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Different Types Of Home Decor

What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Tops

Eucalyptus Decor for your Modern Home + Different Kinds of Eucalyptus to use / Where to get it

There are different styles of curtain headers and you can choose the one that complements your decor.

Pleated curtains are popular and they come in different pleat styles. You can also choose table-top headers, where there are loops above the curtain that go around the rod.

A rod pocket has a pocket along the back of the curtain that hides the rod, and an eyelet has holes in the top of the curtain where the rod runs through.

Finally, you can have a wave-style curtain top where the curtain top is in the shape of waves.

Hollywood Regency: The Style

In the first golden age of cinema, the glamorous stars whose faces drew crowds to movie palaces beckoned friends back home to their own palaces and those interiors were equally larger-than-life. Every surface gleamed, every edge had its own mirror, tassel or dangling crystal and every design choice oozed glamour. In Hollywood Regencys current incarnation, antiques from a century ago are staging comebacks but designers like Kelly Wearstler are popularizing a new breed of over-the-top, A-list-inspired cocktail-party spaces. This style has a big personality.

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If You’re An Extrovert

Extroverts thrive on the presence of others, which means their living rooms could, at any moment, function as full-on entertainment hubs. “It’s important to create spaces where there are zones for conversations, says Murray. For example, she likes to put in extra seating like poofs, pillowcases, and ottomans, as well as a bar cart where people can congregate, chat, and perhaps mix themselves a kombucha cocktail. I also love having interesting accessories, artifacts, and books, and lots of different colors and layers and textures, she says.

Chedrawy suggests using lots of bold, high-contrast patterns in bright colors and mixing hard edgesthink glass, plastic, and metalwith softer fabrics. Then, incorporate some bright lights, and you’ve got yourself all you need for an impromptu partay.

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The Difference Between Modern Interior Design And Contemporary Interior Design

It is certainly easy to confuse contemporary design and modern home interior design. One of the main differences between contemporary and modern design is the age above all else. Contemporary design refers to what is currently new and innovative while modern design refers to a specific era in design history. Presently, architects and interior designers alike use modern elements in contemporary design. This is similar to a modernist revival, but mustnt be confused with the mother modern movement of the 19th century. Contemporary interiors are a blend of styles past with a healthy dose of technological advancement.

What Is Interior Design

3 Basic Home Decorating Styles

Interior design is defined as, the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. While a process may include a set of rules or stringent guidelines, the concept of art is much more fluid and subjective. Consequently, perceptions of design style can be confusing without a common frame of reference. If a client cannot clearly articulate his or her vision for decorating a residential or commercial space, it presents a great challenge for an interior designer.

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The Hygge Decor Essential: Make A Fire

In Danish culture friends and family gather around the fireplace when spending time together. This hygge experience represents warmth and togetherness and is sure to make any home feel cozy and welcoming. This also ties back into our first point of lighting. Having layers of light, such as candles, string lights, and fire bring such a feeling of home in hygge home decor. Sitting around firelight is such a heartwarming and cozy feeling that one should radiate everyday.

Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Tera S.

What Are The Different Types Of Light Sockets


About Light Bulb Base Types

  • E39 Mogul.
  • E5 Midget.

Just so, Can I use an E27 bulb in an E26 socket?

E26 stands for 26 mm and the E27 for 27 mm in diameter. These two standards are interchangeable, meaning a US E26 will fit in a European E27 base, and E27 will fit in a E26 base. The only difference is the voltage . Europe E27 Edison Screw.

What is a standard light bulb socket called? E26 is the size of most light bulbs used in the U.S. Its referred to as having a medium or standard base. E12 is the smaller candelabra base. Its used for nightlight bulbs, and sometimes for decorative light bulbs used in chandeliers and over bathroom mirrors.

Similarly, Are all light bulb sockets the same?

There are two common socket types, which are the classic bulb socket and the pin socket. Always check for the old socket type, otherwise the new bulb will not fit! All replacements are 1:1 possible without any mechanical or electrical adjustments.

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Why Do You Need To Define Your Home Decor Style

For a couple really solid reasons, actually.

Defining your home style design will

  • Make all decorating decisions easier. Yes. All of them. Lets face it, theres multiple different types of decorating styles. Decisions like what to keep and what to let go of, what bigger design elements or projects you may want to start saving for, and most importantly if you really NEED that pretty pillow that called your name in HomeGoods because it will add to your space appropriately, or if you just appreciate it for its beauty. In other words, it will help you edit your choices and not let you end up with a bunch of things that look good, but dont make sense together. #leaveitontheshelf
  • It will help you understand how to mix the types of interior design styles represented in your household. It is possible to have different home decor styles present in a home and actually it is really important to do so because it creates a ton of interest and ends up telling the story of everyone who lives there.
  • And lastly, it will allow you to know which ideas and inspiration to actually act on because you will have guidelines . Not every awesome idea or look needs to make it into your home decor.

