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Disney Cruise Birthday Room Decorations

Walt Disney World Celebration Options At The Resorts

Disney Cruise BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS, Birthday Wishes Stateroom Package

Whether you want to mark a birthday, send special congratulation wishes, or just give your family a magical vacation welcome, the Walt Disney World Celebration Options can start right in your resort room. If you will be celebrating a special occasion at Walt Disney World, be sure to note it on your room reservation! You never know when a little magic may happen!

Let Disney specialists create the perfect setting by decorating your Resort Room with surprise presents, magical treats, banners, confetti, personalized signs, and more. Call WDW-GIFT or visit the Walt Disney World Florist web site to customize the picture-perfect look for your stay or have the perfect occasion present or floral arrangement waiting in the room for your arrival. You can also have your gift delivered to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks. Disney World Florist party planners can also provide you with themed party packs of plates, cups, napkins, decorations especially created for kids, romance, or even a beer party themed package. During the holiday season, you can even have Walt Disney World Florist deliver a Christmas tree with decorations to your room! The Walt Disney World Celebration Options are endless.

Special celebration cakes can be order from the Cake Hotline at 407-827-CAKE to be delivered to any resort room where Private Dining is offered. Choose from a variety of cakes and shapes, personalized for your special occasion. Special cakes must be ordered 48 hours in advance.

Breakfast In Bed Is On The House

Breakfast in bed can seem like an extravagant indulgence. However, on a Disney cruise, you can indulge as many times as you like.

It is all part of the service. Just fill out your breakfast selections on the card in your stateroom and put it on your door prior to 3 am the night before. Then wake up to your breakfast choices delivered to your room.

The best way to enjoy breakfast is on your verandah. One of the best times we ever had on a Disney cruise was sitting on our verandah eating breakfast whilst going through the Panama Canal locks.

Disney Cruise Staterooms Have Split Bathrooms

Another unique thing about Disney cruises is the split bathroom concept. This is ideal for families.

What does it mean? There are 2 bathroom spaces in most of the Disney cruise staterooms.

One has a toilet and a sink. The other has a bath, shower, and sink. Each has plenty of storage space.

The split bathroom idea cuts down waiting time in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready for breakfast!

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The Cove Cafe Is A Must

One of our favorite areas on the Disney cruise is the Cove Cafe. It is a great place to sit and read a book and enjoy a coffee or something a little stronger.

There is a small selection of books and magazines, but bring your own as the selection really is small.

Cove Cafe is a very tempting place to pick up some snacks.

Check out the croissants in the morning. We challenge you to resist the selection of cakes and desserts in the display cabinet.

It is all included so you can indulge!

You Can Leave Messages On Your Door

Pin by Amy Reichert on Disney Cruise Door Decorations

Adding a magnetic whiteboard to your cabin door can be a handy way to leave messages for others. If your group is spread across two or more nearby cabins, you could leave a note to let people know where youll be. Using your mobile phone at sea can be incredibly expensive, so having a way to pass messages can be very handy.

You could also encourage strangers to leave notes for you on your whiteboard, which can be fun. Just remember that if youre on a family ship, not to leave any notes or pictures that you wouldnt want little eyes to see.

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Book Tickets Online For Character Greetings

Most character greetings are just announced every day in your Personal Navigator and you get in line to see your favorites.

However, certain characters are so popular that they only appear at ticketed events.

You guessed it. Anna and Elsa are the hottest tickets in town.

If you want to see your favorites at the Frozen Meet and Greet your best chance is to get tickets online in the Cruise Personalizer.

If you dont get them online go straight to Guest Services when you board to see if there are any still available.

Note that right now there are no individually ticketed character greetings.

What About Pineapples You May Ask

I find this mildly amusing, as I like pineapple decor. However, ever since I learned of what pineapples on a door can actually mean, I cannot look at pineapples in the same way.

While I could send you to google this, I may as well explain if you havent heard this yet.

Pineapples on a door mat or as a door decoration are supposed to signify hospitality and welcome. However, it has more significance for those that know

Pineapples on a door is a code that swingers use to let others know about their interests. Upside down pineapples are said to mean the couple is actively looking for more than friendship.

