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Floor And Decor Farmhouse Sink

Modern Farmhouse Tile: Wood And Wood Look

European Farmhouse Master Bathroom Reveal

Featured: Cleveland Roble Wood Look, Star, Imperial Pewter Gloss Subway, Imperial Pewter Gloss London

One of our favorite modern farmhouse looks, the bathroom above is a perfect example of warming up a room with wood and wood-look tile. The wood-look tile on the shower wall warms up the entire room and visually ties all of the tiles together as a transitional color between the light and dark shades. The natural wood vanity and mirror complement the shower wall without being a perfect matchanother essential ingredient to modern farmhouse design. Its not about perfectly matching pieces but about coordinating them. Other elements that give this bathroom a modern farmhouse feel are the wire basket, the mixed metallic fixtures, the encaustic-look floor and the apron sink.

Classic White Three Ways: Pulled Forward

Beefy, glossy, thick-walled sinks gain even more presence when their rounded apron fronts come forward a few inchesthe better to lean against during dishwashing duty.

Shown: Shaws Original Rutherford 39 ½-inch fireclay sink, 10 inches deep, $4,295 Rohl

LEARN MORE about this sink in a YouTube video from Rohl

How Much Do Farmhouse Sinks Cost

As with any other product, the price of your sink has a lot to do with the quality.

To get a full porcelain farmhouse sink, expect to pay a lot. Porcelain is already one of the most expensive sink materials, and it doesnt help that farmhouse sinks are usually large.

Of course, porcelain is expensive for a reason. Its a super durable material that can last decades when cared for. Its also comes in a variety of colors.

For a more budget friendly option, you can get composite sinks, or similar stone-like options. These have the same look and feel of porcelain, but cost a fraction of the price.

However, your cheapest option will be metal. Stainless steel and copper dont come in a a variety of colors, but theyre much cheaper. They also tend to weigh less, which can make installation easier. Plus, youll still get that farmhouse feel with the square shape and open front.

The downside with the cheaper options is that they tend to be less durable. Although each sink material has its own benefits, so dont be afraid to be budget friendly.

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Western Ranch Kitchen With Dual Basin Farmhouse Sink

The porcelain white farmhouse sink in this rustic-chic space by Jennifer Maxcy sits amid reclaimed wood, Torquay countertops, open shelving, and vintage finds. The classic combination of warm woods and white creates an inviting ranch kitchen.

Double basin farmhouse sink, reclaimed wood, and Torquay countertops

What Are Farmhouse Style Sinks

70 Tile Floor Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas (54) # ...

Farmhouse sinks, sometimes called apron front sinks, are sinks that have deeper basins and the front of the sink is exposed for easier use. These sinks jut out a bit from the cabinets so that if water drips or splashes they dont damage the cabinets.

This type of sink is usually quite large because it is designed to be used for multiple functions and cater to the needs of a large family.

Farmhouse sinks have become more popular due to their functionality, charm and elegance as well as their nostalgic tie to the past reminding us of simpler times. And, of course as farmhouse style decor has become chic and stylish, the farmhouse sink has seen a massive resurgence.

Note: Most of these pictures are clickable, if youd like to find out more info about the product.

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Drawbacks Of Farmhouse Sinks

  • Costs more Farmhouse sinks tend to cost more than traditional sinks. The material is usually more expensive and the are usually some additional costs in installation, adjustments to the cabinet height and sometimes some up-charges on cuts for the counter tops. Sometimes, the faucets cost a bit more . You want to make sure you have an installer who is familiar with installing farmhouse sinks and getting the seal done correctly.
  • Challenging to add farmhouse sinks to existing cabinetry Often you need to replace the counter tops and reconfigure the cabinets in the sink area to accommodate a farmhouse sink . Its much easier to install farmhouse sinks when you are starting fresh and redesigning the cabinets.
  • They are a bit noisy The hard surfaces of porcelain and fireclay sinks can be a bit noisy and far less forgiving than stainless steel sinks when you drop breakable items into them, so take special care when washing fine china and wine glasses.
  • Can not be installed with laminate counter tops This is probably obvious due to the edges . But, generally if you are installing a farmhouse sink, you would be replacing the counter top at the same time and would upgrade to a granite or quartz counter top.

Is A Travertine Stone Farmhouse Sink Durable/good Investment

  • digidana

    7 years agohave you ever had a travertine stone sink? the pits are minor and are filled with an epoxy that is made for travertine. the expoxy is stained the same color as the stone so its nearly invisible. i know this because, first, my kitchen floor is done in 24×24 inch travertine and 12×12 inch travertine and we have popped some holes in it and i’ve filled the pits myself. second…my brother owns a tile company and deals with travertine every day. the sealing takes almost no time at all and is no big deal. i’ve only one it once when we first got it and i have no stains, no pits, no etching. there is no moisture migrating through the stone. the stone is about an inch and a half thick…nothing is migrating through that sucker. i just checked it and its bone dry after sitting with a sink full of soaking thanksgiving dishes overnight. it is a rock. if you’re not comfortable with comet cleaning the sink, a splash of bleach every once in a while will get into any minor pits. they were 100% worth the investment…they’re the first thing that everybody notices, they’re beautiful, and i would definitely do it all over again.

