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Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas

Avoid Clashing By Coordinating

Room/Dorm Wall Decor Ideas!

Your favorite color is pink but your roommate hates it. There are ways to compromise on a color scheme without getting stuck with a palette you don’t like. Talk with your roommate before moving in and decide if you want to coordinate. That doesn’t mean you have to match exactly, but you can decide on a color palette to avoid clashing. In this space, a pink and blue palette is open-ended enough so each roommate can express her personality while still keeping the room pretty and balanced.

S Of Family And Friends

This is a classic choice for dorm wall decorations for girls. If youre going away to college, youll probably be missing your loved ones. One way to make yourself feel a little closer to them is by putting pictures of them on your walls or above your desk. You could also consider buying some picture frames so that you can easily swap photos in and out when you want to change up the look of your dorm room.

Warm The Floor With Rugs

Photo via @dorm__decor

Dorm room decorating ideas dont have to be difficult! Resident halls dont always provide rooms with thick carpettheyre often tile, linoleum, or thin carpet, making the floor pretty hard. Bring comfort and softness to your floors and help your dorm room feel like home. Not only will rugs add a dash of style and comfort, but they can also help absorb the sounds of a busy dorm.

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Add Tapestry To Your Dorm Wall

Students love adding tapestry to their dorm wall and with good reason. Its an easy way to decorate your wall without much effort! There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to tapestry so pick one that suits your taste or vibes with the rest of your dorm room decor.

Amazing Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas To Make Your Roommates Jealous

10 Amazing Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas to Make Your Roommates Jealous ...

byJune 30, 2019, 12:37 am5.1k Views

This post is all about dorm room wall decor ideas.

Your college dorm room is your home away from home.

You probably have a ton of ideas on how you want to decorate it but youre a bit indecisive about things.

Your dorm room wall is probably one of the hardest things to decorate because theres so much white space to be filled. You get a blank canvas and its up to you to make it your own.

Whether youre thinking of a comfy, cozy, girly, boho, or minimalistic look for your dorm room, this post has the best ideas to get inspiration for your dorm room wall decor.

This cool tone beauty features a unique brick wallpaper to add some character to the room. Since you cant paint the walls in your dorm room, why not add a wallpaper?

It also features a hanging frame for all your favorite memories with friends and family for when youre feeling nostalgic.

This dorm room wall decor does a great job of filling in the empty space while being functional.

The mini shelf makes it perfect to store your water bottle, phone or other small items.

The calendar also helps you stay organized and aware of what assignments and events you have coming up without having to leave your bed to check.

Get this look:

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What Do Girls Put On Dorm Walls

Theres nothing like moving into your college dorm room for the first time. You and your roommate are about to embark on one of the most exciting times in your life. But, before you can embrace the journey to come, you have to make sure your dorm is set up properly.

Weve got you covered whether youre a freshman or a returning student. Thats why we compiled this list of college dorm room essentials to help you get settled into your new home away from home.

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We have options for you that complement:

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Find Your Color Scheme

Photo via @dorm__decor

Create a vibrant dorm room by picking a color scheme that works for your aesthetic! A neutral base can help small, shared spaces seem larger and will make it easier to merge styles with your roommate. Incorporate light hues using a pastel or neutral colored sheet set, comforter, and decorative pillows. Or hang up tapestries or posters in the same color palette for a cohesive dorm room theme. A primarily neutral color scheme will really make your accent pieces and bold decor stand out!

Dorm Wall Decor Ideas That Are Super Cute

DIY Inexpensive Dorm Room Wall Art | Dorm Room Ideas

This post is all about dorm wall decor ideas.

Its finally move in day at the dorms! You excitingly walk inside your new dorm, scope out the walls and cant wait to turn that generic wall into your personalized space. Designing your space isnt easy for some especially if youre not the super creative type or dont have an eye for design. So, Im here to help your create a beautiful wall space to make your dorm your own.

