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Mosaic Tile Ideas For Any Room In The House

110 Beautiful kitchen wall tiles design ideas – Kitchen backsplash designs
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The art of mosaic tiling is thousands of years old. Today, modern mosaic tiles are produced in a range of materials from ceramic to porcelain to glass. Whether used in a single color or in patterns that vary from simple to highly intricate, mosaic tiles can be used everywhere from floors to backsplashes to shower walls to outdoor areas. These smaller-scale tiles of generally 2 inches or less come pre-glued and perfectly spaced on mesh sheets that help cut some of the time and work out of installing individual tiles by hand.

Mosaic tiles can bring so much interest to any design and up the intensity of a space, whether used as a backsplash or on the floors, says Maureen Stevens, an interior designer who splits her time between Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA. They can also bring a lot of texture through lively patterns that are otherwise unachievable with non-mosaic tiles.

While mosaic tiles are relatively straightforward to work with and do not require much in the way of cutting, keep in mind that installing mosaic tile sheets nevertheless requires care, including making sure that grout is sealed and the tiles are laid out correctly.

Check out these 15 examples of mosaic tiles in a range of styles and used in different rooms to help inspire you to incorporate them in your own space.

Hexagon And Rhomboid Shaped Tile

No exploration of shapely tile can skip hexagons and rhomboids . You’ll find them in tiny scale as well as very large scale.

Below you see a medium-sized porcelain hexagon with the look of slate. The effect with the dark counter and the light cabinets is stunning.

2-3/4 x 2-3/4 Hexagon Mosaic – Porcelain

In the image below, you see that combination of scale: very large on the floor and a 2″ multi-toned marble mosaic on the wall. The effect is classic yet contemporary.

Telaio 2 Multi Toned Mosaic – Marble

Add a little vertical stretch to a hexagon and you’ll have a rhomboid such as the porcelain mosaic you see below in this kitchen.

Rhomboid Mosaic – Porcelain

Or, what about this mixed glass and stone mosaic where the stretch is horizontal.

Mixed Glass & Stone Mosaic

Designing With Tile Shapes

At Floor Decor Design Center, we are constantly on the lookout for interesting new products and shapes that customers can use in their homes to create stunning design statements. Possibly the best product for that is tile. You can use tile on walls and you can use it on floors – although what goes on the wall isn’t necessarily ideal for floors.

In this article, we focus on tile shapes available at Floor Decor in the Orange, Connecticut showroom.

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White Subway Tile With Delorean Gray Grout

white subway tile with delorean gray grout. Fusion Pro Single Component Grout. Harmonics White Subway Tile 2×4. Browse 224 Delorean Grey Grout on Houzz. This bathroom features a slate gray hexagonal tile floor as a contrast to the subway tile. 5 white matte subway backsplash tile pops with charcoal gray grout lines. Polish Description:

Fabulous Tile Shapes To Design With

Shades of Blue herringbone tile Floor and Decor 14.99 sq ...

What makes tile so much fun to design with is that it’s ideal for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, fantastic for showy spots such as a feature wall, not to mention practical because it’s not afraid of water.

And, although you can go with safe tile choices , you can also go wild with color, pattern, texture and shape. For that matter, you can even combine the safe with the wild.

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Wood Plank Porcelain Tiles

If you follow me on then you most likely saw my Instastories showing off these gorgeous wood plank porcelain tiles. Yes, they are tiles! Floor & Decor has the largest selection of wood plank tiles that I have ever seen. They are so incredibly realistic looking, its shocking.

This particular tiles took my breath away. Would it not be perfect for a beach house? So beautiful!

This one has soft shades of gray with a touch a dusty blue. It is called Brookwood Silver Wood Plank Tile. When I buy a beach house, this is going in!

Below are more amazing selections in the wood plank tile department.

Trendy Mosaic Ideas By Room

Displaying mosaic tiles can give your home the trendy and designer feel youve always wanted. Explore our eye-catching bathroom and kitchen inspiration pages to get started on your next design. Looking to liven up a fireplace in your home? Incorporate a stone mosaic tile or one of our other unique fireplace tiles.

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Experience Tile Shapes For Yourself

What’s your reaction to these bold tile shapes? Can you see using them to create your own design statement?

When you’re ready to consider tile, we invite you to visit our showroom location in Orange, Connecticut. You’ll find a vast assortment of products to experience for yourself.

Let us know of any questions in the comments or contact us.

Wood Plank Shaped Tile

5+ Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Top Trends in Wall Tile

Given all of the advances in the manufacturing of tile, you now have a wealth of realistic interpretations of products not traditionally associated with tile.

A perfect example is tile that looks – and feels – like natural wood as you see in the two images below of 2.5″x12″ wood plank tile.

Both give the impression of painted wood, first in a herringbone installation.

2.5 x 12 Wood Planks Painted Visual – Porcelain

Here you see a more random horizontal pattern where the visual effects are slightly more pronounced. It’s a great look!

2.5 x 12 Wood Planks Painted Visual – Porcelain

For additional ideas, check out Designing with Wood Plank Tile

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Geometric Tile Shapes And Patterns

If you love the look of geometric shapes and patterns, you’ll love some of these tile ideas.

The tile below consists of a patterned glass mosaic in subtle shades of grey.

Patterned Glass Mosaic

You can also find geometric shapes in marble as you see in the image below. What a terrific way to use a classic product in a fresh way.

Bianco Dolomite Geometric Mosaic Marble

Marble Patterned Mosaic Tile

You’ve already seen a few examples of what’s possible with marble. Here are a few more to inspire you.

Below you see a marble flower-patterned mosaic. That pattern adds just the right level of visual interest to the space and the color tones coordinate perfectly with the countertops and cabinets.

Here’s an elaborate marble mosaic in an arabesque pattern.

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