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Floor And Decor Bathroom Tile

Floor And Decor Bathroom Floor Tile

Floor and Decor Bathroom Ideas

Choose from a abundant ambit of high-quality attic tiles in accordance with your aftertaste and sophistication, and your home or added anatomy would be a abundant representation of your style.

Floor & Decor : An Amazing Store Tour Sand and Sisal Floor And Decor Bathroom Floor Tile | Floor And Decor Bathroom Floor Tile

Humans accept been decorating their homes floors and added structures as far aback as some forty thousand years. There are mower altered arguments for the exact time aeon back it started, but cipher can abjure cavern paintings charcoal begin on cavern dwellers floors and walls. So, it is safe to say that decorating our floors to represent our claimed aftertaste is not a avant-garde idea. Rather, its built-in into our attributes over the advance of our evolution.

In avant-garde homes, floors are of immense importance. They are the base, the hub, the playground based on which the absolute anatomy revolves. Therefore, floors cant be aloof advised as a canvas, absorption on apery the owners sophistication. It additionally needs to be able and asperous abundant to bear the accuracy of a multipurpose space. Being such a multi-dimensional space, floors absolutely charge your appropriate absorption to accomplish all your needs. Application high-quality attic tiles can assuredly advice you to accomplish what you appetite from your floors whether central or outdoors, home, or business spaces.

9 Floor And Decor Bathroom Floor Tile

Six Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

If your small bathroom is starting to feel cramped, its time to expand your design ideas with some space-saving style hacks!

1. Install a Vanity With Storage

When space is at a premium, why not combine functionality with style? Select a vanity with cabinetry and drawers to conceal clutter. Opt for a 25 or 31 inch single-sink vanity for a perfect fit. Shop the F& D vanity selection here.

2. Swap Your Shower Curtain for Frameless Glass

Show off your beautiful shower tile and add the feeling of more square footage to your small bathroom by simply removing the shower curtain. Installing a frameless glass shower door adds visual space, similar to a window.

3. Mix & Match Sparingly

Too many patterns and textures could give you visual vertigo. Choose up to three complementing tiles in the same color palette for a unique yet calm space. Consider shopping the same tile brands for easy coordinating materials.

Bridge the gap with !

4. Select Larger Tiles for Flooring

Surprisingly, a small bathroom can benefit from large tiles. Fewer grout lines make the installation patterns less prominent and more refreshing. Also, choose tiles in lighter color palettes at eye level then balance with a darker floor tile. The contrasting grout brings this look together.

5. Nix Bulky Shelving for Towel Rods

6. Go the Extra Mile With a Tile Niche

Guest Bathroom Design Plans With Floor & Decor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last fall I had the privilege of working with Floor & Decor on the design plans for my laundry room. You can check that out HERE. I loved how easy it was to pull everything together right there in the store and work with one of their instore design professionals.

So when I heard they were opening a new store in Fort Worth, I had to go check it out and get inspired! Though this is far from me, Floor & Decor is so worth driving to with the amount of time and money you save shopping with them.

I have had a new project on my mind and thought it would be a great opportunity to see the new store and nail down some of my design ideas for this space.

I shared many of my design ideas for the house this year but the guest bathroom was not on my radar a few months ago until we started having more and more guests recently come stay with us. Right now the room is literally all white. Its kind of boring and I want it to feel warmer and inviting.

What I love about Floor & Decor is it is a one-stop-shop for all the materials you need to redo a space. From grout to tile and stone, countertops and flooring, they have it all. They are the leading specialty retailer in the hard surface flooring market, offering the broadest in-stock selection of tile, wood, stone, related tools, and flooring accessories at amazingly low prices.

Okay back on task!

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Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile

When a bath bank actualization acceptable and amber tiles, bank blush options depend on the adumbration and undertone, or basal hue, of the amber tile. If amber asphalt has a brownish association like mocha, a altered ambit of colors and neutrals accord than back asphalt is orange-brown. Acceptable frequently is pinkish orange, but it varies in adumbration and acceptable sometimes has a yellower cast. Its accessible to brace complements, or color-wheel opposites, with acceptable and orange, but that works bigger with grayed hues.

Tile and Flooring Shopping Tips Free Design Service Four Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile | Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile

If the bath tiles affection a aphotic red-brown such as mocha, wall-color options accommodate anemic taupe, anemic acceptable and almond all of which accept pinkish undertones that articulation with pinkish peach. To actuate whether your amber and acceptable asphalt has acknowledgment or warmer undertones, borrow samples from the acrylic store. Cabinetry in dark, brownish espresso echoes aphotic red-brown tiles, as do accessories in reddish, oil-rubbed bronze for a adumbration of commutual color, accents in teal, sea green, olive or bounce blooming coordinate.

