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Floor And Decor Butcher Block Reviews

Sealing Ikea Butcher Block With Waterlox

DIY Butcher Block Countertop Paint Kit Review | A& E’s Flipping Boston Hosts

Its worth mentioning that I had no intentions of using the countertops as a cutting board. I wanted them sealed and sealed well.

Neither Ryan nor I are clean freaks and I wanted the counters to look good and be easy to keep clean and sanitary. I also wanted something that would protect the wood from water damage, particularly around the sink area. Although if Im being honest, theres always water on the counters from glasses, washed dishes, etc. Sealing them protects the finish and was super important.

I had read that Waterlox was the best way to go. I had to order it online since its not sold locally. I ordered a quart of the original and a quart of satin finish. Its not cheap, but it goes a really long way and seems to do its job well.

After Ryan sanded all the edges, I got to work.

First, I sealed the underside of the countertops twice. Then, I sealed the tops of the countertops four times.

For application, I used old rags and cloths. I found it was pretty important to get a good amount of Waterlox on the counters when applying but not to where it was pooling. Between coats, I sanded with fine steel wool and paper bags . Then, I made sure to get all the dust off with a tack cloth.

A few notes about Waterlox:

Here are the counters after installation. Im not going into detail on the installation, but suffice it to say that my husband and father handled it beautifully.

And the counters today.

Butcher Block Countertops Vs Quartz

Quartz and butcher block counters are popular kitchen countertop materials. They are, however, made of different materials. Butcher block is constructed from natural wood that has been cemented or laminated. Quartz countertops are composed of approximately 93% natural quartz rock combined with colors and resins. As a result, quartz worktops are almost maintenance-free, but butcher block worktops necessitate constant care and upkeep.

The prices of the materials are comparable, however butcher block is more expensive. While the low end of butcher block counters is less expensive than the least costly quartz, the high end is more expensive than the most expensive quartz. A quartz countertop costs between $1,750 and $3,000 on average, while butcher block costs between $2,475 and $4,620 on average.

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Cost Of Butcher Block Per Square Foot

Butcher block countertops, like many other countertop materials, come in a variety of prices. This countertop costs between $30 and $280 per square foot, but most people pay between $70 and $150 per square foot. Your final costs are influenced by the wood type, countertop grain, edge detail, and finish.

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Butcher Block Countertop With Edge Grain

Edge grain butcher block countertops range in price from $32 to $220 per square foot. In an edge grain countertop, each board has been turned on its side so that the edges are the surface. This means youll see more distinct rows and less grain, as well as more movement. Because more boards are required to build this countertop, the cost is higher. Edge grain countertops are more durable than face grain counters and will not dent or scratch easily. Edge grain is therefore preferable for softer woods, particularly in the kitchen.

Our New Lundry Room Butcher Block Countertop

Oak Butcher Block Work Bench 5ft.

I absolutely love the butcher block and how it looks in our laundry room. I havent experienced a spill or anything wet on the countertop yet. I simply use it for folding clothes and I continue to use caution when using cleaning agents or pouring laundry detergent around it. I will update this post as we live with it. Are you considering a butcher block countertop? I would love to know if you use this method and how it works for you!

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Butcher Block Countertop Pros

  • Versatility: Butcher block countertops not only come in traditional woods like cherry, oak, maple, cherry and walnut, but also bamboo, teak, tigerwood, zebrawood, wenge, beech, hickory and mahogany can be used. Plus, you typically have the option to choose edge grain, end grain or blended styles with butcher block.
  • Cost: Butcher blocks arent as cheap as laminate countertops, but they arent as expensive as natural stone countertops. Butcher block typically runs between $30 and $40 per square foot, depending upon the type of wood you choose. The labor cost to install a butcher block countertop is between $50 and $70 per square foot.
  • Longevity: Butcher block can last for around 20 years with regular maintenance, which places it in line with granite countertops. Butcher block will typically outlast laminate countertops.
  • Easy to Clean: Butcher block doesnt need any crazy cleaning solutions. A sponge dipped in a mix of two cups of warm water with a teaspoon of dish soap will usually do the trick. If you want to disinfect the butcher block, use some vinegar. To remove a butcher block stain, put salt over the stain and rub the spot with half of a lemon.
  • Easy to Refinish: This could be a con in the eyes of other people, but should you have to refinish butcher block because of nicks or scratches, all you need to do is sand it down. Sand butcher block with fine-grit sandpaper, like 220-grit, to remove affected spots and re-oil the surface with food-safe oil.

