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Extra Large Wall Art Decor

Set Of Eucalyptus Wall Art Printables

LARGE WALL ART DIY: Make this Shower Curtain Canvas Art DIY for *CHEAP* [UNDER $20!]

Modern, printable abstract wall art will make an impact on any wall.

With a color scheme of green teal, mustard yellow and pink, this trendy, yet minimalist, set will look great on any empty wall.

Sometimes, using multiple canvases is a good way to fill a large, empty wall.

I love this set of three from Wayfair! The colors are so beautiful and serene.

General Art Hanging Guidelines

  • The optimal height for artwork is eye level or 56-60 inches from the floor to the center of the art piece or grouping.
  • Over a sofa, the bottom of the art should be 5-8 inches from the top of the back of the sofa. The width of the art should be 2/3 the width of the couch.
  • Gallery walls space between frames should be about 2 inches depending on the size of each piece.
  • Get To Know Your Artist

    After finding a direction for your large wall art, find an artist that stands out to you and learn about their work. Knowing the thought process behind their artwork and their inspirations can help you discover your own style preferences. It is a bad look to hang a generic canvas print that doesnt highlight the artist. Imagine not being able to talk about the background story of the image that proudly hangs on your wall. It is a trending style to buy large wall art that you have a connection with and to share the knowledge about who created it. The digital age has made it more convenient than ever to discover and follow your favorite artists. is a great place to start finding artists and connecting with them and their art. Take a look at some of the artists we love below. They have been putting together some amazing work you need to check out.

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    Cheap Oversized Wall Art

    From fancy feeding stations to designer crate furniture, Peyton knows how to ensure comfort to your furry companion without compromising on the aesthetics of your home.

    Are you looking to find something beautiful that will cover a large section of that boring plain white wall? Do you want something that will catch the eye as soon as your guest walk into your home? Then, what you need is some wall art, but large wall art is expensive. Instead, why not some cheap oversized wall art to enhance your home with light and color and in artistic flair.

    The Biggest Wall Art Anywhere

    Modern abstract Super Extra Large Oversize Vertical Canvas wall Art ...

    Big Wall Décor is the largest online store for oversized wall art. We work with this generations favorite artists to bring you high quality pieces that are larger than life. Not only is our wall art affordable, but the artist also gets a share of the sale, so you are directly contributing to them with your purchase. Browse through thousands of artworks or upload your own large custom wall art!

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    Can Wall Art Look Cluttered

    It is quite possible for wall art to look cluttered and chaotic if too many pieces on the wall are not similar. This is why as a rule of thumb, you need pieces with some type of similarity grouped together. It could be an era or color link, or subjects such as oil-painted ocean scenes, or watercolor flowers, etc.

    Like-colored frames are another way to make all of the pieces come together, whether the frames are in gold, black, or white. Cheap oversized wall art should also be hung at eye level and work outward to create a gallery effect.

    Art ultimately is personal however, the way you hang it does involve a few concrete rules. As long as you keep the theme and color of each piece of wall art consistent, you’ll create an effect that is pleasing to the eye.


    Just framed marbled paper..looks fab!

    DIY Cheap Large Wall Art

    2020 Best of Contemporary Oversized Wall Art

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    Best 15+ of Cheap Wall Art Canvas Sets

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    15 Best Collection of Cheap Oversized Wall Art

    Statement Art For Boring Walls

    Art can add colour and life to any place. But nothing can compete with what large art work can do. A large framed picture on a huge, plain wall can bring together an entire room. Our canvas art prints in particular stand out as a single statement piece.

    Large art can also be paired with smaller paintings to make a gallery wall. You can buy large wall art as well as smaller frames from Gioia. Visit our online store to scroll through the various categories of small and large prints we offer.

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    Shop With Gioia For Extra

    If youre looking for oversized wall prints and artwork for your home or work, you can find contemporary, stylish large wall art online at Gioia Wall Art. Our wide variety of elegant wall art prints has something to suit every style.

    Whether youre shopping for the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the kids room, weve got wall art that is perfect for your home.

    And if you need a helping hand, perhaps youre not sure what size will work best for you, or you would like advice about finding the perfect wall art for you, you can book in a free style consultation with our in-house stylist.

    Art speaks for itself and large artwork is loud. Therefore, it is a type of wall art that you should not risk at all. Bad quality, poor prints, or boring designs can ruin the look of your room. On the contrary, if you get your hands on a quality large print, you can transform the look of any boring room. Gioia is here to offer you large wall prints of all kinds to help you achieve the look you have in mind!