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    We’re Dreaming Of A Nancy Meyers

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    As a lover of all things farmhouse-style, I obviously have a mental checklist of must-have requirements for my future dream home. Exposed wooden beams, a neutral color palette, floral prints everywhere? Check, check, checkity check. But one thing that is at the tippy top of my list is absolutely a stunning, Nancy Meyers-style kitchen.

    The only thing Im not sold on? A farmhouse sink.

    I know, I know, this style is highly coveted. And I get it! Even in my uncertainty, I can admit: it looks beautiful. But hear me out. How practical is it for modern, daily life, really?

    To get some more info, I turned to the experts and asked: what are some annoying things no one tells you about farmhouse sinks?

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Farmhouse Bathroom

    Historically, farmhouse kitchens called for large sinks because, in a time before indoor plumbing, they had to hold buckets of water while leaving space to function. They were then used for everything from scrubbing pots to washing small children, so their depth was more of a practicality. Its the same reason you may hear them referred to as apron front sinks theyre specifically designed to keep the water from splashing out onto the user and/or the floor.

    But that extra depth comes at a cost, Fleur emphasized. Because they are larger than standard sinks, drop mounting them into an existing worktop might not be possible. So before you pull the trigger, make sure you either have the space or are willing to give it up.

    Even so, having said all that, there are plenty of reasons farmhouse sinks will never go out of style. As George pointed out, they are extremely versatile and as long as youre careful and you keep on top of cleaning, your sink will remain in good quality for years to come.

    When it comes time to decide whether a farmhouse sink is right for you, its worth considering your lifestyle and available space. If this list doesnt scare you off, then it sounds like a dreamy farmhouse-style kitchen is in your future.

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    White Farmhouse Kitchens With Islands

    Eclectic kitchen inspiration meets with farmhouse kitchen design. The kitchen island cabinets give an extra shine to this style of kitchens. White farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas look more beautiful with the island cabinets. Especially the combination of dark-colored cabinets and white apron porcelain sink adds a separate beauty to the kitchen.

    Classic White Three Ways: Drop

    Tailor your sink style and installation to your countertopand personal preference. Pull it forward to shorten your reach and add extra toe space pick a depth that feels comfortable too.

    These sinks have a finished lip that bridges the countertop cutouthandy with wood or laminate. This model specifies countertops at least 1 inch thick, and comes with a metal bar for more support.

    Shown: Domsjö 30-inch ceramic sink, 7 inches deep, $159 IKEA

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    Why You Should Avoid The White Farmhouse Sink Trend

    While farmhouse sinks have become wildly popular, there are some major drawbacks to take into consideration before installing one in your home.


    Have you been thinking about installing a farmhouse sink? The trend has exploded in remodeled homes. It offers a sleek look combined with the rustic farmhouse vibe. Along with the aesthetics, these sinks are much deeper and wider than traditional kitchen sinks, allowing you to wash more, clean more, stack more and save yourself from splashing. But while farmhouse sinks have become wildly popular, there are some major drawbacks to take into consideration before installing one in your home.

    Take a look at these 13 kitchen trends, including the farmhouse sink, that are on their way out.

    One of the biggest problems is the installation itself. Farmhouse sinks do not have the same footprint as traditional sinks, so youll have to redo the surrounding countertops. And, a farmhouse sink needs to be installed underneath the countertop to create a seamless transition between the counter and sink.

    Consider Your Kitchen Habits Before Choosing Single Vs Double Basin

    Pin on kitchens

    As with many types of sinks, farmhouse sinks come in both single- and double-bowl designs. This choice should be considered as carefully as the sink material. Think about the way you cook and dish wash. Do you do a lot of food prep in your sink? A large single-bowl sink could be the right choice. Do you like to tackle some of the dishes while dinner is cooking? A double-basin sink that lets you wash dishes on one side without disturbing the rinsed salad greens on the other side could be for you.

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    Which Farmhouse Sink Material Is Best

    There are several different materials you can use for your kitchen sink. The deciding factors tend to come down to look and price, although durability is also an issue.

    For a metal sink, stainless steel and copper are popular choices. Both are the perfect way to add an industrial, modern feel to your kitchen. Copper and other colorful metals can also add a bright pop of color.

    The main issue with metal is that it can warp if you expose it to extreme temperature. However, its an otherwise durable, and cheap material.

    Cast iron is another popular option. This material is one of the most durable options available, however it can get pricey. It also happens to be super heavy, so installation can be a pain.

    If youre more a fan of stoneware, some great options would be porcelain, ceramic, Fireclay, or composite. All of these options are durable and come in a variety of finishes.

    Plus, composite comes in a variety of options. You can get quartz, granite, or even concrete composites, just to name a few.

    If youre on a budget, go with composite or ceramic instead of porcelain. Theyre both cheaper and have a lot of the same benefits. Ceramic also has the benefit of being super heat resistant.

