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Dorm Decor Ideas For Girls

Dorm Room Idea #: Tapestries Are An Inexpensive Addition That Make A Big Impact

10 Quick, Easy & Inexpensive DIY Dorm Decor Ideas! | Girls Only

If I had to pick just one thing that had the biggest impact on the room, it would be that we hung on the wall its a stunner and took only about ten minutes to hang up. Its SUPER reasonably priced so has some serious bang for the buck impact!

We initially hung the tapestry using double sided velcro Command strips along the top but they didnt stick to the tapestry as well as wed hoped so we ended up using that worked beautifully.

And wall tapestries arent just for dorm rooms either if you have a bare wall in one of your kids rooms, an inexpensive tapestry is the perfect simple decorating solution. Places to shop for great dorm room tapestries include Pottery Barn Teen , Urban Outfitters , and .

Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

Lets not beat around the bush heredorm mattresses have seen a lot. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll get a brand new mattress, its worth it to invest in a mattress pad that’ll provide protection as well as comfort. The SafeRest Premium Mattress Pad is padded with plush filling, and since its crafted from cotton, it promises to keep you pretty cool as you sleep. Even better: the mattress pad is machine-washable, so you can pop it in the laundry whenever you go to wash your sheets.

Your dorm more than likely has a desk, but for those days or late nights when you want to work from bed or the couch, this lap desk will come in handy. It’s large enough to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches long and there’s additional space for a mouse and even a small drawer. It can be adjusted to multiple angles and the legs fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Dorms can get noisy, so it might make sense to bring a noise machine with youjust be sure to run it by your roommate first. The Pure Enrichment Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is a compact and solid option that offers six different sound modes. And since it comes with an optional sleep timer, you can set it to automatically turn off after 10, 30, or 60 minutes have passed.

The Spruce

“More often than not, I was asleep within 15 minutes of turning the machine on, whereas it would usually take me at least half an hour .”, Product Tester

There isn’t a whole lot you can do to spruce up your dorm room, but buying an area rug is one of them. And since Ruggables Damali Overdye Rug is machine-washable, you dont have to worry about spills, stains, and all the other wear and tear that comes with living in a dorm room. Snag the rug in one of nine different sizes, and pick the colorway that best suits your space. Whether you choose crisp white, light blue, sleek gray, or bold black, youre sure to end up with something thatll look greatand versatilein your space.

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Diy Ideas For The Best Dorm Room Decor

Standard dorm rooms lack personality, yet vibrant college students don’t. Since living quarters can influence our mood, it’s essential to create a dorm that inspires students in a variety of ways, whether that be to study, unwind, or feel at peace.

The challenge becomes how to decorate a dorm room on a budget without making permanent changes. The solution is to do-it-yourself. These DIY dorm décor ideas are innovative, inexpensive, and inspiring. Happy decorating!

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    If you want to fill a large wall, create a wall hanging using your favorite photos of friends and family members. To make the photo art seem more cohesive, print out each photo either in black or white or all using the same filter.

  • Instead of buying an expensive bulletin board, make your own. Buy a piece of cork and cut it to size. Next, decide how you want to add style to the piece. Wrapping string around the bottom adds more visual interest to the board and also gives you an extra place to stuff important papers without needing a push pin.

  • One of the first things to do when moving into a dorm is finding a place for everything. Staying organized is essential to making the most of such a small space. However, your storage solutions don’t need to be drab. Add some personality to wall hooks by making your own using polymer clay.

  • Boost Storage With A Ladder Clothing Rack And Shelves

    99 Awesome And Cute Dorm Room Decorating Ideas (101)

    College apartments almost never have enough storage.

    One clever way to add space is to make room for a clothing rack and other wall storage.

    I once designed a space in an old factory that had no closets at all, so we added non-traditional modes of storage like this.

    How to Copy This Look

    I designed the clients space by mounting a clothing rod on one of the walls, and adding multifunctional storage near it.

    If you want to recreate the clothing rack in the image, find or make a wooden ladder painted white, and hang it from ceiling hooks with natural colored rope.

    Add a bookshelf and populate it with baskets, books, or other supplies.

