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Dining Room Sideboard Decor Ideas

Think About Creating A Tableau

How to Decorate & Organize a Dining Room Sideboard/Buffet Table | Farmhouse French Country Style

If you are one of them who getting panicked to decorate a dining room sideboard creating a tableau could be really dependable idea for you. In this step simply make a group of objects that are look like. In this list various height of chandlers or low rise sculpture pieces which will allow simple and stylish look overly. Adding sculptural pieces-case, objets and lamps add the end in your display coordinate form. Functions for your dining room sideboard decor ideas. These are itself statement when it comes to decorate a dining room sideboard.

How To Style Your Sideboard: Showing Different Arrangements And Dcor Ideas

For so long, my sideboard was completely bare. I knew I was wasting this surface area and it was making my dining area feel sparse so I recently played around with some different looks.

While I was at it, I took photos of the arrangements and different bits of décor I used in case youre looking for some ideas on how to style your sideboard!

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Make It Beautiful Yet Practical

Your sideboard is ideal for displaying ornaments, but it can also be used for additional storage. Glazed-fronted sideboards can be great small dining table ideas because they make space feel less crowded than solid furniture, and the glass allows you to demonstrate what youre storing although in a stylish way.

Sims Hilditchs Head Designer asserts, We love using sideboards in dining rooms because its a great way to use the room.Theyre great for keeping crockery, tea towels, and cutlery for more formal events.

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Dining Room Sideboard Designs

Since sideboards are primarily placed in dining rooms, there are a number of designs available today in sideboards or buffet tables. They come with opening doors just like cabinets, some of them have a glass top above and some tables also come with sectional drawers. You may also see Ottoman Designs

Employ The Overlapping Technique

30 Inspiring Dining Room Buffet Decor Ideas

To make your sideboard decor ideas feel curated, don’t be afraid for your objects and anchoring pieces to ‘overlap’.

Place a lamp slightly in front of your artwork, or let foliage, twigs or flowers spread across the central piece this will allow the finished look to feel cohesive and interactive, rather than static and flat.

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Sideboard Ideas Around The Home

Inspiration Station – Style and Storage

Sideboards are one of the only pieces of furniture that can fit into any room of the home with ease. Welcoming visitors through the front door, a focal point for accessorising in the living room, or a safe place to store your fancy china, sideboards offer style and function in equal measure. Heres how you can use this versatile piece of furniture around your home.

How To Decorate A Dining Room Sideboard

Choosing a dining room sideboard being solution of more storage space. Creating display area, add to the décor and improves organizing. While how to decorate a dining room sideboard comes first. What are the things you should consider before making any final decision. With perfect sideboard décor ideas can easily elevate your favorite entertaining space.

It is a dining room sideboard.Provide your functional and styling space to organize dish set, cutlery and other dining ware. On the other hand the upper drawer of a dining room sideboard are ides to store small things. If you have a larger cabinet this offers you save and convenient space to keep usual using things.

Creating focal point with proper balancing of artwork ,lighting and displaying your favorite pieces pretty easy. But how and where from you should start can make you overwhelming. It is an open secret that a dining room sideboard a role in the room schemes when you want to divert guest attention from your dining sets. Lear more with how to decorate a dining room sideboard discussion.

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Check Out More Styling Inspo

Disclaimer: This post was originally published in July 2017 but was updated with new images and information.Some items featured in this post were giftedand this blog post contains some affiliate links. This means, if you purchase an item we may receive a commission on that sale of the product at no extra cost to you.

Ideas For Decorating A Dining Room Sideboard For Christmas


If you saw my Christmas Home Tour last week, you know that it was my goal to create a simple, natural and modern look this year. That is certainly was dictated this vignette.

For the last several years, I have used a variety of Christmas Cone Trees and decorated around them. I will show you more of those ideas a little later in this post. This year, I decided to switch them out with candlesticks for a simple and classic look.

To create this look, it was super easy! I simply placed about 6 feet of natural mixed garland onto the buffets allowing it to drape off the side of the buffets for added drama. I think it really adds to elegant feel of the centerpiece.

Secondly, I placed in the brass candlesticks randomly in front of and behind the fresh evergreens. No trick to this!

Since the candlesticks are sitting in front of the mirror, it doubles the drama when they are lit. I just LOVE it!

The next step included adding in some extra branches of the cedar to drape off of the sideboards.

Finally, I simply placed a few of my treasure glass ornaments for a touch of holiday festiveness. You could really use any combination of ornaments and colors for this. We are hosting a couple of functions this season in our home so I wanted to keep this area a bit neutral so that I can do anything on our main dining table in here.