10 Stunning Yet Shockingly Affordable Bathrooms Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile | Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile

Walls That Wow: The Latest Accent Wall Trends Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile | Floor And Decor Bathroom Wall Tile


Stunning Yet Shockingly Affordable Bathrooms


Floor & Decor has a massive selection of tile, stone, and installation materials, and countless customers are taking advantage to create their own unique looks! Even better, their wallets are all the happier for it because Floor & Decor has majorly low prices on seriously stylish materials.

Check out some of our favorites.

Hollie used the variety of tile available at Floor & Decor to her advantage! In the bathing area, she paired Meringue Ceramic Tile and Denim Ceramic Tile for the walls and used a dark grout to create a striking designFestival Penny Porcelain Tile was used to create a soft hued yet dimensional floor. Outside the bathing area, the picket shape of these Avillano Bianco Orion Picket Mosaic floors gives classic marble a modern twist that makes this bathroom even more dynamic!

This minimalist modern design by Victoria is a breath of fresh air. Festival Bright White Ice Ceramic Tile creates a clean and crisp foundation for this sunlit space. The choice to create a floor using Festival Metro Matte Hexagon Mosaic and pair it with white grout adds to the modern design element of clean and defined lines which make a subtle yet significant impact.

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Floor And Decor Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Ceramic asphalt can add new activity to an old bathroom. Asphalt offers so abounding options in color, finish, size, appearance and accession adjustment that any homeowner can aftermath an adorable bathroom. A homeowner with some basal apparatus abilities and the appropriate equipment, such as a busy masons wet saw, can do the work. Flooring is the basal use for bath tile, but asphalt can be put on walls, in battery enclosures, alike over some tubs in an about absolute alms of options. Asphalt will aftermost for years with about no aliment except approved cleaning.

Bathroom asphalt charge be installed on a acceptable subsurface, finer cement-fiber advocate board, and on akin surfaces. Akin a attic with self-leveling adhesive and bland walls with bank admixture to ample any gaps or depressions. Fasten advocate lath to a copse subfloor or drywall with screws or a waterproof adhesive or mastic. Cut advocate lath with a annular saw or jig saw to fit about edges, corners and fixtures.

Choose asphalt colors accordant with the attending of the bath and commutual to the basal adornment of the house. Pick colors that will not calmly appearance dirt. Use allegory colors for borders and accents, about the edges of a attic or at the top of a tiled wall. Intersperse emphasis tiles in a design pattern, for instance to add beheld appeal.

Opal White Hexagon Porcelain Tile 10 x 10 10 Floor Floor And Decor Porcelain Bathroom Tile | Floor And Decor Porcelain Bathroom Tile

For Instance You Can Place Light Gray Tiles On Your Walls And Dark Gray Tiles On Your Floor

Aside from those bathroom design ideas, you can also coordinate solid colors. According to the interior designers institute, it can make a allowance feel added affectionate but it can additionally advantage up a allowance with adventurous. Floor and decor has a ton of great options, but they can often be overwhelming because of the huge selection of tile options they have.

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Choose A Classic With Basketweave

Another historically accurate choice for older homes, basketweave tile gets its name thanks to the trompe l’oeil effect created by the tiles being cut to produce a woven appearance, like a basket. Available in both budget-friendly ceramic and pricier marble, this classic tile may look difficult to install but the pattern comes pre-arranged on a mesh backing so installation cost is approximately the same as other types of mosaic tile.

Whats The Most Durable Floor Tile Material

100 bathroom tile design ideas 2020 – Small bathroom floor tiles designs

Porcelain is the most durable flooring material. It resists dents, scratches, and moisture. Natural stone and concrete will also give you a high degree of durability. Ceramic tiles are durable as well. Their downside is that if a chip or crack happens, they wont have color uniformity the way porcelain or natural stone will. Glass tile is one of the least durable. It can easily chip or crack if you drop something heavy on it.

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How Do I Choose A Bathroom Floor Tile Color

Ultimately, you can choose any color that you want. Basic interior design color rules are a good place to start. Lighter colors help a small space feel brighter and, therefore, bigger. Larger bathrooms or bathrooms with a lot of natural light can support darker colors better. If you want darker colors in your bathroom, putting it on the floor is smart. Then keep the rest of the bathroom lighter. Keep in mind that lighter colored grout requires more work to keep clean.

Add Style With Subway Tile

As the name implies, subway tile was first used in the New York City subway system in 1904 but the 3×6 brick’s easy-to-clean surface and sleek design with minimal grout lines soon ensured its use in kitchens and bathrooms all over the country, starting in the 1920s and cycling back into vogue today. But keep in mind that subway tile is best used for wall application. The glazed surface could be slippery when wet so choose different tile for flooring.