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    Dorm Room Idea #: A Large Pinboard Keeps Holes On The Board & Not In The Wall

    We moved the fridge/microwave down to the left as far as possible, placed the desk that was originally under the bed here, and added in a few new things including . We somehow didnt look at the specific dimensions when we ordered it and when it arrived, it was so much bigger than we had envisioned but it ended up being a great thing its the perfect size for over a dorm room desk! Its lightweight and comes with adhesive strips already attached to the back of the pinboard so hanging it up was a simple as pulling off the covering on each piece of adhesive and pressing it onto the wall so easy! We outlined it in that we simply taped onto the corners with clear Scotch tape. Next time we visit, Im sure this pin board will be full of all of the photos, magazine clippings, and mementos that she brought to pin on it.

    Paint The Ceiling The Same Color As One Wall

    Painting the ceiling can completely change the feeling of a room and make a sleeping space feel secluded and safe.

    In this room, they chose to paint the wall with a window, so that the other walls would be painted lighter to reflect light.

    Adding a mirror to a dark space helps expand the room and stops it from feeling like a cave.

    How to Copy This Look

    Choose a rich dark color to paint the surfaces of the ceiling and the window wall.

    Paint the remaining walls a lighter neutral, and add wood accents to the entire room.

    If you have space, mount or place a mirror against the dark wall, and add unique glass lighting to keep accessories minimal.

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    Budget Friendly Ways To Decorate A Dorm Room

    There is just about every color and pattern you can think of available in washi tape. It can be used to decorate walls, doors, binders almost anything!

    Washi tape is a crafting godsend due to how extremely versatile it is.

    Its a damage-free way to decorate and the designs that can made with it are endless. Washi tape is perfect for those who have a big imagination.


    Even if you dont feel like youre a particularly creative person, you can still make something that looks fantastic!

    Stripes, line art and geometric patterns are straight forward and dont require tons of artists talent. You make deigns as simple as you want them to be.

    There are tons of ideas and how-to-guides to help you get it just right.

    The best part?

    Its cheap, and I mean really cheap.

    Check out this set of these 24 rolls the price per unit is dirt cheap. Talk about affordable!

    Here are a few washi tape designs to inspire you:

    Bring outdoor lighting inside to create a whole new atmosphere in your dorm room!

    Fairy lights give off a completely different ambiance than the cold, strangely hospital-like feel that the florescent lights typically found in dorms give off.


    Because light can affect our moods, sleep cycle and concentration, Id saying having good lighting is important.

    What would be considered good lighting?

    Lighting that makes you feel: comfortable, relaxed, creative, productive or just plain happy.

    Either way:


    Alright, so I love floral monograms! T

    To sum it:

    Black + Decker Dustbuster Handheld Cordless Vacuum

    Hexagon Corkboard Dorm Decor | Dorm Room Ideas

    Cleaning a dorm room may be the last thing you want to think about when heading off to college, but the good news is that since dorm rooms tend to be pretty small, you probably wont have that much space to keep tidy. The Black + Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum should get the job done, and since its so small, it wont demand a ton of space in your dorm room. Cordless and powerful, it comes with attachments to tackle any job, and can easily be tucked away when not in use.

    The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

    “It effortlessly sucked up particles of all sizes, including dirt, pet hair, cereal, stray kibble, and kicked-out kitty litter. With its angled nozzle, it easily fits in and under small places, plus two additional attachmentsa crevice tool and a brush toolmake it even more versatile.” Karen Tietjen, Product Tester

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    Place A Plush Area Rug

    Dorm room floors tend to feature hard floors made out of sturdy material like tile so that they can take a beating over the years. If a dorm room is carpeted, it tends to be a very rough commercial-grade product thats meant for durability and not comfort.

    Buying a plush area rug is a simple way to make your floor look a lot nicer and feel a lot more comfortable. It can be layered on top of any floor covering, even carpeting, and adds another textural layer to your design.

    Create Space And Storage

    Everyone needs their space, especially when sharing a small room with someone. To set boundaries and create a bit of privacy, cubed bookcases offer just the right amount of enclosure without making an already small space feel even smaller. If space allows, this type of bookcase can stylishly divide a room while still adding a clear decorative element.