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Play With Height Display Art

One of the most crucial components of styling sideboard decor would be to include objects of various heights to add interest to the overall appearance. Its important to experiment with altitudes and layers, says Jane Rockett of Special weapons St George. However, this does not always appear to suggest placing the worlds highest items in the core of the sideboard.

When it comes to decorating sideboards, an asymmetrical presentation is especially useful because it allows you to build altitude and the main focus with just each finish. Piles of books that reflect ones desires, as well as constructive carvings, make fantastic focus areas, says the designer. If you choose sideboard decor ideas that complement your dining table home décor ideas, you will accomplish a neat, truly capture look.

Maintain The Order Of An Eclectic Collection

This sturdy, rustic part serves as the foundation for a crowded and eclectic display. And dont be tricked its been diligently styled with an artistic eye. And symmetry enters the picture once more, albeit in a different way. Choose items that would provide symmetry in your busy setup is a trick that will end up making the showcase appear put-together. The matching lamps on either end of the sideboard do the employment in this office. It allows for a gratis collection of jewels in between.

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Make It Pretty Yet Practical

Your sideboard is the perfect spot for styling decorative objects, but don’t forget it can also be used for extra storage. Glazed-fronted sideboards can make for great small dining room ideas the space will feel less crowded than with solid furniture, plus glass allows you to show off what you’re storing albeit in a chic way.

Louise Wicksteed, Design Director at Sims Hilditch , says: ‘We love to use sideboards in dining rooms as this is a great way to use the space. They are perfect for storing crockery, napkins, and cutlery to be used for more formal occasions.’

Can I Put A Sideboard In A Living Room

30 Inspiring Dining Room Buffet Decor Ideas

In recent years, the sideboard has moved out of the dining room as people are finding they have use throughout the home. In a living room setting, youre less likely to need the surface space for practical reasons. Instead, you can accentuate it with candles, photographs or lamps for a homely feel. Other living room sideboard decor ideas include cultivating a mini urban jungle or displaying a vinyl record player. For those who love the coordinated look, you can match yours with a coffee table or TV unit. For a look with difference, run yours along the back of your sofa.

Finding yourself overwhelmed with living room clutter? While plastic tubs may be useful for storing away your stuff, surely youd want to opt for storage thats a little more pleasing to the eye.

Alternatively, a sideboard can be used as a TV stand in a room that requires more storage or when you want to make a little more of a style statement. Either way, there is plenty of room inside for all the unattractive boxes and wires that come with your media area.

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Add A Sculptural Piece To Anchor Your Display

Sculptural vases, objets and lamps are a stylish way to make a statement and turn your sideboard decor ideas into an arty showcase that blends form and function coordinate them to the rest of your scheme and you can pull a larger space together useful if you are looking for uniting kitchen diner ideas.

‘Add ambience and pockets of light with table lamps, and repeat textures, shapes and colors around the room,’ suggests Ally Dowsing-Reynolds.

Don’t neglect candles as part of your sideboard decor display. Jane Rockett adds: ‘For a sideboard in the dining room, candles, candlesticks and vases always look beautiful.’

Louise Wicksteed says: ‘When it comes to styling a dining room sideboard, we suggest placing a large candle at either end. Not only does this offer subtle background lighting around the table but also nods to the elegance of the room by providing well thought-out symmetry.’

Dining Room Sideboards Elegant Decorating Ideas

Dining room sideboards are the extra item that is not only functional but also gives an extra flair to the room, elevating the design and being also a conversation starter!

An originally classic item for the dining room, designers are finding these sideboards to be handy for all kinds of things outside displaying your food, which is usually the purpose for these sideboards.

This article was originally published on April 14th, 2016.

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Nazca is a tectonic plate located in the southern Pacific Ocean. As a tribute to Mother Earths heartbeat, our designers created NAZCA Sideboard with a structure in matte walnut root veneer and a base in vintage brass matte. This 4-door sideboard will add a richer earth beat to any home decor.

A beautiful sideboard for your dining room decoration, with a great design combining with the hardwood floor.

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A strong look in this sideboard due to its dark brown colour, but it still looks outstanding.

Beautiful modern sideboard designed by Dale Italia. Sideboards are one of the most furniture with more utility in your home, despite sometimes we dont see them like that, and you can use it as a beautiful piece of furniture.

A modern white sideboard, with a unique touch of luxury.



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Max Out Your Midcentury Tones In Your Furniture

Here, the sideboard is part of a magic trio with the mid-century chair and table, each of which is made from wood in similar tones. The display ramps up the vintage era of the sideboard, particularly in its use of colour. The earthy accent hues are pure 1950s and 60s and, combined with the bright-but-muted blues in the painting and recurring black, create a distinctly mid-century palette. Check out some instantly nostalgic period-specific palettes or colour swatches online and use them to build your display.

