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How To Get The Best Painting And Decorating Quote

How To Find an Experienced Painter & Decorator | Call 07809 237354

In order to secure the best possible value for money you need to get as many different painter and decorator quotes as possible. This will give you an idea as to the average cost of a trader in your area and give you the ability to compare estimates between contractors.

Youll also need to ask every trader for a fully broken down quote that details the cost of things like labour and materials. This will mean that you can compare and contrast the ways which each of the painters and decorators youve contacted have planned to transform your room and bring new life to it.

Don’t Take Our Word For It What Our Customers Say

Fantastic workmanship, professionalism and superb eye for detail. We will certainly be using Barrie again couldn’t be more happier

5 stars

Amazing attention to detail. Left the place spotless. Always updated on progress. Mike really cares about what he does and you can see this in the work he does. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again.

5 stars

Nick’s work was thorough and completed to a high standard. He was pleasant at all times and explained what he would be doing. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would definitely use him again

5 stars

Excellent. John is an old school craftsman. Passionate about his work which he delivers to the highest standard

5 stars

Amazing attention to detail, all work finished to a really high standard, clean and tidy. Lovely to have in the house and great with my kids would definitely recommend.

5 stars

Trade Insurance And Public Liability Insurance For Painters And Decorators

Are you a painter and decorator? Do you have insurance? You may feel as though your job is low risk, so you dont need insurance, but if you fall from a ladder and injure yourself, you need to make sure that your income is covered. Whats more, accidents happen to even the most professional and conscientious traders, and it is important that you are appropriately insured to protect yourself as well as others and their property. From damage to property to someone tripping over your tools while you work, small incidents can have a huge impact on your business and your life if you are not insured. Trust A Trader Insurance offers bespoke packages that can be tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to larger organisations. This means that you only pay for the cover that you need. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Get a quote for our specialist public liability insurance today!

About us – a directory of tradespeople you can trust because their place on the website depends upon their quality of service. See how it works

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Painting & Decorating Prices In 202: How Much Is Too Much

If youve ever had to paint your entire house, youll know how tiring and frustrating it can be. Although you might rush into your new home with enthusiasm, applying that first coat of colour immediately as you stamp your mark on the place, when the enormity of the job sinks in, that enthusiasm may wane.

Several weeks down the line, when all your furniture is in and your pictures are hanging on the walls, decorating probably wont seem as fun a task. At this point, many people make the decision to get some painting and decorating quotes only to be shocked at the cost.

This can unfortunately lead to magnolia walls sticking around for much longer than intended, and tubs of new paint gathering dust in garages.

But it doesnt have to be this way. In this article, well be covering:

  • How much painting and decorating costs
  • What affects the cost of painting and decorating
  • How to save money when painting and decorating
  • How to find and hire a painter and decorator.

If youre longing to switch up your walls or to get rid of some unsightly wallpaper, keep reading to find out how to do just that in the most cost-effective way possible.


£3,600 to £4,250 10 to 14 days

On average, you can expect painting and decorating prices to be around £160 per day, with prices in London likely to be a little higher. This means you should expect to pay between £375 and £500 to paint an average size room.

Type of Service
£380 1 day

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:

Get The Legal Side Sorted

Enhance Your Interiors with These Creative Painting Ideas

If youre starting a painting and decorating business, theres a range of legal tasks that you need to get sorted straight away. Its likely that youll operate as a sole trader, but you might alternatively choose to set up a limited company for your work. There are advantages and disadvantages to both – read our article on choosing a legal structure for your business.

Youll also need to make sure that youre set up as self-employed with HMRC. Youll have to complete an annual Self Assessment tax return, and pay any tax due by the relevant deadlines. Read about how to register as self-employed with HMRC. Weve also compiled a full guide to going self-employed in the UK, which contains lots of useful information on getting started working for yourself.

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How Do You Find A Good Interior Designer

For many homeowners, the difference between a good interior designer and a bad one is simply a matter of taste but all good designers have similar skill sets. Interior designers usually have a degree or certificate in interior design, with training in design principles and lighting, drafting, and computer aided design software. Good interior designers have strong color balancing skills and understand how different colors influence spatial perception and moods. They know the building and electrical codes in the areas where they practice, and they make sure that any contractors they hire also work to those codes. They are knowledgeable about different upholstery fabrics and draperies, stay ahead of residential design trends, and maintain their own individual creativity. Also, good interior designers have excellent space designing skills, so they can arrange a space efficiently and with ideal traffic flow. Ultimately, hiring a good interior designer means pinpointing one whose signature style is complementary to your personal style so checking out many designers portfolios is a must and whose communication methods match yours.

