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Floor And Decor Carpet Tiles

Why Carpet Tiles Are So Great

Tile Trends: Dramatic Tile & Stone

Carpet tiles can be used in a variety of different places from bathrooms and kitchens, to bedrooms and hallways.

Here are some of the best reasons for using carpet tiles in your home, along with some clever uses for carpet tiles that you might not think of:

#1 Carpet squares are easy to install and dont require a professional. This makes them the ideal alternative to traditional carpet and a great way to save money.

#2 They are easy to transport because theyre lightweight and portable making it easy for you to get them from the store to your home in your own vehicle.

#3 Carpet tiles can warm up an otherwise cold room. Physically, they are much warmer to walk on than hard surfaces, and they help to deaden sound at the same time.

#4 Their ability to repel moisture ultimately prevents staining. Moisture and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of carpet squares which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms where there are commonly spillages .

#5 Some carpet tiles can even be used outdoors to cover a deck, patio, garage floor, or the surrounding area of a swimming pool. For example, carpet squares placed around a pool will ultimately help prevent slipping.

#6 When installing carpet tiles, you dont have to deal with the upheaval of clearing the floor like you would with a traditional roll of carpet. You can simply move one item or piece of furniture at a time, fit the tiles in that area, and then move on to the next area.

Cheap Home Decor: 20 Clever Ways To Use Carpet Tiles On Your Floors Walls And More


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Youve probably seen those interlocking garage floor tiles and interlocking foam mats often used in childrens playrooms.

Those are kind of similar, in concept, to the ever popular carpet tiles people are using in their homes these days except carpet squares dont have interlocking pieces. They go together seamlessly.

Carpet tiles have actually been around for many years. They were originally used to cover the floors of high traffic areas in place like airports, hospitals, and offices.

Todays homeowners choose carpet tiles for a number of reasons:

  • They are extremely durable and show very little wear in high-traffic areas.
  • Theyre easier to remove and replace than other more traditional forms of flooring.
  • They offer the same easy-to-clean surface as ceramic tile and wooden floors do.

Taizhou Champion Materials Science And Technology Co Ltd

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Suppliers with verified business licenses

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Order Bathroom Wall Tiles And Kitchen Floor Tiles At The Lowest Prices

As a trusted provider of kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and other types of tile, too, Floor & Decor can be your go-to source for all things tile-related. Order today and enjoy these unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • One of the most extensive selections of tile products in the world
  • Shower tile, wall tile, floor tile, bathroom tile, and more
  • Dozens of colors, styles, and materials to choose from
  • A trusted and experienced brand in the tile industry
  • Custom sizes to suit your specific needs

Order your high-quality tile today from Floor & Decor.

Are Carpet Tiles Good For Home Use

25 Latest Floor Tiles Designs With Pictures In 2021

Your floor is the largest canvas in your house, so undoubtedly it has a huge impact on the entire interior decor. It forms a very vital base. You can spend as much money you want on your interiors, but it all comes to nothing if you have an uninteresting floor. The floor is the beginning of the process. Everything you decide to include in your room like curtains, furniture or showpieces need to compliment the flooring and vice versa. It all has to be in a proper alignment. If your existing floor is becoming a sore sight for your eyes, you can easily choose carpet tiles for a home befitting your home decor.

A burst of bright colours for your Living Room

The living room is arguably the most important spot in the house. It is where we entertain guests when we throw a party or when we host occasional tea get-togethers with our neighbours. It is a space that holds everyone together and while decorating the area it should reflect the cheerfulness and warmth of bonding. You can go for bright colour carpet tiles for home-like sunny yellow or orange, or something vibrant and pair it with a darker shade tile next to it. It will add a dull sphere which will break the monotony of the bright colours. This jump of the colour of the carpet tiles for a home will immediately elevate the aura of your living room. Now you can add up the sofa and other complementary accessories accordingly.

A tinge of soft hues for your bedroom

A park of cheerful colours for the playroom

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Why Floor And Decor Is The Category Killer In Specialty Flooring Retail

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Floor & Decor North Richland Hills, Texas store

Floor & Decor press release

The floor coverings industry represented a $26.9 billion market in 2018, according to Statista in manufacturer dollars. Its a stable market that managed to eke out a mere 5.1% growth from 2010. Growing less than 1% year-over-year for the last eight years, the flooring market is not predicted to grow more than .5% year-over-year through 2023.

Translating manufacturer sales into retail dollars is complicated by the labor component, which makes an important contribution to many retailer revenues. Jonathan Trivers, contributor toFloor Covering Weekly, puts the total retail market size at $66.2 billion in 2017 including labor. Retail sales by his estimation grew 5.1% year-over-year in 2017.

To the outsider, the flooring industry looks boring and predictable, but to those in the industry, it is anything but.

Creating a dynamic retail market for flooring are changing consumer tastes from soft floor coverings to hard surfaces and their willingness to invest more money on premium flooring. To that demand the industry is responding with innovative and style-forward options, including luxury vinyl tile, which is the industrys fastest-growing category according to Catalina Research.