    For something really unique, you can also think outside the box. Bamboo, for instance, is a great alternative to traditional materials. This material both looks good, and is environmentally friendly!

    The Best Kitchen Sinks

    Choosing the right sink for you can be difficult since the options are seemingly endless. With a variety of colors, styles, and features, you can get almost any type of sink.

    It helps to take a look at your current sink before buying a new one. To limit installation costs, it helps to get a sink that matches the basic features of your current one.

    Youll need to identify how your current sink is mounted, its size, and how many drains it has. These are the main features that require renovation if they dont match up. It also makes a difference if you plan on having the front of the sink visible or not.

    From there, you can get into selecting materials and styles. There are a surprising amount of materials and colors to choose from, so dont be afraid to try something new.

    If youre switching from a typical sink to a farmhouse sink, keep in mind that youll probably have to do a lot of renovation.

    In many cases, you have to cut out the front of the counters to show the apron front. You also might need to create reinforcements below the sink to support its weight.

    Regardless of what you decide, getting a new sink is always a good choice for updating your kitchen.

    There are plenty of reasons to update your sink. Style is probably the main reason. Sinks tend to get replaced less often than other kitchen fixtures, so its easy to fall behind on sink trends. Purchasing a new one can provide a much needed finishing touch to any design.

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    Modern Farmhouse Tile: Metallics

    Featured: Star, Imperial Pewter Gloss Subway, Brushed Copper Rounds, Etna Concreto Wood Look, Antique Copper Somerset

    Metallic tiles are some of our favorite ways to add punch to a design, especially in a modern farmhouse space. This brushed copper penny round accent in the photo above, enhanced by a frame featuring an antique copper metal trim, adds a pop of color and a rustic element to this room. And dont be afraid of mixing metallicscopper, silver, gold, stainless and bronze can all live harmoniously together when done right. To avoid metal overload, we recommend using no more than two or three different metals so they arent competing for attention. Mix up the textures of your metals, and complement warm or cool color palettes with warm or cool metals, respectively. When in doubt, less is more.

    Completing this wet bar in true modern farmhouse style are an encaustic-look floor, an open, wood shelf, a natural, woven basket, a painted cabinet and wood-look wallsa true mixing and matching of styles.

    Other Farmhouse Sink Features

    BEFORE AND AFTER FARMHOUSE RENOVATIONS | White Cabinet Kitchen Ideas, White Kitchen Farmhouse Sink!

    While style is definitely important, sinks are also meant to be functional. Luckily, when it comes to function, these sinks offer a lot of possibility.

    Single basin farmhouse sinks are usually large and deep, giving you plenty of space. Theyre great for thawing or washing large items. For example, theyre very popular for washing cookie sheets.

    Double basin farmhouse sinks are also large, but the divider provides more organization. It allows you have to have two separate drains, and two separate spaces for washing.

    Theres benefits and downsides to each type. So if youre not sure which one you want, do some research before deciding.

    For either option, you can also add functionality and organization with sink accessories. Things like cutting boards, drying racks, caddies, and even sink dividers can help you maximize any basin.

    You can also find sinks that come with these accessories.

    Workstation sinks are a popular option. They come with basins, strainers, cutting boards, and other accessories, depending on the option.

    Theyre designed so that these accessories fit perfectly over the basin, and can be removed and added as needed. That makes them a convenient and efficient option.

    Although slightly more complicated to use, these options are ideal for people who do a lot in the kitchen. They provide a much easier way to prep food, and eliminate the need for a lot of additional tools.

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    Traditional White Kitchen With Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

    We love how this stainless steel apron-front sink adds sophisticated contrast to a white kitchen space. The fresh and clean space features Swanbridge countertops, glass cabinetry, and a full-height arabesque tile backsplash.

    Stainless steel farmhouse sink, arabesque tile, and Swanbridge countertops. Photo: TruBuild Construction.

    Lovely Farmhouse Sinks & Apron Front Sinks For The Kitchen

    Farmhouse sinks are the perfect choice for kitchens in a farmhouse style home. I just love the look of in the kitchen. Theyre the perfect touch for any country-style kitchen.

    A lot of people are confused about the difference between apron sinks and farmhouse sinks. There isnt a whole lot of visual difference, but you should know that farmhouse sinks tend to be made of porcelain or fireclay, giving them the country look, while apron front sinks can be made of more modern materials like stainless steel.

    Perhaps the most major different is the installation of each sink. Apron front sinks have a lip that sticks out from the counter and are somewhat bare around the other three edges allowing for a slide-in installation, while farmhouse sinks could be finished on all four edges. Farmhouse sinks can thus be installed either above the countertop or beneath it!

    Many home owners love the beauty of an exposed front edge sink, and prefer to leave it that way as opposed to having cabinets which hide the sink.

    You can see below Ive selected three farmhouse sinks and three apron sinks which I love!

    Kohler makes some really dreamy farmhouse sinks that come in more colors than just white. Above, I linked to two sinks in the Mexican Sand and Almond coloring. The muted hues are distinct yet calming for any country kitchen. Gorgeous!

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