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Cost Of A Walnut Butcher Block Countertop

The material costs between $110 and $120 per square foot for a walnut butcher block countertop. Walnut has a lovely dark brown color that deepens with age, sunlight, and humidity. Because walnut is a highly durable wood, it can withstand a lot of wear and abuse without getting scratches and dents like less strong woods. As a result, it can be utilized with a face grain as opposed to an edge or end grain. Walnut is also a good choice for most edges. If desired, it can be tinted darker.

Can Butcher Block Be Used As A Cutting Surface

Butcher Block Comparison IKEA vs. Hardwood Reflections

Yes, unsealed butcher block works well as a large stationary work surface and has been used this way for centuries . That said, its not as easy to clean a butcher block counter as it is a movable cutting board, which explains why many owners use cutting boards on top of butcher block. And, as mentioned, cutting on butcher block over time leaves marks and scratchescharacter-defining to some, best avoided to others.

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Prices For Wood Kitchen Countertops

A wooden kitchen countertop costs between $900 and $11,200. Most kitchens have roughly 30 square feet of countertop area, with others having as much as 40 square feet. Small galley kitchens, on the other hand, require far less, and bigger kitchens with matching islands 1 need significantly more. As a result, your costs will fall outside of this range. Most wood counters perform admirably in the kitchen if they are routinely oiled. For kitchens, an edge or end-grain is frequently recommended since it avoids scratching and denting while still preserving the beauty of the countertop.

Sealing Butcher Block Countertops With Waterlox

So after a lot of research into other options, I ended up trying Waterlox and Im so glad I did I love it! Its a blend of Tung oil and resin with a water-resistant finish thats also food safe . The company has great instructions on application of Waterlox on their website that are a must-read before using it, but the main steps are to sand the butcher block, clean it with mineral spirits, and then apply 3-5 coats of Waterlox with 24 hour dry time between coats.

Waterlox comes in three different sheens but its recommended that you start with Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish for the first coats and just do the last coat in either the satin or high-gloss finish if you want a different sheen. Im not a big fan of shiny countertops so after three coats of the Sealer/Finish, I applied a coat of the Waterlox Satin which is less glossy. The color of the butcher block definitely changes depending upon the treatment that you choose with the Waterlox making the butcher block a deeper, just slightly more orangey color than the mineral oil.

You can see the difference even more clearly looking at this angle the countertop was sealed with Waterlox and the board on top of it was treated with mineral oil:

Honestly, I prefer the lighter look of the oiled countertop to the darker Waterloxed countertop but with all of the other advantages of Waterlox it was the way to go for us.

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The Background: Why Ikea Butcher Block

When we were renovating our kitchen, I debated countertop options. Knowing that this is a short-timer house for us and we were undergoing a full-home renovation, expensive countertops were out. Also, they would price the house out of the modest neighborhood. Wed never make that money back.

Our last kitchen remodel included laminate countertops and I actually really liked them. They were cost-effective, easy to keep clean and looked nice. Plus, the cost was good and we got our money back.

But my heart was really set on butcher block this time around.

I loved the warm look with white countertops. And when we went with IKEA cabinets, going with butcher block was sort of a no-brainer. I could pick them up with the cabinets and they were insanely cheap.

They are even cheaper than laminate.

We went with the Numerar Oak Countertops from IKEA. I think the information is still basically the same.

At the time we purchased, we needed two slabs for a total of $338. The prices for other options have remained fairly similar.

When we chose it, there were some naysayers for using butcher block for countertops. As I mentioned, several smart people told us that it wasnt a good idea, for various reasons.

Would it get stained by water? Is it sanitary? Will it be okay for resale?

A Review: Ikea Butcher Block Countertops And Waterlox Finish

White Oak Butcher Block Countertop 12ft.

March 27, 2013 by Kim Woodward

If you have been researching kitchen countertops, its likely youve come across IKEA butcher block countertops as an option.

There are a lot of reasons they could be a great choice including cost and looks. But there are lots of people who warn against using wood butcher block for counters. And I constantly get questions about how we like IKEA butcher block after living with them for 18 months.

So, heres my totally honest review of our counters after a year and a half.

