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Diy Dollar Store Christmas Decor

Diy Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

Grab $1 Canvas from the Dollar Store for these UNBELIEVABLE HACKS! EASY Dollar Tree DIYs 2022

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Make your home look festive for the holiday season on a budget with these simple DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations for 2021.

From DIY Christmas ornaments to Christmas Mason jars, there are tons of dollar tree Christmas craft ideas to make for adults and even kids. There are both indoor and outdoor DIY Christmas decorations included here. These Dollar Tree Christmas decor ideas include ideas and tutorials to decorate your tables, wall, Christmas tree, front door and more. Whether you are looking for rustic or farmhouse Dollar Tree christmas decor ideas, there are plenty of DIY projects to match every style of home decor. These christmas decor ideas at dollar tree are an affordable and great way to decorate your home for the holidays. Below you will find some dollar tree supplies that are commonly used in these dollar store christmas decor ideas.

Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

Imagine how elegant your dinner table will look with these golden jingle bell napkin rings. You can pick up the jingle bells at most Dollar Stores, and if your store only has them in silver, you can paint them gold, red or whatever other color you need. Then just attach them to your ribbon and youve got a lovely place setting for all your holiday meals.

Tutorial: sandandsisal

Ideas For Decorating Tables

Create some Christmas centerpieces. Whether you are decorating the dining room table or side tables, adding a bit of holiday cheer to your indoor tables will make your home more inviting.

The pop of the colors will add some extra holiday flair and will bring some great holiday spirit into your home.

Christmas table centerpieces can include floral arrangements, homemade Christmas lanterns, signs, festive Christmas colored mason jars, and more.

Even some festive candles will add a nice pop to the decorated tables for the holidays. There are so many different ways you can decorate the tables that you are sure to find something you like.

For side tables, small decorative holiday pieces will bring the room together. You can create your own mini Christmas trees, candles, frames pictures, and more for your side tabletops.

Christmas countdown signs are also great decorations to add to your tables.

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Amazing Diy Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorating doesnt have to be stressful or cost a lot of money! Check out my tips to make Christmas decorating fun and frugal!

  • Reuse- Use empty containers from your kitchen as the base for some of your projects. Things like glass jars and tin cans can be a great foundation for projects and they dont cost you a thing!
  • Redo last years decorations- No reason to buy new decorations every year, just give them a makeover to match your style and save money! Spray paint, embellishments, and hot glue can change the looks of just about anything!
  • Include your family- My kids love to craft, which makes for some good quality time together! It is a win-win! The decorations may not look like they are from a magazine, but the special memories connected with them make them even better!

A Snowman Ornament Made Out Of Round Vase Filler

10 Dollar Store DIY Christmas Decorations that are Beyond Easy

This snowman ornament is made using a piece of wire and inexpensive vase filler from the dollar store. The snowman is topped off with a red yarn scarf.

Jalynn Baker

To craft an adorable little snowman ornament, thread three small, white vase fillers over a metal wire. Use pliers to bend each end of the wire so the round fillers stay put. Finish the look by tying an adorable scarf around the snowmans neck using red or green yarn and hang on the tree using a standard ornament hook.

Jalynn Baker

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Winter Woods Christmas Wreath

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This festive wreath can beautify the front door of your home or become a wall art inside any room.

The basis of this snow-covered wreath is a wireframe. Start by weaving the snowy garland. You can either add faux berries for color or make yourself knots from red cording.

The paper mache letters should be covered with gift paper or crafting tape to give them a Christmas look. Hang them on a thin cord and then tie both ends of the cord to the wireframe.

Popsicle Stick Wooden Sled Ornaments


If you have kids, this is the craft for you. The components are easy to find, the assembly is simple, and the result is absolutely adorable. Craft as many of these vintage snow sleds as you possibly can.

If youre looking to keep your little ones occupied for longer than an hour, you can always make a whole batch of these ornaments and give them away as gifts!

If you like this vintage farmhouse look, Ive got a whole bunch of other Farmhouse Christmas décor projects to keep you going.

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Dollar Store Diy Christmas Ornaments

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Add a personal touch to your christmas tree on a budget with these dollar store DIY Christmas ornaments.

These ornament christmas crafts are a great way to add some holiday cheer to your home without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for christmas crafts for kids or christmas crafts for adults, there are plenty of DIY Christmas decorations to choose from.

Dollar Store Snowman Candles

ð? Farmhouse Welcome Sign DIY: Dollar Store Craft!

Snowmen and candles are common themes during Christmas. And this decor piece covers both of them in this simple but also unique idea.

You can create nice candles with some very simple and cheap décor pieces. These candles will bring that Christmas spirit to your home no matter where you put them.