What If One Of Your Favorite Things Isnt Listed

5 Types of Home Decor You Need for Interior Styling – Home Styling 101 Episode 1

Obviously, its impossible to include every single design option available in these lists.

So if you cant find one of your favorite things in the list, look for another option that is similar.

If you love Chenille, pick the Velvet option. If you want marble everything, select the natural stone option. Or maybe brightly colored elephants are your thing? Go with the bold patterns option. You get the idea.

Also, there are some design elements that are common to a lot of styles, such as wall mirrors, linen fabric and candles.

I left these off the selection list because they dont really help to narrow the choices.

So if youve selected one of these universal design elements, you can assume it will work regardless of which styles you end up selecting.

Now for the fun partfinding your styles!

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What Are The Light Bulb Sizes

Numbers in each code refer to the bulbs diameter in one-eighths of an inch.

  • A15 bulb: 15/8 = 1-7/8 diameter.
  • A19 bulb: 19/8 = 2-3/8 diameter.
  • A21 bulb: 21/8 = 2-5/8 diameter.
  • A25 bulb: 25/8 = 3-1/8 diameter.
  • G11 bulb: 11/8 = 1-3/8 diameter.
  • G14 bulb: 14/8 = 1-3/4 diameter.
  • G16/G50: 16/8 = 2 diameter.

Look At Your Wardrobe

One quick way to get an idea of your own personal taste is to look in your closet. Take note of your most loved pieces. Find a common theme. Do you love simple black pieces?

Maybe a Contemporary vibe is right for you. Do you have a dozen cozy wool sweaters? Consider Traditional and Classic décor. Perhaps you wear a lot of floral dresses. If so, youd probably like Country décor.

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Interior Design Style 1: Traditional

Traditional interior style is best represented by quintessential English furniture design and, in particular, the countrys impressive manufacturing history.

Handsome, rich and inherently formal are the styles underpinning elements and important pieces, such as the button-tufted Chesterfield sofa or wingback chair, characterise its penchant for well-constructed, robust designs.

Large casegood pieces often incorporate prominent cornicing, seemingly inspired by architectural mouldings, and upholstery is most commonly rendered in supple dark leathers .

Image Credit: Katharine Pooley

Transitional: How To Bring It Home

3 Steps to Find Your Decor Style (with a List of Common ...

Smooth metallic accessories accentuate but dont overwhelm this pale master bedroom, where pleats in the cloud-gray drapes echo both the geometry of the molding and the tone of the area rug which also complements the painting. The textured ottoman, in turn, references the drum shades on the tableside lamps. Sneaky, no?

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Southwestern: How To Bring It Home

Creamy sofas and drapes, a caramel leather ottoman and warm woodwork set the stage for an array of warm textiles in this Santa Fe guest cottage. Wall treatments and tabletop accessories would be too much here with distractions kept to a minimum, the natural materials and handicrafts are the stars here.

What Are The Different Types Of Rustic Home Decor

Rustic home decor adds a comfortable and unique look to a country home, and there are several ways to accomplish this look. The homeowner can choose a specific style of furniture, such as Mission furniture, that features straight lines and simple designs. Wood grains should be prominent, and either natural or artificial aging of furniture and accents will add more rustic quality to the decor. Using natural items can add to rustic home decor as well using pine cones or raw pieces of driftwood as accents in a room can give it a more natural feel.

Perhaps the most common type of rustic home decor is unfinished log furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, and other pieces can be made from logs that are not cut to angles or planes, but are instead left raw and, in some cases, with bark remaining on the wood. This rough-hewn type of furniture gives the impression that the wood was freshly hauled from the forest and cut for utilitarian purposes. Such wood tends to age well, improving aesthetically as the years go by. Some of this furniture can be bulky, however, and it may not always fit the desired aesthetic.

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Contemporary Home Decor Style

Contemporary design style is often confused with modern design style usually references to modern are in fact contemporary design.

Contemporary design is current design which includes open spaces, plenty of light, straight lines, plenty of glass, settel and wood and in some cases unusual layouts.

Elements of contemporary design:

  • Very light or very dark wood tones, and
  • Lighting design used as an artistic statement.

Contemporary designers create designs that are more fluid, in the sense that they are according to the current, trending styles however, they dont resort to a particular style or design. These designers also have a great sense of whats currently in style so their designs are constantly evolving and carry a very modern touch to them.