The manufacturer flooring market may not be growing overall, but consumer spending is shifting, with carpet and rugs share dropping from about 53% of total manufacturers revenues in 2012 to about 45% today.

How Carpet Tiles Work

Carpet tiles are squares of carpeting that are attached to vinyl squares. FLOR carpet tiles are one of the most popular brands that you may have heard of.

They do not require any special tools for fitting or installing inside your home. They stay in place on hardwood floors thanks to their non-slip bottom. For added security, you can use double-sided tape.

The edges are easy to secure down with glue, if desired.

Carpet tiles are extremely durable and long-lasting.

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How Do You Install Tile Flooring

After selecting the perfect tile for your home, you have a variety of options for installation. If you decide to go the DIY route rather than hiring a contractor for installation services, we’re here to help with a library of tile flooring installation how-to videos, as well as all of the tile installation materials you need to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Looking for more answers to common tile flooring questions? Check out our

Welcome To Decor Floors

Large Format Style

offers a myriad selection of flooring combinations from traditional to the most exotic flooring options. We offer a wide variety of brand name flooring products for both residential and commercial use. From quality carpeting and area rugs, to tile and vinyl, to the natural beauty of hardwood floors, Decor Floors has it all. Below is a list of just a few of the brand-name flooring manufacturers that we represent.

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Introducing Bloq The Creative Carpet Tiles

  • 8.06.2021
  • posted by

In the last 15 years, became a major player in the commercial flooring segment and a trustworthy partner in the real estate market. With a total turnover of EUR 10 mil. in 2020, delivered more than 150.000 sq m of raised access floor systems for the most iconic office buildings in Bucharest,

An extremely important element for the company success consists in providing premium services and products, for both local companies and for corporations on the local market as well.

With the aim to provide premium services and products for its corporate clients, Decor Floor recently teamed up with BLOQ.

BLOQ is a carpet tile brand by Dutch manufacturer Betap. BLOQ offers a wide range of carpet tiles in contemporary designs, for every style and every space.

Their products are high-performance tiles focused on office projects, that are sound absorbing and have the best results in fire safety.

Discover the creative carpet produced following the strictest standards in sustainability.

Carpet Tile Pros And Cons

What are the advantages of carpet squares?

  • Easy to install: They are extremely DIY-friendly. So easy, it can be done in a matter of hours! Since they often have backing and adhesive included, there are no extra tools needed for installation.
  • Custom looks: Because carpet tiles come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, you can get as creative as you want when it comes to carpeting your home. They are very popular for creating custom area rugs.
  • Easy to replace: Accidents happen, like your dog knocking over a glass of juice. Instead of living with the stain, or having to replace the entire carpet, simply remove the damaged carpet square and replace it with a brand new one.
  • Waste less: Broadloom carpet is sold in rolls that must be cut down to fit your space. With carpet tiles, you can get just the right amount to fit your room and not have extra carpet hanging out in your garage for all eternity.
  • Price: On a tight budget? Dont worry. You can cover your floor cheaply with carpet tiles, without having to sacrifice quality.

What are the drawbacks of carpet squares?

  • Comfort: Carpet squares typically arent as thick or plush as broadloom carpet rolls, so they arent as soft underfoot. However, there are a few options for plush carpet tiles, and you can also purchase carpet padding to go underneath the tiles to address this.

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Beautiful Floor Treatments For Offices Educational And Hospitality Interiors

Transform your home, office, cafe or hotel interior with beautiful, high-quality floor finishes when you install our carpet tiles. With all those good looks come durability, easy maintenance and a lot have hypoallergenic features. No matter what design or colourway has been proposed by your interior design or architect, we have a diverse range of styles and colours in our carpet tiles to suit classic, contemporary, professional or eclectic interiors.

The Perfect Tile Products For All Your Projects

Parapet 24x24 Marble Tile in 2020

Tile walls and floors from Floor & Decor offer strength, durability, and aesthetic excellencethat means that no matter where you install tile in your home, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance upkeep and beautiful style for years to come. We offer a vast and varied range of tiles in many materials, such as ceramic tiles and porcelain tile, that are perfect for any project. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern subway tile backsplash, remodeling your shower with mosaic tiles, or installing travertine tile flooring in your basementwe’ve got you covered. With so many tile designs, colors, and patterns to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find wall tiles and floor tile products to fall in love with.

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Which Tile Material Is Best For Tile Flooring

When it comes to choosing tile flooring, it’s ideal to select a material that is durable and offers simple maintenance and easy cleaning. If you’re choosing flooring for your bathroom, shower, or kitchen, it will also be important to select a material that is water-resistant and prevents moisture from seeping below the surface. With that said, each tile flooring material offers its own benefitsporcelain tile flooring is heavy and less porous, ceramic flooring offers superior scratch-resistance, and glass tile flooring is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew.