Learn More: Subway Tiles: A Love Story

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Order Marble Wall Tiles Today At The Lowest Prices

Whether you’re looking for marble look porcelain tile for the bathroom floor or some marble wall tiles to finish off your kitchen redesign, you’ll find all you need at Floor & Decor. Here are just a few key reasons to order today:

  • A wide selection of marble look tile products
  • Choose from many colors and patterns
  • Custom sizes to suit the precise needs of your project
  • Buy at the best prices, every time
  • A trusted and experienced brand

Order today and give your home an upgrade with marble look tile from Floor & Decor.

The Perfect Bathroom Shower Tile For Your Home


The right shower tile can be the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom, and you’ll find all the shower tiles you could hope to find here at Floor & Decor. We’ve got lots of different materials to choose from, as well as many styles, from classic concrete gray ceramic shower tile to marble-style mosaic tiles and subway bathroom shower tiles too.

With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. And no matter which option you choose from our extensive bathroom shower tile range, you’ll be getting high-quality products, crafted to the high standards of Floor & Decor and guaranteed to withstand water sprays and splashes without any worries.

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Place Your Large Shower Tile Order Today

Whether you’re looking to add a large format tile shower to your existing bathroom design or jazz up the kitchen with some large format porcelain tiles, Floor & Decor can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Order now to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The best range of large format tile products for floors and walls
  • A huge and varied selection of materials, colors, and designs
  • Large tiles cover more space for easier maintenance and simple installation
  • The very best prices on every product
  • An experienced brand with a proven track record

Buy large format tiles today from Floor & Decor.

Grey Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

If you want to keep your bathroom feeling light and fresh, but dont want the upkeep of an all-white bathroom, consider grey. This neutral color in a light shade can help keep your bathroom feeling bright. But its also easier to care for than white. It can be beautiful in a darker shade if youre looking for something sleek and sophisticated.

You can find grey in human-made ceramic and porcelain tiles or natural materials. This gives you freedom in how you choose materials for your bathroom. You could choose a grey hewed slate or concrete tile for the floor. Then pair it with grey marble or ceramic tile on the walls.

Dont be afraid to combine more than one shade of grey to create a pattern. The subtle difference can create visual interest while keeping it from becoming overwhelming.

Adding a grey tile to your bathroom floor will keep your all-white bathroom from feeling stark and cold. If your bathroom is a color, then a grey floor will be a neutral to pair it with. Then if you change your mind about the color, you can easily transition to another one without changing the floor tile.

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Pebble Tile Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Are you looking to get a foot massage while you take a shower? Then consider installing pebble tile on your shower floor. These little rocks will feel like a massage as you move and step around in your shower. Theyll also add a bit of natural beauty to your bathroom.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when moving forward with this bathroom flooring idea. The first step is to decide how much of a massage you want. The rounder the rocks, the bumpier theyll feel. If you like the look of pebbles, but find the round rocks uncomfortable, then choose a sliced or flat style of rock.

Your second step is to consider how smooth the overall surface should be. For a smoother surface, youll need more grout. A smoother surface helps water flow to the drain better. However, the increased amount of grout also means less of the rocks will show, and the more grout there will be to clean.

One common mistake people make with a pebble tile is that they forget to customize it. The pebbles come on sheets like mosaic tile. The problem with this is that youll see these seams in the finished floor. This will distract from the finished look. To prevent this, youll need to carefully place the sheets and customize the rocks along the edge of each sheet.

Get The Modern Look With Large Format Tile Flooring And Walls

100 Small bathroom design ideas Bathroom tile designs for wall and floor 2021

Large format tiles can help to enhance your home’s look, working wonderfully well in modern and minimalist homes. Each large wall tile and floor tile covers more square feet than a standard tile, leading to fewer grout lines across floors and walls, more seamless and stylish looks, and easier maintenance.

You can find a vast range of large bathroom tiles here at Floor & Decor to suit all your needs and preferences, ranging from large white tile products for crisp, clean bathroom designs to marble effect large format tile products for the kitchen too.

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Tile And Back Splashes

Let’s start with back splashes since that is what most of our customers ask about when shopping for tile.

No surprise since back splashes can truly transform a kitchen space into a gorgeous space that gives you endless pleasure. There is no one tile that fits all in this category. You can choose natural stone, glass tile, metal tile, ceramic, or porcelain they will all vary in price.

To keep it simple, we will use the classic 3 x 6 white subway tile as you see in the image below.

Cost Estimate for a Tiled Backsplash

The average back splash is about 30 square feet.

Materials would include:

  • The tile
  • Mortar
  • The grout. We recommend a high-performance grout that will be highly stain-resistant or require yearly sealing from the occasional splash.

The cost for materials would range from $400 to $800.

Professional installation would be in the $400 to $700 range.

Many homeowners opt for this to be a weekend DIY project so you could save half the cost.

Installation costs will increase as the backsplash design gets larger and/or more intricate. They will also go up if you select more decorative tiles, in both cases by several hundred dollars.

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