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Floor And Decor Bamboo Flooring

A Bit More About Bamboo

Bamboo 101

Is bamboo a plank or wood? Thats one of the first questions we get from homeowners curious about this type of flooring. While it is often referred to and sold alongside hardwood flooring, bamboo is a form of grass.

The stalk or culm of bamboo can grow up to several feet in diameter, and far faster than any tree used to produce traditional hardwood flooring. Instead of being cut down from a large piece of timber, bamboo is sliced, processed, and can even be made into a pulp before becoming flooring.

While you can read more about the process itself in our guides, the main thing to remember is that strand-woven bamboo is the strongest type. Vertical and horizontal bamboo are incredibly resilient as well, but not as durable as strand-woven bamboo.

Enhance Your Home With Quality Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages to offer. For starters, it’s a very affordable material. The cost of bamboo flooring may be at a lower price compared to many other hardwood alternatives. Yet, even with its affordability, bamboo flooring is just as durable, beautiful, and versatile as many other popular kinds of wood out there, and you can fit bamboo wood flooring in many spaces around the home.

Installing bamboo flooring is quick and easy, thanks to its versatility and low-maintenance nature, and buyers can choose from a wide range of solid bamboo flooring right here on Floor & Decor. You can choose between natural bamboo flooring or engineered bamboo flooring, for example, as well as picking from many colors and options like dark bamboo flooring and gray bamboo flooring.

Welcome To Decor Floors

offers a myriad selection of flooring combinations from traditional to the most exotic flooring options. We offer a wide variety of brand name flooring products for both residential and commercial use. From quality carpeting and area rugs, to tile and vinyl, to the natural beauty of hardwood floors, Decor Floors has it all. Below is a list of just a few of the brand-name flooring manufacturers that we represent.

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The Company Has A Corporate Head Office At 2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy Se Atlanta Ga 30339

Cookies and tracking tools on this site are used by floor & decor and third party partners for different purposes, including personalizing content, tailoring advertising to your interests, and measuring site usage. Stranded bamboo is valued for its strength, two to three times stronger than oak, making it a durable choice for busy areas in your home. Incepted in 2000, floor & décor is one of the top hard surface flooring specialty retailers with an expansive wood, stone, tile, bamboo, laminate, vinyl inventory.

Bamboo Flooring Pricing And Availability

Eco Forest Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo

The table above will give you an idea of bamboo flooring pricing, whether its solid, engineered, or fossilized for extra durability. As always, brand plays a major part in bamboo flooring pricing, but you also have to take thickness, style, and a few other factors into account.

Solid bamboo flooring in any form is usually more expensive than engineered bamboo, but that is not always the case. Thicker engineered flooring that can be refinished will bring a premium compared to budget-friendly bamboo flooring. The wear layer and type of finishing techniques used will also affect the price.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $3.50 to $6.00 or more for high-quality bamboo flooring, which is higher than similar forms of flooring and some hardwoods. The good news is its incredibly easy to acquire because of its popularity. Youll have no trouble finding dozens of styles in local home improvements stores or flooring shops along with retailers online.

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Bamboo Flooring Installation Repair And Refinishing Services In Richmond Hill

Are you looking for the best bamboo flooring services in the Richmond Hill, Georgia area? Well you are in luck! Finding a reliable and trusted company in Richmond Hill for your bamboo flooring job is hard to find. With us you can trust that you’ll get the best of the best.* Fast and affordable bamboo flooring services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, and inspection* Professional, reliable, punctual, affordable, excellent craftsmanship and great customer service* Project timeline, cost estimates & breakdowns, materials pricing and more* Have other jobs around the house, just ask and we will get the help you need* Residential and commercial bamboo flooring services Simply fill out the form, and tell us about your project in detail if you can and we will have one our Richmond Hill, GA specialists contact you with details.

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Is Bamboo A Good Choice For Flooring

For many reasons, bamboo makes an excellent choice for flooring. Here are just a few of the advantages of bamboo wood flooring:

  • Eco-friendly: Unlike trees that can take up to 20 years to mature, bamboo stalks can reach maturity and be repeatedly harvested every five to six years. Not only does this make bamboo a more eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option, it also makes it more cost-effective.
  • Durable: Stranded bamboo also is twice as hard as oak flooring, making it a durable choice for high-traffic areas in your home or business.
  • Many colors and styles to choose from: Another advantage of bamboo flooring is its wide variety of colors, styles and patterns. Choose from standard light, dark, and gray bamboo flooring options, or choose a more unique look with multicolor or black bamboo flooring.
  • Water resistant: Choose from a variety of water-resistant engineered bamboo flooring options.
  • Refinish after wear and tear: If your natural bamboo floorings original color fades overtime, you can refinish it by simply sanding it down and reapplying sealing coats. That being said, engineered bamboo flooring cannot be refinished.
  • Add to your homes real estate value: Being that it is a beautiful, eco-friendly and highly attractive flooring option, bamboo flooring is highly sought after and has the potential to add to your homes real estate value.

