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Disney Cruise Line Door Decorations

Faqs About Decorating Cruise Doors

Disney Cruise Line Door Decorations

Can you decorate your cruise door?

Most cruise lines allow you to decorate your stateroom or cabin door. Its a fun way to celebrate a special occasion and it makes it easier to find your room. Adding personalised decorations means you dont need to check for room numbers.

Can I decorate my door on a Norwegian cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the few cruise companies that does not allow you to decorate your stateroom door. The cruise line banned decorations on doors in 2019, claiming that decorations could be an additional fire hazard.

Why do you decorate your door on a Disney cruise?What is a fish extender?

Every Disney Cruise Line stateroom has a fish outside that acts as a mailbox. A fish extender is a hanger to allow for more space in the fish mailbox. Guests often take part in organised gift exchanges, leaving small presents in fish extenders.

Are Carnival stateroom doors magnetic?

Carnivals stateroom doors are magnetic, so you are able to decorate your door with magnetic decorations. You can also use Command Strips, but no other tapes or glues are permitted.

Can you bring balloons on a cruise?

Most cruise lines do not permit helium on-board, as floating balloons can become a safety hazard if they are let go on a deck. Youll need to check with your chosen cruise line on regulations around balloons that you blow up yourself.

Are cruise ships decorated for Christmas?

Do People Decorate Cruise Ship Doors

The prevalence of cabin door decorations varies quite a lot depending on the cruise line. Heres what to expect on each ship, from the most popular for decorations to the least.

Disney cruises Disney cruisers love to decorate their cabin doors more than anyone else. Door decorations are really popular on Disney Cruises and if you dont do it, you might feel a little left out of the fun. Each door has a round port-hole shape with the cabin number on which can easily be transformed into a Mickey Mouse head with the addition of ears.

Carnival cruises Carnival refers to its ships as fun ships and Carnival cruisers of all ages love to decorate their doors with funny signs and pictures.

Royal Caribbean cruises Most doors arent decorated on Royal Caribbean ships, but you will see the occasional one, mostly belonging to frequent cruisers who are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.

Other cruise lines Door decorating is not as common on cruise lines such as P& O Cruises, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Cunard. You may see the occasional cabin door with decorations on it, probably more so at Christmas than at other times of the year.

NCL cruises Norwegian Cruise Line has banned all door decorations. You must not decorate your doors on NCL ships or the decorations will be taken down.

Door Decorating On Disney Cruise Line

Welcome Aboard, Disney Cruisers! On your first Disney Cruise, you may notice that manyother cruisers have decorated their stateroom doors as you walk through the corridors around the ship. This is a very popular practice on all Disney Cruises and you will quickly see the creativity that other cruisers bring to this cruising tradition. While decorating is certainly not required, it can be so much fun! Why would you want to decorate a door? Well for one, its a unique opportunity to bring your own signature and creativity to your familys vacation. But it can have a practical purpose too, you can always be sure you have the correct stateroom. This can be helpful to your kids as well. I know during the first couple days of a cruise, Ive managed to get mixed up and get turned around in the sea of stateroom decks!

The stateroom doors on all four ships are magnetic, with the exception of concierge-level

rooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. This makes them the perfect canvas for quick decorating and personalization for your whole party. Now, for safety reasons and to avoid any damages to Disney property, there are some limits to what you can and cannot put on your door. Disney does have some guidelines , including no over-the-door hanging organizers, no adhesives, tape or glues – including removable adhesives. Avoid these items, stick to using only magnets, and youll be golden.

Here are some decoration ideas to help you start planning:


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Door Dcor For Birthdays

One of the widely celebrated and most preferred celebrations on cruise trips is of birthdays. Some people even find it the best way to celebrate ones birthday. Ultimately, booking the cruise trips for the very purpose. Either way, birthdays are more fun and entertaining when celebrated on a cruise ship. Since you only have your close friends and family along with you, the environment becomes much joyous and happy. No outside distractions. Besides, you can have a variety of events, dishes, and parties. Depending on the budget you possess, from simple décor to luxurious one, every sort of celebrations is readily available.

However, the first and foremost task to perform in this regard is to decorate your stateroom door. As we all know, decorations for birthdays and even the birthday parties themselves start from your room. To best achieve the look, always go for magnetic paper. Polaroid photos, birthday banners, balloons wreaths and some paper tinsels are the best decorations for the purpose.

You can attach the balloon wreath in the middle of the door. Attach the Polaroid photos in between the balloons. For further enhancement, you can fix a birthday banner at the top with hanging paper tinsels. Your birthday Disney cruise door decorations are ready.

Disney Toy Story Door

My Disney Cruise door decor image by Kim Thomason

This is maybe my favorite of all the door decorations. You get all of your favorite Toy Story Character customized in a ridiculously adorable fashion. You can choose up to 8 additional characters to go along with woody. They include Buzz, Jesse, Alien, Rex, Hamm, Lots-O, & Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

You can grab this amazing door magnet set on Etsy. Check it out here!