Skill Level And Experience

Anyone can splash a coat of paint on a wall, but cutting in, covering up damp and getting a consistent finish arent always as easy.

Most of your painting and decorating quote will be for labour costs, which means that prices will vary considerably owing to individual skill levels.

Lower-skilled painters and decorators will largely be cheaper, but they will probably take longer and mightnt give the same standard as an industry professional with years of experience under their belt.

Theres also the mess to think about trusted decorators are more likely to leave a home as they found it rather than disappearing into the sunset as you deal with paint drips on floors and skirting boards.

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Professional Wallpaper Stripping Services In The Uk

Do you want wallpaper removed from walls to prepare for re-papering or re-plastering, or simply for painting?

Many customers used to ask us if we could do this when we were carrying out house-clearance jobs, so we now include wallpaper stripping and removal as a stand-alone service and we can do it for you at low cost.

Being a licensed house clearance company, we also dispose of all the leftover rubbish in the proper way.

Stripping wallpaper is one of the messiest and most time-consuming home-improvement jobs and it can be very frustrating.

Should you steam or spray with chemicals? How do you avoid damaging the wall?

You need to know the correct techniques to get the job done properly. You also need to use the right tools and chemical substances and to have lots of patience.

How long will it take you?

Is it a two-bed apartment or a 20-bedroom mansion? We aim to complete up to 4 rooms in under 1 day. Were quick workers!

The team work a full day stripping the wallpaper, however, it is always difficult to determine how long it will take, until you actually start the stripping, as it depends upon how easily the paper can be removed. If it is woodchip paper or if the paper has many layers of paint this can be more difficult to remove which will take more time and can cause damage to the plaster.

Will there be a lot of dust and dirt?
What do you do with the rubbish?

Wood staining

Qualifications For Painters & Decorators

How Much is a Painter and Decorator

At Trust A Trader, professionalism is hugely important to us. It is the friendly, professional nature of our traders that make them stand out from other, less reliable organisations and traders. In order to maintain these high standards, we encourage the traders registered with us to become members of appropriate guilds and professional bodies. If a trader has such affiliations and memberships, you will see their logo on their profile.

  • Home Improvements
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    Painting Companies Near Me Painters And Decorators Near Me

    Heres what the painting companies on RateUsOnline offer:

    • Zero contact, paperless and cashless transactions to ensure social distancing
    • Regular safety checks of professionals assigned to you
    • Certified painters who follow rigorous hygiene protocols
    • Time saving, advanced tools for faster painting
    • Health and children friendly paint products
    • Accurate quotation offered after precise measurement
    • Furniture and floor covering to protect from dust and paint drops

    An expert painter doesnt just reflect your individual style on the walls of your house, but also ensures how objects inside synchronise with the paint and overall appeal of the house. You can take inspiration online but its advisable to ask for recommendations from professional painters in UK.

    Final Checklist And Conclusion

    If youre sick of looking at a bad paint job or some unsightly wallpaper, your resolution lies in hiring a painter or decorator.

    To make sure youre getting exactly what you want from your contractor, heres our final checklist to keep in mind:

    • Do as much prep work as possible, such as removing old wallpaper and moving out any obstructing furniture from the rooms you want decorating
    • If your walls look like they have damp, or need re-plastering, make sure to get this taken care of before calling in your decorators
    • Make sure you get any quote in written format, and agree upon a fixed fee for the project to avoid spiralling hourly costs
    • Include as many rooms in your quote as possible, as this can help to lower the price per room instead of having lots of little one-off jobs
    • Use HouseholdQuotes to find your trusted trader and look to save up to 40% on your projects quote.

    Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:

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    What Do Painters And Decorators Near Me Do

    Painters and decorators can refresh, revitalise and modernise your home according to your specifications. Painters and decorators will usually perform the following tasks:

    • Commercial and domestic wall painting: Professional painters and decorators paint with brushes, rollers and spray equipment. They will use emulsions, polishing materials or resistant paint, depending on the room and its purpose. They will apply paint as quickly and efficiently as possible, but they can also do a decorative job if desired.
    • Commercial and domestic wallpaper application: A specialist will typically apply wallpaper, but they may also work with a variety of wall coverings, such as fabrics. They will use different techniques according to the material and will measure each piece accurately before cutting it and applying the adhesive.
    • Commercial and domestic interior design advice: Some professional painters and decorators will advise clients on paint colours, wallpaper types and the most suitable type of paint or coating for their needs. For example, paint used in kitchens and bathrooms should help protect against mould and mildew, while providing a surface that can be easily cleaned. Paint used outdoors needs to be weather-resistant and protect the material, such as wood or brick, against the elements.