To help you get inspired, here are some dorm wall decor ideas to transform your dorm room into your own sanctuary.

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String Up Twinkle Lights

Photo via @decospacio.diy

A staple of all cute dorm rooms is fun lighting. Using a variety of lighting ideas and creativity, you can transform your college bedroom. Add classic twinkle lights for a soft glow and whimsical vibe, or find a unique lamp for a more personal touch. Put the lamp on your nightstand, get a floor-length lamp, or swap out your thrifted lamps lightbulb for a color-changing bulb. If youd like to brighten up the darker parts of your space, like the closets or under your lofted bed, you can attach LED light strips to help illuminate the space.

Stash A Shoe Tray Under The Bed

Floor space is limited in a dorm room and can become downright perilous when crowded with discarded clothing items, like shoes. Keep your most-worn pairs on-hand, yet tucked away on a small tray stored under your bed. Any old tray will do you could even use a plastic tote lid. For easier accessibility, hot glue a drawer pull or handle to one end.

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Loft Your Bed For Twice The Space

Most dorm bunk beds offer the capability of lofting. This option frees up valuable floor space below for studying, lounging or storage. Once the bottom bunk is removed, you can add a futon, desk or storage containers. In this dorm room design, the bunk wasn’t lofted out of necessity, but mostly out of the desire for a cozy lounging spot.

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Vertical Dorm Room Storage Ideas

9 Insanely Cute Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas

Letâs face it, moving into a dorm room is not as exciting as moving into your own master bedroom in a new apartment, and no matter how little you pack, you may still feel like there is just not enough space in your room for your things. This is where vertical storage will become your best friend. Fewer items on the floor create a more open and clutter-free space, so creating vertical storage can help achieve that while also remaining stylish. A pocket organizer on the door to your bedroom or closet can hold shoes, toiletries, and other loose items. If you are struggling to find floor space for a standing mirror, consider an over-the-door hanging mirror. You can also hang over-the-door multi-hooks to store coats, jackets, towels, and other accessories. This helps develop a more organized room overall and keeps your most-used belongings visible.

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Tack Up Some Twinkle Lights

String lights are great and all, but a string light curtain? Even better. These twinkle lights pull double duty as mood lighting and statement wall art just the right size to fill that space above your bed. You can even clip your favorite photos or postcards to it for an extra-cool look.

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Instant Photos On Wall

If you are an active photographer and photograph your subjects daily, you dont need anything else for your walls. Just keep adding your own pictures to your wall and create an instant photo wall.

You can even create a huge collage of your work. This is a super cool idea if you do monochrome, the pictures will add class. And if you like vibrant photography, the photos will brighten up your dorm room.

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Dorm Room Wall Ideas: Size Guide

The next step is to choose your canvas size. Weve pulled a couple helpful hints from our ultimate wall art size guide below:

Because your dorm room is a small space, consider this size meant for narrow hallways:


Large wall art that measures 36 inches by 75 inches in height and width can create a polished, classic look in your hallway. This wall art size works well in long hallways as well as over your entertainment area.

Another popular space to hang artwork is above your dorm bed. Follow this paragraph on how to select wall art to hang above furniture:


Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as a fireplace, a bed or a couch, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture’s width. To measure the ideal art size above your furniture, consider this example: If your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You would need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit impressively above your sofa or large piece of furniture.

Browse wall hangings for dorm rooms > >

Bring Your Favorite Things

Hexagon Corkboard Dorm Decor | Dorm Room Ideas

The first few weeks of college are always a period of transition and adjustment. Integrate items from your childhood bedroom into your new bedroom to remind you of home, like photographs and important keepsakes. Now, any time you’re homesick, you’ll have little pieces of home mixed into your new space for comfort and support.

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Add Nature On The Corner Of Your Wall

If you bed is next to a wall, add plants on the corner of your wall so it connects to both walls you plan to add to decor to. I love the idea of adding greenery a lot because the corner is often empty when decorating and the string lights will add some warmth to your dorm room.

College Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas

5.min read

Summer is here, which means you should start prepping for the first day of school ASAP. Give yourself ample time to plan your dorm room décor! Weve created the ultimate guide to dorm room wall décor to help you create a stylish space. From the latest trends to inspiring ideas, this article will give you the complete rundown on how to design your dorm room.

Navigate to a specific section based on your interests:

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Play With Furniture Arrangements

Get creative with your dorm layout. In her daughter’s dorm, Freling moved a dresser into the open closet, which freed up space in the room. Beds can be placed towards the front or back of a room, staggered, across from one another, or in an L shape. Whether a bed can be lofted is also a big consideration. A lofted bed opens space in the floor plan for an additional seating area.

Plan ahead: Find out if beds can be lofted beforehand. If allowed, lofted bed frames are frequently provided by residence halls and requested by the student prior to move-in.

Dorm Room Dcor: Pro Tips

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Reference this passage from our expert article on how to make the most of décor in small spaces:

Its all in the details when it comes to making a tiny space feel like home. Because you cant decorate with many pieces of furniture, focus on wall décor. Hang floating shelves to display your favorite accessories, and use antiques to add character to your space. Opt for hanging plants to add a hint of nature to your interior. Most importantly, use wall art for the ultimate space-saving décor.

Discover dorm room wall décor ideas > >

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Determine What Your Dorm Aesthetic Is Before You Arrive On Campus

Whether youâre a first year freshmen, or a seasoned senior, you canât help but get excited each fall when school starts again. Each year you have the chance to do your best academically, and you get to decorate your dorm room too! If youâre excited to start the new school year off right, you canât go wrong with a great new dorm decor aesthetic. But which one should you choose? Well, this is where your personal preferences will come into play. Because you have such a small space, youâll have to make each item you choose to include in your decor functional, as well as stylish! Luckily there are plenty of options for college students these days, so youâre sure to find options that fit each of your needs.

When choosing an aesthetic, it helps to write down the kind of vibes you want your dorm room to give off. Do you want to create a cozy place where you can relax and chill out after a long day of class? Make sure you include soft pillows, blankets, and rugs to help you do just that. Or would you prefer to keep things neutral, and include a few items that pop with bright colors or metallic sheen? Chances are youâre more inclined to have a minimalist decor style. If you canât get enough of the dark academia aesthetic, youâll want to focus on preppy decor items, and lots of mood lighting!

Transform Old Magazines Into Wall Art

When you have a blank wall, its begging for decoration. You can use old magazines and poster boards to transform this unexciting space into an intriguing collage. This cool crafting experience is even more fun with some friends helping out. Plus, youll be reusing paper, which makes it a win for the environment .

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Make Room Under The Bed

Short on storage? Look no further than the space beneath your bed. Use extra-long storage containers to hold linens, clothes, shoes and other items you may need access to often. Rather than storing empty suitcases from move-in, use the suitcases as storage to eliminate unnecessary clutter around the room. Use an extra-long bed skirt to hide unsightly bins for a clean look.

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Use Throw Pillows & Blankets

Interior Design â Ideas For A Stylish Dorm Room Makeover

Photo via @tempaper_designs

Choose a fun, stylish comforter for your bed, and make your space cozy and snug by adding throw pillows and throw blankets to make relaxing or studying more comfortable. These can also be great dorm accessories because they add a splash of color and brighten up a room. Plus, you can make your pillows more personalized and decorative by doing a fun DIY project with friends!

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Upgrade Your Light Fixture

Instantly give your dorm room a designer look with this DIY lighting trick from stylist Jenny Reimold. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach a remote-controlled puck light to the hardware inside a seagrass pendant, then tie white, rubber-coated electrical wire to the pendant and hang it from a brass screw hook . In less than 10 minutes, this easy DIY lighting project will take your space from basic dorm room to stylish retreat.

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