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Floor And Decor Bath Tile

What Flooring Is Good For Small Bathrooms

Tile Trends: Dramatic Tile & Stone

The best choices for small bathrooms are to do small tiles , mosaic tiles or wood plank tiles.

When you choose tiles that are too large in small bathrooms, they look out of place and make the room look even smaller. Also, you may only get a few tiles across and awkward cuts along the walls.

Mosaics and wood-look planks tend to look better as you stagger them so the cuts dont look awkward.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Ashley Knierim is a home decor expert and product reviewer of home products for The Spruce. Her design education began at a young age. She has over 10 years of writing and editing experience, formerly holding editorial positions at Time and AOL.

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

One of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation is picking the tile. Whether you opt for a classic subway that will never go out of style or try something more unique , or you want to make an impact with large-scale bathroom tile, the options are endless. The tile in your bathroom can change the whole look and feel of your space, so it’s important to pick wisely.

If you are renovating a bathroom, here 32 beautiful tile ideas to inspire you.

Make Sure Your Tile Isnt Too Large For The Space

While larger tiles are more stylish for many areas of the home, be sure to consider the size of your space. Most bathrooms are smaller, so if you have tiles that are too large, they can over power a room and look awkward.

Also, when tiles are too large, they may cut off at the wrong place along the four walls. Consider this both when selecting floor and wall tiles.

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Grey Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

If you want to keep your bathroom feeling light and fresh, but dont want the upkeep of an all-white bathroom, consider grey. This neutral color in a light shade can help keep your bathroom feeling bright. But its also easier to care for than white. It can be beautiful in a darker shade if youre looking for something sleek and sophisticated.

You can find grey in human-made ceramic and porcelain tiles or natural materials. This gives you freedom in how you choose materials for your bathroom. You could choose a grey hewed slate or concrete tile for the floor. Then pair it with grey marble or ceramic tile on the walls.

Dont be afraid to combine more than one shade of grey to create a pattern. The subtle difference can create visual interest while keeping it from becoming overwhelming.

Adding a grey tile to your bathroom floor will keep your all-white bathroom from feeling stark and cold. If your bathroom is a color, then a grey floor will be a neutral to pair it with. Then if you change your mind about the color, you can easily transition to another one without changing the floor tile.

Repair Any Missing Grout Or Cracked Tiles


The grout on our floor was a mess and there are several areas where chunks of it were missing. Regrouting is a pretty huge job since you need to spend a lot of time digging out the old grout first so I went the easy route and simply used paintable caulk to fill in and smooth over any bare spots in my grout. The caulk adhered well and now that its painted, you would never know that I had done it. Now would be the time to replace or repair any cracked tiles too. I had one tile closer to our bathtub with a crack in it but knew it would be covered by our bathroom rug so I simply caulked the cracked portion and sanded down the rough edge a bit instead of replacing it.

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Marble Tile Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Using Carrara marble in your bathroom will instantly give it a sense of luxury and elegance. Its also a smart idea because its impervious to water and durable. Whether you use it as an accent tile, or throughout the entire bathroom as the floor, ceiling, and wall tile, itll look beautiful.

Since marble is a natural material, no two tiles look the same. If you prefer uniformity, then marble is not the tile for you. However, if you appreciate the natural beauty and random design, then marble can add subtle color variance and detail to your bathroom.

Choose a color that will complement your bathroom. Most people choose a white, grey, or black shade. If you really want to showcase the beauty of the stone, stick with a large tile dimension. You could even choose to have a single large slab installed to create a stunning accent wall or cover the entire shower floor. However, this can be quite expensive, so a more affordable option may be to buy smaller tiles.

Black And White Stenciled Tiles For A Retro Vintage And Farmhouse Style

These tiles are mesmerizing as your eyes follow the patterns. You can find many black and white stenciled tiles as well as gray and white. The pattern emerges as you fit the tiles together.

Here are some great examples of black and white stenciled tiles. Just click on the pictures to get more info on size, prices, etc.

And, to touch everything off for a modern farmhouse style, check out this white clawfoot tub.

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Natural Stone Tile / Slate Tiles Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Why not turn your homes bathroom into a mini spa? You can do this by using the same materials that youd find in professional spas. Slate is a natural stone thats darkly hewed and has a rougher texture. Youll find it as an unglazed tile, which makes it non-slip when its wet. This grippy surface makes it an ideal choice for your bathroom floor tile.

When choosing your slate or another natural stone tile, think about the look youre trying to create. Slate is a natural stone but still gives your bathroom a modern and sleek look. A more rustic stone would be perfect for a farmhouse bathroom.