    BUY IT: Cube Shelving Unit from Ikea, $89.99

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    Furnish Your Space With Wooden Pieces And Boxes

    Getting new furniture doesnt need to be expensive.

    If youre a DIY-lover, create your own furniture and decor.

    In this room, simple plywood is used as a headboard, while old crates make up shelving space.

    How to Copy This Look

    Center your bed with white bedding on a small wall.

    Collect natural material objects like wood blocks or clay pots to place on a wall shelf above your bed.

    To finish off the space, hang two white pots with vines in each corner of the ceiling.

    Use small pins or adhesive to attach pieces of the vine to the ceiling and walls surrounding the bed.

    You Can Become A Better Writer

    college dorm

    Yes, the ability to write well depends a lot on ones imagination and frame of mind. But, to become a great or even good writer, one also needs to do a bit of reading.

    This is because, without reading previous works, one will not be able to know the required standards for great pieces of text. And without it, one will not be able to write such that it grips their readers.

    In the professional world, writers are some of the most well-paid workers. This is because they can convert heaps of information into understandable and engaging texts.

    And this can help a business connect with its audience a whole lot more.

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    How Do I Cancel My Prime Student Account

    Canceling your account is very simple. First, go to Prime Central. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a box that says membership. Click on this box and there will be a drop-down menu.

    The last box on that drop down menu will say End Membership. Click that button and then click End Benefits. Finally, click End Membership again.

    Note: If you cancel your membership, you cannot start another free six-month trial. You will only be offered a new membership with the costs of either $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

    Cute Diy Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

    The best dorm room ideas for girls these are perfect for your first apartment, flat share or first time moving away from home. One of the best parts of moving in somewhere new is the opportunity to decorate your space and this list of dorm room ideas for girls will help you do just that. Here are some college girl room ideas you will love!

    How can I decorate my dorm room for cheap? There are so many cute dorm room decor ideas here that will get your head spinning. Girly or boho or a shabby chic themed dorm room? White bedding or patterned bedding? So many ideas that are low cost too! This post shows you 31 best dorm room ideas for girls that everyone will love!

    Its amazing as you can use it on walls counter tops, for cabinets and all kinds of furniture, to transform it easily and give it a completely different look. It also removes super easily too, which means you can put everything back to how it was originally on moving out. This means that you are completely free to choose how you want it to look. One of the best dorm room decor ideas ever!

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    Create Your Own Space With A Room Divider

    A room divider can work wonders when it comes to personalizing and adding privacy to a dorm room. Here, a space-saving shelving unit divides the room, while adding much-needed extra storage. The result? Two separate spaces that look and feel totally unique. We especially love the addition of signs displaying the occupants’ names.

    Create And Hang A Photo Board

    DIY Dorm Room Decor Summer 2018 | Decorating Ideas | Quick Cheap!

    Recreate this dorm room:

    But often girls are intimated by incorporating photos because they don’t know how too. This idea is to solve all your problems. Create a photo board and hang it by your bed! That way you add decor to your bed area and have all your photos in one space. Now that’s what I call a genius idea!

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    Dorm Decor For College Girls

    Create A Cozy Feel With Layers And Textures

    This clever room concept features peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like vintage bricks. Its a lot more elegant than the simple drywall it covers up, and it can be easily removed when the school year is over. There are lots of variegated textures present, from the knitted throws to the fuzzy pillows to the crushed velvet storage chest which makes the room feel cozy and chic.

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    Stunning College Bedroom Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

    This article was written by Lauren Copping a professional interior designer and college graduate to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

    If youre heading off to college then you might be wondering how you can style your new bedroom to suit your taste without breaking the residency rules.

    So what are the best ways to decorate your college dorm bedroom if you are a girl?

    The most effective ways to decorate your college dorm bedroom if youre a girl include adding shelves to wall nooks, creating accent walls with tack-on wallpaper, defining color pops with plants, creating textures with bedding, and personalizing the space with photos.

    However, these are just a couple of general ideas.

    The rest of this article gives you 31 definitive college dorm room design ideas for girls that you can take inspiration from based on my experience at college combined with my professional knowledge as an interior designer.

    Related: check out my #1 rated mattress for a comfortable nights sleep in your new college dorm room.

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