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Five Below Room Decor Ideas

Style Your Mantel With Layered Artwork


The large stone fireplace in this home by interior design firm, Elegant Simplicity, is undoubtedly the focal point of the living room. Two framed pieces of artwork in different heights were used to make the most of the smallish, wood mantel. Note how the different sizes make the set up more pleasing to the eye. The design team also chose to style the hearth with boxes, faux greenery, and battery-powered candles for ambiance.

  • 03 of 18 Coco & Jack

    Greenery can really liven up a mantel. In this beautiful and modern space by interior design company Coco & Jack, a round mirror anchors the display. Natural wood accents combined with a small jade plant and decorative leaves offset the cast limestone fireplace.

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  • 04 of 18 Emily Henderson

    This white mantel was a blank canvas begging for color. Emily Henderson stepped things up with a four-step plan. First, she grounded the mantel scape with a vintage map. It also established the display’s color scheme. The latter is super important because it will make any vignette or room feel pulled together instead of disjointed. Next, she started adding whimsical accessories. Her rule of thumb is to establish a hierarchy of spaces set at different levels. Doing so allows the eye to move across the finished scape, which keeps things from feeling overly style or cluttered. Lastly, adding something organic, like the sprig of ivy pictured, top things off with a pop of natural texture and color.

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  • Pick The Circular One For Girls Bedroom

    Girls are always details. That is why choosing the right theme is necessary. Most like pink as the primary color. However, you can still combine it with others. Start decorating the carpet design with a mosaic pattern with combo colors. With the shelf at the corner, why not choose the circular one. The circle gives a flexible sense, which means you do not have to pay attention to the precise measurement of size or angle. All you have to do is adjusting it with the right proportion and creating harmony with other items.

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    Where To Host The Event

    Most block parties are held in the streets of the included community or neighborhood. However, if there isnt enough room or a permit issue occurs, communities can host block parties in larger spaces like parks or event centers. Its important to figure out a venue for a block party well in advance. That way permits, permissions from neighbors, and other details can be straightened out quickly.

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    Sort Food Storage Containers

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    One of the best alternate uses of a dish rack is to use it as a food storage lid organizer. Simply put the dish rack in a cabinet or large drawer where you keep your food storage containers. Then, stand the lids in the dish rack slots. This will make it easy to find the lid you need without digging through a pile.

    Invest In A Professional Closet System

    Five Below Headquarters: combined functionality

    Investing in a professional closet system sets the foundation for your organized space. Although some are pricey, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to design an organized closet. Some systems are as low as a few hundred dollars. With specific places to put things away, keeping your closet organized will be a breeze.

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    Categorize Party Utensils And Decor

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    Plastic containers are convenient for storing extra party utensils and materials for entertaining. Instead of dumping them all in one container labeled “party utensils,” divide them into categories. This allows you to find what you need quickly. Potential categories include cutlery, decorative napkins, and decorations.

    How I Decorated My Room Using Five Below Products

    When it comes to my bedroom, my decor style is very eclectic. I love to combine different elements and styles. I love travel, mermaids, modern glam, and 90s nostalgia. All of those random things flow into my personal style whether its what I wear or how I decorate my space.

    When I was decorating my room, I decided to make a gallery wall above my bed . I knew I would need a few small shelves and other little things to help me make my room feel fun, but still organized, and most importantly feel like me. Since living in NYC is so expensive, I got a lot of cute items for super cheap at Five Below.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar, Five Below is store wear everything is literally $5 or less. Its kind of like a Dollar General, except more fun because it mostly has trendy decor, beauty products, candy, kids toys, office supplies, and even clothes.

    Here are all of the things I have incorporated into my room that I got from Five Below.

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    How To Throw A Block Party

    Check off the following when planning your community event:

    • Pick a Date: Are you hoping to kick off summer? Then make sure to talk to your neighbors months ahead of time about what works best for them. Or, if youre throwing a Halloween party, make sure the neighbors know well enough in advance so they dont make other plans.
    • Ask Your Neighbors: Before anything is set in stone, confirm with every household that you have their permission to throw the party. Make sure no one is left out, as this can create frustration down the road.
    • Get Your Permits in Order: A permit costs less than $30 in most cases, but these pieces of paper are essential. Not filing at least a few weeks in advance can bring the party to a grinding halt, ruining your plans. So make sure you file early and also check in about roadblocks and other local regulations while youre at it.
    • Involve the Neighbors: Part of the fun of a block party is the community working together to make it happen. Get the involvement started early by including links to digital sign-up sheets with your invitations. Ask people to pitch in for food, drinks, games, music, entertainment, or anything else.