While you may be able to find smaller square tiles, most slate tile comes in large tiles or sheets. It has a more uniform look than marble, so a large sheet covering a smaller space wont look out of place.

If youre looking for a more affordable option than slate, consider cement tile. Itll give you a similar sleek feel. You can also stain it to be dark like slate. It also has a similar non-slip surface.

Hexagon Tiles Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

30 Bathroom Tile Ideas

Geometric shapes have taken over interior design trends. Youll see everything from geometric tile to angular wall decals and even furniture that is geometric-inspired. Done right, and you can have a beautiful design element. Done wrong, and you have an overly trendy interior design that will quickly look outdated in a few years. Remember the glass block that seemed to be everywhere? Its a cringe-worthy design element these days.

To make this tile idea work for years to come, stick with one neutral color for your flooring. Black hexagon tiles with a dark grout will give your bathroom floor tile a uniform look. Another beautiful option is white tile. Try using the hexagon tile throughout the bathroom flooring and as the shower floor. This pattern ties the entire bathroom together and makes the geometric tile look more like purposeful bathroom design and less trendy.

When choosing your tile, consider the size of the tile. Small hexagons can look just as busy as penny tile. If youre tiling a large space, increase the tile size to be proportional to the size of your master bathroom.

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Picking Tile At Floor & Decor

Hey everyone! Today Im doing a little spotlight of one of our sponsors for the One Room ChallengeFloor & Decor! When I decided we wanted to do our master bathroom for the challenge, I knew that I wanted to find a good company to work with for all of the re-tiling we wanted to do. At that point, I had three considerations in mind:

  • I wasnt really sure what direction I wanted to take the bathroom , so I needed to find a company that had a very wide selection.
  • I wanted to work with a company that had a showroom so I could actually see, touch, and play around with the tiles. Im not a huge fan of ordering things like that online without seeing them first.
  • Finding a company with a wide variety of options for every price point was critical because I wont work with a sponsor that I wouldnt personally use as a consumer. I dont want you to see a sponsor on here and be like, yeah, must be nice to work with them, but no one can really afford that.

Floor & Decor met all of these considerations, and Im thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with them and share my experience with you. If youre looking to do any new flooring or re-tiling in your home, Im about to drop a novel on you about why you should use Floor & Decor.

How Do I Choose A Bathroom Floor Tile Color

Ultimately, you can choose any color that you want. Basic interior design color rules are a good place to start. Lighter colors help a small space feel brighter and, therefore, bigger. Larger bathrooms or bathrooms with a lot of natural light can support darker colors better. If you want darker colors in your bathroom, putting it on the floor is smart. Then keep the rest of the bathroom lighter. Keep in mind that lighter colored grout requires more work to keep clean.

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The Best Bathroom Products At Unmatched Prices

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. You can find all you need for a brilliant bathroom right here at Floor & Decor, including a vast bathroom tile range, bathroom flooring in countless colors and patterns, bathroom vanities, and much more besides, all at the very best prices.

Herringbone Or Chevron Pattern Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas


You may hear people refer to these two types of bathroom tile designs interchangeably. This is incorrect. While both patterns create a zig-zag pattern, a chevron is a continuous and unbroken zig-zag pattern. Youll see a V shape repeated through the design. A herringbone also creates a zig-zag, but its broken up and creates more of an overlapping pattern.

Either pattern can look stunning in both a large and small bathroom. You can scale the tile size to match the bathroom floor size. The smaller the bathroom, the smaller your floor tile should be. Finish your tile design with a straight border around the perimeter to give the design a refined and finished look.

You could also consider color. To create a subtle patterned effect, keep all of the tiles the same color. This scheme will give the bathroom floor a design without it overpowering another focal point in the bathroom. If you want the floor tile to be the main point of focus, consider using multiple colors and creating a pattern.

A popular choice for this style of floor tile is to use white. It could be a plain white tile similar to a white subway tile, or it could be a natural stone like marble. The other popular choice is black. A darker tile floor can balance an all-white bathroom beautifully.

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Floor And Decor Near Me

19 reviews of floor & decor great employees. Very helpful and friendly. As someone that has never laid tile before i had a lot of questions before i started tiling my bathroom. They made it as easy to understand as possible. Prices are very reasonable and the store is very well kept! Floor decor near me. Wedding decorations for sale online for a cool price. Byadmin september 15, 2021 0 comments 23 reviews of floor & decor this 5 star particularly goes to brandy, who is actually from floor & decor mission viejo location and was working in oxnard location when we visited it last friday. I had lots of complications with delivery from ordering online on 330 pc of marble tiles.