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Gorgeous Diy Christmas Dcor From The Dollar Store

You dont have to spend a lot to have a pretty home for the holidays! You just have to be creative and think about how you can use items in different ways. Heres some inspiration to help you create beautiful Christmas décor on a budget DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon and/or Etsy, which means that I may earn a small commission from some of the links in this post. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information.

These frugal ways to decorate for Christmas include a lot of fun crafts! If you have older kids, consider getting them involved doing these frugal Christmas DIY projects!

A White Wreath Made Out Of Snowflake Ornaments

This white wreath is made out of inexpensive white snowflake ornaments. The wreath form has been painted white to blend and the ornaments were hot glued to the form.

Jalynn Baker

Break away from the ordinary wreath and opt for something more creative. Paint a wreath form white and place on a piece of parchment paper once dry. Hot glue large snowflake ornaments all around the wreath form until fully covered. Once the glue has hardened, pull the parchment paper off the back and find the perfect spot to hang it.

Jalynn Baker

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Wine Glass Holiday Diorama

These holiday candle/dioramas are beautiful and really inexpensive to make. Youll need wine glasses, some sugar , candles, and some tiny decorations. Just fill them with the scenes you want and add your candles to the top. This is a really easy DIY project, and doesnt take any time at all to complete.

Tutorial: popsugar

Cheap Christmas Dollar Store Decor Ideas That Look Amazing


Oct 12, 2020 | LIFESTYLE

With these genius Christmas Dollar Store decor ideas you can recreate an expensive look for less than a $1! Yes, really!

All of these Christmas decorations can be found at your local Dollar Tree.

Youll never believe these luxe-looking Christmas decorations are homemade creations.

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Snowy Pinecone Candle Mason Jars

If youre a regular visitor to Mums Make Lists youll know I have a thing for Mason Jars.

Ive even done a roundup of Mason Jar Christmas decoration ideas so pop through the link to have a look for more Mason Jar Christmas inspiration.

Adding a candle to a Mason Jar is a gorgeous way to bring a little sparkly light to Christmas.

Snowy pinecone candle Mason jar | Crafts by Amanda

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Im totally won over by the simplicity of this beautifyl botanical Christmas ornament.

Its made with real foliage and berries.

Perfect for hanging from the branches of a Christmas tree or for popping a few into a Mason jar as a table centrepiece.

Botanical Christmas ornament | The Crafted Life

Diy Sparkly Gem Christmas Trees


Heres the thing about sparkles you either love them, or you hate them. If you love them as much as I do, then this is absolutely the dollar store Christmas craft for you. Its so shiny!

Happily, this craft is very easy to carry out because you only need three components: a Styrofoam cone, acrylic paint in your chosen color, and some clear acrylic gems. So, its super easy to customize.

Make a tree thats bright pink, create a gradient series, or create multiple trees in different sizes in your favorite Christmas colors. The ball is in your court!

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Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger


I dont know about you, but anything with glitter on it immediately calls my name, whether Im in the dollar store or a furniture emporium. So, this glitter-covered snowflake door hanger immediately caught my eye.

The great thing about this craft is how little you actually need to buy to get it done. All you need is your trusty glue gun and a collection of the small, medium, and large dollar store snowflakes.

Assemble them in a pattern you like, slather them in hot glue, and fix a ribbon to the back you can use to hang on your door. You can also use command strips to achieve the same effect.

Diy Christmas Countdown Calendar

DOLLAR TREE Floor Lighting Idea! Diy GIFTS For House Warming Made with Dollar Tree Items!
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Counting the days to Christmas is a fun thing, not only for kids. If you want to make this a tradition for your family, make a calendar that will last for years.

Get a black foam board from the Dollar store and cut it to fit into the frame you have chosen.

All numbers and letters have been cut on white vinyl with a Cricut machine. If you dont have one, you can buy decals or paint them by hand.

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Dollar Store Christmas Crafts

This post may contain affiliate links: full affiliate disclosure.

Use Dollar Tree items to make Christmas crafts! Whether its a gift, a decoration, or just a fun little item you want to make for yourself.

In my opinion, the perfect Christmas craft is cheap, adorable, and full of festive joy. So, what better place to go hunting for supplies than at the dollar store?

The Internet is full of craft people creating amazing crafts using very little cash, and you can do it too! So, grab a notepad and start making a list because its time to head to your dollar store for some crafting gear.

Affordable Christmas Votive Candle Holders


Theres almost nothing easier than making over some pre-existing candle holders, and they always come out looking so perfect. You can dot these all-around your home or just use them for Christmas morning!

You can grab almost everything you need for this craft from your local dollar store. However, why not take it one step further and order some scented votive candles for an extra festive touch!

