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Glass Shower Enclosures: Cost & Options All The Details

How To Install A Modern Glass Shower Door Kit

Im sharing all the details about glass shower enclosures including cost and which options might be worth it and which arent!

Thanks so much for all of your sweet words about our master bathroom reveal! One thing many of you wanted more info about is our glass shower enclosure so Im dishing all of the details on that today including the extra options I chose, why I chose them, and the full cost breakdown too.

Master Bathroom Sources Shower: Pump bottles | Body brush | Sea sponge | Stool | Shelves: Floating shelves | White woven basket | Gray & white striped planter | Colorful moth art print | White wood frame | Glass canister | Bath bombs | Belly basket with tassel | Favorite bath towels | Large lidded basket for hamper | Freestanding bathtub

I chose a simple design without a built-in shower bench and a frameless glass enclosure thats 60 long x 37 wide with a 28 door. The price was definitely higher than I expected going into it I was guessing it would maybe be around $1500? No such luck the base price I was quoted for the shower enclosure + installation was $2400 . This is for a frameless unit with standard tempered glass, brushed nickel wall hinges, non-mitered door, and standard 6 pull. But where they really get you is with all of the extras there were a ton of options and choices to make. Ill share each of them along with the additional cost and what I chose to add on .

What Our Customers Are Saying:

What a great addition to our bathroom! Ordering was simple and shipping was on time . Overall, I would highly recommend GlassShowerDirect to anyone.

Josh Evans

We were super pleased with our frameless glass shower I was able to design it online and they even followed up to make sure that I have all the correct dimensions for the order. Super easy!

Karly Fallows

Love it! Will let my friends know about if they need a new a new shower.

Sarah Ricci

So easy! Compared to the other options of emailing another company for a quote, waiting for them to get back to me and waiting a few more days, this is the way to do it!

Josh Williams

Shower Glass Thickness: Vs

The most commonly used glass thickness for shower enclosures is but an upgrade to ½ was another add-on option . The benefit of ½ glass is that the extra thickness provides additional stability. Also, some people simply like the thicker look. Unless youre one of those people the main reasons youd want to choose ½ glass is if you have glass panels that are taller than typical or if your shower door is hinged off one of your glass panels instead of being hinged off the wall like mine:

This decision was an easy one for me we stuck with the less expensive glass.

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A Note About Accessories

Make sure to ask the seller what kind of accessories come with the door and which ones you can add on your own. All shower doors come with a door handle while others also provide a towel bar. Other accessories you may want to include would be a threshold to prevent leakage, towel bar/handle combos and recommended glass cleaner.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies and their amazing work. To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.

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Fully Frameless Glass Vs Semi

Benefits of Glass Enclosed Showers  HomesFeed

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to buying a frameless glass shower door is the lack of standards. One seller will define a frameless shower door in a different way from another and a third one will choose yet another definition. Honestly, it can be pretty confusing to a lot of homeowners.

Two terms you will come across are fully frameless and semi-frameless. Some shower doors make use of long U channels at the bottom or sides of the door to secure it. While some sellers will still say this is a frameless door the more accurate term agreed on by many in the industry is semi-frameless. Other frameless shower glass doors use clamps to secure the glass door to the wall or a fixed glass panel. This is what many refer to as a fully frameless shower door.

When you go shopping ask whether the door uses U channels or clamps . Clamps generally have a more minimalist look compared to U channels.

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Mistake : Wrongly Aligned Shower Head Or Body Spray

All high-end glass shower enclosures come with vinyl seals and caulk joints that act as a barrier to protect against destructive water droplets. However, its advisable not to stress them too much.

During installation, avoid placing shower heads in such a way that water hits vulnerable areas, like the seams between the glass or hinged side of the door. Water rushing against these parts causes wet floor and leakage.

The Solution: Facing the Sprays and Jets Towards the Solid Glass Wall or Tile

Fix the showerhead and additional body spray to face either the tiled wall or fixed glass panels. In this way you keep water from getting to the caulk joints or gaps between the stationary panels and door panels.

Mistake : Buying An Outdated Model

Without prior research, you could end up with an outdated door.

The Solution: Making Small Changes to Alter the Showers Overall Style

Adding contemporary elements can fix the problem. From replacing the door handle to adding fashionable robe hooks and bath towels, you can give your bathroom interior a modern look.