    Feature Your Own Personality

    How To Easily Make LARGE Textured Abstract Wall Art

    As youve seen above, there are a lot of different and unique styles when it comes to large wall art. While that may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, its actually good news for you as you search for that perfect piece or pieces because it means that there is almost certainly something out there thats a natural fit for your personality. As such, while it may seem like a strange thing to suggest with regards to how to buy large wall art, spend a bit of time really thinking about who you are and what parts of your personality youd like to feature through the piece youre going to be adding to your home.

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    You Can Have Your Large Wall Art Framed And Ready To Hang

    When it comes to your large wall art, we provide you with flexible options. Many of our artworks are available on both premium canvas and archival art paper.

    Extra-large canvas wall art is available framed or stretched . And many of our prints are available as art paper posters in large sizes too.

    We also offer a variety of framed colour options for your large wall art, so it can arrive ready to hang in your home.

    The Complete Guide To Buying Large Wall Art

    Buying large wall art can be an intimidating process to start! Searching for large wall décor can be time consuming, expensive, and most people are not sure where to begin. Then once a piece is finally picked out, there is a fear of getting stuck with a bulky piece of art that is inconvenient to move around. This should not be the case when shopping for home décor. Here is our helpful guide to assist you in finding the perfect piece of BIG wall art for your home. The bottom line that you should keep in mind as you either begin or continue your search for that perfect piece of large wall art is that this should be a fun exercise. Once you find what youre looking for, youre going to get years of enjoyment out of your new addition.

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    Free Delivery And Styling Guide

    We deliver large art prints in Australia for free. So, when you buy oversize wall art or big canvas paintings, you do not have to worry about getting them safely to your home. We take on that responsibility so that your large wall prints and frames get to you in their best shape.

    Our team is also available online to offer a styling guide to help you choose the right prints and sizes for your house. Besides, we manufacture all art, from large paintings to canvas prints in Melbourne. Our factory, along with a small showroom, is located at Blackburn North. You can visit us at this location to get a real look at the oversized wall art we are offering on our website.

    Order your large framed prints at Gioia today and add a splash of colours to your walls!

    Accolades For Abstract Art

    Extra Large Wall Art Decor for Home Office Original Painting,Painting ...

    See which abstract wall art customers chose and learn how it has made their space astonishing.


    Light weight, beautiful and everything I expected! Very happy with my purchase.


    Beautiful piece. It typically takes me forever to pick out wall art but when I saw this I knew it was for me.


    The right size, the right price and we get so many compliments on it.


    Tania P. Amazing customer service and great quality art! Would totally recommend it. Extremely satisfied.


    Was looking for something industrial. Could not be happier!


    Great experience. Easy to assemble. Looks amazing. Would be perfect for an Airbnb.


    Incredible piece! These artworks give your home something canvas just can\t.


    I now have 2 pieces from Big Wall Décor & I love both of them! They really are the perfect wall art!! Not only do you get to support the artist, you get these amazing pieces to put up!


    I really like the size of the art and a ton of options to choose from. I would order from them again.


    This piece is exactly what I thought it would be. The colors are so vibrant and match the image perfectly. Assembly was super easy and fast. It took longer to get the screws in my plaster walls then assembing this!! Would def recommend and currently shopping for additional pieces. Love this!!


    Fast and easy and looks great! Love my Big Wall Décor!


    Highly recommend, great art selection and light weight for the size .


    The level of service is absolutely amazing and unbelievably rare.


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    Large Wall Art At Great Prices

    We pride ourselves on our ability to offer high quality wall art that is affordable and that includes our extra-large and custom sized pieces.

    Our made to order process allows us to offer great prices for our wall art décor.

    We even offer a best price guarantee if you see a competitor selling the same print or product as us at a better price, we will beat it by 5%. You can learn more about our pricing guarantee policy here.

    Large Frames + Custom Mats

    In our dining room, we recently added large square frames with extra-large custom mats from This made the wee photos we used seem like much larger statement pieces.

    Plus using oversized mats, makes any framed photo look like a piece from an art gallery. Add gallery lights and its even more of a large statement.

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    The Usas Trusted Professionals For Large Canvas Prints From Photos

    Here are some of the reasons Americans across the USA love using Canvas n Decor to print their oversized artwork.


    We print our oversized canvas art at the highest resolution, resulting in exceptional image clarity, vibrant colors and crisp details.