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Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Door Crafts

With the WDW Radio Alaska Cruise setting sail soon, I thought Id show you how to make some decorations for your door. Decorating your stateroom door is a very popular thing to do, and I love it because you get to show your Disney Side!

Disney Cruise Line is more than happy to let you decorate your door, but, there is one rule. Any kind of tape or adhesive can ruin the doors. Since the doors are magnetic, magnets are the only thing you can put on there. So the first thing Im making is:

How To Make Disney Cruise Door Magnets

Many of the resources listed above will provide you with a digital file to print out yourself and make into a magnet. While some people choose to print them directly on magnetic paper sheets, I prefer a stronger magnet. I have found that the magnet paper sheets arent very strong, and can often fall off the door.

I print out the graphics on regular printer paper, laminate them with my laminator, cut them out, and then attach magnets. I put all of my custom stateroom door decorations in a folder to keep them from bending.

Dont forget to take them off of your door when you leave weve almost forgotten them a few times! Its always sad when you remove them and see a plain door again. I usually do it the night before I leave so I dont forget.

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The Best Disney Cruise Door Decorations + 4 Doors You Have To Check Out

Whether you have been on one hundred cruises or if this is your very first one, taking a Disney Cruise is like nothing else. Like most things Disney has their hands-on, its pretty darn magical. Part of the magic of Disney Cruise Lines is their deep-rooted traditions, things that families do time and time again on each cruise. We particularly love the Disney Cruise Door Decorations. Trust me, some people go all out and its really fun to walk the halls and see how creative people get! However, the best part is getting together as a family and decorating your own door. You dont have to be the master of Pinterest to make it happen, either. Weve gathered up some of our favorite Disney Cruise Door Decorations below with some tips on how to do your own! If you are looking for Fish Extender ideas, check out our faves here!

Disney Cruise Line Door Decorating Tradition

Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Door Decorations Part 1

A few months ago I embarked on my very first Disney Cruise Line cruise when I was hosted for the Disney Creators Celebration and it was one of the most magical vacations of my life! There are so many ways to make memories on the trip and create your own family traditions.

I learned that when you go on a Disney Cruise, its tradition to decorate your stateroom door with your family name and other decorations. Some families get really creative and even hang envelopes and baskets from their door so others can leave notes and gifts each day of the cruise! And I love the fact that the doors are magnetic, so you can bring your own magnets to display, too! I didnt learn of the tradition until I was on the ship, but I will be more than prepared for my next cruise, and have already been making a list of how I want to decorate the next time I find myself at sea!

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White Board For Your Disney Cruise Door

Wondering what other things to put on your Disney cruise room door? A whiteboard is great to have, especially if youll have family members headed off in different directions. You can easily leave notes on the board.

In years past, silver, gold, and platinum Castaway Club members received a small whiteboard as a gift, but if this is your first cruise, youll want to bring your own. Castaway Club members did not receive this gift, so its best to bring your own.

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Where To Buy Disney Cruise Door Magnets

If youd prefer not to do any sort of DIY, there are still plenty of options. Ive actually seen Disney magnets in the shops on board, but thats not always a guarantee. Plus, youll probably want something thats a little more unique and original. Id recommend searching on Etsy for magnets that you dont have to print.

You can also purchase a . Just make sure that you know if you are getting an electronic file or a physical product in the mail.

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How To Make Magical Disney Cruise Door Magnets

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy, TravelingMom may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Is your family planning a Disney cruise line vacation? You may not know it but theres a lot that goes into getting ready for a Disney cruise! There are pirate costumes to put together, fish extenders to work on and, of course, youll need Disney cruise door magnets. While some may customize and order theirs online, its a lot more fun to make them yourselfand its a lot easier than youd think!

Disclaimer: Traveling Mom uses affiliate links. If you click through and buy, TravelingMom will get a small commission at not additional charge to you.

If youve never taken a Disney Cruise, you may not know about the fun traditions that take place on board the ship. One of these is Pirate Night. Thats when everyone has fun dressing up and talking like pirates all night. Another is fish extenders, where small gifts and souvenirs are exchanged with other families on the ship. My favorite is the tradition of Disney magnets for the cabin doors!

While these looked great on our stateroom door, I wanted to take my cabin door decorations up a notch for my third cruise. Third times the charm, right? I bought and they worked like magic. They were thinner than expected and I didnt even have to change the settings on my printer.

First Time Cruising? Learn the Unique Cruise Lingo Youll Need Onboard!

Where To Buy Cruise Door Decorations

Love decorating our stateroom door! Looks awesome and ...

The easiest way to decorate your stateroom door is with ready-made decorations that you can just buy and stick up. Here are some of the most popular places to buy them:

Etsy The online marketplace for unique homemade crafts, Etsy, has thousands of cruise door decorations to choose from. Many decorations can be custom made with your names, ship name and sail date if you wish.