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Type And Thickness Of Glass

Lacking in framing, frameless shower doors must be thicker to achieve proper support and structural integrity. There are two sizes that are recommended: 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. Anything thinner than this and your shower door will keep wobbling whenever you open or close it. Note that 1/2 inch frameless shower doors cost more than 3/8 ones.

In addition to the thickness, you also need to choose the type of glass you prefer. This is mostly a matter of aesthetics and each seller stocks different variations, some with proprietary names. Some of the options you will come across include clear glass, frosted glass and rain glass. One thing they all have in commonthey are all tempered glass. Tempered glass is as a result of a special manufacturing process that makes it stronger and changes how it breaks. In case of breakage, it fragments into numerous small chunks that are not as hazardous as normal glass.

Give Your Bath That Spacious Look

DIY Framed Shower Door Installation – Basco Deluxe 6150 & 7150 How To

Maybe youre here trying to search for ways to make your restroom achieve that modern look. Or you think your bathroom may not need to be repainted, or you dont want to spend a lot of money on restroom furniture to make your bathrooms look more spacious. All you need to do is to install a new shower door! Your see-through door will have your eyes take in every inch of bathroom space.

Sliding doors also help you save more space. Sliding bathtub doors will just roll easily over one another on the track, unlike hinged doors that will swing wide open and take up much of the room.

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Buy Shower Doors Online From Floor & Decor

If you’re looking for any kind of shower doors, Floor & Decor is the place to be. Here are just some of the best benefits of buying shower doors from us:

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Check out our full selection of shower doors and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

Glass Treatment To Prevent Water Spots

Another add-on option is a glass treatment that seals pores in the glass to make it resistant to water spots and stains. In some cases this is done during the fabrication of the glass and in others it is sprayed on as a sealant after production of the glass. It helps keep your glass clean and from becoming cloudy over time. This is a great option to consider if you have hard water and you dont have the best track record for regularly cleaning your shower glass.

I was quoted an extra $540 to add-on this glass treatment yikes! I decided to pass on this option and instead try and be a more diligent cleaner to keep our glass enclosure cost closer to what we had budgeted for it. I also might try out that works similarly . I do know several people who swear by how much easier the factory applied glass treatment has made it to maintain their shower so it could be a decision I regret with time we will see!

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Regular Glass Vs Low Iron Glass

Shower glass is fairly thick which gives it a subtle green hue. One add-on option is to choose low iron glass that is completely clear, without the greenish hue. Its called ultra-clear glass, opti-white, Starphire glass, and various other names. Along with the glass being completely clear, when you look directly at the edge of the glass, instead of it appearing green like it normally would, it has more of a bluish tint:

I debated this decision a LOT mainly because its a super pricey option I was quoted an additional $648. After researching and getting LOTS of opinions, what I found is that if you dont have white tile the difference probably isnt noticeable enough to warrant spending the extra money. But if you have white tile like I do, it might be because you can definitely tell the difference. As much as it pained me, this was the one costly add-on we went with I LOVE my shower tile and didnt want one of my final decisions on our bathroom one that made me unhappy with the overall result.

It definitely did live up to the hype you can see as you look at my bathroom tile through the glass of the shower enclosure and through the open door, theres no change in color:

Buy The Best Shower Doors

Contemporary Gray Tiled Master Bathroom With Glass Enclosed Shower

Shower doors provide the perfect finishing touch for a shower cubicle or space in your bathroom, and they’re available in a myriad of styles and types, from classic black hinged shower doors to sleek frameless shower doors for a more modern, minimalistic look. Choose your next shower door from our vast and varied selection here at Floor & Decor.

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Check The Best Deals In The Industry Today

Why not make your restroom the subject for a renovation? After all, Glass Shower Direct is offering the most affordable prices that you dont want to miss out on!

If youre looking for the company that offers quality products at the lowest price, search no more! Youve already found us! Connect with our best technicians to know whats best for your familys needs. If you see water leaking outside your tub, thats a sure sign that its time to replace that shower curtain with a pivot shower door!

Avoid These Common Glass Shower Door Installation Mistakes

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, the significance of a frameless glass shower doors is undeniable, as it makes your shower area more beautiful and convenient.