    What Do Painters And Decorators Earn

    Mere Green Decorating Services: 100% Feedback, Painter ...

    Self-employed painters and decorators are free to set their own rates for their work, unlike painters and decorators who work for an existing firm. Youll need to make sure that you price your work competitively, and in line with your experience and any specialisms.

    More generally, the wages for a painter decorator in the UK can range from around £15,000 for someone just starting out, through to as much as £30,000 for those with lots of experience and potentially some in-demand specialisms.

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    Painters & Decorators Bristol

    Search for a local Painter & Decorator in Bristol below or alternatively you can post your job so they find you!

    If you are looking for Painters & Decorators Bristol then Book a Builder UK is here to connect you with a local trade in your area. Search our pages to find local Painters & Decorators Bristol where you can view profiles, reviews and photographs of previous work before choosing to contact them.

    For the best results, post your job to receive competitive quotes from specialist local trades that are looking for your type of work. Book a Builder UK is a proven and highly successful system used by 1000’s of customers to find a tradesperson every month.

    Our system ensures that each project is only matched with relevant and suitable suppliers, so post your job with confidence and Find Painters & Decorators Bristol today.

    What Should You Ask A Decorator

    There are a number of questions that you should ask a decorator both before and after you hire them.

    In order to set expectations correctly, you should ask a decorator how long the job might take to complete. By doing this right at the start, you’re able to both agree a time and date when the job should be completed.

    You should ask what type of materials they intend to use, whether there might be any foreseeable complications and also if they can offer you a full break down of the costs. By doing so you’ll know exactly where you stand in terms of when the job will be completed and how much you’ll be spending.

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    Pricing Structure And Written Quote

    Once youve found a suitable contractor for your job, its important to get a fixed price for the work instead of a daily rate. Though a decorator might offer a reasonable rate, your budget will quickly spiral out of control if problems occur, and the work takes longer than first agreed.

    While this is happening, you also need to be sure whether your quote includes VAT. If it doesnt, ask for a new quote to reflect the final price so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to settling your bill.

    Whats The Average Price For A Decorator

    Watercolor painting techniques and tutorial with William Dunn I Colour In Your Life

    The average price of a decorator can vary greatly from region to region, so it’s difficult to get a true cost without ringing up and obtaining estimates yourself.

    The actual job that needs to be undertaken will also contribute to the overall price. For example, an exterior decorating job may involve safety equipment or all-weather paint which can increase the price when compared to interior work. As we mentioned earlier, you can bring the cost down by getting numerous estimates from decorators in your local area by comparing and contrasting the work that they’re aiming to do.

    While we’ve mentioned that it’s difficult to work out the average price for a decorator in your area without some extensive research, for an average sized room you should be expecting to pay at least a few hundred pounds. However, this can wildly change depending on the room size, materials needed and time that the job will take. The only way to find out not just the average price for a decorator but the best price is to get a number of different quotes and work out which provider is offering the best value for money.

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    What Does It Mean To Stage A Home

    Home staging is the real estate strategy of decorating your home to be as marketable as possible to your target demographic. Home staging is done by interior decorators and other design pros hired by the homeowner or realtor, prior to putting a house on the market. Think of it as setting the stage for potential buyers to fall more easily in love with their future homes and to spend top dollar to get them. Its likely to be worth the investment: The Real Estate Staging Association reports that staged homes spend 90 percent less time on the market than those that are not staged. Home stagers can also be hired even if youre not going anywhere. Stagers can consult on new layouts for your current home, much like an interior decorator.

    Home staging can take place while you still occupy the house you plan to sell, or when the home is vacant. For an occupied home, the home stager will clear out clutter, rearrange furniture, and bring in decor and furniture as needed to create the perfect environment. Usually an occupied home has far too much of the current owners personality stamped on it, which makes it hard for prospective buyers to envision themselves living there. A home stager should neutralize and beautify the space. In vacant homes, a home stager will bring in furniture and decor so that potential buyers dont walk into an empty house, which can be equally hard to imagine living in as a cluttered, occupied home.

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