    Show Leaning Art & Photographs

    Five Below Room Decor Shopping 2021

    In a world where pictures are generally hung, leaning your artwork is an elegant way to break the guidelines. In addition to being exceptionally stylish, open shelf art display screens are very practical for small areas. Gone are the hours invested fretting about irregular spacing or questioning if your painting is really straight or if it just looks straight. Simply let your preferred paintings and images raid the wall.

    Long shelves and little images likewise offer you the alternative to organize your pieces together, letting you mix and match for your own in-home art programs. It is a great reason to pull out all your art and experiment until you get the perfect look.

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    Rustic Mantel Decorated With Locally Found Pieces

    Anita, the decor blogger behind Far Above Rubies, decorated this rustic mantel for a client living in a nature preserve. She chose objects that were in sync with the home’s outdoor environment. A local artist created the barn painting. The vase holding the seasonal branches is a vintage water pump bucket from a nearby antique mall. A couple of woven baskets and gourd bowls found in the home bring natural color and texture to the display. The finishing touch, which lends a bit of height to the arrangement, is the matching barley twist, candlestick holders.

  • 11 of 18 Erika Frank Interiors

    It makes sense that this neutral, minimalist living room by Erika Frank Interiors would have an uncluttered mantel. But that does not mean it skimps on making a visual statement. Both the fireplace and the brass gong above it pop as robust features. The single white candle adds a touch of hygge.

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  • Dorm Room Essentials As Low As $555 At Five Below

    Dorm Room Essentials, as Low as $5.55…

    We’re reader-supported and only partner with brands we trust. When you buy through links on our site we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.Learn More. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.

    Get these dorm room essentials before school starts at Five Below. Many items are priced at just $5.55, such as a galaxy projection lamp, gold flip calendar, storage cube, mini fridge caddy organizer, and blankets. We also found an aroma diffuser with a Bluetooth speaker for $10 and a serving side table for only $20.

    Youll find everything youll need for your room at affordable prices. Check out the entire selection here.

    Just note that select items are sold out online, but you can still visit your local store for these deals.

    Save your money by shopping in stores or ordering online for store pickup. Otherwise, youll have to pay the $7.95 flat shipping rate on all orders.

    Make sure youre ready for back to school with these 23 Back-to-School sales hacks.

    Text DEALS to 57299 and be the first to know about the hottest deals each day.

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    Ladder Shelf Decor Ideas

    Ladder shelves and show systems do specifically that! Integrating a touch of rustic appeal with clever, space-saving styles, ladders are a terrific alternative to traditional cabinets and displays. Their lightweight frame and compact style turn that forgotten, old corner into a practical and aesthetic space.

    While some trendy ladder bookshelves and storage units suit perfectly with the modern-day theme, you can even turn some of the old step ladders into lovely DIY shelves. Sleek, elegant and original, the incredible inspirations showcased here should tempt you to drag that old ladder out of the attic and turn it into a fascinating display.

    There are a lot of ways in which you can get imaginative with ladder shelves without breaking a sweat, considering the wide options offered. Modern ladder shelf designs are completely suited for urbane, contemporary interiors.

    Melting away into the backdrop sometimes and standing apart on other celebrations to offer crisp visual contrast, the white ladder shelf bring a brand-new dimension to any interior without using up too much space. Slotting in snugly beside that beautiful fireplace or that pretty, big window, this corner ladder shelf displays breathe a brand-new lease on life into that boring, lonely corner.

    Craft An Asymmetric Contemporary Shelf

    Surprisingly Handy Things I Found at Five Below (of All Places ...

    There are many a contemporary designs for a family room. If you start designing, why not trying the light one. It is a turquoise one. It is light means that you do not have put in many objects inside, and it arcs a brilliant performance inside. With the asymmetric design, you do not have to organize the shelf with a rigid treatment. All you have to do is make them appropriate for some books with varied sizes. With double-wall borders, it gives a sense of a 3D effect.

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    Organize Your Makeup Brushes

    The Spruce / Candace Madonna

    Glass jars are an attractive way to organize makeup brushes. They make it easy to grab which brush you need and have the benefit of being decorative. Simply fill the jar with beads or marbles, and then stick in the brushes. This method keeps brushes in place but still allows for quick access.

