistant to damage and signs of wear because it contains the minerals quartz, mica and feldspar. Dispersed throughout the stone, they lend a sparkling, crystalline appearance under natural and artificial light.

Polished granite tiles are an elegant and practical choice for fireplaces, basements, hallways, foyers and kitchen and bathroom floors or backsplashes.

Which Are The Best Counter Tops For Your Money

DIY Beginner Countertop Designs | How to Work with Epoxy Resin LIVE RECAP

When it comes to the remodeling of your kitchen, nothing is more visually important than your kitchen countertops. They draw the eye, gather people around them, coordinate with your backsplash and floor choices and generally set the tone for your kitchen.

In our opinion, when replacing your existing countertops, the two most asked-for options are granite and quartz. Similar to having hardwood floors, realtors will tell you having either granite or quartz counter top will help increase the value of your home.


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Should The Kitchen Floor Be Darker Than The Countertops

You might want your kitchen floor to be darker than the countertops if you’re going for a high-contrast modern design. However, there are no concrete rules when it comes to kitchen design.

If you’re going for a traditional, homely feel, then avoid contrasting colors. If you’re going for a modern, contemporary look, then you might want to consider a dark kitchen floor with lighter countertops.

Ultimately it all depends on the design of the whole kitchen space and how the color scheme uses different elements of the room to come together as one. The cabinets could necessitate darker or lighter flooring and counters depending on their look too, for example.

Granite Slab Versus Prefabricated Granite: Whats The Difference

The main difference between the two is price. Since prefabricated granite is mass-produced with no customization, its generally less expensive than a custom granite slab. If youre willing to have less customization options, youll be able to get a better deal with prefabricated granite.

Lets get this out of the way: most homeowners, homebuyers, or anyone short of being a countertop expert cannot tell the difference between prefabricated granite and granite slab once each is installed. If the countertop has bullnose edging, they may be able to guess that it is prefabricated, butotherwiseall bets are off. If anything, granite quality is determined by the cost and origin of the granitenot the manufacturing style. This is why its important to work with a reputable, local installer.

Trying to decide between granite slab versus prefabricated granite? Superior Stone & Cabinet has the Valleys largest selection of granite countertops.

If the price of granite offered by a contractor is too good to be true, it probably is: some less-than-reputable contractors sell faux granite countertops, made from granite and resin. They try to undercut the price of both prefabricated and slab granite with this less durable, less beautiful product. Before you buy, always ask about the origin of the stone, and get multiple quotes so that you have a good idea what you should be expecting to pay for granite.

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Prefab Granite Countertops Great Appearance For Less Money

Prefab granite countertops cost considerably less than custom made ones. One of the main reasons for the lower price is the fact that the slabs get a finish at a factory which reduces or even eliminates the need of customization at a custom shop.

Prefabricated granite countertops have the same great look as custom made as they are made from the same granite material as any custom made countertop.

Prefabricated countertops are a very economical and cost effective option as the most popular colors are available and the perfect solution for budget-conscious homeowners.

S For Selecting Custom Countertops

Ready To Install Silver Cloud Granite Slab Includes Backsplash

When it comes to customization, the design details are up to you. Floor & Decor offers options to suit different styles and price points, and were outlining the Custom Countertops selection process step-by-step. From the material to the finishing touches, the look is personalized.

Step 1: Choose Your Material

Custom countertops are available in five material options. Quartz, quartzite, granite, marble and solid surface offer their own set of advantages and distinct looks in the kitchen. Decide which is right for you based on their highlights below and visit the online Custom Countertops page for a more in-depth look at the features.

Quartzite& Quartz

Whats the difference? Quartzite is a natural stone with many of the qualities and benefits of granite. Its even more durable, but it does come with a higher price tag. Its counterpart, quartz, is a man-made material that combines natural quartzite with resin and glass. Although its heat resistance is lower, quartz is the most popular material for modern renovations.


Granite comes professionally sealed, so maintenance is easy. F& D Manor House Granite even comes with a lifetime limited sealant warranty. It resists daily wear and tear like scratches, heat and stains while showcasing natural gradients. Granite comes in new trend-forward styles that will keep your kitchen looking fresh.


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Should Kitchen Countertops Match My Floor

Jump to Section

If you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, you might be struggling with your color palette and the materials for different aspects of the room. What color should your kitchen cabinets be? Should your wood flooring match the cabinets? What material should you use for countertops?

There are so many questions to ask yourself.

But what about your countertops and your kitchen floor? These are two of the most expensive parts of your kitchen design, so it’s essential to make sure that they work together. If you are instead interested in kitchen countertop replacement without changing your cabinets, then read more about it on our blog! While you are at it, be sure to also check out our pros and cons for countertop edges.

In this Kitchen Infinity blog we’re going to look at whether you should match your kitchen countertops and flooring!

Granite And Stone Vancouver

Complete Granite and Stone Services in Surrey and Greater Vancouver BC

Pacific West Floor Decor offers complete granite and stone services in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Located in Surrey BC, our stone and granite showroom offers granite, stone, marble, slate, and quartz tiles as well as full kitchen and vanity countertops. Our services and expertise are available to the entire lower mainland of British Columbia including Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, Coquitlam, White Rock, South Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, Delta, Ladner and Tsawwassen.

Quality Products, Excellent Service

At Pacific West Floor Decor Inc., we believe in offering our customers top value. Many of our natural stone products are sourced from Italy, Spain and Brazil thru quality suppliers such as Margranite one of Western Canadas largest stone suppliers. If its an engineered solid surface youre looking for, we carry great brands such as Caesarstone, Quartzform and Vicostone to name a few. Our helpful staff will guide you from initial design to final installation.

So whether its a kitchen or bathroom counter top, ledgestone or tile fire place, tile floor, shower or back-splash one visit does it all.

Professional Installations Serving the following Greater Vancouver areas:

Our services include residential and new home projects, commercial and retail as well as strata and co-op projects.

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