Bamboo Vs Vinyl Flooring

Bamboo Float Method: Acclimation Of Hardwood

Floor and decor bamboo flooring. See more ideas about bamboo flooring flooring floor decor. For those who prefer modern décor bamboo flooring has a clean contemporary look. It looks similar to traditional hardwood and it comes in many of the same popular colors and surface textures.

He checked flooring and sub flooring. The plants extensive root system continually grows underground and it replenishes itself naturally as grass does. W x 36 in.

Engineered bamboo flooring is made by bonding a thin layer of bamboo onto a plywood or MDF core. Home Decorators Collection Hand Scraped Strand Woven Wellington 38 in. I bought it for my living room and.

It is the least expensive and least durable form of bamboo flooring and it cannot be refinished. Because it is a grass rather than a wood it grows far more quickly than a tree. Bamboo flooring is an attractive affordable and durable choice for your home.

Bamboo is a not a wood at all but a sustainable grass that is grown throughout the world. Cali bills Fossilized as being twice the density of any other hardwood floor in the world and they support this. Install AquaGuard Bamboo Flooring Exclusive to Floor Decor AquaGuard Bamboo is the latest in engineered bamboo flooring and its a sustainable high-performance flooring that you can feel totally good about.

T x 5-18 in. L Engineered Click Bamboo Flooring. I have a similar issue to whats described above with ecoforest stranded bamboo flooring purchased at floor and decor.

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Is Bamboo Flooring High Maintenance

Bamboo floors offer incredibly convenient maintenance. Sweep and vacuum your floor regularly to remove small debris and prevent it from causing scratches. Any time you move heavy materials or furniture over your flooring, make sure to use felt pads. Blot up spills with a clean cloth to prevent stains on light bamboo flooring. You can also use a damp mop or a non-wax, non-alkaline bamboo cleaner to clean up your floors.

Is Bamboo Flooring Suitable For Bathrooms

Bamboo flooring can be installed in the bathroom, but it may require some extra TLC when compared to bathroom flooring options such as wood-look tile, laminate and vinyl. Youll need to pay attention to humidity and make sure that wet spots arent left to soak over long periods of time. If you are going to install bamboo flooring in your bathroom, consider our water resistant engineered bamboo flooring options that offer up to 30 hours of water resistance.

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Buy Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring At Rock Bottom Prices With Floor & Decor

Buy Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring at Rock Bottom Prices with Floor & Decor

  • The biggest and best selection of Eco Forest flooring
  • Dozens of colors and styles to suit all tastes and preferences
  • The best value for money
  • An industry-leading leading brand with years of flooring experience

Browse the full range of Eco Forest flooring on this page and make your purchase today.

Laminate And Vinyl Bamboo Flooring

Pros and cons of bamboo floor decor

Need something even more durable and/or cheaper than solid or engineered bamboo? If youre looking for a bamboo floor look, but real bamboo is either too expensive or simply impractical, then you can turn to laminate or vinyl flooring as an alternative.

Laminate flooring with its tough, clear resin wear layer and easy click and lock installation uses a printed image, much like a photograph, of bamboo flooring to imitate the real thing and offers one of the most durable flooring options around.

Engineered vinyl flooring is also becoming popular again too thanks to the emergence of luxury vinyl tile and plank. Although not to everyones taste bamboo vinyl plank flooring is a practical and hard wearing option especially in high traffic and wet areas of the home.

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Bamboo Flooring Pros & Cons

When compared to traditional solid hardwood flooring, the best thing about bamboo is its style and durability. Solid hardwood and engineered planks are all made in the same general fashion whereas bamboo can be vertical, horizontal, or strand woven.

That alone gives it an advantage over hardwood flooring, and thats before you factor in techniques like carbonization and fossilization. Stain and finishes give you even more to choose from, and solid bamboo is far harder than any domestic species. These floors wont dent or ding as easily, but scratches can still be a problem along with moisture like other hardwood flooring.

Bamboo is one of the more versatile styles of flooring when it comes to installation. Its a DIY-friendly form of flooring and one that can even be refinished as long as its thick enough. Its sustainable, easy to acquire, and while it can be expensive, its still cheaper than comparable tropical hardwoods. Unfortunately, some of the pros can also be a con for consumers.

Bamboo may be a form of grass, but its still susceptible to water damage like solid hardwood, engineered flooring, and laminate. Its suitable for kitchens, but not a good option for bathrooms and some below-grade areas including basements. Poor quality bamboo can be a problem as well, and the grain pattern or style will not be a fit with every type of décor.


The Best Peel And Stick Tile Flooring

Peel and stick tile flooring is one of the easiest kinds of flooring to work with. Ideal for use in residential homes, it can be simply stuck to the floor in a matter of minutes, ready for use. You’ll find a great range of peel and stick tile floors for sale here at Floor & Decor, at affordable prices, rapid turnarounds, and quality customer service.