How To Decorate A Sideboard

Spring Dining Room Decor || Sideboard

Sideboards and buffets are a great addition to the furniture in the house. They provide extra storage space and are compact enough to be placed on the sides of the room. The rest of the furniture in your living room or dining area takes centre stage while the sideboard or buffet remains on the side and makes the room look a bit more complete. However, you cannot have a piece of furniture in the corner just sitting there like it doesnt belong. If you have gone through the trouble of matching your furniture with the sideboard, then at least add a few more accessories to it. Its the same idea as you cant have a bare sofa, it needs some cushions on it to make it look more lively.

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What Kind Of Dining Room Furniture Should I Get

Dining areas come in all shapes and sizes, as do their accompanying tables. As you browse dining room ideas, consider a few things. What is your dining room layout? How often do you entertain? How many people usually attend? What kind of events do you like organizing – big dinners or intimate gatherings? What kind of dining rooms are you personally drawn to at other homes? If you dont host anything because you are hindered by your current dining room design, consider what kind of soirees you would ideally throw and work from there.

If you want a dining table with options, purchase one with a leaf so you can accommodate varying numbers of guests. Keep in mind that to ensure visitors wont be bumping elbows with their fellow dinner guests, each person needs about two feet of eating space .

In terms of shapes, round tables are optimal for achieving some of the smaller dining room design ideas you might see. They fit into tight areas and have no sharp corners to bump into when youre serving a hot casserole or pouring a glass of water. Round pedestal tables are also useful alternatives – they offer more legroom than conventional designs. For a larger space, a square table works well, and a rectangular table is ideal for a long, narrow room.

Highlight Sideboard Decor Ideas With Lighting

If you are working on lighting a dining room, make space on a sideboard for lamps. This will not only allow you to create soft pools of low light so welcome in a dining room but will also illuminate your sideboard decor ideas.

Helen Pett, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London , adds: ‘Of course, when entertaining, the additional table space can be used for floral arrangements, beautiful china and glassware and serving platters while still sitting prettily as key part of your décor.’

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Use Tall Items On Either End Of Sideboards And Buffets

Have you heard of buffet lamps or candlesticks? You know, the tall, skinny, candle-type lamp duo that go on either side of a buffet? They were so popular years ago because they added ambient light to either side of a sideboard and added a great bit of symmetry to a buffet.

We can bring a fresher, updated look to sideboards and buffets by using the buffet lamp principle but giving it a more modern feel!

Do add something tall to either side of your buffet. A lamp with a little more heft and a tall item to the other.

The mesh lamp works on the left side of the buffet. Its just the right size and scale for the buffet. Its a nice tall element at one end of the buffet. And it offers another layer of lighting too!

Use something tall on the buffet opposite a lamp.

A tall vignette would also work on one side of the buffet.

I often find myself creating a simple vignette using three items. And no wonder! Our eyes and mind LOVE anything grouped in threes. To see how to use this magical number when decorating, see THE MAGIC RULE OF THREE.

A Look At The Buffet In A Dining Room

Dining room sideboard decorating ideas

When we remodeled our StoneGable dining room I found this pretty white buffet and knew it would work in the room.

One thing I did to keep it updated and fresh was to keep my china and dishes off the top! This is very important!

Lots of dishes on the top of a buffet even in a dining room looks cluttered and dated.

Try stying it without dishes! Keep the dishes in the buffet and not on it.

The buffet decor is classic, adding a juxtaposition of bling and burlap! I love those two words together! BLING AND BURLAP!!!!

I like this decor because it looks sharp and clean and pretty!

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Spring Buffet And Hutch

I always find it hard to get a good picture of the buffet and hutch with the lighting in the room. Plus the contrast of the black buffet and hutch against the white decor, makes it even harder. It does look prettier in real life!

I hope these spring dining room decor ideas bring a little smile to your face. Happy Spring!

Highlight The Space With Lighting

Without perfect lighting in your dining table you could be satisfied to decorate a dining room sideboard. This area require low light to make the dining room welcoming but not compromise rightly illumination. As an entertaining space layering of lighting with single or double table lamp are pretty cozy option which also offers space for glaze ware, floraral arrangement or serving plates and elegant look with refection.

Here table lamps, candles and candlesticks are always recommended for decorating dining room sideboard display. When you want to ensure subtle background lighting for your dine as well as elegance for the entire space a larger candle are wise pick per experienced interior designer suggestion.

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