    A piece of art is only as good as its base thats why printing extra-large photos on the best quality canvas is paramount for us.

    We use a superior 380 gsm poly/cotton blend canvas material thats made in North America. It has a stunning matte/low lustre finish to prevent glare, as well as a fine weave to create sharp images.


    Canvas n Décor offers the highest quality large canvas prints at the best possible prices in the USA.

    Print with us if youre looking for cheap large canvas prints without having to sacrifice quality.


    Our canvas prints come ready to hang out of the box.

    Large canvas prints have a heavy duty picture frame hanging wire installed.


    We protect our large-scale canvas photo prints with a UV laminate to prevent fading, protect from scratches and to make our prints easier to clean.

    The combination of our canvas, ink and UV laminate will result in our canvas prints lasting 200 years.

    Tips For Choosing Wall Art Youll Love

    DIY Easy (Extra) Large Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial Bohemian Home Decor Macrame Beginner Friendly

    For showcase pieces, wall art should be sizeable enoughbetween 2 to 4 feetto dominate a space and change the mood of a room. Some advise that wall art should be roughly 70% the width of couches or beds it is placed over. While no advice on art is set in stone, the same effect of larger pieces, however, can be achieved with a series of several smaller framed wall art pieces that come together for a collage effect. The center of one large piece or that of several frames should have its midpoint at eye level.

    While your choice in art or photography can reflect the color scheme of a room in a major way, this is not necessary for visual harmony. Slight glimpses of color or even variations on a certain hue in your wall art can draw the eye to create tonal continuity. Or go with the power of stunning contrast while leaving concerns about matching colors behind.

    Thats because, just like Uncle Charlie giving a speech at a wedding, nothing draws attention like a break from the norm. As such, pair vibrant abstract art or other stunning modern pieces with the rustic backdrop of wood paneling and leather couches in the living room to draw the eyes toward your wall art.

    At the end of the day, its important that whatever art you choose speaks to you and that it reflects your sense of style and taste. Just as the artwork in your home will affect your mood, your mood will affect how you see any given piece as the seasons and natural lighting changes.

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    Botanical Plant Wall Art Prints Minimalist Wall Art

    I love the clean and simple lines of these botanical plant wall art prints.

    You can frame and hang them all together to fill a large space, or separate them to fill several smaller walls.

    Bonus: they’re currently super inexpensive right now, making them a budget friendly way to add a modern touch to your space.

    • This large metal wall decor consists of 12 gray tiles with plant illustrations in wood frame.
    • It’s the perfect complement to natural, minimalist, and farmhouse style spaces.

    We Ship Our Wall Art Australia Wide

    Its so easy for you to get your extra-large wall canvases and prints with our Australia-wide shipping service. We ship to all over the country to every single state, and our standard shipping is free.

    You can choose to have your order shipped express this is at an additional cost.

    If youre in Melbourne, or youre ordering a piece that is even larger than our extra-large sizes, you can pick up your wall art print from our workshop in Blackburn, in Melbournes East.

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    What Kind Of Wall Art Should You Get

    The straight-up answer to this question is that you should choose what pleases you. You should go for a wall art painting that appeals to your soul whenever you look at it.

    If, however, you want to be sure that the wall art you get will look good in your space and also uplift its aesthetic appeal, then read on to discover the key considerations you must make while sifting through the many options of wall artworks.

    Living Room Wall Decor

    Extra Large wall art Apartment decor Textured wall art Big

    Unique can transform a plain living room, giving it a cultured, cosmopolitan feel. Choose one or two statement prints or paintings to set the tone for the space, or instead create a cohesive gallery wall with a collection of smaller, subtler art. Giclée prints are high-quality continuous-tone digital recreations of original artistic work, and leave your walls looking luxe and polished. If prints don’t speak to your artistic taste, mix it up with singular sculptural pieces and learn to incorporate your favorite pieces.

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    What Size Art Should I Get For Above The Sofa

    The size of art to place above a sofa should be somewhere between to ¾ the width of the sofa itself. For example, if you have a 6 sofa, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75, which gives you a maximum length of 4.5 for your artwork.

    The key to designing with art above your sofa is to consider proportion and balance. The sofa is most often the largest piece of furniture in a room, creating visual weight. To balance this, your artwork needs to be slightly smaller.

    Consider adding one large piece of art, such as cheap oversized wall art, or two to three same-sized or different-sized pieces of artwork. As long as you fill up space equal to approximately 75% of your sofas width, youll keep the balance and create the best look for the room.

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