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Whats The Different Between Traditional & Stranded

Traditional bamboo is formed with horizontally and vertically sliced pieces of bamboo poles that are adhered and pressed together to form sheets. Stranded bamboo is made from shredded fibers of bamboo poles that are pressed together under more than 5,000 tons of pressure. This process makes stranded bamboo extremely dense and durable, but both are great options.

Buy Bamboo Flooring At The Best Prices

Bamboo Float Method: Cleaning & Maintenance

Ordering your bamboo flooring from Floor & Decor offers a lot of unique advantages, including:

  • One of the widest ranges of bamboo hardwood flooring in the world
  • Choose from many styles and colors for bamboo flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces
  • The most affordable prices and best value floating bamboo flooring
  • Custom sizes to suit your needs
  • Top-quality customer care for every buyer

Check out our full bamboo flooring range and place your order today.

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Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring At The Best Prices

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality, eco-friendly flooring solution, Eco Forest bamboo flooring is the perfect fit for your home. Crafted in an environmentally way and designed to be strong, resistant, and beautiful, Eco Forest flooring is a superb choice for both residential and commercial flooring projects.

Here Are Images About Floor And Decor Bamboo Flooring

Floor And Decor Bamboo Flooring

This particular course of action fuses the bamboo hair strands together, creating a dependable plank that is nearly doubly heavy as targeted bamboo flooring. However, a lot of people do have the tendency to decide on the darker colors, as it adds a certain amount of warmth to the room supplying it a comfortable and relaxing feel. Time was when flooring making use of bamboo was hard to find & expensive. Natural bamboo flooring is able to make your house appear to be rather hitting. Bamboo flooring can be made using either a plank type strategy in which the bamboo pieces are actually laminated together into planks for flooring or maybe it may be woven collectively to make stranded bamboo natural flooring.

Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store at Floor & Decor Sand and Sisal

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What Is The Best Quality Bamboo Flooring

Home Flooring Pros recommend strand-woven, solid bamboo flooring if youre looking for the best performance and durability. Plybo is arguably the best bamboo flooring brand but comes with a price tag to match. Read on for more in-depth analysis.

In this Home Flooring Pros blog post we take a look at the different types of bamboo flooring available and offer up our bamboo flooring review of the best brands, manufacturers and retailers for you to consider. For more information on bamboo flooring please consult our buying, prices, installation and cleaning guides.

If youve been keeping a close eye on flooring trends in recent years, youll have noticed a distinct rise in the popularity of bamboo flooring. Once a little known, somewhat bijou, alternative to hardwood flooring, bamboo hardwood floors are now available from several major retailers including Home Depot, Costco, BuildDirect and Wayfair and offer an affordable and chic option for most homeowners.

Here Are Images About Floor And Decor Bamboo

Carbonized Antiqued Floating Strand Bamboo Floor

Floor And Decor Bamboo

24 ideas for decorative bamboo poles How bamboo is used in the room? Interior Design Ideas

Finally, you are going to discover that bamboo is very comfortable under foot. It describes a heating method that alters the bamboo to an amber color. Eco-friendly companies use earth safe adhesives. Bamboo flooring has additionally become the darling of inner surface designers and architects wanting to put the ecologically conscious “green” stamp on their work. Reviewers are actually in favour of floors this particular kind of flooring as it’s very environmentally friendly. Check for samples to discover which style you choose. Those who are conscious of the planet tend to be more likely to buy a home which encourages becoming environmentally friendly in the most incredible way possible.

41 Peaceful Japanese-Inspired Bathroom Décor Ideas DigsDigs

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F& d Start To Finish: Install Aquaguard Bamboo Flooring

Exclusive to Floor & Decor, AquaGuard Bamboo is the latest in engineered bamboo flooring, and its a sustainable, high-performance flooring that you can feel totally good about! Not only is AquaGuard Bamboo sustainably made and stunning to look at, but its also beautiful, durable, andof coursewater-resistant!

Follow these steps for installation to put it in your home!

Why Install Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is extremely strong and highly durable. Stranded bamboo flooring is three times harder than North American Red Oak, and even harder than Brazilian Cherry. Its also eco-friendly and a highly renewable plant. Bamboo is a sustainable, fast-growing resource that grows to full maturity within five to seven years, and has been known to grow up to 2 feet a day, making it a great choice for our environment and your home.

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The Best Eco Forest Flooring For All Your Living Spaces

Many people love the look and feel of hardwood floors and bamboo flooring, but also want to choose green, eco-friendly products. Eco Forest bamboo flooring is the answer. Made from sustainable sources, Eco Forest bamboo flooring can bring warmth and elegance into your home without the worries of environmental costs.

Eco Forest flooring is available in a huge range of colors, tones, and styles, from classic and traditional varieties to more unique looks such as distressed bamboo flooring, antique bamboo flooring, and gray bamboo flooring.

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