Just be sure not to mess up its installation as it can be costly. Doing so also diminishes its beauty and functionality.

Avoid costly repairs or replacements by doing your research and plan ahead by consulting glass shower door experts.

To help you get started, weve listed the most common frameless glass shower door installation mistakes.

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Frameless Shower Clips Vs U

One of the biggest design decisions I made was whether to go with frameless shower clips at all points where the glass meets the tile or to use U-channels as supports for the glass panels. Heres an example of your typical shower clip:

Most people choose to go with all clips on both the sides and bottom of the glass because technically frameless shower enclosures dont have any type of framing or channels they are supported entirely with clips. But I went against the grain on this one and chose to go with wall clips along the side and U-channels along the base of the glass. If you dont know what a U-channel is, its basically a short U-shaped metal strip that the glass rests in:

The two reasons I chose to use them are: when the glass shower enclosure is resting directly on tile and sealed with clear caulk like it is with clips, over time mold/mildew often develops under the clear caulk where its impossible to reach and clean. Because of this, many people find that they have to frequently cut the mildewed caulk out and recaulk. This is more common with natural stone like I have than porcelain tile because of the porous nature of natural stone. When you use a U-channel you dont have this issue. Reason is that I actually like the streamlined look of the U-channel on the bottom instead of the clips:

Total Cost For Our Glass Shower Enclosure

SAVE $$$$ — How To INSTALL a FRAMELESS Shower Door

The total estimate for our shower enclosure with installation ranged from $2420 to $5516 depending upon how many extras we chose. Starting with the base price of $2420 and adding the ultra-clear glass , upgraded handle , and additional height , our total cost was $3368. Crazy expensive right?! I got multiple estimates and they were all within 10% of each other so I feel like this is a good cost estimate for the NYC area but as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, prices here are higher than almost everywhere else so something similar in a different area of the country will likely cost less, sometimes MUCH less.

Phew we made it through! Would you ever have guessed that buying a shower enclosure could be so complicated? I hope this post helps any of you who are in the midst of a major bathroom renovation or who have one planned for down the road. Want more details on our master bathroom reno? Youll find these posts helpful:

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The Perfect Shower Door For That Perfect Comfort

We start and finish our day inside the bathroom. We give ourselves a cold shower in the morning to get that boost to handle whatever the day may bring, and we get rid of the stress we got from what our day brought by having that refreshing hot shower after work to relax..

Give your loved ones a place they need after a stressful day, and a place where they can get inspiration before starting their day by adding to the aesthetic of your restroom which adds to the convenience of your home, by adding beautiful glass shower doors!

Mistake : Choosing A Swinging Door Mechanism

A swinging shower door looks great but can be trouble if not installed properly.

The Solution: Replace Swinging Doors With a Frameless Slider

Good alternatives to swinging shower doors are more affordable bypass doors and frameless sliders, which are perfect for small spaces.

A beautiful glass shower door installation is the perfect way to upgrade your interior decor but only if you avoid these mistakes. Hiring a professional installer near you ensures that your glass shower door gets put in properly without creating future issues.

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Choose The Custom Glass Shower Style That Fits Your Exact Needs In 3 Easy Steps

Here at Glass Shower Direct, we value your time. So, we came up with a solution that allows you to save time by giving you the option to choose what the right shower door is for your home! We will guide you through each step so you can choose the right one for you on your first try. Create the best shower space, and start your bathroom upgrade project with us!

Step 1: Search for the Frameless Glass Shower Style that is perfect for your home. The number of fixed panels that will be shipped to you may vary depending on the style you have chosen, along with the number of clamps and handles. So, you wont have any problems when you install your doors. We will make sure that everything single thing you need will be signed, sealed, and delivered to your doorstep!

Step 2: Enter the precise measurements. Dont worry, you will be guided on which measurements to takethe complete width and height, and where to take the measurementsthere will be a photo with a pattern guiding you on how to measure every corner of your showers opening to know the right fixed panel needed.

Remember You will also be asked to consider the tile work before you lay down that measuring tape, tile to tile measurements are best.

Our professional services will help you make sure that youve given the dimensions that match your shower space. If youre still not sure what to do, our helpful team will give you tips for you to know what style is perfect for your specific room.

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