    Kitchen Shelf Decor Ideas

    Why hide your gorgeous dishware and cooking tools in cabinets? In kitchen decor, Floating or open shelving in your pantry or kitchen not just helps organize your bowls, baskets, plates, and tea cups however makes them into practical works of art. Mix and match your entire collection, or arrange the pieces by color for a tidy, contemporary display. By keeping your favorite items exposed, youre most likely to grab that platter or pitcher not just for unique occasions but for daily meals.

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    Floating Wall Shelf Decorating Ideas

    As big as our homes might be, we are always in for some extra storage space. That is how most of us come across floating shelves ideas. These are not only supply sufficient space for our belongings, but likewise embellish our spaces. It also make them more advanced by looking like if they were not linked to the wall at all.

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    Floating shelf is definitely one of the most intelligent home decor concepts ever for shelf decor ideas. It is easy and extremely cost-efficient. Both large and little floating shelves display antiques in an elegant method. We can utilize them to showcase family pictures, art collections, and travel memorabilia.

    A particularly fascinating type are hanging wall shelves which extend directly without visible assistance, and are made of solid materials such as wood to make sure our belongings will remain in location. A sensible alternative for wall shelves for books are likewise hollow-core built ones, or versatile pieces of old and unused wood.

    How To Decorate A Tile Fireplace

    Five Below Room Decor Shopping 2020 at Five Below Online

    Decorating around a patterned cement tile fireplace raises a question. How do you avoid making things look too busy? Enter this lovely solution by Kate at Centsational Style. For height, she added two prints in different sizes in crisp white frames. The artwork’s tone-on-tone patterns coordinate beautifully with the tile. For a dash of greenery, she placed two faux branches in a milky-white vase.

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    Midcentury Inspired Mantel In A Bachelor Pad

    Dark walls combined with a natural wood mantel instantly modernizes this living room in a midcentury bachelor pad by Donna Dufresne Design. A cow skull throws focus to the fireplace. We love repurposing items with a specific purpose as decorative accents. Here two vintage juggling pins seals the deals on the room’s masculine vibe.

    Wall Shelf Decor Ideas

    Wall shelving is an easy and simple way to provide your space an elegant and eclectic feel while surrounding yourself with the important things that inform your story. It takes some styling, but curated collections give a layered, sophisticated feel to your space while letting visitors see your pieces through your eyes.

    Organizing the shelves can become a style project in itself as you evaluate the ideal range and pattern to produce visual interest. Best of all, shelves make it easy to turn your collections giving you a simple choice for upgrading your space or changing your design to match the season.

    Whether its African statuary or chinoiserie plates, presenting your preferred pieces on open shelves can include character and style to any space in your house. Here are some practical styling suggestions that will help you in creating a completely styled shelf.

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    Try The Mountain Decorating

    Living near a mountainous area? It is so romantic to feel a deep breath of winter. I recommend you to choose a classic gray carpet instead of wood. This floor is easy to clean and more practical. If you are feeling a little bit gloomy inside, add some light colors inside like light brown or white. An additional lamp supports the room bright. Put a mini radio, paintings, and books on the shelf with a little bit of distant space so that it is neat though with a little organization.

    Tips For Creating A Visually Interesting Traditional Mantel Scape

    $5 five below redo table

    There are many different approaches to mantel decorating. One simple and easy formula is to always begin with a focal point above the mantel. Here Sherri Monte, one of the interior designers behind Elegant Simplicity, sets the tone in this traditional living room with a painting in a dark frame with intricate brass detail. Then she added a few more layers of decor for visual interest. The trick is to incorporate items of different heights and textures for pizzaz. Here Monte strikes a pitch-perfect balance by placing tall iron candle holders and faux plants at opposite ends of the mantel.

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    What Is A Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “Master Bedroom” as discriminatory. “Primary Bedroom” is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the room’s purpose.

    Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to make The Spruce a site where all feel welcome.

    Take all of this information and transfer it to a to-do list and you will begin to create a plan to tackle the clutter. Read on for 38 home organization tips and ideas to help you get started.

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    Display Items That Differ In Size

    For shelves that feel complete and completed, mix and match bigger and smaller sized pieces to produce a layered look. Attempt beginning with a couple of large staple items, and then accessorizing with smaller sized, more detailed things. Combining bigger and smaller sized pieces develops a balanced appearance. Boxes, baskets, big bowls, and broad views are terrific pieces to integrate either as a foundation or to complete space.

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    Meet Your Neighbors Party

    Are there new neighbors on the block? If so, you have the perfect chance to host a block party as a way to welcome them to the neighborhood. While it doesnt need to be a huge celebration, it gives the whole neighborhood the chance to get together and get to know each other better. With plenty of food and drinks, its a perfect way to meet your neighbors.

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