Once you have all your supplies, just use your trusty glue gun and your best creative eye to give them an adorable holiday makeover.

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Bottle Brush Tree & Crate Christmas Scenes


Whether you live in a place with snow at Christmas or not, this fetching craft is one of the best ways to bring some wonderful wintery Christmas scenes indoors.

Apart from the crates and trees themselveswhich you should have no trouble finding at your local dollar storeyoull need some floral foam, paint, and a good gel stain .

Just stain the crates, affix the trees into the floral foam, and stand them anywhere you like for a view of a gorgeous winter wonderland indoors.

Snowman Mason Jar Lotion

DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decorations

This is a really cute idea, and one that wont cost you much time or money. You can turn an ordinary mason jar into this adorable snowman lotion jar. Imagine giving these out as gifts. You can even fill them with lotion that you get from the Dollar Store and one large lotion jar will fill a couple of snowmen. Or, fill it with homemade lotion and make it extra-special.

Tutorial: momspark

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Dollar Store Christmas Swags

If youre pressed for money this Christmas, you can create a nice little wreath like this one.

It consists of mostly low-cost items, and its quite easy to make. Its best when you put it outside, although it can be placed almost anywhere within your home, too.

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Dollar Store Christmas Decorations

Its beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

I love a holiday decorated home. In fact, call me crazy but often before Thanksgiving, we are decorated for Christmas. As soon as I am allowed to get that Christmas tree out, up it goes. Nothing warms a Thanksgiving turkey, like the twinkling lights on a holiday tree.

As we know, often the simplest DIY Christmas decorations are the best. They are handmade, hand created and because of that, they are attached to a memory. Create memories this holiday with these easy DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas. Get ready to decorate outdoors, the tree, the holiday dining table, or even the Christmas mantle.

Take a look with me at the like-minded bloggers and mothers who love Christmas decor. Create Dollar Tree crafts with a little inspiration. What do you hope to add to your home?

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Mini Stocking Table Dcor

You dont really even have to do anything for this project. Just pick up a few of those smaller stockings from the Dollar Store, theyre normally around 50 cents each, and use them for utensil holders at your dinner table. You can decorate the stockings if you wish, but theyre lovely just the way they are, and they are the perfect accent for your Christmas dinner.

Tutorial: princesspinkygirl

On A Lookout For Dollar Store Christmas Crafts For Kids And Adults Alike Try One Of These Affordable Diy Dollar Tree Decorations That Will Bring The Holiday Spirit Into Your Home On A Small Budget


Christmas is all about delicious food, presents, and decorations. I love to start decorating my home in November so that I can enjoy the fully decorated winter wonderland for longer. But Christmas decorations are expensive. And if you have little kids in the house, the chances are that things will break and get damaged.

That is why I hate spending a ton of money on Christmas decorations. A great way to spend less is to make your own DIY Dollar Store Christmas decorations. Most of them look so darn beautiful that no one would even know that you made them.

These projects are great to do with your kids to beat the winter holidays boredom. Get them involved and make this a yearly family tradition!

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$3 Elf Leg Dollar Store Diy

How cute are these? These would look cute on the front porch, sticking out of your Christmas tree, out of a wreath I could keep going, but Ill spare you. The best part is that at $3 each you can afford it!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you found a few inspiring ideas!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Diy Christmas Dcor Ideas

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there are a lot of different accents and holiday décor that you can make to add some festive cheer to any area of your home.

Since you are making your own decorations, you can fine-tune the holiday décor to fit your style or liking.

Adding some holiday décor inside the home will bring a bit of holiday cheer that you can admire throughout the day.

with Christmas lights and other outdoor decorations are also a fun way to decorate for the holidays.

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Creative Dollar Store Christmas Decorations That Are So Easy To Do

Make the Christmas holiday more colorful and joyful with a wide variety of DIY decorations!

The following cute Christmas decorations require supplies from the Dollar Store, some creativity, time and patience.

The inspiration and the ideas are from us!

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All of the DIY crafts will surely do an instant adjustment to the Christmas spirit and will add a pinch of warmth and coziness that we are eager for during this holy time of the year.

Christmas Diy Decor Dollar Store Decor Ideas That Actually Look Expensive

45 Best DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Craft Ideas for 2021

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When it comes to Christmas DIY decor, a lot of us like to go all out. We want all the glitz and glam but there is a problem, money. Getting all the decorations we want at a price that we find fair can be difficult and feel nearly impossible. With a little DIY and love though, everything all of a sudden becomes easy.

The more effort you put in on your end, the nicer the end product becomes. So why not go out all this Christmas with your own DIY home decor?

Just because it is Christmas doesnt mean you have to stick with traditional colors. Mixing things up can make the holiday even more festive!

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