So, on land, and on cruises, if you see pineapples on a door, it may mean more than you know. Of course, it may just be that they like pineapple decorations or that they have friends with a sense of humor -).

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    Fun Disney Cruise Door Decorations

    Disney Wish Stateroom #6614 w/”Celebration at Sea” Birthday Package Decorations – Disney Cruise Line

    In everybodys life, vacations are the most desired part of the year. Whether for a short period or a longer one, their importance and desire never end. We work all year long looking forward to that one dream vacation. As soon as we get a chance, the next thing we know we are on either a cruise ship or wandering through the different continents and meeting a whole bunch of strangers, staying in fancy hotels, eating a variety of traditional and continental foods, and relaxing. This is what a vacation looks like. If you are on a cruise ship, then the joy further multiplies. Attending different onboard parties, celebrations, grand dinners, and entertainment is an entirely different adventure. The best part is that you dont have to go anywhere. Whatever happens, happens on that particular cruise ship. Just step out of your stateroom, and youll see thousands of events happening right there, to enjoy yourself.

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    Take Your Seats Early

    All shows are performed in the Walt Disney Theatre. There really isnt a bad seat in the house, but there are some which are better than others.

    We like to be about five or six rows back in the middle.

    However, if you do not arrive early the front level of seats is likely to be gone.

    We prefer anything in the middle over the ones on the sides, even if it is quite far back.

    Saving seats for others is really bad form.

    Dont do it.


    Put Your Phone In Airplane Mode

    One of the most expensive mistakes that you can make on any cruise is not checking your cell phone coverage.

    You can end up with a very hefty bill if you use your cell phone onboard. This applies to calls, text, and data.

    You could just put your phone in your room safe and not connect.

    However, if you want to use the Navigator App we suggest that you simply put your phone into airplane mode.

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    Sign Up The Young Ones For The Kids Clubs

    See that long line at the cruise port over in the corner? That is for the grown-ups who did not sign up their children online for the kids clubs.

    You can save a lot of time waiting in line if you just fill out the simple form online.

    Then you can skip the lines and go straight to the place where they will be given their wristbands.

    Hours are limited at the kids clubs right now. You can book a limited time before you sail and then an additional time when you are onboard.

    Pick Up A Coffee Card

    Really love what I got on @Etsy from StuckOnDisney. #EtsyStar

    You can get free drip coffee on the pool deck or in the restaurants.

    However, it isnt the best coffee you have ever tasted.

    If you enjoy a decent cup of specialty coffee you can pay extra for your drink of choice.

    Ask for a coffee card. Each time you buy a drink you will get a stamp. When you have 5 stamps your 6th drink will be free.

    It used to be that you could save these and use on your next cruise. However, now the card states that they are not to be used on a future cruise.

    Time will tell whether or not the servers still allow it, but dont bet on this trick still working.

    Use your free coffee entitlement before your current cruise ends.

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    Breakfast Is With Character

    If you are sailing on a Disney cruise which is 7 nights or longer, you will have the opportunity to have a character breakfast. This is included in the cost of your cruise.

    As anyone who has been to Disney World or Disneyland will know, this is a huge benefit! Character breakfasts usually cost $40 and up per person on land. On your Disney cruise, it is included in the cost of your fare.

    You do have to plan ahead for the Disney cruise character breakfast. You need a ticket and places are limited. You need to log in to your Cruise Personalizer as soon as you can, to book tickets.

    There may be some available from Guest Services. Go as soon as you board the ship. They are limited and you do not want to be disappointed.

    Note that this service is currently suspended

    Use Your Disney Cruise Personalizer

    Once you have completed your Disney Cruise online check-in you will have access to booking onboard events and cruise excursions on the Disney Cruise Personalizer.

    The time that you can check in depends upon whether you have cruised with Disney before, and if so, what level of Castaway Club member you are.

    This can be anything between 75 and 120 days before your cruise.

    Platinum members and Concierge guests get priority so you may find that some things are booked before you get the chance.

    A classic illustration of this is the Cabanas on Castaway Cay. There are limited numbers and are usually snagged by Concierge and Platinum guests at one minute past midnight on the day online check-in opens for them.