Craft stores If you live in the United States, have a look in shops like Hobby Lobby and Oriental Trading as they often have ready-made nautical decorations. Unfortunately, British equivalents such as Hobbycraft and The Range dont seem to have the same stock of cruise decorations.

Dollar stores and pound shops If youre on a budget, head to Dollar Tree or Poundland and see what they have in store. What youll find can be hit and miss and depends very much on the time of year, but this is certainly worth a look.

Amazon The online store that sells everything also stocks some interesting cruise door decorations, including a good selection of full-length cabin door covers. .

Buy them from the cruise line Princess Cruises offer a stateroom decorating service with hanging garlands, a door sign and a mirror sticker. These arent cheap at $49, but if youre cruising with Princess Cruises and want everything done for you, you can find out more about this service on the Princess Cruises website.

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You Can Leave Messages On Your Door

Adding a magnetic whiteboard to your cabin door can be a handy way to leave messages for others. If your group is spread across two or more nearby cabins, you could leave a note to let people know where youll be. Using your mobile phone at sea can be incredibly expensive, so having a way to pass messages can be very handy.

You could also encourage strangers to leave notes for you on your whiteboard, which can be fun. Just remember that if youre on a family ship, not to leave any notes or pictures that you wouldnt want little eyes to see.

Can I Decorate My Stateroom Door Aboard Disney Cruise Lines Or Hang Items Over The Doors

One of the things I found the most charming about sailing on a Disney Cruise is how much pride Disney travelers take in making their stateroom their own. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fun door magnets and other decorations that visitors use to adorn their stateroom doors. These delightful DIYs make walking down the otherwise boring corridors fun and full of pixie dust.

But for first time Disney cruisers, its hard to know what exactly is permissible when it comes to stateroom decorating. Thats why we here at Disney Addicts wanted to outline a few stateroom decorating guidelines to help you prepare.

  • Guests are able to place magnetic signs on stateroom doors. However, it should be noted for those staying in Concierge staterooms aboard both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy that the doors in this class are wooden.
  • Tape, stickers or any other adhesives is not allowed. This includes gel adhesives as all of these items could potentially damage the finish of the stateroom doors.
  • Guests are also prohibited from using any over the door hanging organizers because they have the tendency to scratch and disfigure the doors or the trim.

If youre celebrating a special occasion while aboard your cruise you can also pay Disney Cruise Line to have the inside of your stateroom decorated. Check out this article to find out more!

So decorate away but try and stick with magnetic decorations where the risk of anything happening to the door is minimal.

Image copyright Disney.

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Festive Dcor For Your Stateroom

Christmas door décor is famous worldwide. Its importance can be estimated by the fact that even cruise ships offer the freedom of stateroom door decorations when it comes to Christmas. However, those decorations should follow their companys policies and guidelines. i.e. No harmful decorations are usable.

Festive door décor not only beautifies your door and its surroundings but also gives you a feeling of home. A feeling that assures your participation in the grand celebration. Therefore, maintaining the excitement for the festive while on a cruise trip. The best Disney cruise door decorations Christmas to go for in this regard is garlands and wreaths with some red ribbons. To best achieve the look, first, take a wreath and using command strips, attach to the middle of the door. Hang the garlands to the boundary of your stateroom door using magnetic attachments. Now for the red ribbon, make it out of a magnetic paper sheet. Then create a plus sign covering all the door, however, pointed towards the right-bottom corner of the door. For further embellishment, you can attach a bow tie on it as well. Keep in mind that the bow should also be made out of the same magnetic paper sheet.

So Here Goes Step By Step How To Make Magical Disney Cruise Door Decorations

Stateroom Door Decorations for Your Next Disney Cruise – Tutorial

In Cricut Design Space start by selecting 3 circles.

Resize the circles to create a Mickey shape, it takes a bit of perfecting but use your eye and you will get there eventually.

Once you are happy with your shape, right click select all and weld the shape together to create a Mouse template.

Right click and duplicate until you have several black Mouse shapes.

For Mickey, slice a circle in half and colour this red. Then select a new circle, resize and shape to a small oval and colour it yellow for buttons and duplicate.

Once you are happy with Mickey right click and flatten.

For Minnie and the pirate bandana, choose your bow or bandana shape in design space. If you cant find one, choose an image of a pirate, ungroup and delete unwanted images.

Colour the bow/ bandana to the correct shade of red.

Now select a circle for the polka dots. Resize colour the circle white and keep duplicating over the bow/ bandana until you are happy. I find it better to resize every now and them to create a variety of sizes.

Once you are happy right click and weld the dots to the bow/bandana.

Now position over your Minnie/Mickey shape and flatten.

To create the AHOY, search in design space, also search for Mickey, simply overlay, recolour and then flatten.

Lastly you can add your name or create mini name discs. Or you can personalise with a white marker once cut out.

Once you are happy with the size of your images you can send to print and cut on magnetic paper.

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