Tiles Deliver Style To Every Room

Tile can be used for beautiful flooring, accent walls or backsplashes. The material is durable and water-resistant, making it a popular choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Decide which area of your home you want to update and visit The Home Depot Canada to pick out your perfect tile. We carry various styles, sizes, colours and shapes so you can find exactly what you need to complement your home.

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Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Wall tile is easy to clean, long lasting and adds incomparable style to your bathroom. If you need ideas, youve come to the right place. Traditional or contemporary, old-world or mid-century modern, you can achieve almost any design style you want with your bathroom tile. And dont forget about the different patterns and combinations possible when arranging you tiles. A fresh pattern for a classic tile can be just the twist your design needs.

Hows this for a showstopping tile design? Unique color, mixed materials and reflective tiles help this wall stand out.

Well never stop loving grey tile, and here is one of the reasons why.

Want to see more? Browse our bathroom wall tile.

Alternative Bathroom Flooring Choices

Tile Trends: Large Format Tile & Stone

Personally, I would recommend using tiles on bathroom floors whenever possible. They tend to hold up the best, are easiest to clean, improve your homes value, are most preferred and last the longest.

If tiled floors are outside of your budget, then I would recommend some sort of luxury vinyl that can be glued down or linoleum floors. Sheet vinyl can also work. Please note that I would NOT recommend luxury vinyl planks that are floated .

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Why Floor And Decor Is The Category Killer In Specialty Flooring Retail

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Floor & Decor North Richland Hills, Texas store

Floor & Decor press release

The floor coverings industry represented a $26.9 billion market in 2018, according to Statista in manufacturer dollars. Its a stable market that managed to eke out a mere 5.1% growth from 2010. Growing less than 1% year-over-year for the last eight years, the flooring market is not predicted to grow more than .5% year-over-year through 2023.

Translating manufacturer sales into retail dollars is complicated by the labor component, which makes an important contribution to many retailer revenues. Jonathan Trivers, contributor toFloor Covering Weekly, puts the total retail market size at $66.2 billion in 2017 including labor. Retail sales by his estimation grew 5.1% year-over-year in 2017.

To the outsider, the flooring industry looks boring and predictable, but to those in the industry, it is anything but.

Creating a dynamic retail market for flooring are changing consumer tastes from soft floor coverings to hard surfaces and their willingness to invest more money on premium flooring. To that demand the industry is responding with innovative and style-forward options, including luxury vinyl tile, which is the industrys fastest-growing category according to Catalina Research.

The manufacturer flooring market may not be growing overall, but consumer spending is shifting, with carpet and rugs share dropping from about 53% of total manufacturers revenues in 2012 to about 45% today.

Floor And Decor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Floor and Decor has a ton of great options, but they can often be overwhelming because of the huge selection of tile options they have. Here are a few designs that would be great options for small bathroom tile ideas if youre stuck!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you guys ever walked into a Floor and Decor store?

Do you remember what you felt like the first time you walked into a Bed Bath and Beyond and were like.Wow. Who knew I needed both a yard sign AND this tiny kitchen gadget shaped like an angry woman with her hands on her hips that cleans your microwave? .

Its like that, but with tile.

The BEST news is that if you may have no clue where to start, Floor and Decor offers TOTALLY FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

Right at the top of the Floor and Decor homepage, you can see their options for free design services and include things from a simple catalog all the way up to making an appointment to help design your space!

In case you missed it or are new here, we bought our first flip property and this room that is currently gutted down to the studs will be one of the two bathrooms! Which means we had to take an interior design trip to help figure out what we wanted for the guest and main bathroom design.

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Patterned Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Using a patterned tile on the bathroom floor is a great way to add color and design without it being visually overwhelming. Just pick a pattern that is the correct size for the bathroom. Plan for your bold bathroom floor to be the focal point of the room.

One easy way to create a pattern is to use a tile with a design. When you lay multiple tiles next to each other, it creates a larger pattern. You could choose a traditional pattern that creates diamonds, chevrons, or squares. Or opt for a modern design that creates geometric shapes or lines.

The other option is to use plain colored tiles to create your own design. Try using tiles of different colors and sizes to create a woven design or some other repeating shape.If youre afraid that a pattern tile would be too much, try using it for a portion of the floor. You could use the patterned tile for the shower floor area, or in front of the vanity, or under a clawfoot bathtub.

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