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Wood Kitchen Countertop Pros

They lend character and lasting good looks, but they also need some TLC. Weigh the facts before investing:

  • They can be budget-friendly. A butcher-block counter made from birch or beech can cost little more than laminate and less than half the starter price for natural stone or engineered materials.
  • They can be easy to install. DIYers can cut prefab butcher-block tops to fit around corners, sinks, and appliances much more easily than most stone. Finishing wood is even more straightforward.
  • Theyre strongand soft. Unlike with stone, theres no clatter when you set down a plate or a glass, and dropped dishes are less likely to break. Wood also quiets the whir of appliances, while stone will amplify such noise.
  • They can be refinished. Knife scratches, deep gouges, even burn marks can be sanded out and a DIY finish restored to look brand-new.
  • Theyre green. Most companies offer sustainably grown, Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods, including exotics. And while wood counters last for years, once worn out, they can be recycled.

Similar to shown: 1½-inch edge-grain teak about $175 per sq. ft., uninstalled

Cost Of Butcher Block Countertops By Construction Type

Butcher block countertops are made up of several parts that are fitted and cemented together before being sanded and moulded into the final slab for your countertop. There are several methods for assembling or fitting together the components. Each approach alters the appearance and performance of the countertop. When selecting a countertop for your home to meet your aesthetic style and lifestyle, you should consider the appearance and durability.

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Modern Kitchen With Rustic Roots

A kitchen in a breathtaking midcentury home in Dallas, Texas gets a modern makeover that is in touch with the home’s rustic location. Interior designer Erika Yeaman from Homepolish, an online decorating resource, blended walnut butcher block countertops with stained oak cabinetry.

  • 10 of 16

    Warm up a white cooking space with cool toned granite countertops with a kitchen island with a wood topper. Here, Case Design out of Falls Church, Virginia did just that with a carbonized oak butcher block countertop.

    Continue to 11 of 16 below.

  • 11 of 16 Vidal Design Collaborative

    Here is another example of how to combine different countertop materials in your cooking space. The team at Vidal Design Collaborative, a firm based in California selected a butcher block countertop in American cherry wood for the kitchen island and soapstone for the counters along the wall.

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  • 12 of 16 Ban Architecture

    Black walls and a matching island instantly makes the oak butcher block counters in this kitchen appear fresh and modern. To create a little separation between the cooking space and main living area, Ban Architecture, out of Paris, France raised the kitchen floor a few inches.

    Continue to 13 of 16 below.

  • Butcher Block Countertop Cost

    DIY Kitchen Update Remodel Episode 3- butcher block counters, tiling over tile and new floors!

    Butcher block typically runs between $30 and $40 per square foot, depending upon the type of wood you choose. The labor cost to install butcher block is between $50 and $70 per square foot. Higher-end butcher blocks can cost more than concrete countertops and run as high as $200 per square foot. Maple butcher block can cost around $80 per square foot while cherry butcher block can be $150 per square foot and bamboo runs around $72 per square foot. Teak can be the most expensive at $180 per square foot.

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    Our New Butcher Block Countertops In The Laundry Room And How I Sealed Them For A Natural Look

    I recently shared our plans for a laundry room makeover, where my plans included painting the tile floors, replacing the countertop, painting the walls, and whitewashing a bamboo shade. I cannot believe the end results and I will reveal all of the details soon. Today, Im sharing how I replaced the formica laminate countertop with a butcher block from Lowes Home Improvement, for less than $175.

    This post contains affiliate links, where I will receive commission from your clicks and purchases. You can read more about my disclosures here.

    What Types Of Wood Are Used For Butcher Block

    Butcher block can be made from nearly any wood. Maple is one of the best and most popular for butcher block counters because its hard and has a clear grain. Cherry and red oak offer rich color. Butcher block can also be crafted from bamboo and sustainably farmed exotics such as wenge, zebrawood, and iroko.

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    American Cherry Butcher Block Countertop 12ft Floor

    You should disinfect with a water/vinegar mix.

    Floor And Decor Butcher Block Reviews – Diy kitchen cabs \u0026 butcher block countertop walnut maple mix butcher block countertop 8ft a review: This keeps the wood protected and keeps it from looking dull or cracking. But i will never trust my appliances after the fridge and washer leaked. They sand the bottoms to about 220 grit but the tops are at about 60 grit. Ikea butcher block countertops and waterlox finish walnut maple mix butcher block countertop 8ft snow beveled glass tile | butcher block countertop my butcher block countertop I went ahead in person to check out their inventory + pick out the tile and butcher block that i wanted.

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