In todays time, contemporary interior designs include unadorned spaces that appear to be super clean and classic, along with furniture that is exposed from its legs to create more space. As stylish and modern contemporary designs may be, they are yet super elegant with intricate details kept to a minimum.

Contemporary Art For Transitional Interiors

Types of home decor items with names Amazon home decor items name

Design by interior designer, Catz D.

A transitional style home is very focused on accents and it is the details that can make an interior shift from traditional to transitional or from contemporary to transitional. Choose your favorite contemporary artwork to create a striking focal. Also, to not overdo the look, its best to take a minimalist approach.

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What Are The Different Types Of Asian Home Decor

One type of Asian home decor is Oriental. Its hallmarks are bright, jewel-toned colors and dramatic furniture pieces. Feng shuiinterior design focuses on natural materials and harmonic furniture placement. South Asian home decor features colorful, luxurious fabrics and detailed embellishments.

Artistic animal or flower designs are commonly used on bedding and pillows in South Asian homes. These motifs may include elephants or palm leaves. Indian and Pakistani designs may be embroidered, beaded or printed onto silks or cottons exotic wall tapestries are also popular. South Asian home decor colors are typically rich shades of brown, red, orange, blue and green. Even smaller home accents such as candle holders are often detailed in both pattern and color.

The ancient Chinese design system of feng shui embodies nature as well as balances yin and yang design aspects. For instance, the color red is considered yang, while green is yin. The five natural elements of fire, water, metal, earth and wind are included in this type of Asian home decor. Smooth textures and solid surfaces provide stability according to the principles of feng shui. Rounded metal vases, platters and bowls accent this style of home design.

Hygge Decor: 7 Best Tips For Your Home

Arguably one of interior design best home décor secrets, hygge is a Danish concept of creating joy and coziness in lifes everyday moments. Hygge is a state of mind. The state of being present in your environment, and having your home reflect the fact that its filled with family, friends, and history. While it may sounds appealing to have your home look like the cover of a magazine, what most people realize is the hygge is missing. The idea behind hygge is for someone to walk into your home and immediately get the I love to live here vibe. Furniture designer Morten Georgsen explains it perfectly: We Danes love the state of mind hygge because its peaceful, friendly and a fantastic stress reliever. Its out zen, we breath it, almost live from it. Maybe its one of the reasons that the Danes year in, year out are nominated the happiest people in the world. For even more hygge home décor tips check out our post on Scandinavian interior design.

Interior design is a great way to delve into the realm of sensory. With design elements ranging from light, texture, and color its impossible not to explore the full range of human senses while creating a space one wants to spend time in. Some characteristics of hygge that translate well into home decor can include:

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French Country Interior Design

The first thing design experts at House Beautiful magazine say about French Country design is that its not to be confused with French farmhouse.

Subtle differences are easy to spot. Inspired by rural France and especially the area around Provence, French Country can be a contradiction.

Its elegant and ornate but charming. Over-the-top but still relaxed, this interior style relies upon blues and whites, checks, stripes and toile patterns.

Interior decorator Ariel Richardson describes French Country as: refined elegance that is humbled by bringing in aspects of nature such as weathered and white washed wood, and neutral color palettes. Its also playful, she adds, referring to botanical themes in art, fabric, wallpaper and accessories. French Country environments tend to include wood-beamed ceilings and planked wood floor to create a lofty but casual vibe.

Writing Your Personal Home Decor Style Definition

18 Different Interior Design Styles for Your Home in 2019

Start with the overall feeling you want in your room.

  • the feeling you want the space to have
  • the main decor style you were drawn to the most
  • the runner up decor style from above or your significant others winner.

Heres mine as an example:

Comfortable Modern Traditional

Clean lines are definitely my go to when it comes to choosing the larger items for my home, and you know Im a sucker for geometric patterns, but I definitely dont want my home to feel stark or cold. Instead I want it to feel comfortable and adding in some elements of traditional decor will bring out that feeling because there will be some details thrown in that I also love.

For example, the sofa in my family room is charcoal grey with square arms It sits on a large area rug with a graphic pattern but the cabinetry on our build in has some detail on the doors, which adds just a hint of traditional and brings in some comfort.

The next step in the series is learning to mix home decor styles!

Want help creating a home that feels like you without the overwhelm?

Inside my course, Style Your Way Home, Ill teach you a step-by-step approach to discovering your unique design style that incorporates all the styles you love and how to apply it to any room in your home so you can make quick and confident decisions and create a home that feels like YOU.

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