    Castaway Cay Cabanas are the hottest ticket on a Disney cruise and are very difficult to get unless you are a Concierge or Platinum Castaway Cay guest.

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    Guidelines For Cruise Ship Door Decorating

    Here are the rules and guidelines to follow if you decide to decorate your cabin door.

    Firstly, make sure that your decorations are not placed on the door frame, wall, railings or light fixtures. To avoid damaging your cabin door, use magnets or command strips. Tape, glue and other adhesives are forbidden.

    For safety reasons, all decorations must be made of flame retardant materials. No string lights are allowed on the door or in the hallway.

    Most cruise cabin doors, like the walls in your stateroom, are metal. This makes decorating with magnets a preferred way to adhere the decorations. Many cruisers even make their own personalized magnets at home from photos and pictures.

    However, suites on some cruise ships may have wood doors. Make sure to check your cruise line website for their current cruise cabin decoration policy.

    Cruise Line Door Decoration Official Policies:

    This Doesnt Work Anymore

    Disney Wonder Verandah Stateroom Tour with Birthday Decorations, Cabin 7626

    You might read online that if you take a shirt or picture frame and some markers to Guest Services it will magically be returned to your stateroom having been signed by the character.

    Unfortunately, it seems as though too many people got to know about this Disney cruise tip, so they had to stop doing it.

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    Check Your Disney Cruise Navigator Often

    The Navigator is where you will find out whats happening on board the ship every day. The paper Navigator is now only delivered to your stateroom every night if you request this from your Room Steward.

    If you want a paper Navigator you can pick one up at Guest Services. Or you can use the Disney Navigator App on your phone. Remember to download it before you get on board.

    Bars And Lounges On The Disney Ships

    There are plenty of options of places to enjoy a drink or two on all of the Disney ships.

    One of our favorites is the Ooh La La bar on the Disney Fantasy. Guests can choose from an extensive champagne menu.

    The French boudoir decor is completely over the top, but its a lot of fun.

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    Free Printable Disney Cruise Birthday Party Checklist

    Here is a checklist of everything I used for this Disney cruise birthday party. Plus, a printable version is available for you in our

    And its free to subscribe just pop your email here below to sign up and for instant access to your printable!

    • Blue and white wrapping paper
    • Gold party plates
    • Laminator and sheets, if desired
    • Pushpins for hanging on the ceiling

    If you enjoyed this Disney cruise birthday party idea, you might also like to read about how we booked the Disney Magic at Sea. Or if you want party ideas, check out this amazing outdoor DIY Minecraft party.

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    TikTok video from Margie : “#carnivalsailabration #panorama #carnival #cruise #anchors #decorations #boomercruiser #doordecor #decor #towelanimals ##PepsiApplePieChallenge”. Cruise ShipDoor Decor. FEEL THE GROOVE.


    TikTok video from 4tressofCourage : “Door decorations are a fun way to make your trip a little more unique. #carnivalcruise #cruiseship #cruisehacks #decorations #vacation”. Hallways on board ship all look the same. | Make door decorating a fun activity while you wait to depart. | You can make it simple or elaborate. Other cruises enjoy seeing all the creativity! | …. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes.


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    Pick Your Disney Cruise Sailing Carefully

    Some Disney Cruise itinerary sailings are more expensive than others. The usual rules of economics work here.

    The more demand the higher the price. Usually, the repositioning cruises offer the best per night price for a Disney cruise.

    The Disney Cruise Transatlantic sailings on the Disney Magic are usually one of the best values.

    The most expensive Disney cruises? You probably guessed it. Holiday cruises, particularly the Christmas Disney cruises are usually the most expensive.

    The Disney Mediterranean Cruises and Alaska Cruises are also higher priced but worth it!

    Benefits To Decorating Your Cruise Cabin Door

    In my , many people who decorate their cruise cabin doors, cited the benefits.

    • It makes it easier to find your cabin, even if youve had too much drink package.
    • You can personalize your stateroom door, as they all really look the same
    • Its fun to participate and see many doors that are uniquely decorated, like looking at store windows
    • Its a great way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
    • You can decorate for Christmas and other holidays
    • Its a focal point on a long hallway
    • Its a great activity for a group or family cruise
    • It makes it feel even more like home

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