There Is One Downside

The only downside to carpet tiles is the fact that they must be installed on hard dry surfaces.

Carpet squares cannot be installed over:

  • Carpeting unless youre just using them as a rug
  • Painted floors
  • Varnished floors
  • Unfinished waxed floors

In the end, carpet tiles can be a refreshing change from other types of flooring. Let your imagination run wild.

If you decide to try carpet squares in your home, you will get many years of pleasure from them and save yourself a great deal of money at the same time!

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Place Your Decorative Tile Order Today

If you’re looking for some decorative tiles to jazz up your interior spaces, Floor & Decor has all you need right here. Order today and enjoy these unique benefits:

  • An enormous decorative tile selection
  • Countless styles and colors to match your bathroom vanities, shower fixtures, and more
  • The lowest prices and best value products
  • Top-quality service and support for every customer

Add a unique personal touch to your home today with a decorative tile order from Floor & Decor.

Carpet Trends: 25 Eye

Wood-look Tile: Everything You Need To Know

| Fact Checked By:Katy Engelhard

With all the hard surface flooring out there, is carpet still trendy? Regardless of the latest upgrades and innovations of hard surface flooring, carpet remains one of the more popular flooring options out there.

To make sure carpet is just as beautiful and functional as other flooring options, carpet manufacturers are using technology to their advantage, creating popular patterns and jaw-dropping new features.

Its time to stay ahead of the trends and start looking toward a new year of opportunities and the latest in carpet innovations. So, hang on tight, and lets explore the 2022 carpet trends filled with some incredible ideas, looks, textures, and more.

Carpets and rugs are already seeing a resurgence in popularity, and this will become even more the case as they offer homemakers the chance to really showcase strong design statements especially in vibrant colors with the ideal being handmade rugs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Jamie Sanford, Home Flooring Pros

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The Best Decorative Mosaic Tiles For Your Flooring

Mosaic tile flooring is a wonderful choice for any home or building. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, it can bring life and vibrancy into any space, even serving as a focal point for all to admire. And if you’re looking for the best mosaic tile floors at the finest prices, Floor & Decor is here to help you.

Tarkett Flooring For Commercial And Residential Spaces

Tarkett is a world leader in innovative commercial flooring and sports surface solutions that meet design and functional requirements in multiple market segments: Healthcare, Aged Care, the Workplace, Education, Stores and Shops, Hospitality and Leisure, Residential and Sports segments. Tarkett offers an extensive range of commercial flooring products including Homogeneous& Heterogeneous vinyl rolls, luxury vinyl tiles, linoleum, carpet, wood and laminate. Committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet, Tarkett is present in more than 100 countries, creating people friendly living spaces worldwide that combine well-being, health, performance and design.

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Buy Mosaic Tile Flooring Today From Floor & Decor

Whether you’re looking for some colorful mosaic tiles to beautify your backyard, sleek and simple black mosaic tile floors for the bathroom, or some other kind of glass, porcelain, or metal mosaic tiles, you can find everything you need right here at Floor & Decor.

  • The widest selection of mosaic tile flooring.
  • Choose from many colors, sizes, and types of mosaic tile to suit your needs.
  • Always in stock products, ready for rapid delivery to your location.
  • Friendly customer service with every order.
  • A trusted floor specialist with years of experience.

Check our full range of mosaic tile flooring and order yours from Floor & Decor today.

Bring Beauty To Your Home With Stunning Mosaic Tile Floors

Karndean Design Flooring

There are many benefits of mosaic tile floors. Firstly, there’s the fact that mosaic tile is immensely versatile, with lots of different materials, colors, and styles to choose from. You can create almost any design imaginable with mosaic tiles, allowing them to blend in perfectly with your favorite theme and sense of style. Mosaic tile floors are also easy to install, both indoors and outdoors, and impressively durable too, able to withstand knocks and impacts and last for years of use.

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Liven Up Your Kitchen Bathrooms And More With Decorative Tile

Suppose you’re looking for a unique floor or wall enhancement to shake up your interior spaces. In that case, decorative tile is a great way to go, and there are many different decorative wall tile and decorative floor tile products to choose from with Floor & Decor. A subway-style wall accent tile, for example, can work well in a contemporary kitchen, while decorative hexagon accent tile floors look super in bathrooms.

Living Room Carpet Trends

For family movie nights and a cozy place to cuddle up, nothing beats the soft, soothing feeling of a carpeted living room.

Here, you can go one of two ways: you can go for the simple, understated gray living room carpet, or you can get on board with the fun, bold patterns, and colors. This is one of the main rooms people will see, so many young homeowners are choosing to go a little crazy, have a little fun.

In 2022, living rooms will see lots of the layered area rug trend along with waterproof carpet, gray carpet, and carpet patterns.

Will the living room carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

If anything, area rugs in the living room will last for many decades. Because we do so much living in the living room, hard surfaces are seen as the easier option, so unless youre in an apartment, area rugs in the living room will be the lasting trend.

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